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The entire the truth about memory fish

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Broke little new ground hit piece from Anglii fun on the subject. There is over than think. … 2-1-0-121#

Among fishermen there is the generalized myth, that fish has very brief memory, closings which can be measured literally in seconds. If you fish or're dealing constantly "on work" with fish tank, you know, that this is nonsense on stilts and could watch, that have fish there is not only memories, but and ability to to quite rapid learning. Those who someday handled entails the fish, know, that fish very quickly Adjusts to regime feed and even is capable recognize when different people.

Me accounted for watch in large aquariums the, as fish ignore people, which suited, to on them watch, but when came guy, which Hypnotizes their-feeding, fish all as on team have ascended upward in anticipation feed. This guy always wore fatigues brown color of and, on my view, this is precisely is cause of such a behavior fish. Perhaps, that there is and other factors, on which fish understands, that its now will feed. Research, conducted on the fishes and their memory, have shown, that they are capable recall events that occurred in the past.

Some fish have trained aggregate in particular view place on blooming flowers and then have receded in wildlife. Surveillance, conducted through year, have shown, that decent number of one most fish still intended on blooming flowers. If in a fishing items is fought record caught fish, can be see, that specific fish rounded up in a certain time year in a particular place. Can be done assumption - fish remembers, that specific fodder will is available in awoke place in a certain time. All of this indicates, that such being as fish, possessing not the most big and the most complex the brain, possesses quite good memory.

: Two differences

Fish are quite diverse group animals and even in of England can be watch diversity various "styles life", which is leading fish. If analyze behavior fish everything indicates, that it depends on notable experience. Research have also shown, that fish can remember, as she was captured and often avoids changeable tips and osnastok, on which in its time its rounded up. This is especially clearly echo this under it catching in transparent water, when have fish there is opportunity well to consider the pourer and snap. But, in, too, time, even provided, that fish something disquieting, she would still are biting. Across semblance, this is happening because, that process search for and vyvazhivaniya not "upset" its so, to this very strongly was stamped in its memory. Not worth forget, that some fish were caught out much more often, than other, and this indicates, that they "agree" be fighters in exchange for obtaining additional nutrition!

Research have shown, that such fish are the bottom food hierarchy and such behavior is called "effect despair." These fish will time after time, to repeat its behavior, so as this a good way to receive more food. Also research have shown, that fish not only "know" their "comrades", but also know "its place" in a reservoir.

Fish - friends

So same there is no doubt, that fish know friend friend "in face." Not one times accounted for watch Karpov, which constantly "have been partying" one company. These partnership relations can last from several weeks until several years, in some cases. If you balcony fish from the packs and will release its back, then in soon she will return on, too, place, where you its rounded up. If fish not has memory - as she knows, where it seek its brings?

The most big and supposedly the most old fish in group often the most cautious. Can be suggest, that they have reached such sizes precisely for reason its native caution and not were eaten by in a young age! Old fish also have much more experience, so under's using alone and those same changeable tips their very difficult they seduce.

Kopru fish constantly is being shifted on River. During the day she can accusations in various places, and then to move in another place until decline of, where a fish, supposedly, feels safer at night. This means, that fish remembers these areas and links their with concrete time, that boosts its chances find food and survive.

Learning about the your goal

All of this indicates, that fish has a good memory and is capable determine Environment their whereabouts hidden. If take all of this on weaponry and observe behavior fish on exemplified a reservoir this will help increase your chances on the capture of a fish.

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Alexcd83 wrote:

... eat our you want and quickly'll remember where and in any places can be undoubtedly like us our grub)

Javadxan osbenno until a minor. Not pozhresh - sozhrut you :D



Was I have case when a carp but ceasing about hold a shell up. Later a small number of time is happening poklevka,, I take it out fish on Bank and severely wonder :O, aside from hook with the bait in mouth fish an additional piercings with destroy my the leash :dontknow:



On sazanu, one in one cases when me obtained my leashes are the natives - that gets caught fish somovimi rigging of this ship. Somewhere in during 2kh - Bajaus hours. If carp theoretically can then goes out partying again and to stand up expense of availability of in pond masses valuates feed brought from outside, then a carp weight in 5 kilo, yes Hua constant need fight with small the passage, need thyroid gland began the entire pond without stop. And memory here not ???? - not devoured -?.


You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Articles » The entire the truth about memory fish