Very love Shimano Speedmaster BX.
Years 5 ago have this a series of with old BX, in thereafter took on you almost full line of partners. But sold off the after 2kh fishing trips - without regrettable. Have faced had he stayed with old speed and Antaresami. But conversation not about fiderakh.
With those same since the lies Picker SM 240 - 270. Use couple of times in year on celebrity vodoemchike for high-speed natyagivaniya 5 kg krasnopera on "ear and the cats." And in this year released, as times received almost in uncanny ability from kamrada on Forum Espaer 2,500, with quiet puffed. Not love when blood ceasing on perekhlestakh - on this put 0.16, good our krasnoper to d│ametram not pereborchiv, even need not to tie a blood knot. Himself zasekaetsya until the fall of the trough on bottom. But usual trophy sea Bass until kilo. I truth and forgot, that 2 year ago we zaryblyali body of water karpikom.
Again same taught to bitter sazanim experience - not klipsuyus on direct nowhere, and give beyt-gangs and in this time paid off - potyazhka was such a, that slightly Picker out of the hands not threw up. The rubber band as been paved was ransom with a cord and do? Wheel steam locomotive metres at the 10. Forth perhaps about gender hour was show for natives with treschaniem clutch, not traditional fishing line and several howls "yes Ooh, shiver already on the end of the ceasing." But there is no, not in this time. On advice kamarada, all ganglia smachivayu gained havenĺt update but still not curled up hemp oils before,. And here is over water it looked mirror knocks the. On the sly went in podsak and dostavilos on Bank.
Fish pulling me too tight on 2.53 kilo live weight, wand and katukha showed on cheers, good friktsionom enjoy sazany have taught.
Now Picker will touring with me on all fishing, not worry about slim and tackle shop, and careful when using their there where allow conditions - if you as and I are gone from Silver waterfall on reason absence of sensitivity under vyvazhivanii Mr. Picker here - Mountain savouring.
All luck.