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- Destroyers legends! Steve Ringer (disambiguation) and an obscure impose

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Committee of material from English fishing magazine Match Fishing Magazine, in which Benson Steve Ringer (disambiguation) tells about non-CIS zabrose:

- Destroyers legends!
Steve Ringer (disambiguation) dispeller of several myths about zabrosakh snap for horizon !

Talk about range missiles zabrosa perhaps the most Seljuk from all fishing those. There is mass rumors about how who on what distance there is is abandoning and as some fly fishermen gets caught on 100 metres (though realistically there just 70). On fact this real nightmare and I want to tell about realities of-zabrosa.
In recent few years in of England appeared several commercial increased the, where indeed needs harvest on distant has attracted visitors over. One such this Barston Lakes. I read on Facebook several stories about how, that there in some sectors, to normal otlovitsya, accounted for hurl 100m +. Although I perfectly know this body of water and there further 75 meters hurl simply needless,! With one hand this of course not the problem. But with other hand such number of can simply frighten away conventional the fishing trainer from visit on body of water and make sector whatever something elite.
So in this material I want find truth - how far we all ??? trawl?

Technics zabrosa
First, for distant Optim you have must be the right technique zabrosa and you must on full use work his rods up. Hold, that precisely place it serves greater part of work on zabrose. Moreover it clutch is made thus, that it bends under burdens the so that not worth fear moreover, that you can his break the.
You must achieve smooth a powerful zabrosa. Udilishche begins with virtually horizontal position behind you and ends the movement in virtually horizontal position ahead you it is moving in an arc. Might rods up most often is concentrated in central and komlevoy parts of letterhead. So precisely these parts of and need Wladimir, to send the feeder maximally far. To this achieve need use entire length rods up, and not only his vershinku.
Hand, which is on really komle, plays during zabrosa basic role so precisely she creates the main effort. In fact on zabrose I pull this hand to his stomach, okay this gives very for decent lever. And than faster you this to do, the more is obtained might in zabrose and those further will flight snap.
Caveat dim and blurred and confident here is two basic elements of that are needed you, to to do such zabrosy without the. Otstrely would still are inevitable, but they point to weak technique zabrosa. A sharp (") impose quite not suited so as he not can Wladimir place it in full least.
Need understand, that such a technique itself not comes and for all those who wants indeed harvest on distant made it, I can advise the next dedicate several outs on water only the to do about it zabrosy with enough heavy gruzilom and can boost its technique zabrosa.

Total impose

As in sight on Figure, technique zabrosas Steve indeed magnificently place it. This needs, when're trying to continue to cast until for horizon. Most importantly this to do all smoothly then have rods up there is time vgruzitsya.
That interestingly, Steve brings the udilishche slightly whether not horizontally before a. Thanks to this the main are getting away freely and without education zaloma in tulip. Otherwise precisely in this place arises friction, which reduces the speed the vanishing the main with shpuli and, as a consequence, is declining expanding zabrosa.

Russias Arms victory
For this work it is important use the right kit place it + the coil. However, this applies not only to distant zabrosu on precept made it with so approach, too, harvest easier. Here is the seedling my various combinations cordages in dependence from range missiles industrialized fishing:
left are the distance industrialized fishing, in the center of the model rods up, right model reel.

Should I warn, that need not excessively flow in impose - if want achieve greater distance there is, then simply take more a powerful kit cordages and do the that want with large comfort for themselves.
So same very importantly what coil you are using. Typically, I have Dayvovskaya the coil TDR 4012overshadowing the most conditions under it comes to shagging fiderom. She has the good broad shpulya and itself coil deal with work sumptuously.
Together with those, if account for harvest on indeed extreme distant made it, where in move go heavy 13-futoviki, I'm using coil, which significantly more on size. This Daiwa Basia, which on fact is coil from arsenal karpyatnikov. She has incredibly representing shpulyu and the main are getting away with it absolutely without resistance.
reel with big shpuley judgements are, if you seriously thought about non-CIS zabrose.

Such a big-pitovaya the coil is famously works in paired with heavy udilischami with large propusknymi rings precisely they make effective work reel.

Choice the main
Still one important nuance - choice correct the main on shpulyakh your coils. For competitors until 50 meters I, typically, 'm using as such Guru Drag Line 6lb (2,7kg). This simple the fishing line is without excesses , which well is leading themselves on zabrose. For more distant competitors I prefer as such small diameter in paired with the shock of leader.
My view: The shock of leader is needed, so as on > zabrose gives you more confidence. My the main installation of consists of filament Daiwa Tournament ST 10lb (4,5kg) on shock-leader and Daiwa Tournament ST 5lb (2,3kg) on the main. With pounder Daiwa Tournament in longest (13-foot) version, I can use this option shock + the main) for indeed distant zabrosov.
Crafted option perfect for industrialized fishing on commercial reservoirs, but for industrialized fishing bream, and other white puppies were born on natural reservoirs I, typically, always'm using in as a the main cord in diameter 0,08mm (likely speech about Daiwa Tournament 8 so Braid 10lb, which why something have Daiwa UK there is no in the catalogue:playful:) in paired with shock from filament Daiwa Tournament ST 10lb or 8lb.
For order to spinning the shock of leader to the main on the main is done noose and to it already really jibe the shock of leader node blood knot in 5 gather steam;. Now very it is important cripple remaining pigtails as can be in short the so knot with easily will undergo through other rings rods up.
Shock from fishing line of yours 10lb and raskosami 5lb in as a the main this a favorite "set of"s Steve.

the right piece trough for that work
After as cordage've sorted out, it is time to move to feeders. Popular trough-flety have made an obscure impose much easier. And all because, that they have such a aerodynamic form of.
Model from Guru, which I'm using, created with with the thought about zabrose. On this they have such especially as a long moreover and they as would peredneogruzhennye (cargo ins front parts of trough wider, than in the back respectively his mass more). Both these technical decisions together with different nabivkoy feeds in toptushke, give opportunity feeding trough fly as arrow.
Flety with long one khvostovikom indeed help on zabrose.

There is conditions, when with metodnymi kormushkami harvest cannot be - they can be banned on a reservoir either this natural body of water and need traditional snap. In this case the only the exit this fidernye trough.
I'm using various species such feeders, but all they essentially are kormushkami-bullets, which have the entire weight is ins front parts of. This the best option for-zabrosa from all feeders-nets. Together with those they fly not so easily as flety and respectively distance there is with them less!
These trough go in the most various options scale. But for indeed serious competitors need trough with weight from 45-60gr! Hold, that these trough can be used only with heavy fidernymi udilischami, so as they forces routinely blew rods up with smaller intelligence.

Legile si celelalte acte the distance!
There is trolley and a small the cart stories about how on what distance there is is released and fly fishermen their snap. But as on me people very often is overrated how they have made impose. So I wanted myself to do certain measure and figure out with actual a range zabrosa. And then translate all of this in traction coils and to settle in board. Fly fishermen very often general distance in scandisk reel. But here there is mass options and differences. For this test I used coil Daiwa TDR 4012 have which peredatka 4.9 :1. This enough popular in of England coil, so data with its use of will good point for start:
left are the distance in metres, right - in scandisk.

Also in the process test I used two crap embedded in land 500m accurately three Dam from each other after zabrosa I klipsovalsya, vymatyval snap and then smatyval basic on them, peremeryaya distance. Under such a version measure distance there is not will emerge no disputes and should you say, that if all so timed, then any impose on 70m + looks indeed far!
If the accuracy of in measuring distance there is extremely is important, then without option with thrusting not indispensable.

measure svis
Until I have in the hands of was roulette, I thought, that well would measure distance between the feeding trough and a tulip rods up on zabrose. ????? its style zabrosa, but svis correct length indeed will help you on zabrose. Its option for everyone from udilisch I demolish the in graph:
left are - length rods up, right - my length svisa.

Podvedem the outcome
Hope, that all built I helped allay some myths, when speech goes about non-CIS zabrose. D honest, in the process test some distance there is me surprised. An obscure impose this as art. But with accurate rigging of this ship, technique and a certain practice this will become your the second kind the.
Result "papers of the Righteous" male.

Morning will become: For places revere in original version:

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To order to spinning the shock of leader to the main on the main is done noose and to it already really jibe the shock of leader node blood knot in 5 gather steam;.

Not quite understood. Clinch that whether?



I don't know :dontknow: I himself have read, broke little new ground, and then sat and "a fucking break" in because of% -).



Here is goddamn bastard. :D Wu me all kinda glanced, and now plan writes. :crazyfun:



Not the most best options uses (describes) Steve when applied to topic its articles.
Equipments to do loop from more thick fishing line of yours, camping on E. Shock and this the noose obmatyvat more gossamer, the main. So knot is obtained more clicking, not trailing in ruggedness.
Under zabrose on the picture in sight (is supposed to on "the shadows") that knots hand strongly bent in my elbow. From this, apparently, described Steve "uzhos." And must be knots hand, slightly whether not direct, so is able to spend less forces the fishing trainer and flight trough is obtained more distant.
Increasingly I.M.H.O.,.

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Sergy, if fling Long the such a fold the edges in my elbow not is obtained, so as here have Long the Long.
And Ollbraytu this a fucking chink Angelskogo not are taught :crazyfun:

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Ah, not know, can not so falls on the picture. :-)
And Long I have there is :-)
's / ?.
Me seems, that Steve not has large experience industrialized fishing on Dalnike. Germans, Duchi, someone still. But not The English.
Again same, all I.M.H.O.,. :-)



100% agree.



On node for shock indeed kherya full, as the me :dontknow:
And that until technology zabrosa, then judging by "out for the shadows" this have him Long with Basiey in paired.
Agree with Arly, that nicknames can hardly be call pros in it comes to shagging "for horizon." But under this virtually all, very polished male laid out pro an obscure impose, confirms many my personal sensations and preferences under it comes to shagging on 60 m +.
A bit surprised option lights and reel. Especially given enough nekrupnye rings Tornamentov. I have only one thing explanation - male not wants to steam it out with evaluating distance there is under traction different coils and so manufacturers its "cleanest."
Also option with fishing line 5lb + shock 10lb, too, unintelligible. Will need purely from interest try summer on a couple of cyprinids kept platnikov. If all will normally.



Brrr, brrrr. The one for themselves would open, that there are markernye making the, then Preston learned mystery of cyprinids kept tychek-measuring instruments distances (markernye stick), now here is, "opened" I'll hold you in 100 + meters and that for this it turns out shock-leaders need to use and big rings, only "in of shock from shock", I mean from knot. That further? Will gain the hearing that pro spombu that-whether? The whether I something are, cruising, then whether this have us already long gone are, prokashlyali and already far fled further.



Write the about than something need - magazines every month go. Yes and denyuzhka fresh never would prevent. Here is and suck out from finger, beautiful pictures decorate :D
Although with other hand, for them there with povalnym anti-imperialist platnikami (pools luzhami) such a had forced perhaps in wonder - ipat! More than on 40 meters hurl need! Incredibly! Cord even is used!
Funny :D

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Suisse 1.7 Dam, place it for head and fishing with strimyanki?
They the British even in the chilling dream not can to imagine enleve in pace and 500m in 70-80 meters with the feeding trough in 120 grams.
Not hit surprised pro method on those heathens who run naked.

Seryoga thank you, friends read more. Incidentally request pro Phipps not forgot?



Here is for them real surprise will had forced on our reservoirs. :-D
They then will mad go, especially if in sector will remain whose something makushatnik just in rags, or the that seats not equipped with the pebbles, and more aggressive quagmire. Hope that to them still and cows not come during competition some water popit, and the them "shokovogo" material ????? on year two of writing about, and Preston prioritized specialized "flush cows stick" value of in 50 $. With function pristegivaniya lash, the very a pan-blue color of. :)

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Interestingly, in what point Steve pitnu cord? And as this makes? As the me, then this more an important moment in non-CIS zabrose, than model reel for example. On fotychakh not in sight karpovoy gloves off. Article cognitive, but he not tells all intricacies of. Only that him interestingly: Stick-coil dayva, the fishing line is guru, and vast. Without normal video tutorials difficult to tell, as bombarding far. Encrypts, anyways. :D



Can say, cord released (let off) when stick in position on 11chasov. This for maximum by air. When the wind and his need to and men,, then release cord on gender eleven.



As prilovchilsya bombarding "with shpuli" (tossed should sit on by), so stopped to think when mock cord. Himself as something falls))



2 Vadkh
And how far is obtained bombarding thus way say the feeder in-style AKhS\ Corum? If in scandisk basi find.
And as his determine, these 11 hours?

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Under those traditional transportation that male is abandoning (there's gravy 60gr maximum - had forced on-start) and with shock from fishing line of yours napalechnik or karpovaya knocks and a gift not need, in my opinion. Yes and not on 100m he is abandoning.
Male tells not the that him interestingly, and about how, that him benefits - he has with Daiwa and Guru contracts ;) No never not advertisements, anyways :D



Qualitative advertising content. Talk, with a few snapshots of, pro popular firm.
Article not was able finish reading, pictures of the watched right only.
Greyest for read more thank you :)

P. S. Courtesy of Steve it is time on Dnepr river! :)



I have what there is no, only Serteyty, money on Basyu there is no :D Wu me 83sm trafficking and, you know, bung crime as a hundie akhs on 90-95 gather steam;. Brick cargo departures on 120-130 gather steam;. And this I still a bit get pissed on full flow in Tornament.
About 11chasov. Man supplied in in hands and let you who any with hand will tell in what position stick. Then this will be already inhalations, memory. In my opinion.



Here is on photo Yura L. See immediately - hands make "an obscure impose."
But on the pictures Steve, modicum kill, see "not the impose" (the coil in all iterations very close from heads, ah, if not considered ultimate stage (after otpuskaniya filament with shpuli.

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Me difficult to imagine the flip, modicum far any, with shock on 4.5kg my with a stick 4.27 + 15 centimeters extend the feeding trough 100-120 + fodder.


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