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Donbass Feeder Open 2014

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Friends, 12-13 Aprilin Donetsk area on one a reservoir SLAVGRES begins tandemnyy fidernyy tournament bears Feeder OPEN 2014
Tournament promises muster strongest athletes East and South Ukraine and will serve as a good start sporting season 2014.
Company Metsui Groupand trading DM ZEMEXissued partners this arrangements and established a prize Fund in the form of checks on purchases of products ZEMEXon official site

Prize Fund:

1 place a personal a check ZEMEX Fishing Team with the face value 4,000 UAH
Allows to commit promote allergy (purchase in the Internet no clothing left

2 place a personal a check ZEMEX Fishing Team with the face value 3,000 UAH
Allows to commit promote allergy (purchase in the Internet no clothing left

3 place a personal a check ZEMEX Fishing Team with the face value 2000 UAH
Allows to commit promote allergy (purchase in the Internet no clothing left

BIG Fish a personal a check ZEMEX Fishing Team with the face value 1,000 UAH
Allows to commit promote allergy (purchase in the Internet no clothing left

So same prizewinners expect nice surprises in the form of branded those ball caps, t-shirts and fishing aprons ZEMEX Fishing Team

1. Goal and tasks
1.1. Contest ???? with goal
- popularization fidernogo sport
- raising of excellence
- meeting and communication friends and colleagues

2. Place and time conducting
2.1. Contest ???? 12-13.04.2014g. Place conducting - Donetsk region, Slavyanskii r-he, village of Malyshev Log Raygorodok, in-ua SLAVGRES

3. The organizers. Refereeing
3.1. The organizers competition:
Donetsk Domestic Federation Fishing Sports (DOFRS)
Company Metsui Group the official representative ZEMEXin Ukraine

3.2. Preparation and holding competition vested in major test immediately board. Chief judge competition Sergei Klementiev

4. Participants
4.1. To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to. For participants is installing with start-up premium in the sum 500grn.with team-tandem. Contest tandemnye. Team consists of two people.
4.2.. Team must confirm their participation not later 06.04.2014
4.3. Participants competition owe know and fulfill rules competition on it catching fish fiderom, abide by rules behavior on a reservoir. On their own pass medical examination. Not cannabis alcohol beverages.

5. Regulations

11 April - Offical trenerovka
With 6-00 until 18-00.
A one-rent dam, the cost of 70grnwith stakeholder. (Paying produced separately)

12 April - First tour
6-00 to 6-30 opening the, draw.
7-00 entry in zone
9-00 start
14-00 reckoning
14-00 until 15-00 weighing up the

13 April - WWII tour
6-00 to 6-30 draw
7-00 entry in zone
9-00 start
14-00 reckoning
14-00 until 15-00 weighing up the
16-00 building, announcement of the results, awarding.

6. Rules and order conducting
6.1. Contest on it catching fish fiderom ???? in 2 round efficiently 5 hours.
6.2. Draw sectors is conducted before rounds. The size of the sector for one tandema- not less 15 forge the
6.3. Had forced fish every from participants produced one fidernym pounder, which can be before coils, leskami or sort of cords, fidernymi kormushkami or shipments. Rods up can be park on holders (supports). Forbidden use metal now string in as a stem and detection poklevok any type.
6.4. Participants permitted have under itself unlimited number of spare cordages. During competition participants permitted enjoy platforms. Platforms must situated in one line outside water or partly in water. Alongside the main a platform can be set additional platforms, designed to auxiliary equipment and materials.
6.5. Having arrived to his sector, participants owe lay down their hire fishing riot gear in his sector and after this to leave sector. Any preparation cordages and other things arm forbidden until first signal.
6.6. On first signal Logon in zone participants occupy their sector and are beginning training to it comes to shagging. After signal entry in sector and until signal weighing up the Radetzky , additional snap (only until signal start ), nozzles, prikormki and animal matter component (only to tested prikormki),: Fresh water, food, drugs and camping on P. Can be turned over to participants Vikh sector only through member forensic collegium.
6.7. On signal FC Start participants inmineaza to how to catch fish.
6.8. Time on with start-up zakorm not accorded. Forbidden use specifically formed balls prikormki. Forbidden enjoy slingshots ran amok and missiles. Zakorm points industrialized fishing resolved only with the help trough. Other ways prohibited. Number of points industrialized fishing within sector not limited.
6.9. Participants permitted apply prikormku and the pourer natural origin. Can be use attraktanty and dyes. Tineri purposefulness, containing living or dead fish, and also because the fish. Forbidden the use of narcotic and odurmanivayuschikh fish substances. An authorized span prikormki on one tour on one stakeholder - 12 liters. Moreover, number of survivors components not more 1.5 liters, in including very not more mere 0.5 liter. The length of the the leash not less 50sm.
6.10. Participants forbidden in as bait use on the hook artificial nozzles, the pop up nozzles (pop realization), such as foams, cork and camping on D., and also use follicle installation of.
6.11. Participants forbidden enjoy the electronic means for detection fish and measure depth.
6.12. Without resolution member forensic collegium after signal entry in sector and until signal weighing up the Radetzky participants not have rights to accept from participants and other faces any practical assistance in prepare seats competition, cordages, nozzles and prikormki, vyvazhivanii fish and exert aid other participants.
6.13. Presidency permitted go in water on depth not higher his its knees. Go on greater depth a participant can only with resolution member forensic collegium.
6.14. Here fish deposited in sadke, bycore in water. Length charge not less 3 meters. Capture will fish've counted and then, when she accidentally captured not for his mouth. Deliberate bagrenie fish prohibited from. Participants, not akess means for storage fish, to competition not are permitted. Vzachet goes the entire fish, NOT EXPRESSLY SET OUT tolstolobika.
6.15. On signal OK, it's over participants end the enleve and remain in their sectors until arrival judges-supervisor for catch of the day tonight. Weighing up the produced low--as headings, for the entire zone. Outcome we get is input in Protocol and confirms signatures judges and stakeholder. After weighting fish remains in sadkakh before the end of weighting all participants. Field this fish released (let off) after signal Release.
6.16. After the end of the competition a participant owes to remove in his sector the entire garbage.

7.1.s is undertaken on the basis protocols forensic collegium.
7.2. Winners and Paralympic are determined by on the last the sum seats engaged participants for 2-'s stages.

8. Awarding

8.1. Winners and Paralympic competition nagorodzhuyutsya medals, N.A. Brizgun and valuable prizes.

The organizers leave for a right contribute changes in regulations.

Kntaktnye phones organizers of:
+ 38 095 675 47 01 Alexander
+ 38 095 295 ppm 01 00 Sergei

Kntaktnye phones Pratelstvi:
+ 38 050 765 26 76 Sergei

Until meeting on a reservoir!

Registration teams:

1. "ZEMEX Fishig Team"- Mariupol-Kyiv
Sergei Popov
Andrei Lanterns

2. "Castilian Feeder Team"- Mariupol
Protasov Alexander
Kukosh Ivan

3. "Mr.FISHER"-, Donetsk
Naraykin Alexander
Wladimir Sergei

4. "G.Stream"- Zaporozhye
About ten species Alexey
Shan Yevgeny

5. "Fish Dream have"-, Donetsk-Kurakhove
Romantsov Alexander
- Am I to stop Vladimir

6. "Shimano-1"- Dnipropetrovsk
Fighting Oleg
Ivan Taranov (footballer) Alik

7. "Dnepr river - Zaporozhye"
Hedgehog Peter
Demidenko Yevgeny

8. "Mr.FISHER 1"-, Donetsk
Pokidin Dmitri
Gololobov Dimitri's

9. "KhRFK-1"- Kharkiv
Denis Bayrak
Sergei Kononenko
Forostok Constantine - coaches

10. "KhRFK-2"- Kharkiv
Petrashenko Vasily
Ryabinov Vladimir
Gapochka Dmitri -trener

11. "KhRFK-4"- Kharkiv
NK Lucko Alexey
Zanin designer Valentin
Godunenko Andrei - spare

12. "Sebel team"- Lugansk
Elsewhere Maxim
Kashuta Denis

13. "Shipping route"- Lugansk
Keselyov Gennady
Burdin Alexei

14. "-house "-, Donetsk
Goryainov Maxim
Maksimov Yevgeny

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In my ah very sooner as for this dam tournament appointed an plus such a weather perhaps times in 10 years case

I not pro weather and catches. Poplavochniki with fish tank will unambiguously, yes and feeder through month polovit.
I pro another.




Ah yes championship Donetsk republics as the not sounds (



Only would not broke a touring on championship of Donetsk abroad (



PPS wrote:

only would not broke a touring on championship of Donetsk abroad (


Will have open production FD in (Dnipropetrovsk Metro).




We'll have to open production FD in Dnepropetrovsk.

And the current leave in Donetsk?



margulis wrote:

A the current leave in Donetsk?

Pa zhopadelat? :(




We'll have to open production FD in Dnepropetrovsk.

In Dnieper River. J.K.-RemMashIndustria. In Zaporizhia open! :flag:




In Dnieper River. J.K.-RemMashIndustria. In Zaporozhye open!

That such J.K.-RemMashIndustria? There same Three an?




Pa zhopadelat?

Invited would in Chisinau, but fear, that soon and have us surge of whoosh will ensue under aid extraterrestrial. :(

Sorry for Flud. Not has restrained its.




What such J.K.-RemMashIndustria? There same Three an?

Am asking forgiveness of mixed up,.



Nothing not of mixed up,. G-Streem produced in Dnepropetrovsk. Here same even several prikormochnykh manufacturing.



Basing every spoonful of fish oil I dam you on 50 kopecks.
- the Pope! And that I will be able do with money.
- Buy itself another bank fish oil.



Friends, thank you for something that participated in the bears Feeder Open 2014!

Thank and I congratulate his running mate, on team Andrei Fonareva!

I congratulate guys from of Donetsk and home town of Dnipropetrovsk with never jobs competition!

From the entire souls thank Seregu of East and Sanja last month Naraykina for organizing!


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I congratulate winners, waiting for detailed the report and integrity of the spreadsheets.



El Amigo wrote:

I congratulate winners, waiting for detailed the report and integrity of the spreadsheets.

I congratulate and I their odnokomandnikov Sergei Popova, Andrei Fonareva with self-confident victory. Good fellows! Boeva and Terranova, and also Donetsk sensas- with honorable treads ban.! Guys you of his. Perhaps have ZOOMa in blood organization competition fidernykh, in places subsequent civilian confrontation (my IMKhO. Each, without grievances, simply coincidentally.



Opening the sporting season Nakamury precisely on this tournament. Had gone from Kharkova about five morning in Friday, on road began catch snow, ah, think, Lesse on place'll drive over snow will end. But not here the was. Arriving on a dam not like exits from machines, snow behaved so that not was in sight opposite Bank, and all of this was accompanied by strong pulled. Decided to go on base.
The first tour. Toured with morning on a dam, Snow there is no-this well, but wind so a strong, at times until 18 flushed / with, that about comfortable it catching can be was even and not to think. Draw, zone B, with lev Popov, with rights team Mr. Fischer, ah that OK let us fight. To describe the entire tour not d, Id say only that prosidev four with small hours on the far-distance there is and not look at nor one poklevki decided to to capture modicum that any to not to remain with nulyakoy and moved on ten meters in searching for a goby. After the search for first monster grams m kiddin on 7 previous, too, moved on round 6 distance and together we they were catching 115 the State Russian Museum what facilitated on the third outcome in zone, and on ADR place in general Monster.
The second tour. Toured on a dam. Wind keep it down-this well, but goes rain-this HMAS Success. Draw, the first sector zone of A. Are starting raskladyvatsya, and with rights all the same Mr. Fischer. In the second round decided that I will harvest bulls on a near, and Seryoga will try far point. Are starting enleve, I'm just trying a on a near but not can raze find a goby, why the not are biting. Ah with struck in half deal matter but very poorly, permanent precipices focused it is unrealistic. After than half round Sergei the same moved on enleve a goby but and have him, too, not trouble in my marriage. In general with struck on between genders show different nakovyryali we again on third place in zone. Like would and not poorly, but not enough that it comes fall into first top three. It's a shame. Want thank of our coordinator in with Kostya. An old man, you served on 100%, e?anaaao, in our a result your the real-third.
Large thank you companies flagship for come aid. Huge thank you Internet shop A decoy for support our team.



My report can be read in topic battlegroups notes.



There is the likelihood, that record eeaaneie La on kind ofisolated kormukham beaten up?
If not, the the ratio number of torpedos feeders to weight capture of accurately record.


109 photo with competition :cool:



Ox as I was wrong Skyfall-about govenoy weather on Starobeshevo
Specchiolla to Kramatorsku I already began on itself feel all weather charity If honestly, I have was climate shock The Snow sculpted in Lobovik so, that janitors not inquired as. Arriving on body of water this shock raze not just vanish . Go is on base, there in lowland all seemed more-less proper. Frolicking hours two on place settlements decide what's ??? work out. Play around not catching me on an off initially, that we only not tried Fish refused us as a fractious woman. Under this guys very perishing successfully been caught What is they it purported word whispered not known, but we already knew fish there is and we unambiguously something do not so So nothing not vymudriv on train,, get back on base

That to do tomorrow at all not understandable, but understandable that to do today.t going to tie leashes are on all cases life. Can tomorrow and use to anyone Uvy not HDDs had unxepectedly gone, all our body language there nothing a good not resulted in, company internal site different distance there is, length tug ropes and thickness the woods.

Therefrom a on distance. Nea- on 32 bolt . Wise running mate, all closer and closer to Bank, himself under this'm leaving further And here goats have running mate, bychechek HlLL: We're trying deal that him need to and in end: The second and the third They have become as children in whose schoolgirl buffet, wah But alas time not umolimo, with its nedoulovom in 93 grams we ranked just-only 4 place but these Luganchanam just-only 8 grams (two a goby) At that worked on the and have experienced
Pokozliv each other on road to base accept decision on tomorrow. Housing office but under with their feet a goby I't seek fish . 're chances on prizes, no pleasant players' hands for us there is no, than and'm a disappointment to running mate, .
After hours searches fish my so and not to shag it,. So plyunuv a saliva on this Islamic stork being its real bird in hands A bird replies megavzaimnostyu Sometimes it something not likes, but we it do proposal from which not refuse. Neighbors charter wait, too, are switching on a goby, Zoom in neighboring zone is beginning to master-class , but they in the other zone So and continued we his claimed, little trigger here lot more, leash with the short 4 oparika, on them poklevka was seconds on 10 longer, individual noble A weighing the're our weight, thought grams 700 shoppers 1,700 wah zone our! We third! With one hand well, but with the other we people with disabilities
Want congratulate ZEMEX Fishig by n17t01 (Mariupol-Kyiv) with victory!
Guys from "Shimano-1" Dnipropetrovsk with low!
Thank you our contributors companies -house ! Without your support not kovalas-would even this bronze
And Sergei Wladimir with Big-Fishem! Brilliant



Pisnu and I slightly-slightly. :lol:

Decided go three teams. Thank you contributors - companies Flagman and Internet shop, which had supportive support our team. And also Kharkovskomu single fishing fidernomu club (KhRFK), vzyavshemu on themselves traffic spending and entrance premiums our team. Had gone from Kharkova at night with Thursday on Friday. Like although would one retreatments conduct. On road began rain. Then went snow. Very regretted, that not took a suit for winter industrialized fishing. Yes, that there! Gloves off uploaded from bags. Spring ) In general have reached, found. Immediately profits on body of water. Body of water not bad. But weather -

A The Snow with rain. All together decided, until go on base, and there on weather.
After, as rain over, many team traveled on retreatments. From of our club here we go two team and our aircraft . We same with by Denis decided, that for by ????? and two tours, on this remained knitting leashes are)

Information, that guys brought with coaching received, was more than controversial. Someone, something eiaee, someone there is no.
In general, the first tour.
Weather, words not to hand. Wind in yo 'face. -, snot until ear. :) airfoil wind at times basket reached 15-about 20m / sec. Turkic znachit, want admit, that thanks to the wind, crocheted I was able themselves hooking off for all parts of clothing. And for towel it's snagged on perhaps times twenty-five.
The distance industrialized fishing was quite big. But with so pulled, the accuracy of embody was very faint. But they trough-bullets.
A the two of with one point. Fish no! Have made all that could, but - alas! Some teams fortunate. Someone caught an, and someone a white bream. But, as the saying goes, bad luck always-strongest. We same on latest ano decided withdraw from zero, although would catching bulls. In a result have become by third in zone. Weather at the end round -

On the evening individual decided on the second tour elect the next tactics. Denis but bulls on a near distance there is, and I zakarmlivayu point on the far-and await the what any fish.

Tour the second.
Weather virtually the same. Wind a bit bearing, but includes brings rain. As and was agreed on the eve on the evening, I began enleve with the far-distance there is, and Denis tried to harvest bulls. Sector the apparently seemed would not bad, but on Bychkovoy distance there is crazy fish hooking. Denis and using and used to spit, but tried to harvest. 1500 meters size of not brought a joy. Ouite a the distance kept quiet. Periodically and I have changed down there on enleve bulls.
Feeders for one tour tore off more. Than for the entire past season. In general managed to get rid of nelikvida . Remained are pleased, that trough becomes manufacture himself. -small, not so pity. Somewhere at the second ano as crime as on the far-distance there is. Through couple of hours managed its accidentally extricate. Night crawlers on the hook was absolutely entity. Fish there is no. In late round fully moved on enleve bulls. For tour us managed on two to capture just 243 grams. This allowed us take third place in zone. And on many's he seats - 6, our team KhRFK-A decoy , took a 6s place on this the.

Than FotoKunst this tournament.
The first, of course same weather.
The second, this contest on fideru, where outcome former on those butts, and for nomination BIG Fish, fought team who captured Sudakov. Funny.

Still times like would thank sponsors our team KhRFK-A decoy , Internet Music fishing goods, company Flagman (Music Propulsion Kharkiv, ul.23 August, 51, bodies. (V) 343-22-33), Kharkvskiyfishing fidernyy club. Special lasting gratitude Private Courses our team Forostok Konstantin. He very helpful thing. Gave us maximum useful information.
Huge thank you organizers (fideristam of Donetsk) and contributors tournaments companies Metsui Group and torgovay Deutschemark ZEMEX.
Thank you judges. They in Donetsk, as always, on perform well - without pressure, all quietly and honestly.
Thank all participants, for create an honest fight and fighting opportunity sense the competitive spirit.
Until meeting on reservoirs and nor tail, nor scale!

Correct couple of pictures. As have been able so and they obledenevshimi hands, am asking strictly not judge. :l ol

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Your co to mess up us nerves :D, accounted for from him to hide the all that can be
Sometimess image benefited impression that he primerz near of our sector and G-streema :D



PPS wrote:

your co to mess up us nerves :D, accounted for from him to hide the all that can be
Sometimess image benefited impression that he primerz near of our sector and G-streema :D

Signature author

Real fisherman - this not the, who many fish caught, and the, who desired by has proven - in this time fish to capture not was no opportunities.

Ah betcha, oversaw best!


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