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Start cooperating with 20 pages this line, 575 post. There mnoogo any, and increasingly pro these the most Fudo.



Mean in his arsenal what the part of global the reservoir likely Fudo.
Eiaee they in is year and continue to harvest in this. Well whippin 'fish and the price When does acceptable. Maximum catch on them 1.6 kg carp on # 10 Bream

In this year added a several models likely on you
That immediately from steepness in eyes, this different size likely one numbers, but in different series.

So decided to demonstrate their ratio for other, to under increasingly likely through Internet the iTunes Music then not was of surprises.

A bit much detail here

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Comrades, and who will share refers or editor continue a common theory on kryuchkam:
- in any situations better use hook with with her stinger, subject to parallel tsevyu, in any - with a hooked in side Handguards;
- similar questions on Zhalu, zagnutomu in side and Zhalu, mosque in a plane Handguards;
- the same on geometry poddeva.

In advance thank you.



I not know as the rest, but HAND for me.
About this need reading and reading, and indeed do study and study!
And not only in Internets here, and and on a reservoir. As the so!
In my opinion.



And opinion to share? For example about Ovrena the entire Internet writes, that better 922 th model for melkosrani not'll come up with, and I have contrary with it nothing not worked, unlike 921, have which sting in parallel tsevyu goes.



Cartman wrote:

Comrades, and who with us you get refers or editor continue a common theory on kryuchkam:

Other, that what the basic principles on selection likely have nicknames - hereand here.
Likely should be many. And different. And at all look through this subject from cover to cover - mass useful the big info and interesting, and sometimes directly opposite input.



Thank you for exile. Subject tried to to read, but niasilil, camping on K. Very many proper snap to specific model. So, that we have:
1. Sting. A direct better sechet, zagnutoe - less skhodov.
2. Width poddeva. More - better scratch on it, less - stronger on razgib.
We put it 2 + 2. Get, that an ideal hook for melkosrani has zagnutoe sting, a wide poddev (would compensate you for nedostatochnyuyu zasekayuschuyu ability to zagnutogo the stings out) and a brief Handguards, camping on K. The size of the bait for sranki a small and is a long Handguards see need not. Wait, oh shit. This same karpovyy hook, truth several smaller the size of the and from more gossamer wire. So?



Cartman wrote:


And get his proportion.

The fuck me zagnutoe sting with the mythical "less skhodov" if on him fish worse hangs himself? Why me a wide poddev if nozzles just-nothing, night crawlers yes oparik (the boot)? Why me a brief Handguards if on vykovyrivanie likely from "sranki" I will spend Rowling Woo of a shitload of time?

Ah advising the sense special there is no. I have enjoyed on this a hook, and have you can be one thing disorder from him. After all himself a hook not works. His if and view, then only in the system with right complement, a leash around and even mounting of the. Other trend command and a hook from worker can turn into a public.

duffy333 wrote:

Kryuchkov should be many. And different.

Absolutely is true. But so as I have no opportunities spend enough time on busts Yasya, I have just two species, "the thin" (easy) and "fat," (more severe). Under accounting different sizes likely, lengths and diameters tug ropes this allows have modicum what something the final the number of manipulation within industrialized fishing (5-6 hours), not simply click finger at in the sky. Although if would was opportunity to devote precisely selection hook a separate time, not in the process., then I would perhaps this necessarily did and perhaps had "many and different."

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From office 538:

Vertex wrote:

’, now little time on answers, t rarely
With hooks Guru QM1 malchika spend the still with starters season,.

. Ah here is how something such notes. I get there until it, stuck posting original derzhitsya workers recording and with last of origin together with line of, to was clearly and size are visible. Sorely tested on 4 various reservoirs (until that on karpodromakh) after Friday check and on River on leschakh.

In principle, all understandable.
But can be all-???, please, derzhitsya recording and, charged boylami and pelletsami posting?
So, for visibility.
But as on leschakh - sorely tested?

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Me requires "aid the room" - here is such hooks from firms MAVER are comparable on their characteristics with hooks series of MAVER Katana, for industrialized fishing fiderom a white fish - bream, a dace, Blicca bjoerkna and camping on D.? :dontknow: Who with such hooks dealt? :question:



ZooM wrote:

Since hooks Fudo me introduced in 2010 Seryoga new Air, still when we played with him together on Cup Ukraine on bobber as soon as in glorious city of Donetsk.

Hello Sergei, in your movie about it catching bream on River, I saw quite complex knot for bind. How hook with palette knife)) If me this not it looked, tell please about this)



Have fallen on eyes hooks SASAME "chika"
Bought these for industrialized fishing with motylem, appealed! Very lungs and subtle, color such same as have very (ah can be slightly brighter). The only nuance - after 2.3-'s-hour industrialized fishing starters slide as paint in district the stings out ah the small beer, replace not long 8-) A pack have us is worth 17 UAH. For small beer type ukleyki or small fry, very an opportune option :flag: Crucian, truth Gear ENGINE TUNE on the most tail.
A spatula. Used on tight leash 3000.00

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Are angrily seething about odious quality likely E.S.P. Raptor! :mad:

As can carp - twofers do such with counting # 6?
That this for steel?
That this at all for hell is that?

And this not in the first time, because as in the first time these the Gaki gnulis on river of the Don sazanakh and I thought that perishing painful for Ballsy wild guys not regard for hooks.

But when I took out this hook from cavity conventional commercial carp - twosmy belief in products E.S.P. Strongly shaken!

Residue wrapping was buried fire!

Ganba! :angry:



ZooM wrote:

my belief in products E.S.P. Strongly shaken!

So they same ordinary fasovschiki. Need to look on producer real hoo from hoo.

For example on razgibaemosti hooks from want Forever I.M.H.O.,, but here is on severity so itself. Here as states choose that more important.



ZooM wrote:

reception of wrapping was buried fire!

On an inquisition their :crazyfun:



Yes simply can kick out hooks and all.
I as catching PB on Produkts and FOX, so and remain from admirer, but these here is decided to link on of last a fishing trip in as a sample, after all in form they look well convincingly, and in deeds I still not saw to twofers such made with counting Sixth numbers :(



Very appealed in its time hooks KAMASAN B 725, nor never not pіdvodili, well sting holds its resonance, nor never not razgibalis, form of hook as have Korda Kurv Cup bearers (though this form of and prizentuyut Anglo-Varangians do for floating Boylov or snap KD-first shot), but there is one plus - sting have kamasan smescheno askew, that increases frequency serif. That on carp we should drink a, that on Amur river, 't deliver hook fell it in his mouth, then virtually zasekaemost 100%, can they and not covered by teflonom, but lip sechet in years and in 95 cases for the lower lip or for a corner cavity

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Purely accidentally acquire families here is such teflonovymi hooks. Thorny sho prozhivu. From whom there is experience use precisely these? Simply imposed their on the next karpovuyu session and here is now think not embarrass whether. Fish a serious. Vykarmlivat long. And each poklevka on ultimately :dontknow:

In general who that say pro them can.

And and another moment. On a reservoir where plan harvest on them many of stones and clams on bottom. Conventional hook lack roughly on 5 zabrosov in average.

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And can who in rate on these kryuchkam? Subtler tone. As they on razgib on track fish?

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I use S-2 # 4 superior hooks. Tried one sizone and in this on several church, the result exasperated. If put an By-1 and S-2 in form differences there is no, but on's sharpening By-1 dormant. Hooks Fox all Khayabusy, but the quality of better. In my opinion.



Who that can say about fishhook abgeholt chinta 50340? And the in no clothing left have been praising very, ah and not is sustained and bought)



Ник wrote:

who that can say about fishhook abgeholt chinta 50340? And the in no clothing left have been praising very, ah and not is sustained and bought)

# 16 well suited for industrialized fishing capricious small fry spring, on one oparik, ????? "with a stocking" on hook (from • International Office until heads whereas dead).



Constantly use Chintu 14 and 16 numbers - the thin, easy, zasazhivaetsya well, but also well and along sea-going fisherman. Me like!



People who can point to feeding wire on kryuchkam Gamakatsu composed of 2210, 5 for 12 - 16 Numbers?
Thank you!



On of last metodnoy a fishing trip yuzal here is these hooks.

Bitch. As same they with steeply tailed fish. About Lyubofff with first glance :cool:



Dimonskiy wrote:

feeding wire on kryuchkam Gamakatsu composed of 2210 5 for 12 - 16

Only roughly. Mikrometr at work, I in Holiday. When I have was mood fix hooks, in items not was composed of 2210, and 5 I until weren since in eyes not saw (with, that form of Aji very respect, a powerful and, 2283 and 2293 actively'm using)
In short, under comparison on eye and with the help shtangelya is obtained have 12 numbers composed of 2210 0.45, have 14 about 0.40. Smaller this Mark in items not mean :dontknow:, but think, that proportionately even thinner.
Text or with precision until sotki can to issue only in early August :dontknow:

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Frustrated in a fishhook from Preston for method, form of for the serif the good, but material from which they made shower, when not ice, sharpening the stings out walking on 3-4 zabrosakh, forth-tupitsya, and more precisely krivitsya, and most important that on kiloshnom karpike razognulsya # 12, in podsak his has marched only thanks to form hook, full disappointment :stupor:



Romeo wrote:

they with steeply tailed fish. About

And what was a hair a montage with this got a little trigger applied? Or without hair?



Ruslan 161 wrote:

and what was a hair installation of with this crocheted applied? Or without hair?

Hair of course. A montage the most the usual.

Here is such. Precisely with lights, eh kukuruzin. And even holdup ahead accurately such same :)

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Vpadlo all pages to read. Write its opinion. Before catching F 22 Gamakatsu and was met, but far not on 100%. Zasekaemost so itself, frequent skhody on point, yes and on distance there is scarcities have occurred.
But opened for themselves Ovner aesthetics 4, Number 50116, on which there nor one complaints. If “and happens, then only with a leash around.