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Open DTEK fidernaya League (ODFL) - 2 phase 2007

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2 December on Starobesheve created has passed the second phase ODFL. Planned participation 12 athletes, but as it turned out these projections not destined to materialize and on start poured 9 athletes from Luhansk, 10 athletes from of Donetsk and 1 torchbearer from developing. Need to tribute to some from Luhansk and developing, which have moved quite big path to community competition in complex weather conditions.

Created warm and the microclimate in it the emphasis, but offensive winters one senses. To the same was closed the main Canal the hilly landscape warm water, and priotkryt the other, who was on respectable greater distance from seats competition. Became understandable, that neither about any common goldfish and karpakh can be even not dream this fish is misaligned take a closer to warm water. In ulovakh mostly were podleschiki, there and ershi.

Participants took to start in 9.30. Already later 5 minutes Lugansk torchbearer in sector # 6 but okunka grams on 40. Forth affairs went razmerennee. Participants have been adapting to strong's northern the wind in face and wave of. Emerged information, that athletes in extreme sectors began to harvest nepoganogo a white bream. Common or Bronze Bream fish staynaya, by holding his prikormkoy can be count on a good outcome, that in principle and happened. The first sector, too, in turn confidently sat on fish, but already on its army,. Nevertheless, were podleschiki in ulovakh and in other sectors, so say, that the entire podleschik was in past sectors cannot be. Very rewarding for, that all athletes are gone from zero. When conducted weighing up the, became understandable, that system the counting of the points 10 points for every fish + every grams weight 1 blackjack in this time very could prove crucial, in ulovakh was many labor, can be said 2014 Winter fish, bass on 10-30 grams and such same ershey. But as then showed further counting points, would still weight proved decisive.

In this time winner became - Am I to stop Vladimir, the second place policies--and Onyushkin Alexander, and third place Yatsenko Dmitri.



Intermediate the outcome after two stages


You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Sports arrangements » Open DTEK fidernaya League (ODFL) - 2 phase 2007