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Rubber tooling for fidera

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Me are interested in construction rubber snap for fidera, documents made available here:

Some time loss for all the right elements, in late all brought together snap together - and swooned a bit - here is this sensitivity!

Then were and wondered - where same its best apply?

Far not can you drop these - the bad aerodynamics.

On strong during and devices up - nesmelogo Ah, this is great virtually there is no, fish once sniff and walk establishment - saw something edible, woman and here we go further.

Is obtained, that the main purpose this snap - medium-size distance there is on stiffy and nesilnom during.

So on this Forum such a theme will to community.

On photo 2 snap, (shovel on work with vershinkami less 2 oz (Fox FX1 4.25 flushed - 150 gr) and less 3 oz (Shimano Speedmaster Medium Feeder 3,66 flushed - 105 gr).

Applied attached more beaded, the most adopt, black color of, building an (rectangular) profile.

Length labor (rastyagivayuscheysya) parts of in tranquil (nerastyanutom) position - from 10 to 20 see

Picking the length labor parts of accounted for by connect snap to vershinke through slice of the main.

Vershinku pasted in the upper knee was fidera, and knee was recorded in vertical position (to example, 've fitted adhesive tape to back slit a chair).

Has improved greatly hand for a tubule, on the sly has moved snap under 90 degrees from axis upper knee and done.

Than stronger is shifting a pastry tube filled, those stronger stretched, rubber and well vershinka - judging by from such a principle, quite quickly picked up by the necessary workers length rubber for each snap.

Now deal for naturnymi tests, on open water.



Dood wrote:

I got are interested in construction rubber snap for fidera, documents made available here:

And you its tried on a reservoir? Some she complex nestolko in designing as in work.



Dood wrote:

In work in primarily initiated couple: Bend done - tension rubber

I read this have Salapina, now d wait from you results tests and perhaps himself stuck.



One of possible options sequence assemble rubber snap:

In as an example Krska and rubber snap for Mr. Picker here:

1. To assemble a snap will require:
- a pastry tube filled protivozakruchivatel a small size;
- the length themselves a rubber (or shtekkernoy rubber) small diameter, about 0.5 mm ,-some 40 centimeters;
- the length monofilnoy fishing line of yours in diameter about 0.25 - 0.30 mm ,-about 80 centimeters;
- vertlyuzhok, it's a bead, karabinchik with vertlyuzhkom;
- the length round kembrika on diameter tubes-protivozakruchivatelya (in dependence from thickness tubes-protivozakruchivatelya, as option, suited a pastry tube filled with medical system-the drip) - slightly smaller dozen, and the length tubes from kit Chinese glowworms diameter of 4.5 mm-slightly greater dozen).

2. So as in this example was used a pastry tube filled-protivozakruchivatel with white nozzles on sword (incidentally, they shine in darkness), then desirable from them eliminate - if nozzles are glued not strongly - decline their, otherwise neatly let's cut off their:

3. On one end themselves a rubber then we're out a small wiggle, not more 1 centimeters in diameter:

4. Then thread this wiggle through representing side tubes-protivozakruchivatelya until seats fold the edges:

5. Then thread through the free the end of the themselves a rubber cube kembrika and we dress heat shrink on a short the end of the tubes - proivozakruchivatelya, we bring out a bit more beaded attached for inspiring aesthetic qualities services:

6. On one of all BSID fishing line of yours bind the vertlyuzhok, then we dress camp bead:

7. Then thread, ranging with long of the late, the length filament through a tubule-protivozakruchivatel:

8. Give an place tied stitches on free sword themselves a rubber and BSID fishing line of yours.
- are starting with rubber - I just paced off roughly 10-20 centimeters from short of the late tubes-prtivozakruchivatelya and then we're out wiggle on late rubber;
- produce with long of the late tubes 15-20 centimeters BSID fishing line of yours, and with brief hand tubes - then we're out wiggle on such a same distance from short of the late tubes, that and loop themselves a rubber:

9. Into place with some surgical both the stitches for - rubber and fishing line of yours - on vertlyuzhke with karabinchikom - tooling is ready:

Practice with it several times on designing snap, you easily find principle its actions and under need you can bypass on their own change parameters work snap, adjusted for exterior tests and under Your conditions industrialized fishing! :flag:

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River Kymi with so principle enjoyed in past season, chustvitelnost striking, but do a bit things differently.:
1. Can be add knot regulation if in the upper parts of attached not stowed, to clasp, and do moving on a fishing line and in as a the limiter use poplavochnyy thus holdup ahead. Sorely tested, holds is famously. Sdvigaya holdup ahead is regulated degree of stretch the rubber in dependence from weight trough (in podveshenom able there's gravy with prikormkoy must nedokhodit until stopornoy the beads 2-3 centimeters)
2. A tubule not'm using, and kreplyu attached to moving on line they made clasp for trough
3. After stopornoy the beads I have goes coiling from filament (as on petlevykh osnastkakh)
This River Kymi'm using rarely has, namely when poklevki very nor on, so say fingered thieving, sometimes us gained (helped). Lack of snap - perekhlesty which accented even with pritormazhivanii before privodneniem trough.



Several times in the past year tried to spell out this subject on salapinskom site - so until the end of and not get through the opening credits. Probably because that with Physics not very avant, and can and because for its there looking familiarity with fiderom (with past year) - not was been cases, when would I not utopian poklyovku on vershinke :). But theme indeed interesting - think until the early season increasingly-??? even times stuck deal in this services (increasingly time catching only with plan-noster in modificationand she me fully was hosted by and simplicity and "zvonkostyu." Truth on good during not catching never - as maximum - on average, and most often on weak during.

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In Sunday tried snap in fact - all works well, but can be even better.
As it turned out, bisernaya rubber not suited - after overstretching the countrys not is returning in original (its benchmark) length - to do adjustment - to expand them lesochnyy directing for defence wakes up aggressivity.
Or replace more beaded attached on shtekkernuyu, that and made already - now new test yet to.



Dood wrote:

In Sunday tried snap in fact - all works well, but can be even better. As it turned out, bisernaya and the rubber's not suited

+1. In Sunday've tested the first time such a snap. Made two options. One snap with fidergamom from browning, and second with themselves a rubber. The first tooling liked more. Perhaps, because, fidergam softly and more stretched,. Poklyovki are visible very clearly. Amplitude tilt of done more, than on paternostere. Baited in the Dnieper River middle the passage. Caught 5 plotvits and one podlescha common weight according kg. For increasingly time tooling nor never not'm confused. D using further. Think, such option has the right on life. :mybb:



This installation of apply only with relatively heavy kormushkami, even the most thin shtekernaya rubber 0,5mm requires trough 40-50 g of, otherwise principle zalozhenogo in services not dostignesh. I obtain very with kormushkami 20gr. A rubber (you will laughing) from acute, indeed do course one a rubber from broad band rubber (desirable ? i?iiai color of, there gum, too, chornye), all works.



And the other rezinapodoydet from donok -rezinok? After all they different deametrov?



Than softly vershinka and more the Long and thin (more rastyazhimaya) rubber - those more sensitive than will this tooling in a whole - I.M.H.O.,.
So that to experiment can and should be in very broad bounds.



Passed year and a half since the emergence of this themes and year two since the publication in magazine :dontknow:. Interestingly, and continues to whether anyone enjoy this River Kymi? I not has tried, but raze not can understand, somehow this way she "boosts sensitivity."
:) and are worth whether all these devices with configuration and selection rubber for concrete conditions moreover efekta super sensitivity, which it must to lend. And gives whether?



This as times the case, when need to very this all these would go - and already then for themselves figure out - Context or not (there weren genuine). How many people - so much and of views. Have all new and unusual there is their + + + (pros) and their - (cons). Again I.M.H.O.,.



I has tried more year ago do and made this option snap - several units I have in a fishing backpack since then and lie. So that not corporation as a know and process assemble, and process use. Now HAND MY opinion from HAND MY experience use this snap:
1. From "benefit to" - correctly Infinity I30 and anti she indeed very sensitive.
2. From "cons list for" - with producing and configuration this snap will have firmly a hard time restoring it; its advantages are manifest only under shower, when neat poklevkakh pipisochnykh copies category: Ichthyology; it's a shitty-aerodynamics; on bottom with zatsepami and..... shapely eyebrows with dreysenoy this thanks becomes virtually a one - either snuffed, either firmly confusing it gets settings, either something snuffed / peretiraetsya / tape will in services.
If honestly, then tooling highly interesting for the common development. But here is use its enough often - there is no perishing. Perishing better have a bang on this with standard stitches-paternosterami, I.M.H.O.,.



duffy333 wrote:

I has tried more year ago do and made this option snap.

Finally real report human, not polenivshegosya spend time on the fabrication and "drivers" this snap.
Incidentally, highly thinly's a good point - I also made such a rigging, Lehman its under their done, know clearly, where and when best such a rigging to apply - and have the its until "hours X" very carefully and carefully - all summer she I have has been lying in refrigerator together with spare rubber browning. Syntec. Pure Latex Pole Elastic. D = 0.7 mm, L = 6.0 flushed, # 3. From heat and crack air rubber, as known, faster loses their elastic properties. :huh:

Particularly opportune period use of rubber snap, on my view - this when Ryboidy highly cautiously and lazily touched to bait either, no: Boeings autumn - winter of - early Spring. Although can be, of course, under desire, using its today year, if Ryboidy are disabled in this time - accented after all and such retaions. In my opinion, as usual.



Heard that for osnastok use fidernuyu attached that she not gives major fish hang up the thin ceasing. Have us such there is no can be whether its replace? And in any osnastkakh she better has an use and as?



As on me, a delusional, not practical tooling!
Slice of feeder gamma alarm all decides!



These two options use of rubber in fidernykh osnastkakh absolutely not now intersect on rulebook work. The crux of the snap with rubber in is to invented weight weight and broadcast any micro-poklevki. The crux of the fidergama in is to invented tugging fish under it comes to shagging with the subtle povodkami and / or with a cord on the main. Moreover feeder-scales cuts down on the akuratnye poklevochki.




heard that for osnastok use fidernuyu attached that she not gives major fish hang up the thin ceasing. Have us such there is no can be whether its replace? And in any osnastkakh she better has an use and as?

Replace can be so-called Silicon rubber for wristbands from beads (bisernaya rubber), production - China.
Sells in beaded mills departments stores Fuel-energy resources, renewed and camping on P.
The price in several times less, than have fidergama, order 0.5-1.5 UAH for 1 forge the
I have works well the insert from themselves a rubber between River Kymi and a leash around with crocheted, the length of the insert about 10-15 centimeters, compound "noose in loop", desirable apply more beaded attached round construction, transparent, on 0.8 Chinese units.



Fails if I its shall put on Israels right to-layn the will be able presech precipices abrupt golavlinykh poklevok but will be losing my in sensitivity? Enleve on during.



In sensitivity you virtually nothing not will lose, moved around already this many times on many forums. With 10 centimeters fidergamom (and I'm using precisely themselves a rubber) poklyovki petty matter is famously unrecorded. Simply fidergam not is beginning to stretch instantaneously, kviver has time explicit.
The only minus - a bigger propensity to at the massacre under Oslo vymatyvanii, zatsepe on road hook for stem or someone setting khapnutza bait on the summer of.

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