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Feder with Hair River Kymi

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I always wanted to catch triviality from major fish, to not was so: First triviality, and only then, can be, a large be appropriate. Long anxious with enormous by a worm, beam of moldy worm, but triviality disrupted with hook bait until approach trophy. And here is, while walking along central on once a shops, I found Hard balls both: Boyle.
This kind of nozzles use karpolovy, but I, as fan as industrialized fishing, decided to to combine feeder with follicle River Kymi. And harvest not only pile of carp, but and any a major fish.

Both: Boyle from industrial producers roads. More accessible and cheaper prepare entire mixture of very, but easier to speculating on prikormke add some ingredients, acquired in no clothing left or on market. Here is one of recipes, maximally simple.

1 kg panirovochnaya flour, 400 "grape". groundnuts, 350 "grape". Alvita flakes, 1,700 "grape". traditional grits-- grits, 1 kg traditional flour, 2 kg Biscuit baked milk , 2 kg biscuits oatmeal , take some quik 1 bank 500 "grape". 600 gr. - refined quality, 600 ml. cannabis - 600 gr. grits-- grits yachnevaya, 500 gr. porridge, 1.5 kg fish fodder, 400 gr. Halwa, mixture of was peremolota in thresher until fortune flour.

Ingredients zameshivayut on chicken broth with an egg (egg on every 100 grams a mixture), from absorbed test lepyatsya balls caregiver diameter. Before zameshivaniem in Maras! Beaten egg add liquid flavoring and foods colourings. Ready to balls slides down in boiled water. As only they will pop up to the surface (as dumplings), their here same bodies are being pulled from water and is dried.
So as the ball in motives the form of very is a fragile one, recommend before prosushivaniem pierce his that toothpick. To gain floating Boyle, his need to cook in oil. Than longer drying both: Boyle, those into sterner stuff they become. Process drying ?????? several weeks. Better lake district your both: Boyle us, than for their.

There is great many types, and us much still need learn to in highly delicate matter, and issue their use of. The typical mistake an overdose flavoring (my the first party was is overrun with aromoy ). Assumptions type than stronger will smell like, the better will peck often cause the opposite action. Homilies share the entire supply Boylov on several equals parts of and process their one and those same aromatizatorom, but different concentration. This operation will help determine achieve escape. Dosing. Used with various combination opposite of aromas: If in as contains an urgent additive (cinnamon, garlic and camping on Afghan, before rybalkoi can be you dip the palette Boyle in any fruity flavouring.

In the process fishing for attract can be use the same prikormku, that and under designing Boylov.
(Brought from networks the internet!
Like would to know opinion of experienced fideristov.)

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Had forced fiderom with follicle River Kymi on bayly and pellets very interesting. Very often useful such method industrialized fishing.

Only recipe Boylov, which anonymous in article, I would not applied on practice. There there nothing to acquire such a to gave fish food signal! In my opinion



If can the share their a recipe! Think many it will be interesting.



Instead recipes can podilitsya good sslkami on articles:
"In american kitchen, CURRENT nozzles"
Essential Guide software nasadkam TO Karpov … icle_id=60
These books will help in boylostoenii lechshee than prescriptions for :)

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Also recommend revere book Tim Richardson "Secrets of cyprinids kept bait shop"



The reference on article "In search of sovreshennoy nozzles" not works, 'll post an article here
In search of perfect nozzles? Part of I[/size]
On what something stage in life every karpyatnika he necessarily will ask itself question, that for both: Boyle he use and indeed whether this the most best both: Boyle. With me this happened on very an early stage my passions karpovoy catching, likely because, that in years of his becoming a I catching on those the most reservoirs, where the legendary Fred Wilton from counties of Kent successfully obtain very their revolutionary HNV jamborees. In those years I was prochitano increasingly, that anyone ever wrote on the subject. Later this mania - and this precisely mania - led me to complex scientific works on Chemoreceptor reflex and analysis structures protein, and also study the various other (cyprinids kept!) substances, which, as it was thought, had see beautiful cases for a carp force.

Over the past 30 years I tried virtually all, that edible, in their nasadkakh, but already ranging with the most early years I tried to analyze, what I wanted to in end achieve. Many times I anodyne through another stage syndrome mixing of "ounces of moreover - ounces of this" and, of course, such approach sometimes "but" fish, but when once on Bank Lake you themselves see near, as carp remains absolutely unenthusiastic to flavor everything hours of work, then find, that until now failed to do providing a decoy, that accorded everyday carp.

This - KEY, namely: Boyle which will is eaten every the carp. Boyle, which draws on food level, Boyle, Baumann, put which before any the carp - carp his vozmyot, so as the nozzle sitch shouts "food." Let, carp this absolutely a simple being, which and captures finding food with the help Chemoreceptor reflex - certain signals, who say him, that food near or not far (to this we even review slightly later), but for, to it worked, you need understand, what precisely signals can distinguish or not ageand carp, and what is effectiveness these signals.
Incidentally, simply, to you clear itself ``secular - these notes not written for to explain all, as do a perfect Boyle. I utterly not can claim this, my articles - simply attempt to to settle voedinoe some ideas (any of them new, other old, some at all not fit in accuracy billed topic), and perhaps push you moreover, to pause. Start.

Perhaps, I not d you swapping - I not received scientific degree of on under examination topic and because will try write as can be easier. However, on some issues, me will have cite on certain scientific terms from primary sources. First, I not may theory, that there are driven carps which subsist only natural sources food, existing in awoke a reservoir. Karp - this crest lark water and nurtures without debriefing all edible, to this nor was. If carp avoids your s palette, then this only because, that Boyle outward evidence the wrong - with perspective carp - signal, point! And nothing more! If would driven carps could not to respond to foods signals, they would simply progressed - this was in elementary. So, if such happening on a reservoir, where home to this mystical fish, then simply both: Boyle not buoyed ensured food signal.

For starters let us let's define how are important both: Boyle in karpovoy it comes to shagging, so as I saw many the difference on this issue in various journals and in Internet. The nozzle sitch in any the form of or form - this the, that carp're being sucked down. Itself in his mouth together with a piece of bent wire (or after, which is called crocheted. How me known, a carp not attracts wire, so what precisely ceasing you casting an - not matter in this case. Find, find and find a carp! - usually is dealt chorus votes. But for me this simply the very a of course. Find, before, as hope to throw a with President. If you not found a carp - take home, vypeyti cup tea, wanting beer or bottle good red guilt, so as outcome with point search for a carp would still will be the same.

Both: Boyle can work on you or against you. Karp very curious and avantyuren, and if what you have on Aurum / not outward evidence food signal, then the only opportunity for a carp test, edible whether this - this take the pourer in his mouth - the absence of hands and fingers is, of course same, large for a carp disadvantage of.

Nozzles from plastic, cover and other very well illustrate this, and there are several interesting theories, why they "gets caught" carp. In case with preliminary podkormkoy a real feed or when is used only one a fake the nozzle sitch without prikormki - I understand, but some search for carp on sealed plastic saying impossible explain with logical perspective, namely this I and have been arguing do.
Perhaps here us best do pausing and watch, that same at all can attract carp or more accurately - that carp can distinguish.


Many written about so-called "smells" - these zazyvno guarantees excellent substantsiyakh, which are transforming Boyle in Pineapple Hawaii or strawberry Supreme, but on fact they nothing nor during that not are transforming. All not so.

Odors accented: Acid and the alkaline and attract expense of difference in PH, + or - 7? Difference almost no! If you spend time on the, to to study various successful odors, for example Squid and announce Octopus, strawberry or Pineapple, then reply that they all differ from PH 7 roughly on voting number of pts regardless of, on what side scale as well they are (+ or -) - increasingly in matter, on what basis of they made. Forth, if you sistematiziruete odors in dependence from their foundations, then clearly reply the link meanwhile, how successful smells and on what base he made, under this Diatsetin will at the top, and Ethyl Alcohol the bottom! Those who uses odors on the basis of Ethyl of Alcohol, explaining this speed spread of in water, are deceiving themselves themselves and in is, that concerns efficiency smell and even in issue spread of his in water. Can you is worth watch on effectiveness spread of per common of salt in water in dependence from its concentration? There is whether the difference? There is one smells - Squid and announce Octopus, which is worth several in side from rest, but this part of the other themes, which I am going later.

Aminokislotnye supplements

Uuuuhhhh. Seems they existed with since time immemorial. Minamino, Nutramino, prevents Fignimino and anything? They manufactured in accordance with needs HUMAN, not a carp and THAT a huge difference! They in a certain extent work, but are far from ideal. They have issued signals, but usually not quite accurate and not in grinding halt after concentration. From amino acids, which carp can distinguish, all except one can them be used for cogeneration protein, but to this we review then.

Simple sugars in plants - yes, disakharidy - can be, RAYKAT STARTER IS - never. Complex in composition species sugar by definition are category: Polysaccharides and, if anyone claims, that they are attractive for a carp, then automobile, that before you "be backtracking this way"!

Now about various result in nature institutions type substantially, for example. To this and some other we review slightly later.


I'll be teaming up our together here all, that not fits in vysheoboznachennoe, including GLM, Betaine HCl or the usual Finstimm, Visorbin, Floradix, Robin Red (Carophyll Red) and everything else, that, as is considered, can attract carp. They not attract! They can be the pacemaker for moreover, to carp proveril- and that there such? (As and in case with flavors), but nor that from of this not enforces pishevoy signal. Take the ball skatannyy from conventional roller mill wheat flour with, well, dip his in hydrochloric acid, to his PH equaled 5, and carp certainly analogy, to test - that this such. Perhaps, even accorded in his mouth - who same knows certainly - but carp never will consider it feed.
This us leads to issue use of single nucleotide changeable tips with excess concentration smell and why they work. Very simply - you are using strongest advance managed research! This quite another, than food signal, so as carp wants test most of what he can discover, on object of, edible whether this. And if only this will not be work as repelent, Scaring carp, the only opportunity for carp test, and food whether this? - take the pourer in his mouth. I would advised use your the most effective snap, so as ago Boyle shoot, will it as bullet! Heard when any assertions, that carp fears big trace prikormki on limited box dam? Immediately question the, who this argues - and as same carp knows, that this - precisely concentration of food? In muddied waters at night? Deal in "command. There is signal, which emanates, and this - not food signal!

Now to basic miksam. Here is where crumbling most argumetov adherents of upominaemoy higher theory HNV (BPTs - high Mor value).

Shooter in applying to carp we should drink a lies in next. The best source of energy, this - fats, for them should protein is and very on distant distance . That this means? You turn on protein is for growth and recovery carp, fats for energy (Makarov is protein), carbs for tie its, if requires, and generally something this increasingly. Most vitamins this - simply throwing good time and effort. Be, in the data on in oils, such as A D E K in principle need in some extent, but only a necessary vitamin this E, so as he plays an important role in digestibility fat, and that is why have peanuts such a once infamous reputation. High level of butter, the lack of vitamin E and problems for carp are inevitable. Incidentally, both: Boyle with high bones of fat also create problems, if in them is missing vitamin E in sufficient numbers. However protein is at all not works on the principle of "than more, the better." There is such a pleasant thing - First Limitiruyuschaya Amino Acid (FLAA) - and this question deserves, to you shine a light him whole a separate article!

The modern world cyprinids kept changeable tips - this mixture of good, bad and of ugly. Not let us to mention here name firms, industries producing high field "both: Boyle a long storage", and, perhaps, indeed can be find what something the use of even "this" boylam in bags, way on industrial raskatochnykh machines. Simply, that modicum kill, and personally I cannot devise, that with them can be to do? Impossible do Boyle, Undersecretary nutritious needs a carp, in the form of "Boylov a long storage." And I wanted to would watch in eyes the, who will debate with me on this issue. Although I not say, that on them cannot be to capture - simply there is something much better.

Incidentally, question not quite on topic, but very important - and that such polochnaya life Boylov "a long storage"? Anyone pursued a tests? Moreover - can any producer points "itching until?" On its packaging?
Frozen both: Boyle - here is where begins confusion. There are good, mostly produced small firms, but would still, if you intend come from of nutrients needs a carp or, at least, pretend on this - the entire question unless in "Limitiruyuschuyu Amino acid.

Dairy proteins and eggs

For little leavening, dairy proteins and eggs can be use in production Boylov as zatverditeli, binders (though and expensive), but as source of food they not suited! Their amino acid profile (composition amino acids) not suited for a carp, in them are lacking in sufficient quantities some amino acids, the necessary carp we should drink a, and to the same they create obstacles carp we should drink a for learn of food. For us people they sugar, and returning to the percentage substance protein in boylakh the? They not play at all no role, if carp not can use this protein is for themselves!
Hmm. Many wonder about question - why the entire this head pain with nutritious needs a carp, when heightened dose Squid and announce Octopus or strawberry will force carp try Boyle. All deal in is, that I want have ")" Boyle - Boyle which will to live long, and not to change his in matter, how long and on what a reservoir he is used. The initial ideas Fred (a) Wilton (a) work and now (though and not with his recipes), so as carp, pushed pishevoy signal, will getting caught again and again, if only we not probably on Boyle label "dangerously!". Eggs discourage action tripsina. As this applies to boylam? Can think of? Let us, although this and not the most important question.


That you and I earnings on a their your sense of smell instead to carp we should drink a no relations not has, so as carp perceives increasingly on utterly friend level. I t in Music Notes prikormkami and see someone, vdykhayuschego smells from what with boylami - he can say, that they smell eloquently, and can say, that they smell as ekskrimenty - for carp there is no absolutely no difference and for carp this may prove or the most off-putting or the most attractive right complement - precisely in such a order. Karpyatniki have in having also carp almost human abilities, when they try to foresee the what smells or taste of like carp we should drink a, although on fact carp searching for signal. Signal, which suggests him - this food.

Ah and in than sense just above constitutes then? Only in is, that need distinguish signals, which make a carp test - and food whether this? And signals that force carp accusations, so as this two utterly different signal.
Signal to tested includes changes PH, climate salinity water, temperature, and some other, about which will talk forth, but all their unites what they changing usually existing conditions in water. Changes can be affirmative or the negative, camping on E. Force carp test or fat repels his. And here is foods signals attract always - they not can fat repels - and their cannot be reboot - they simply become stronger. Agree, you can mistake source of and complicate task search food, if in a particular a reservoir such food signal meets rarely, but never this signal not production will scare off a carp, otherwise we again return to the issue, that otherwise all driven carps long would progressed.
So, that same this for stimulants nutrition and as you their produce? Perhaps the most known and often initiate this - amino acids, but to them add immediately peptide chain.
There are also other chemical reagents, which can be find in natural environment carp in reservoirs, which accurately work as food signal, but of well-determine concentration of, to they worked, extremely difficult and, how me known, scientific research cabinet members Secretary this question party. Incidentally, that concerns at all scientific works on carp we should drink a, their not so perishing and many, if you want to apply results written on practice. T.J. A Hara "Chemorepection civil fishes" cognitive book and will give you foundations on Chemoreceptor reflex. Lowell - several confused, and although there are even a series of works, most of them not can find the use of in karpovoy it comes to shagging.

Interesting substance. Product of disintegration proteins and can be in this the reason why work the alkaline odors? I not propose a include ammonia in both: Boyle, so as arises the problem concentration and health carp.

Okay, me seems, that keyboard my computer already is beginning to write itself, that it arbitrarily, and I was several "you in this the first this article. In next (provided, that chief editor of would consider the, that this a literary the shame deserve moreover, to continue to his to publish) I'll be looking into benchmark mixes and what ingredients can be useful, and also we deep enough examine attraktanty and I winds to enzimam and their application of in boylakh



In search of perfect nozzles? Part of II
In the first parts of I very provided but instead to on some aspects changeable tips, so now it is time in the details to consider question - as us create they were repeating the pourer (Boyle). Start with basis mixes. Hang on. Sounds like simply - on first glance.
There are many aspects of, which need account for assenting basic mix, the first of them - want whether you given all foods needs a carp or, in other words, want whether do Boyle, which will "feed"? If "yes" - you need understand accurately, that same need carp we should drink a and in any quantities. If same you need simply guide "smell" in water in the form of round ball, then shake semolina and soybean in proportion 60 on 40, add all, that you consider attractive for carp and miss the next 3 or 4 pages magazine with this would.

First, we must watch on the, that helpful carp we should drink a, in principle, this - all the same, that and for most other animals, although and in other insufficient, thus if distribute on order, then we get:
1. Fats
2. Protein is
3. Be
4. Minerals

The main function food is to to lend energy body, secondary function - foster his growth (if number of food in a reservoir enough for this).

Karp will use all opportunities its food for recovery energy - if there is no surplus food, and the main source of growth for a carp is protein is. So, need include other ingredients for moreover, to carp bought these energy of them, and then protein is can fruitfully be extended for growth (minerals necessarily will cover several later in this part of, so as some of them very are important).

In end, we need to provide source of energy for carp - that for this use? , which with this purpose consumes man, carp virtually not uses. I not want say, that carp not can usefor recovery energy, simply carp always in primarily for this handles with protein. Thus, have us remain only fats from this list of to carry this functions. There are many sources fat, ranging with varying degrees fishing flour, which applies more often, until more rare fat from nuts and vegetables. From all fat, which I when either applied, I concluded, that best are oil liver cod and for him oil peanuts with small lag. Not be fooled by the tacky names on but-firms, produce prikormki for a carp - there are only order five or six species-, which realistically are used, and hold, that utterly not difficult add flavouring in oil, sending him quite the other smells (for us - people, of course).

So, for energy we will use fats, but in any quantities? The optimal level of is considered 10 percent - this 100 grams on kilos basic mix. Very many? Anyone adds 100 ml butter on kilos mix? Of course, there is no? In this no need? If you have in cmesi there is fishing flour, then likely, in dependence from particular species flour, she contains from 10 until 18 percent fat. If you are using surrogate milk, he, too, may contain 10-15 percent fat. To the time, as you check content fat all institutions his mix, you make sure, that mentor will require add only from 2 until 4 percent (almost the number of, which usually been applied initially in the early stages, when first appeared the first a mixture on the basis of fishing flour. Pioneers these mixtures are trapped in point, although and not fact, that understood why.

Thus, we came closer to protein and here begin\ u0027s Nightmares. Start with definitions that such protein is. Much the molecule, consisting of one or more chains amino acids, along in appropriate order, Determined by bones of the nucleotide in DNA is really particular protein. Proteins are needed to carry structural (mechanical) functions, existence organism and exchange substances. Every protein is serves certain functions. Protein is - important component muscle, skin, broken bones and just bodies. Example protein can be entire classes most important molecules, among them enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Protein is - one of three energy sources for bodies, two otherand fats. Proteins andevery provide 4 calories energy on grams food, while fats - 9 grams.
This - definition of protein that applies to person. Thus, proteins - this chain amino acids (peptide chain), which skreplyayutsya for education protein, under this various proteins contain different amino acids in neodinakovom numbers.

Have a carp there is need in certain amino acid that allow him just generate protein is very. Protein is is generated the carp in a result split Philadelphian amino acids with the help psychopharmacological. If one of needed for this amino acids is missing or represented in lack of military numbers in food carp, its call First limitiruyuschey Amino Did (Plak). This the most important factor, which need to take into attention, viewing nutritious value s palette. Need to understand principle work Plak for moreover, to you could to learn, about than I will tell in next parts of (provided, of course, that chief editor of to agree, that the next parts of at all there is sense to publish).

So, the simplistic explanation.

Karp consumes Boyle (snooker player) composed of two proteins. One protein is - A, the second protein is - B, and included in mixture of they in equals quantities.
Protein is A sostoin from 4 amino acids X, 2 amino acids Y and 6 amino acids Z. In composition protein B enters 4 amino acids X, 4 amino acids Y and 4 amino acids Z. Now will introduce data in below graph and consider, that in end broke a.

Protein is X Y Z
A 4 2 6
It comes 4 4 4
760.46 8 6 10

And now consider on graph needs a carp in these amino acid (for example).

Needs 8 12 10

As in sight, for this s palette this Y has become First limitiruyuschey Amino Did (Plak) and, although, perhaps, carp tranquilizing unsplice the entire protein is (suppose, that in our Boyle huh 40 percent protein), only half of his can be used the carp for growth, so as this Y represented on level 50 percent from needs a carp. In end, your Boyle with bones of protein 40 percent, turns into Boyle with 20 interest bones of protein, simply because, that one this is missing in needed quantities. Here is (very been) that such Plak, and so it must become a cornerstone of assenting "of food" boylovykh mixtures.

Ah and to what the entire this sophisticated Brad? For me personally, this is important, so as I believe, that carp possesses abilities - as and many beings - determine, that is for him useful source of nutrition, and moreover, Boyle (snooker player) in which all amino acids represented in the required amounts, not will cost much more expensive and, even, if I not rights, believing that carp can determine the best for him source of food, would still better give him something, that goes him on favor.
As same correctly account for Plak assenting basic mix? Very simply - on all its ingredients, those seen for preparations Boylov, there is data producer about composition amino acids - you simply call producer and do send you analysis igredienta. For those who sign as enjoy the program Exel - you skladate board and enter there composition amino acids on all ingredients, which you in Recordings, and program believes you outcome - some a combination of ingredients will press you very ??????????????????????????????, and you make sure, as are far from fact assertions some producers Boylov, that they make "food" for carp.

Several contributions, which will help you deeper deal in this issue - peptide chain are together chemicals mediate substances, and enzymes enough're... selective in how and that they can splitting.

If who wants what You itself brains - read in Wikipedia article about peptide supply (enough "simplistic" material compared with those, that you can find in other sources.)

Thus, not all proteins easily unsplice. What same of them is easiest? Proteins from fishing flour, beef, pork and birds.

You extremely surprise the fact, that basis HNV (VPTs) changeable tips - dairy proteins - cause biggest difficulties to split for a carp, so as enzymes, whom is equipped with carp, not capable work with welcomed the protein in sufficient extent and, in especially, winter. Pardon me, but if you believes that dairy proteins - "kings winters" - you deeply're mistaken. In fact, they and for summer not the best option with perspective VPTs.

In end, we worked out with Plak and have mix, which will give carp we should drink a the necessary energy from fat and opportunity for carp unsplice proteins, to grow - like all perfectly, correctly? Yes and there is no. Boyle, unwieldiness from proteins and fat, impossible they roll - believe me me, I tried to repeatedly.

Return to the realnostyam of our world. Boyle (snooker player) to he effectively worked, should contain 40 percent protein and about 10 percent Zhrov, and everything else - this binders components, with whom can be experiment, to make Boyle grinding halt after autogeneous. Binders ingredients - their very many from manki until breast serums and albumina. Note, that I not classifying now the serum and albumin as "active" ingredients - simply binders! Structure their protein carp we should drink a suited far not the best way, but of them is obtained a lovely liaison--Tom-- material.

Soybeans, this widely used ingredient, in the form of flour (not podvergnutaya temp erature commercialization) is the retardant actions psychopharmacological, while flour a major grinding from soya after thermal processing them not is. So always choose second - she cheaper and better with perspective efficiency basic mix. That concerns at all rail actions psychopharmacological (PARP) - they are most proteins from vegetables, because always choose option, Central thermal commercialization or code other ingredients.

Incidentally, eggs - the most often used ingredient in boylakh - are also with PARP! To what the entire this obsession with theory pro PARP? - witness what enzymes are found in refers most carp.

Will continue. We have mixture of containing 40 percent protein, 10 percent fat and under this its perhaps they roll in around balls. And where , be and minerals?immediately send in basket complimentary with perspective their effectiveness for carp.

Occur options, when perhaps the inclusion of Simple sugars in plants, but judge until all even confira esta on this issue, above than learn its verdict.

Be - from vitamins you need A, D, E and K - all the rest or same are found in okruzhaeschem carp underwater world or he can their synthesize himself. These higher A D E K rastvorimy in steroid and. Of them pay attention on A and E, especially E, so as he is participating in digestibility fat. Here is from-for what groundnuts deserved his nasty reputation! If you are using surrogate milk for veal calves Gold Top or same for lambs Lamlac - needs a carp in vitamins will satisfied with, so as all these products rich reduce nutritional deficiencies.

Minerals are found in sufficient for a carp numbers in his natural environment, the only exception can be kaltsium. For this there is one of the most dire (in weight) ingredients - Fire flour, with buy its need outside "karpovogo market", where she is worth much cheaper.

Finally - we haves nutritious basic mix, which riding, that already itself already achievement. As us attract carp to this European round the roller ball happiness? We need to set carp we should drink a signal - "eat me." Basic mix himself capable this do, so as microscopic bacteria on bottom dam will splitting Boyle (some work over with protein - and other over the sugars), creating under this foods signals, free amino acids and anything, but for this will take time. Or can be go on Different path and add enzymes in mix, to accelerate process split (about this slightly later), and is possible and the third option - can be add chemistry signal. Here we come to what need to deal, that same all ??? attracts carp - and why and how effectively?

The problem is, that there are only nothing scientific research on the issue production is feed. I can recalculate on detail by one hands useful deep work, and all they on subject amino acids. However there is much more works, with with different evidence and scientific base, on the issue, that carp at all can distinguish and, if we us leave amino acids in side, then can look at other opportunities. First, RN.

The, that carp can distinguish very minor changes in RN water, not causes doubt, but interestingly, what precisely effect on a carp these changes have. Hold, under breakup of the any organic material will vary RN water - not it is important how badly, and this we are seeing, when say about tracks as well as a dead very or same various flying about bugs on bottom pond. Climate RN will force carp test, that is happening, and you, for example, themselves easily you can ensure in this, if when either have observed for reaction small cyprinids kept in an aquarium - if there throw cube paste with very mild the solution hydrochloric acid. All fish will be in is street corner aquarium, where is your pasta. They study climate RN water. Look at indeed successful flavoring and check their RN and search a certain near certainty, as and in case with base, on which made this flavouring.

The, that you and I consider the scent of, on fact not has no relations to carp we should drink a, and they determine this signal on much more an elementary level.

Will finish until pro benchmark mixes and in next time talk on-much detail pro attraktanty and food signals. However, for moreover, to you was, from what to push here under creating his mix, propose a you the next option:

6 oz LT 94 (Low Temperature fishing flour)
1 oz Soya Meal (Soylent a major grinding)
1 oz Wheatgerm (shoots wheat)
4 oz Lamlac (surrogate milk for lambs)
4 oz Semolina (her - I)



In search of perfect nozzles? Part of III
Above, than we turn to more complex issues, let us try deal, how carp discovers food or at all discovers increasingly (that in end can and not prove feed). On the body carp is many sensors, along ranging became cavity and ending your tail flipper......, including sidebar line, and also around heads and cavity, and in mouth. Not forget, that carp lives in water (hope, thus increasingly, that he can detect on distance, should transmissible in water - many this miss!

The fishers usually try to begin operating notions smell and more taste - misled, if speech goes about fish. The, that we call "the scent of", can applies only to what ceded in the air, and the notion of "taste of", rather, much closer to how this may be perceived the carp.

To not complicate the, that is all, on that carp can respond, as positive or negative reaction on chemical signals, and look on what distance these signals act. Try forget pro taste of and smells, so as, certainly, you start transpose these terms on action changeable tips, but as said higher, what we believe the scent of and taste, not has no relations to carp we should drink a.

So, that at all carp capable perceive?

Climate RN
Electric Army
Are water
Amino acids / peptides
Changes temperature
Ordinary sugars

This not fully exhaustive list, but he includes most of what need to know for reviews Boylov, and also something of what us not will need. Note, that "strawberries" (strawberry), "a pineapple" (pineapple) and "squid and el pulpo" (squid and Dean have kissed) in the list are lacking!

With what goal driven carps note these signals? If been, then for moreover, to detect food or what may prove their origins directly. Have a carp there are two basic functions in life, with whom they perfectly mismanaging - accusations, to become large and in end not fear chains of predatory fish, and to birth a progeny. As we can use these knowledge for reviews prescription s palette and force carp - as least - test, is whether feed our studiously cooked basic mix?

First, himself mix will sue signals. RN mix will be different from RN water in a reservoir, and already this will force carp test - and that there such? How effectively works this signal? This depends on, how RN mix different from RN water, but not expect special miracles from this signal, except those cases, when in your mix included any "exotic" ingredients.

Second, bacteria, which are found in accumulations on bottom dam, start corrupt proteins, ordinary sugars and fats, present in Boyle huh, in a result sending signals, which carp capable voprinyat, while looking food. However will take this enough lasting time, and most fishermen (and I in including!) not so patient, to wait, when same nature would end this process. So, usually, we - the fishers - adding various components in our mixes, allow accelerate process detection food, and precisely on this stage many simple trick works quite and try to force a carp perceive increasingly with perspective rights.

So, that is or not is attraktantom and can be whether to withdraw set of rules, following whom you can predict reaction carp on your the pourer?

Let us consider on a series of widely those seen ingredients, which, as is considered, are the most effective attraktantami for a carp.

The most the generalized ingredient, which causes the greatest interest have fishermen, this betain. That such betain? The betain, with whom you and I most often face in cyprinids kept nasadkakh, this - trimetilglitsin or glitsinbetain - a small this, initially discovered local root in 19 century in of sugar beta (genus). Its interaction with other amino acids can be helpful in bazovom Recordings and create stimulative impact, however, as ingredient itself (and not forget price, he can be useful only in case, if lends you confidence in your boylakh and Hua you large purse. I would proposed promoted vitamin By and V12, if you turn on betain. The main the use of betaina in the United Kingdom account for on medicine for kotrolirovaniya high levels gomotsesteina. And for cyprinids kept socket set on threshold with maximum 10 I would rated him B-.

Another matter - betain chlorine (Betaine HCl). I often use with those, that this additive is advertised, as a means for people, suffering from bad digestibility products, and his often confuse with betainom (trimetilglitsinom). ATC code A16AA06 chlorine - acid (under "chlorine" is understood khlorovaya acid), and precisely this is mired under list, that carp capable of inactivating (who we led higher - climate RN water), so this ingredient we ll six-pack from 10 with the only the clause, that to change level of RN thus enough having!

The other ingredient, about which very many ask, this - zelenogubye mussels (ZGM - green-lipped Mussels). I saw so much gromoglasnykh statements about exceptional efficiency this supplements (prices that clearly overstated)! The main the use of zelenogubykh mussels in medicine, as uses curative means from African herbs, when as a means against fever "of joints. ZGM - powder, salmonella way sublimatsionnoy drying (freeze-dried), contains amino acids glutamin and synthesized de novo by, be E and Since and meneraly zinc, copper and manganese, however nor that from of this not is ekslyuzivnym and easily can be of capital from other ingredients. On-good, maximum on out of threshold for this an ingredient this - Triad!

It is a liquid maize starches extract (sunny kids liquor) - something pro him in the last time nothing not heard - can be in its time his ability to "harvest" carp was several overestimated?

Robin Red Soft - super ingredient, not true whether? Indeed do was? Super. Forget pro whole crazy price, on which he sells now (thank you you - themselves know who), Robin Red Soft the current lives expense of reputation, earned in past. Some ingenious (the original) Robin Red Soft widely been used in 70 / 80 / 90s very known fishermen and sold; he in 25kilogrammovykh sacks and was ready feeds for birds with red karofillom, which linked the charged opereniyu birds, and norms his inclusion in benchmark mixes were quite in other! I included his until 45 percent - if slightly more, then skatat Boyle was already impossible. Red karofill now banned for use of in the city in the kormakh, so a modern Robin Red Soft - this simply expensive Red the dye for s palette, not more and not less! Every, who buys his today, should get tested have doctor - all whether have him in order with the part of bodies, that is higher neck?

Here we come to another "khvalenomu" ingredient - the powder liver. Ah, perishing with powder from liver nothing not can be troubled, you say you. At all something, indeed nothing, if you are using precisely the British Pharmaceutical powder from liver. Unfortunately, how me known, his production was terminated reached long ago and, if what about firm, made prikormki for a carp, claims, that employs precisely this powder, then this means, that have them very old reserves!
With perspective profile amino acids - this, of course same, a useful product, but offered not better, than some kinds of fishing flour. In end, Honored six on out of threshold! And offered not better as attraktant, than say simple fishing flour, podvergnutaya preliminary reprocessing (pre-digested fishmeal) with high bones of fat (for example, of herring).

Now we pass to aromatizatoram. You, perhaps, already guessed it, that I not a big fan smells. In especially those that apply in food industry for production sweets, biscuits and acrimonious dishes, and to them applies 99,9 percent all flavorings, with whom face the fishers. Them can be find the use of in case, if they change RN water or in their composition includes slots, in which are found enzymes, promote ferment product. From thousands of smells, existing today, doubt, that there is more 2 percent, which realistically can to influence behavior carp, and in most cases the use of flavoring in Boyle huh not gives no effect. Their the use of - this do Boyle attractive for? For fisherman, and if simply to remove their from prescription, attractiveness s palette offered not will be reduced.
Flavoring, as commonly realized, perform function labels on Boyle huh for a carp (I with this agree), however consider - why you need label on your Boyle huh?
This - only another "argument" for a carp, to "close the trigger strut" before potential danger.
Recently me tried to convince, that certain components in individual aromatizatorakh can copy or come to associate carp with any kind of natural attraktantami. And that, when you buy flavouring, then, in principle, you buy base for smell (guide) with very a small share the most flavoring, which should attract carp. Me this theory not persuaded. Chemistry composition smells, their carriers, enough deeply studied, also as retseptornye tracts of a carp. Not zabredaya in scientific debris is and not risking losing another reader these articles - receptors carp react to molecules a certain size with granular characteristics. And nothing in storage media, the potpourri or own broadcasts, that apply in their production, not presented, to plentiful this effect, if, of course, someone not other penetrated Israeli in the crux of the the issue much deeper me and not found something, that need urgently lodge an science in a whole and world karpovoy industrialized fishing, in particular.

In end, odors - they need? And yes and there is no. When you choice without preliminary plant and on a solitary Boyle - yes, their easily and conveniently apply, and they give signal carp we should drink a.
In case same, when you choice and toxicity, or same conducted tentative succeeding on and even with conventional it comes to shagging with small number of prikormki, I not think, that they useful, and rather, they are beginning work against fisherman's on expiration very short time.

And where same we in end came in issue attractiveness of purposefulness or danger remains unidentified food? Return in the beginning of articles and look, that carp capable recognize when. And careful when using those ingredients that give the right signals for verification or foods signals.

Most "alkaline and" increased the in Britain have RN water between 6.9 and 7.9. There is Lake with RN between 6.5 and 6.8. They, mostly, are located in torfyanistykh communities or areas, where predominate mass pasadki must coniferous trees. PH dam exerts an enormous impact on growth carp, and usually the alkaline retaions with RN from 7.3 until 7.8 provide best conditions for growth. If you aspire create difference in RN, naiprosteyshim way in such a a reservoir will acid Boyle. There are many ingredients, allow lower RN your s palette, and naprashivayuschimsya solution will the inclusion of inhibiting flavoring (some flavoring from spectrum strawberry have very low RN), but, so as not all of us millionaires, then for you there is the very a naprashivayuschiysya choice, with available everywhere and for all - powder chili. Can be buy in the local a supermarket cashier and very cheaply! Acetic acid, too, may be solution, but need to be careful under selection number of for inclusion, so as can be going bust.

Where sea salt - many heard or already use belachan in their boylakh. If you buy ready to both: Boyle from retailer, quite possibly that belachan there is in their composition. This an interesting ingredient, recent with Far East, applies there in food industry and consists of will make a flour shrimps and of salt, under this where sea salt plays role stabilizer. Belachan has an excellent profile amino acids and is perfect addition of for any s palette. The alternative belachanu can be powder a chicken (but fools seldom differ pearls) - also applies in food industry on Far East or any other masonry mixture of for sauces with high bones of of salt. ZlAD: Look around you around, so as this one of the most ordinary ingredients, which can be applied in as a attraktanta and to lend the right signal carp we should drink a, under this share of inclusion easily determine.

RAYKAT STARTER IS (sugar) raze not can be attraktantom. Simple sugars in plants and some disakharidy have ability to stimulate carp through his receptors in mouth, but this attraktanty, which work only on a small distance and strictly were localized. In, too, time I agree, that adding glucose, and sometimes and high-fructose corn syrup or maltose, gives a certain effect, but this by no means not the effect, which there is in view, when say pro palatanty.

That concerns palatantov - I know, that many include in their a mixture palatanty (from products, in use in of compounding), and also liquid sweeteners and, usually, this all these supplements made from as supplement. Sense? Karp - this not man and he has no those same preferences, as have us, and certainly there is no preferences to with. Preferences to that or another food is shaped have people society, in which they live, and under influence individual flavoring features of. Karp not can afford to such luxuries, he defines source of food with the help Chemoreceptor reflex, and as only such source of discovered, carp his eat - simply because, that he has no another exit! Was would very strange for carp test still times, and indeed whether'm eatable night crawlers on fact? Have us - people - there is choice. Not likes us houses - can be order that any of the Chinese cuisine or THE or that us someone would want in head.

Usually I himself I snort when I'm and I'm just trying a on taste of their both: Boyle, not because, that this helps me determine that any, and simply for moreover, to watch reaction human on what I give carp we should drink a. In alone of the most vonyuchnykh Boylov, on which I ever catching, were included oil asofoetida, powder garlic and oil acid. Both: Boyle smelled like as shit, but on taste of were even koshmarney! (If anyone wants try this combination - on 1 kg a mixture need 5 ml + 20 "grape" + 1 ml, but not mix hands and accurately not cooking in kitchen. On these both: Boyle I caught together a carp, and if would not my mania constantly something to change and improve, I would and now baited in the them.

So, that incites carp accusations? The most of was ever documented reaction carp on amino acids together with specific short peptidnymi supply chains. Appreciate with perspective logic - naturaln food, if she present in a reservoir in mass numbers - for example, pathways from very - contains in itself thousands of units a dead very. Than more very at all - the more his a dead. As only bacteria start corrupt a dead very, in dependence from his number of, begin allocated amino acids and, perhaps that is why carp accusations motylem cyclical. Force signal from a small number of a dead very not so perishing and discernible compared with other sources of protein in a reservoir. But when force this signal reaches a certain level, signal clearly is determined by the carp.

I heard assertions, that carp never destroys entire colony very - perhaps because signal from very blurred and is needed a sharp growth masses very in the lake for moreover, to carp was able again determine source of signal? This, of course same, applies and to any other food.

Yes, amino acids make a carp accusations. As we can use this in our boylakh, and so whether really necessary us copy signal from natural food or same, simply, enough will start corrupt a certain number of correctly handpicked amino acids?

Buy individual amino acids and include their in mixes - very costly and requires deep knowledge, and that concerns the, where find supplier of, and also proportions and when / as their promoted. Use psychopharmacological in boylakh allows unfolding protein is on peptide chain and amino acids, however this, too, not such perishing simple path, so as different enzymes differently work in environment with various levels RN and most of psychopharmacological not transfers high temperature under cooking. Attempts put under control their action on proteins in boylakh (not't forget pro eggs, which are used for; and jangling) also create its problems.

Ah here is, enough razglagolstvaniy on today and in next month we consider on enzymes in boylakh and as their correctly apply.



In search of perfect nozzles? Part of IV
Utterly not can understand, why many seems undisputed assertion, that to "to the global food" and saw Dave Boyle carp necessarily needs "hooking" through tentative prikormochnuyu company, while both: Boyle "attraktory" ("attractor" baits) work immediately. Let us contribute honestly: The nozzle sitch or takes into the carp or not, or attracts carp or not attracts, and no amount of preliminary plant not will force carp accusations than any, than he not wants accusations. In fact, a tentative foliar feeding can work against you in some cases!

Is necessary whether a tentative foliar feeding depends on, what precisely signal outward evidence Vasha the nozzle sitch and from forces this signal. To was talks best - that is, that all, that in this this article is called right complement - nozzles, made man, namely both: Boyle or as even you like their to call.

In the process, about nasadkakh, but not boylakh - anyone has tried harvest on maize, from which make pop corn Cat (popping sunny)? An interesting product, which is famously attracts the carp fish in a short period of time, so never prikarmlivayte in advance! I applied its on four gills - everywhere with equal the result. I would and further used its, but, unfortunately, the use of grasses for industrialized fishing carp have become ban all wider, and I never tastes better rules. If you during session for night, for example, prikormite about 10 kilos, and so each time, when choice, then krakosrochnye results somewhere for order four weeks accented very good, and then all simply dies iai?i, and nothing can bring you poklyovku. If on your water feature such a the nozzle sitch not is prohibited and never was used before - homilies, you not chase disappointed!

Increasingly, more not, you know, distracted. So, Boyle this Boyle, and he should attract carp immediately, whether expense of changes RN, level fresh water (water or amino acids. Boyle will attract and the main question now - this force signal.

90 percent (roughly) all Boylov contain flavoring, although and in different quantities. The overwhelming majority their brought from confectionery industry and is used in production sweets, competition eventually became so heated and spices. They work expense of local changes level RN water in a reservoir. As this defines their the use of? To not complicate the - you needs determine, where passes the border, when signal from s palette would cease attract, but is beginning to signal carp we should drink a about the dangers, and, perhaps, and fat repels.

If shifting this on real situation, when we fishing carp - imagine a slight rise from gravelya on bottom dam. You only one fishing pole, many carp on your and you should solve, how many plant you him offer. Sweep immediately lot more and keep carp on place the mountain plant or same've been dosing yourself's feed those and harvest before the first poklyovki, and then feeding's, under this risking, that carp will lose interest to this community and leaves seek the other source of food? Severe choice?

Suppose, that in your Boyle huh 5 ml flavoring of XXX, that perfectly for number of, for example, 50 Boylov on 2 square metres. And then you decide's feed those massirovanno, and're to throw away 200 Boylov on those same 2 square Dam, and, in a result, force signal expands in four times. On this stage signal turns into the danger or same with bug repellent before time, until he in some extent not will weaken. Can so you so often hear assertions, that carp fears large amounts prikormki on bottom pond?

Under preliminary preparing or mass preparing much better use minimal number of without attraktantov with chemical signal. And now compare with the reaction, which is obtained under preparing boylami, posylayuschimi "food" signal (and not chemistry). You not can "you overdo it." Perhaps, that carp will come in some "confusion" in a result "strains will" his receptors, but never such a foliar feeding not will serve repellentom.

In end, what precisely signals we want, to kept sending our Boyle? From recognized of food signals amino acids the most studied and their action affirms scientific inquiry. As we can use this in our case? There are two ways; the first - this include in mix for s palette a certain combination amino acids, and the second - this unfolding the available proteins in its ingredients of our mix, to amino acids serving signal "food."

Adding amino acids in mixes, we face with near shackled, for example needs to find a reliable supplier of for regular supply at reasonable prices and, moreover, there is still definition of norms for inclusion in mixes, question storage and also solubility of in water. I estimated prospects this method and in a result fully his monstrosities in favor of second option.

Option two has one thing huge advantage - if you correctly articulated mix, given principle work Plak (First limitiruyuschey amino acids), enzymes will work over all proteins, sending rolling signal from amino acids, and moreover, in the very moment when carp will accusations, Your both: Boyle already will in the process corruption, and carp can take maximum breaks out from everything nozzles with minimal costs energy. Understandable, that for you this may represent interest only in is case, if you convinced, that carp can recognize when degree of nutrient value source his food. I still adhere the perspective, that theory about VPTs Fred (a) Wilton (a) act and today, with the only backyards, that the path to success lies not through dairy proteins.

For decay protein in Boyle huh needs the use of psychopharmacological. Enzymes - this proteins, which grow rates reaction corruption, but themselves not change, that allows them act as a catalyst reaction.

So which of two options easier? Both are complex.
Requires prolonged work, 's movement brains and many of failed attempts to.

Enzymes, which you will need, are called proteoliticheskie or proteaznye enzymes (this simply means, that they work over with protein).

In using psychopharmacological there is nothing new. Nutrabayts issued excess fare entitled Addit Digest in the early 80-'s (if I am not mistaken), although success this product, how me known, it is difficult call stunning. However, as me seems, such an outcome rather stems with those, that people not understood, as his correctly apply, than with quality the most product! Enzymes very're... selective in is, that they are capable corrupt, and in our case - this chain, whom are together amino acids.

Thus, for s palette, where in a mixture are found many proteins, is necessary combination of psychopharmacological, so as only thus way we can effectively unfolding all proteins.

Action psychopharmacological controlled by the environment, in which they are, and they're addicted from PH environment. For example, a certain enzyme will combine can not work at all under RN 6, be effective on 30 percent under RN 6.3 and work fully under PH between 6.5 and 6.7 and return to 30% under PH 6.9.

Temperatures plays huge role in efficiency actions psychopharmacological in the sense, that she can stop process their actions or even destroy himself enzyme will combine. I heard, as many argue that kipechenie is destroying enzymes, and indeed, this fits fact - in a certain extent. There are enzymes, which retain temperatures until 80 degrees Celsius without losses efficiency his actions. Temperatures also exerts impact (though and not such a substantial, as changes RN environment) on effectiveness work psychopharmacological in the sense, that in a result change of change and under transition with winters on Spring, then summer and autumn and changes temperature water in reservoirs, is changing the speed, with which work enzymes. The most this markedly in the most already hot summer months, when skatat both: Boyle become enough problematic, and life Boylov on Bank Lake in partly raspavshemsya able very short. In this time and sootvetstvennno in peak winters, needs adjust RMB's level of inclusion psychopharmacological in mix and combination (the combination of) themselves psychopharmacological.

When you add enzymes in benchmark mixes, then thermal word processing the best way to control their work or destruction. Combination of, for example, of the four psychopharmacological, that you add on stage mixing of, will be very pro-active, when you only that were bobbin 'both: Boyle and concealed to cooking. If two of the four psychopharmacological will die in a result kipecheniya - this not it is important. So as they already reneged on its function, then not seal it up itself head. There are enzymes, capable transpose short-term kipechenie in temperatures more 70 degrees Celsius, they and prodolzhut work, so as center 18 mm s palette never reaches such temperature under cooking (especially, if until boiling raskatannye both: Boyle to deposit briefly in freezer tube cell). And after boiling, both: Boyle highly and the entire further work psychopharmacological tonsil. After defrost enzymes continue to its to fulfill their function, when Boyle will reach a certain temperature.
That this increasingly can mean in terms of specific situation on vodoemyo, when we fishing carp? Your Boyle sending natural signal "food" carp we should drink a, you not you can you overfeed (in the sense, that not you can to frighten off a carp with Alternatively dam, where you choice). Moreover, your Boyle accurately also attractive for a carp, as and the entire naturaln food, pervasive in a reservoir, for example, night crawlers, so as he outward evidence Tot THE SAME vessel. BEEPlNG.

Sometimes begin to wonder, how many people of those that gets caught carp what is their both: Boyle? Certainly not so many, given the choice ready changeable tips, which is offered today in stores. Advice those who talks himself or same buys ready to mixes and gives their in specialized firms for raskatki - next time, when chase be preparing both: Boyle, do half mix without attraktanta (smell) at all, and instead him add 50 grams Belachana and 50 "grape" powder Chili's, and then compare, what from two halves mix "oblovit" another! Ruin all convictions for those who overtake on sladkopakhnuschikh or the marbles, but this is worth try!

Concluding, enzymes - the key to "perfect nozzle of"? Not think, but convinced, that they integral part of success. Except proteaznykh psychopharmacological (psychopharmacological, working over with protein), there are other, and even some of proteaznykh psychopharmacological have do amazing quality, for example fermentiruyuschie, but all of this I only even explore.

Foretell which path both: Boyle routing in the future? I not know.

There are many issues, people who not studied fully, including action of those same psychopharmacological, although known, that their tried to apply already more 20 years ago - simply some aspects of now further elaborated. In principle, that concerns changeable tips, not remained virtually nothing, to at all quite not was - question in how deeply these questions were studied.

I doubt, that enzymes will find a widespread the use of in cyprinids kept nasadkakh for the simple reason, that they enough roads and not allow sell both: Boyle commercially, using network existing now dedicated stores, if only the fishers are not prepared get used to it with with the thought that both: Boyle can cost order 15 ?for kilos in no clothing left. Except this, there is the problem storage (in freezers chambers during) and a limited shelf life even with storage results in ice-tray. Add to this, that as only fisherman Comes on Lake, his both: Boyle are beginning quickly crumble and queuing soft!
Given all that higher, you, perhaps, ask - why then all of this? Simply because, that fish, and I mean any fish, not a carp only, is beginning to intensively accusations, forgetting pro all, and if you prepodnesete such a the pourer carp we should drink a, then he eat its necessarily - there is no more uncertainty in your nasadkakh!

Has surfaced interesting feature of, which is, what the fishers, which I've been stocking ready to both: Boyle or same mixes with combination of psychopharmacological and instructions on smeshivaniyu, rounded up very many carp, which very rarely or at all never before not've been busted on hook, with in moment record (maximum) for these Karpov weight! Steve Howard published several noteworthy notes about so-called "angeles feeders" (camping on E. Karpakh, which after exclusively natural feed, continuous advertising in a reservoir). So here is, personally I not supporter theory, that some driven carps after only motylem and camping on D., rather these driven carps easily razpoznayut various outsiders (not accompanying this, begins) chemical signals, which go from Boylov and belong to thus nasadkam with special caution. Precisely in such a nastorozhennom able they not make mistakes. Those same the most driven carps will confidently accusations, if they are in a safe place under the cover of., there their nothing not disquieting!


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