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Sheets Alexander Sivokonya

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I and my religious such have themselves on dacha in Rovzhakh fishing only on your cast, last my the Pope caught week ago zavesil about 1kg. And Canal all the same) moreover and ask.



Agree fully. Local sea Bass on DC lives far not everywhere, and below Tabachki - mostly meets spring. Large local Crucian - than higher downstream on, those larger. The most large - Rovzhi, and higher. Himself saw 2.5 and line releasing on 5 with kopeechkami))

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Increasingly, in Rovzhi food! After May's national ;)



If planning on to go in Rovzhi navari perlovki local sea Bass likes its ah and Lin, too,. Place where you catching arrival with hand Khotyanovki?



On past weekends catching an in Rovzhakh)



Alexcd83 wrote:

Two years ago, I dragged there simply mega huge karasey in during Bajaus seasons, then they somewhere are gone.

The kind scarfed down you their all :D



Alexcd83 wrote:

Sea Bass large've been busted (zakiloshnye)?

1.1 kg with on reign caught)



Alexcd83 wrote:

A get back a little and this will be the main way feed family

Geu. Watched the film Adopting of the Rings 3 part of? Given how many will such Squints on feed. The plot will roughly such as in really the early moreover movie. Only fight will not for ring power chair, and for an in sour cream :D



Still Lin getting caught 0.5 kg typically with the sunrise sun. At all I observed more a major fish was captured on reign)



I at night never catching, has tried couple of times, but sleep bear :suspicious:



I'm just trying a video :)



Cool coils :cool: himself such also I!



Sasha, different educational for you video :cool: Since this initiative, so say!



Don’t large podleschik))

Not large podleschik on obvodnom host forced think over large leschem.
Dnepr river = bream.

Traper Champion of 1kg
Traper Feder bream 1kg
Traper Expert 0.5kg
The peas 0.5kg
Spelt be scattered 0.3kg
Maize 1 bank
A twist the worm 0.5kg
Maggot 0.2kg
Maize, maggot, scheiss the worm, as sandwiches so and solo.
Place it - ZEMEX Rampage (video game) 13-150
The distance - 48 gather steam; Preston PCR5000
The cord 0.1
Fidergam - Drennan 6lb
Ceasing 0.148 - 70sm Sanlayn
Trigger # 8 Gamakatsu 1810
Pace of 5mn

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Best - three red and four white, sammich.
On maize reacted normal, but poklevki a deserved idle, maize plague zasechke.



Siv wrote:

Better just - three red and four white, sammich.
On maize reacted normal, but poklevki a deserved idle, maize plague zasechke.

Class! And time industrialized fishing?



A day to on devices up best



winning the Vovkovogo Lake, Karp 2015

My friend - Yura Voloshin often Daniel makes it on this Lake and told me, that there will undergo contest in which very wanted to would participate, but never has tried, so invited me draft company.
Festival was beginning in Friday July in 21 :3 0, reckoning - in Saturday 1.08.2015
Participation adopted 19 teams in the composition of the two people.
Draw had a chance on sector - 11, Yura was very mortified that coaxing it out this Number, because on his observations on this side nibble and catches were significantly worse.
Nothing said I, believe in our strategy and program and all will normally!
Strategy was the next:
Determine two point fishing, the first close, under zakorm 5322991 and Ouite a under spomb.
Body of water in-style plate produced ski absolutely.
Fodder for balls - Traper think about Special station wagon + 3mm pellets Carpio method
Spomb sent with pelletsom 10 mm in diameter Carpio Khalibut + the Liquid krill
Decided often not feed to not frighten fish
Have ditched 30 balls on BlizNak, on far point sent 5 spombov
Pace of 30 mines, before each perezabrosom sent on 2 spomba with pelletsom
Dokorm 5322991 blizhnyaka did still at night before enjoying your morning cool.
In method trampling Khalibut method mix from Dynamite Bates + 2mm so pelets from Carpio
The first poklevka was about 23 :0 0 the near distance there is, it seems on a major fish, udilishche gear has flown away on reflector dish: Diving and woe is. Get have been able only on the morning, when has emerged.
Morosil rain entire night, took 1 amur with the far-and two carp the near.
On the morning earned Ouite a, has brought two carp.
The nozzle sitch - there was the dummy maize, Red the worm and pellets from Dynamite Bates
One of poymanykh I Karpov shoulder on Big Fisch - 4.825 kg
Just was been seized 5 fish with common weight - 19.175 kg
Different broke a venue, modicum and old singing all for night!
Team SANSIV took a we place!))
Thank you organizers for destructible and separately for ear and shashliks on.
Thank you sponsor-house for prizes!
Link on site Lake

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Sasha brilliant!!



andr78 wrote:

Sasha brilliant!!

:cool: :crazyfun:


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