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Contest on it catching Fiderom on the Asian Forum fishermen Crimea!

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Am asking strictly not judge. :D And so die aller neueste Kreation aus! On the end of the the I made it out on fishing yes still and on contest. Contest open participation could to accept any wishing, goal competition was popularization fishing sport, exchange experience sports and amateur fishing, propaganda modern principles sporting fisheries, preparation for conduct systematic competition on sports it comes to shagging fish on feeder. And so on order. Intended we on contest week, for week were booked clubs, medals and found hillsides, hillsides the private closed for visits, from fish there is Crucian, carp, bream, podleschik, a dace, perch, pike perch, can even that forgot. Hillsides where the 7-8 hectare, here is
Collection was appointed on 6.30 - 7.30 am morning, arrived 11 man, after order all have diverged on their sectors and in 8-00 was experience start!
Weather in another times decided muss up mood participants - a strong trolley onto a side wind (relatively sectors), which to continent became a bit to let up, and on an end to the competition at all At Chabysh 2005, a bit anointed land and elcome. But these conditions were for all participants.
Because behavior dam no one knew, then the first hour is gone on picking the changeable tips and prikormok. Went fucking firstborn children mood and ad- preserved oral history. One of participants Alex lupanul sudochka.
On nazhivkam worked the worm, maggot, sandwich the worm + maggot.
Me the first came plotvichka then sea Bass and the entire the rest of catch averaged podleschik, fish klevala confidently and decisively,
In 14-30 was declared reckoning, and matter weighing up the and calculation fish.
My outcome 10 ?o and weight 1kg 60 gr
After weighting fish was the entire mistake in hillsides
Further awarding winners,
And correctness on homes, in general increasingly was simply right on, all who participated modicum couple of top three fish rounded up without fish nor whom not was, the second tour plan conduct where the in August and he promises be more interesting! :flag:

P. With if not in the contestant subject uploaded am asking shifting where it place :writing:

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With start sports careers in feeder!



I congratulate!
I so understand this Crimean Yalta? And where you there found a body of water? I in is year share my experince you in Yalta, and sought place spend some time fishing on feeder, so and on Forum you climb, and asked there same. And had to to go even 4000m2 as well as. dive in Crimea (post 68)




Since start sports careers in feeder!

Thank you! Modicum this and not official were contest but I remained very exasperated :cool:

Burik wrote:

I congratulate! I so understand this Crimean Yalta? And where you there found a body of water? I in is year share my experince you in Yalta, and sought place spend some time fishing on feeder, so and on Forum you climb, and asked there same. And had to to go even 4000m2 as well as.

Ah as same remember I you, I still you advised that BAM in Alushte, but contest were held not in Yalta, and Bilohirsk district :flag: this 150 kilometers from Yalta



VETAL wrote:

ah as same remember I you, I still you advised that BAM in Alushte,

This aren, that fisherman for fisherman. :)



Start attracting on contest - 'll drive over!



Silent wrote:

start attracting on contest - 'll drive over!

Without problems! Let us only are happy! :flag:



Vetold, heard, that has passed the second phase goblet. When report whip up?
A bit information there is here



, :confused: , , :blush: , :cool:



Yes! Dimonskiy molochaga! Incidentally at the second stage Dimonskiy policies--and first place!



KRIK wrote:

Yes! Dimonskiy molochaga!

Looked video, I do not as there Dimonskiy, but here is Galina Gavrilovna Ershova! This need to to see. I it comes it gave prize in coupling beautiful with useful. :flag:



Not quite on topic, but where the close, because like far as Crimea not is fidernym region and us far to levels home town of Dnipropetrovsk, but on the sly train bare feet because this on local for competitions. Perhaps if possible let moderators perenazvut branch in krymskie tournaments in which on opportunities let us report that have us's going on * * in fiderno-sporting event movement.
On that--at weekends the Fed Crimea has carried tandem 24-nonstop on the Frost North the Crimea Canal, was quite interestingly. Here is my report.

Ah, that same here is and has passed the first NONSTOP - 24. Test traveled, and organism well do a passable endured his kangaroo these mistreatment, for that him thank you.
So same thank you:
1. FRSK and Mukhinu activist Sergey (Jamp), for what raskachali a bit sports feeder and conducted contest;
2. All participants for create an honest fight and 25?C good fellows, for what spat. - on material costs and presented their cities (Yalta, motor Sich JSC informs, Alupka, Simferopol, Sevastopol) on Sally;
3. Sevastopol team, for what finally the city-hero illustrate not only I, yes and for successful debut;
4. Slaviku (clav) for aid in s means of delivery as it turned out invaluable support for these competition prikormki;
5. Ah and of course my your partner with your Sashke (Alexs) for superb and close-knit work.
Ah and now as this was
To go decided to sooner with morning. With the evening was lining up with men, which already were there and finally the learned far at all to go, because allocated to Forum maps with google alert proved susanenskimi and at all far. An alarm clock give on 4-00, but as it turned out essentially in this time I already drove far from Sevastopol ad- from the upcoming competition sleep not gave. With the evening telephoned Sashko with words launching antikomarin, A where same his take? After four stops on petrol with shops outcome zero, tantalizing Simferopol with marketom ATB. Mosquitoes not it and already well.
Quite quickly make my way until seats (206 kilometers on sidometru) and encounter there feature a funny company nochevavshikh.
Slavik's buying, motherfucker kofeem, opryskivayus antikomarinom, raising the meanies are beginning with booking, zherebyuemsya Participants 20 people, i.e. 10 teams. Not poorly.
Errori, but derzhitsya did after fishnisha, because need to or fotosessit or harvest.
On picture not all some team after finish came away without presence on closing.
Pull the first sector already not poorly, sector is obtained the latest in the process crosscurrents, i.e. with us fodder if and would wash away, then he no one not'd have, and here is us can namyt well.
Begins preparation, then we cut them up grass and bushes, that would nothing not seriously impair, markerimsya, and indeed do search for point and choose kormaki. With one hand, and that seek a cup there is a cup, with the other not fact there is and though and stumbling, stands out brovka in place the end of the tectonics on opposite side, but there harvest our rigging of this ship (dura-Ace Bestmastera mediums, ah there have us harder than it sticks) simply not realistically safety 60 grams bears in easiest, and more there yes and stick on greater not pixels. Find, that the main Pitzi is in heat under Bank in of left, for the mid-Pitzi is in heat weaker and more resembles on obratku, so that would as the harvest klipsuyus on border in heat and obratki, kormak bears but already do a passable. The most an ideal kormak have VOS 42 grams with Namaste become circumcised stabilisers.
Feed off I'm interrupting two prikormki Sensas Etang bream + FD black and in separate vde Beet, that would on 2 / 3 by Cormac slaughter first and 1 / 3 second pylyaschuyu on active dace. Sashko FD bream + a dace + Black.
On. The first klevak under oven was the one leaking, normally the so I have why the begin all sorevy. Fish has become virtually immediately a dace and Bleak (fish). The nozzle sitch oparik + popcorn-rice, without of popcorn oparik falls on bottom and his beats bychek. In pace try harvest and on first weighing (day) rightly move leaders. In catch until lodoshechnaya a dace and such a same Bleak (fish). For periodically declines is intensifying, as is intensifying, so fish become make more active. To by the evening have Sasha that the not makin 'out, I same find vertical brovku (transverse seam tectonics) 'm dropping more to the right, kormak tying up some to casing and he there is worth, there same apparently occur lures from day one on which embraced a dace bigger than others and on maize times in until 3 minutes pull on goldfish. On an evening weighing dobivaem to five with plus kil, leader already Sevastopolskaya (Moscow Metro) team which is outpacing where the grams on 500, and actively but (with hand was in sight active wave. how are you stick).
Continue harvest. The sun set and nibble been switched off. Zaryazhaemsya traditional. Night passes without Ah, this is great, yes still and a deer enshrined simply not child. In midnight decide what's take a nap on and a half hours, I the first in machine under bunk warmly and kemaryu immediately, an alarm clock hitting as a sledgehammer on the head with the, 'm already jumping out for shit not understand that is happening, sprosonya don't got no balls, state of as with hard buduna, pokhlebav hot soup in Val Soleil come in themselves, and Sashko in wuv is waking up an analogous and with gender hours comes in themselves. In short where the until 4-'s morning for night we took only on 1-Mu - scale catfish, such a same karasika and tarashku. With 4-'s rasklevyvaetsya fish and on, though, yesterday algorithm oparik, oparik + rice, cookie until the finishing weighting dobivaem still 6 kil. In end have us gear has flown away 21 cover slips feed and all through kormaki, namely 1 FD a dace, 5 FD Black + 5 FD bream + 4 Lake + 3 FD medieval + 2 Sensas Etang bream + 1 vde Biit.
Are going, are having breakfast, judge brings results
People in anticipation
Ah matter awarding
For will to victory team sponsors Osmanovics (can mistaking the, if that Xcuse me)
A major fish team Fortuna with somikom 630 grams
Third place team Wisla with 10,635
The second place team Sevastopol forge the Rybachek with 11, 700
(Not managed take a picture of)
The first is the team a Adrenaline with 13,150
Here is they
The general photo
(Photo is called our (last dreaded can be to cross out D. Higher all
Ah and Protocol

Contest left, fish many, fish active, Canal poraduvav.
Thought after competition leaving in sleep, but all it turned out much neozhidanney, arriving to parents (live on path, together and navedal), farewells sleep and maximum've wrung 2 hours, has awakened sensations as and nothing not was, only a blister from handles rods up on drawn was reminiscent about 24-hour carnage.
The only, ah this organizers think clubs of course this well, but expense of only their the number of participants on future for competitions not craned, needs than the in some.



That the line went a bit quiet. And until there is a bit time stuck to tell than life-support Crimea. And all not so and poorly. In this year RIGHT passed seven globally televised tournaments-mezhdusoboev and eaea with them and this not all scheduled arrangements in this year.
The arrangement # 1.
24 March - tournament them. Maestro (Maestros one of forumchaninov Crimean forums, which decided to cripple the crowd sleepy fideristov, which still not withdrew from the winter hibernation for a small battle). Tournament has passed on a reservoir Chakur-Elie.
And brought together under 40 people. Aside from fidernogo tournaments on this same a reservoir in the same day anodyne spinningovyy festival in end the number of fishermen two trends was under a hundred, but no one each other not US (seated at different the banks of).
Tentative casing of dam for week shown to the availability of standard small fry (in dominance of) and quite major uklei. In available so same was a minor perch.
In day competition'm interrupting vde, it's Turbo + speshial + a bit Kopra + plotvinyy the Liquid from vde + the aft night crawlers.
On we need first pull the first sector - already well.
The distance industrialized fishing 20 forge the So osnaschayu dura-Ace Bestmaster Light 11 ", coil dura-Ace Super 4,000, cord Cust Evay 12 mikronization, ceasing 0.8's 0,104, trigger # 14 Ovner sode. Kormaki small from two march in 14-25 grams.
Start went, and poklevok there is no, pace of or not pace of - a dace not becomes at all. A rare perch on the eyeliner, but protyazhku to do hard because a body of water has to mine bottom in which has been active kormak, and if in brovku fell - of food the establishment services.
So that only not did, things go, but not so as like, in the latest hour vysypayu in lures from day one gender packs while Double Six Brasem from Sensas and on point become Bleak (fish), that have been arguing harvest in pace on how many this perhaps. In end dolovil until 1.370 kilograms with kolvom fish - 55 Tennessee Thereby wife rise on the second place.
The first five seats stay in bed in weight we wrapped.:
1 Location - Fomichev Kirill, Propulsion Sevastopol, weight-1.690kg ,-fish-65sht.
2 Location - Moyseenko Dmitri, Propulsion Sevastopol, weight-1.370kg ,-fish-55sht.
3 Location - Dribas Andrei, Propulsion Simferopol, weight-1.360kg ,-fish-51sht.
4 Location - Chenin Alexander, Propulsion Motor Sich JSC informs, weight-1.330kg, his fish-59sht.
5 Location - Vorobiev Alexei, Propulsion Kerch (Crimea), weight-1.180kg, his-fish-41sht.
Many did weight on nano bass. Expected a dace so and not on risovalas.
Winners were earned presents from sponsors, which "on average a hand aid" young Crimean fidernomu movement. For that them BIG THANKS thank you!



The arrangement # 2.
12 on May - 1 direct Crimea on it catching fiderom (1 phase) FRSK. A body of water April to created.
Until competition I have was two of origin on a body of water - weeks for two and on the eve 9 on May.
On first technitians on shoal metres on 30 local dubinschiki well polavlivali a major an on very, I have same on more deep (roughly 20 sector) on very wall teetered Bleak (fish), with required an feed slightly whether not a net coarse motylem, already in anybody were electric thought, that perhaps is worth aim precisely on it.
The second illegally - took me on place with even greater depth (roughly 12-15 sector). Test uklei has shown, that she there is but not so pro-active, possible cause of declining activity was the absence of nasadochnogo very. But understandable was, that lighted mixture of its not that appeals to. Under this on the inertial prikormku without coarse very almost in years'd, uh, punch Crucian on net worm without curiously sdabrivaniy and Arom.
For two vyezdam bass virtually not was, that could not not inspiring, simply in the past year the main catch delalasya precisely for him. Under this in the latest illegally Adjustments on a reservoir familiar poplavochnik showed very decent enleve small fry in gender water in district 4 sector on match.
So my decision on a competition was (in absence of nasadochnogo very) - not to bet on ukleyu, and interest in running for an. And further was so.
A competition particular 18 participants. So as proactively recorded was under 25 man, then the organizers so much sectors and beat back. And this not always well have next door sector place holder partition and not ravnoznachnost and the impossibility one devoted running around ukleyu.
Draw and marks sector 5.
Fish-sicles a passive on the basis of vde Etang +, it's Turbo (as previously and spoke goal was - Crucian).
Sector averagely deep. Expanding within 18 meters.
Tackle Greys G-Tec 11 ", and further all as and in the preceding report. On osnastkam I typically, I'll hold you in nesimmetrichku.
Start. Have been arguing harvest, but alas's no one else except sharp bass nothing there is no.
Have been arguing do two point on one distance there is - further left than that its army ,-ukleechnuyu with motylem, right clean karasevuyu. On one pace of and neutrambovannaya there's gravy, on the second expectation. In end with right-wing all ??? dismantled one an - no the offer up porezanogo. Bleak (fish) same so and not has become, accounted for already in pace alternate between full kormak - empty, to underscore the speed submersion, but would still fish not was nor what.
All that can be was do - I made. Karasevaya theme in this day not worked, and Bleak (fish) perhaps teetered in more densest sectors, because from both left and right from me were sector - pacifiers, and himself devoted walking ukleyu not was able of inertial prikormkoy.
In end nakovyryal only 612 grams and this it turned out the fourth place.
Winner Isaev on melkovodnom put well dace, which as and ozhadalos was present.
Photo on memory those who remained and with of mourning not left home.:



The arrangement # 3.
1 June tournament in honor year slogan Forum Body of water Bakhchisarayskoe created.
People on sabontuy chin-ups with the evening and well his spent, because fish proklevyvalas
And lover of
But tournament there is tournament, allowed to to participate with any Warranty left Socialist-Revolutionary Party snastyu with one got a little trigger.
Draw, sector marks 2.
Not strongly mudrstvuya'm interrupting Sensas (carp + a dace) + gender cresotech varennoy cannabis + the aft night crawlers.
Tackle dura-Ace A psychic 12 ", coil Super 4,000. Further without changes.
The distance industrialized fishing - 35 gather steam; 4,000. Cormack small (VOS) and big (Fidersport) - with cheredovaniem.
Ceasing from Dam until and a half program Preston Xceed. A short not impressed. Trigger 14 Number from Ovner sode.
With start well proklevyvaetsya not large Crucian on very. Pace of on expense 40. Poklevki from gentle until tough.
Hours through two - failure. 'm alternate between kormaki and with uneven success continue to polavlivat. Body of water inclined with the dining the wind, went wave of, drove grass. But fish continued getting caught.
In end in prilove dolodoshechnyy Crucian, couple chervonopyrok and one John Dory.
Weight reached 2,360 kg.
Have comrades was not all so talk, yesterday Crucian not wanted to approached only and accounted for to do weight on solnichnike:
"Champion's" catch averaged 111 units such animals:
On airline the first three seats festival:
1 place Dimonskiy- 2360,0 - prize tent "textbooks."
2 place Kirillsev - 730,0 - prize bag refrigerator "founded."
3 place Shramko - 590,0 - prize sleeping bag "textbooks."
And photo on memory:
Thank you organizers for good company, is identically by the time and prizes.



The arrangement # 4.Know all.
This of course - 14-16 June tournament FD Kakhovsky (disambiguation) conflict - Canal. So his to describe not d.
Only Id say, that my team Adrenaline voiced poorly 15 place in golden zone.
And krymskie team:
1 place silver zone - "Province of Taurida"
2 place silver zone - "Fiolent"

3 place bronze zone - "-cry "
4 place bronze zone - "Gialos"

Have become the winners of the Open.

So immediately to:
The arrangement # 5.
30 June tournament Ulovistyy feeder Forum A body of water Simferopolskoe created.
Tournament on type agreed to, toured, are all chipping in, otlovilis.
The number of participants 16 (planned more, but as always how many has arrived).
Perhaps the most severe tournament from all this year which over.
Initially was arrangement on basis that is six hours, and this already not five in pace fishing "on expense 20."
Number sector already not remember, but neighbors pleased considerate (????? its grains tactic and ???? Ossipov) - from Left the younger prodigy with start under Bank went beat of an ukleyu, right forced me that the to do after as went to carry a white bream.
Fish-sicles Browning Etang + Big Fish + the aft with start.
Tackle Greys G-Tec 11 ", coil dura-Ace Ekseydzh 3,000, nesimmetrichka, ceasing from 0.8, until 0.4 (the most worker) and in late again on 0.8, cross section program - 0.104, a hook email to the Owner Sode and Sode Light 14 Numbers.
The distance fishing 35 gather steam; 3,000-pay (brovka).
The main the nozzle sitch night crawlers.
Start. Tactic is simple as five kopecks - harvest all, but as the vyalenko she works. Not rapid pace of. And out the window couple of of lively bass grams on 300 and all.
Literally through hour neighbor right is beginning to periodically pull fish (podlesch / a dace). Nervously have been arguing that the to change and tempovat. Become Bleak (fish), but its harvest as the desires there is no seeing presence a white bream. 'm adding more in fodder wheat, in the hope devoted and stop snot-nose corporate, and slightly more coarse very.
And URA everything will run without problems truth poklevki call such cannot be - rare podergunchiki! Went a dace, for it shoots up podleschik (a minor Lavrik). Rightist neighbor turns off - actions the right.
Hushpuppy: Feed up time works and collects all that there is in district: In blind Bleak (fish) with petty plotvoy, on the edges of the - podleschik with plotvoy on larger. Account for harvest around the circle, because in blind triviality simply not gives podleschiku have time go run up to nozzle of.
From me was required only tempovaya dolbezhka and still times dolbezhka. Fish not a major, but there is.
Hooter. Weighing up the - around pounds.
Ur - first place, the second and third charging almost on uklee with headings, 2.3 and 2,23 kg.
Some participants just biding their a white bream (catch 6 th seats):
And the general photo:



The arrangement # 6.
4 August Ulovistyy feeder - 2 Forum Body of water in sec. A heartening.
Weeks for three were on this a reservoir, where us brought a joy small karpiki their audacious poklevkami - takeoff fidera, filled with course. And for not full day on two was be fished out for dozen kg here is such guys:
So was taken decision, and why not draw mezhdusoboy? And he was held.
The number of participants 15.
Draw and sector # 9.
Prostukivanie trawling not showed nor what interesting things, although previously eiaee in district first sector and clearly felt direction. Far fling? Was big question, in end - on further (65 gather steam; 's 0.8). Not love distant competitors, but to do not what.
Tackle was thought through to little things (relying on previous attending), the main goal not give nor one chance homogeneousness karpyatam that the assistance, and she not did economics fail!
Udilishche let and not super it a sensitive (radar and not need a was), but sensed - Preston Dutch Master 13.2 / 80 the State Russian Museum.
The coil Preston RKhR 4,000, cord Sanlayn Cust Evay 12 mikronization.
Tooling - raning feeder Rigg, he same Israels right to online, with skrutkoy, fulfilled from 1 mm themselves a rubber (coiling really jibe to a piece-of-fishing line of yours, on knot heat shrink, forth kormak and shotgun for piece of fastening for the main cord). Very is it apt tooling for of traversed conditions - zakhlestov zero, tugging fish quiet on right on, of course can be a rubber take slightly thinner. And most large advantage against feeder gamma alarm - the price, 1 Grzywna (. For meter.
Kormaki - Feder sport 42 grams.
Ceasing $0.16 - 50 see
Trigger Gamakatsu 2033 (book) 12 Number, has tried first time - a good gak.
Fish-sicles - that the on Sensasu (immediately not wrote, now) and that the karpovoe + wheat stalks + cannabis, but in another times might be certain, that on this a reservoir she role not plays - or jumping to all, or not on that.
Worked was the second option. As often the case on term, "competition - the storm, pressure.
The only prikormka must was have lungs, sweet, fruit fruits with.
And so as said option was the second - fish very passive, but passive until grub, and not on type of poklevki, they were such same audacity - steam engine houses.
On nazhivkam worked tuft oparika and one poklevka on tuft worm.
Dipoval. Yes hard say, because fish was little, but vdznachilisya - Sensas Krazi moulded there Korn and Prime from FishDrim.
In end:
- skhodov - zero;
- proe. Krizhanikh poklevok - would argue on one;
- units 5 karpyat (in hour on tea spoon), klevali would more often, then was would more;
- bigfisha there;
- weight 1.6 with wheelbarrows;
- third place!

Big Fish dragged 1,414 kg carp (have winner). The first and the second seats - 2,262 and 2,152 kg.
Ah that OK gathered, povoevali, Ah, this is great was yesterday.
One of my comrades:
Cupid second seats:
Karpik first:

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The arrangement # 7.
24-25 August - 2 direct Crimea on it comes to shagging fiderom (2 phase) FRSK. Place North direct Canal, Razdolnenskaya line, sec. Traktovoe.
Finally the, in Crimea held the first fully fledged contest in two days.
Level of Crimean fidera on the sly is growing and fight become all harder and harder, the results show (as first, so and second days), that with rivals needs reckon, slightly you relax and (joke nicely, perhaps, all know).
The beginning of! Repeats itself the situation with the first stage - judges kick a 30 sectors on outcomes preliminary registration, and on fact 20 participants and again are found sector pacifiers.
Draw 26 sector. 'm and in of shock, to water not approach the, tilt tectonics so draconian, that some as umudryayus to place a hatchling pond in 3 Dam, that would he took out water, but this gender evils get, and he took out.
Harsh plates of:
Blowing wind simply blows out his on plates of, modicum a hatchling pond and shipped. Yes with 1 on 20 sector conditions were as on resort of plates of with easy pokatom, that allowed chair to place have water.
Spa plates of:
Fish-sicles, all browning:
- Gardons 2 packs;
- of Morgan Fish 1 cover slips;
- Long Distance 1 cover slips.
Start, begin poklevki, but without implementation, additive of the dry Arom being invoked poklevki on there is no,ve worked in full the course, but alas fish is beginning to podlavlivatsya only later 4 hours. For these four hours that only not pereprobovano ragbag feed, additive Arom, major faction all only kills nibble, in end on last two hours in impeccable stern, on oparike nadetom with a stocking on 14 hook email to the Owner Sode, begins getting caught fish Bleak (fish) with plotvoy.
Yes the distance meters 22, the first brovka, the second was under a balancing less at an angle tectonics.
Tooling nesimmetrichka, about ceasing 0.8 Dam, 0.104 diameter. Kormaki until 60 grams the passage pulled, but more less. Udilishche Bestmaster A psychic.
In end for first day manages to capture (for past two hours) order 1.5 kg and on outcome this only sixth place. But 12 liters prikormki in water gear has flown away.
Drink himself notorious, in anybody prevents thought, but understand, that I has understood! Another matter confounds, that low position first day very strongly taints shared picture, because midterm on common weight two days and to fall into prizes, program least maximum weight in the second round, 't deliver perishing has understood. Confounds only the availability of very (from coarse until nasadochnogo have potential competitors) which I have no (borrow not planned, because intuitively tended to presence in a large including a goby, which simply not will give harvest another fish), but here as goes, can go and bull, isn't he
760.46 on the second tour of walking with stop:
- sit on comfortable plates;
- on prikormke nothing not to change;
- nor any of the dry Arom;
- on bait either, no oparik with a stocking;
- the distance most immediate.
Zherebimsya. Judges accept purpose of reaching a reasonable decision the number of sectors on number of participants, i.e. all sit on comfortable plates. Full extension of my lift 4 sector neato.
Collect lungs rods up Greys G-Tec 11 and Bestmaster Light on supply. The distance a similar first day.
Pace of on expense 25. All is obtained as and planned. A dace proklyunulas. Only oparika popshikivayu nasal spray vanilla from Sensasa. Six hours without hiatus in pace. Nothing not remont, from scheduled. There is failings. On one of them right Sergei Takes karpika slightly more kiloshki. On negotiate yet another have been arguing douvlazhnit prikormku, and place it makes dum-dum karpik grams on 300.
Reckoning 3 kilograms with wheelbarrows, as understand, the first weight. I.e. I performed, then to what was calibrating: With Sixth first day, until first second.
Further as prosummiruyutsya weight first and second days prosummirovalis and I the second.
Yes first day has tarnished a bit, but he allowed deal, as be further.
Big Fish (karpik more kilushki on Picker):
A competition controlled representatives rybokhrany and said, that all the Administrative Department:
On this until all. Not third strictly for lack and can get a little weird, because we (Crimea) only learning. That the is obtained, that the there is no.
Some photos were taken with Forum, authors photographs thank you!

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Dima, respekt and uvazhuha. Is famously broke a.



'll second that to do Dima. - Good man.! Greater work has done, colorful sheets.


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