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Romeo wrote:

Ano, v&#353 ;e OK...

Ah. Then I administered. :flag:

Incidentally my new profile pic, too, "come" made there. Flour choice: With one hand "Wu Medvidku", with the other "Wu two cats." Far poytit, here is's dilemma. :love: pohlesche than with prikormkoy.

To Stimul-Cash for offtop.

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Oleg_GOR wrote:

Since one hand "Wu Medvidku", with the other "Wu two cats." Far poytit, here is's dilemma.

, too, was in these taverns,. More liked in "Pod of foreign" :flag:






Стратег wrote:

This Pellet Pack has comfortable fruity smells.

In box can be find four various product:

1. Micro wood pellets (800 g) includes in themselves many different sizes (2, 3 and 4 mm) pellets. Small pellets created on the basis of the most ulovistykh prikormok. 2’s and 3-'s mm pellets envelopes expand as quickly, so and slowly, but under this not failing. 4-'s mm pellets are based on with fish flour and capable the very slowly and will remain solid for a long time.

2. Gluten (100 Mr.) this may be the most rapid and simple way paste together content reliably.

3. PELLET Juice (100 50mls of) is very dense, very concentrated a new taste of, which even more makes wood pellets deathful and attractive. High-, a special "severe" flavor, which is spreading along just dam.

4.CSL Tuning s (100 ml). Flavor for Cold water, which very effective and under rastvorenii in 5 times will increase Square, on which will act. Dense, containing intergenerational accounts and quickly rastvoryaemyy flavor, harder, than water, expense of what smells is spreading on bottom dam, that so needs in cold the Nighttime year.

Very is simple in using:

Step 1: Need to bag pour content package in build

Step 2: Shake ingredients

Step 3: Inject 60 ml water

Step 4: Aromatic wood pellets absorbs water in during 30-60 minutes

5. You can easily fill the feeder.

6. . Or to formulate balls for only does

A good advice:

When temperatures water on a reservoir not reached 16S, desirable get somethin 'these pellets on the evening before fishing in-encased boat, which hermetic is closed. That Spain also use flavor CSL Tuning for greater efficiency (max.100 ml). How many aroma added, respectively reduce number of water.