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Report about a fishing trip 31.05.14
So. Policies outlined by fishing on morning Saturday finally began and in 6.30 under home Kyivites taxi with partner and minded in this untenable deeds. After from rain weather came in bounced back and on the morning has shown bezvetrennuyu weather with temperature in 19-20 degrees, pressure in 742 mm, which already not changes week. Although forecast Circus. A not under no favorable day, change decision and to remain homes was already impossible.
Precious and some tackle already in dedicated blast, driver received a and dyed from on gas and killed box column forward, eyes started make them shine in anticipation to kilograms fish. In this time path was not distant and limited feature of cities, so as to go with kamuflyazhnymi tubusami for types (edict similar on zachekhlennuyu that bazooka) extremely dangerously in our restless time and instead pound capture of can be bring couple of armored have themselves in back. Having arrived on place dislocation zameshali, disassembled and broke up the all the, that so well described by in books and video on as it comes to shagging. Razuznav have local about composition and average weight fish, was taken decision harvest rigging of this ship a medium class. The main feeder on today Shimano Catana CX Medium Feeder 3.66 and coil the same with the Ramada firms Exage 3000S the FD. On the main shpule has remained pletenka 0,12mm with past times, although. It's reasonable was questioning monofil, but desire to faster harvest pereborolo and through several minutes there's gravy Vegas in 40gr. On inlayne, coiling from fishing line of yours from -0.20 and ceasing 0.12 with crocheted from Ovner already waited first zabrosa. The second a Tool was produced in the hope pull pile of carp unimaginable sizes, in aid this was assembled flagmanovskiy khevink with test do120gr. And the coil the same firms facing with monofilom in 0.26, paternosterom and those same ovnerom on late defence wakes up aggressivity. By checking bottom (ilistoe with small a cover algae, depth in 1.5 1.7 and a range meters in 32-34 meters) was made zakorm and the first Portia on the hook already waited slick lips dwellers this dam.
Fodder with aroma vanilla, the growth corn, cookies, HCl and easy pylyaschey faction not forced long wait and on prikormochnom table densely zakarmlivalis for both cheeks bleak, and then and sea Bass. To the stern fish can and has drawn, but bait on the hook clearly refused borrow. Persnickety Crucian long could not figure out with choice dishes, but chief-cook behalf of me, found recipe, which gladly ready was there is, many there is, this representative submarine world. Maggot supplemented with anisovym aroma, with a fistful of care and love like, beckoning all new mouths to bait either, no. The first 2 hours flew imperceptibly, a hatchling pond has replenished by several boys grams on 250-300. Then calm. Smile on personified by and elated mood, me and running mate, replaced the strengthened wind and dark a grey color clouds over horizon. Poklevki have stopped, wind all stronger-and already you were thinking leaves reed to earth. Gray clouds nalivalis chernotoy, as weekdays workers Mickey D's. Commander Constantine (he same partner) adopted decision relocate in 130 -140 meters more to the right, on line could be drawn. Planting has passed successfully, place zakormleno, waiting for having seen, that were placed again we not for good reason, overrunning a hatchling pond mernymi goldfish dealer and hasn't polukiloshnymi carp, mood again time come in bounced back, and sometimes even adding shot of adrenaline in significant doses tended to rise until pleasant potryasyvaniya hands. But weather this was clearly not is happy and forced to put on the running us raincoats, such, in which we backed as the main heroes broadcast outlets pro it, a ufo on Ren TV. Two green hood, enviable on perform well even for the most you like cultural-nativism clan krasovalis on the bridge and timidly since dangerous already in jittery wave of dam've been asking questions horror and eyebrows not only on fishermen contrary, but and on us themselves. Surprisingly and not despite pouring rain, sea Bass and carp not keyboard shortcuts would stop do a peck hours until Bajaus all on the same maggot, after calm until the most collection home. All.

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And where were, if not secret?



Alex furnot secret. Gvardeyka. Lobachevsky.



Report for 22 / 06 / 2014 will the most brief. 14 hours. 1 poklevka. 0 implementations.
In Saturday was a downpour, there is no, the rogue a downpour, which in Sunday culminated is intolerable solntsepekom without single clouds in almost a day. But not otchaivayas, we all ??? decided to fish not sitting not on that.
Catching in Donetsk on Kirshakh. In 4.20 with mate were already on a reservoir. Decomposed, yet. Zameshali. 've overfed. Waiting for. Main task on this time was not big catch, and test my new Princess Shimano BEASTMASTER CX MEDIUM in tandem with coil Shimano Exage 4000rc. Test spent successfully in terms of zabrosov, threw on different way and kormushkami and fletami, ease zabrosa, the good ought, in short, all as and expected. Sky-has pleased the quality of assembly, the rings watched under a microscope - perfectly. My advice, if think about such a udilishche, need borrow not thinking up big! Very it's a shame, that so and not on vyvazhivat fish, but I think and in this dimension all eloquently. So the fishing blocked a good test, but without single fish! (



I have on Biste + Eksedzh 4,000, one senses what the taking in katushkoderzhatele. On pikere Nekseyv + Seido 2,500, increasingly as you were born in it :dontknow: :question:




Wu me on Biste + Eksedzh 4,000, one senses what the taking in katushkoderzhatele. On pikere Nekseyv + Seido 2,500, increasingly as you were born in it

I have went right on, all podtyanulos, all became on their seats, without reproaches.


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