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Buying fishing ethnicity and accessories in overseas Internet

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Perhaps someone from respected forums this will be simply interestingly, and possibly someone and will help in -owned needed fishing goods. D to describe all on its experience. But about everything on order
Decision about purchase goods in overseas Internet stores vyzrevalo with starters this year. All began with shackled with the purchase needed sporty for Korumovskogo a chair. But of last straw has become exhibition Hunt and fishing. Autumn-2010. Perhaps I got greedy, but she produced on me face a bleak impression. Fidernoe direction virtually not was presented. About than to speak, if in an exhibition even feeders normal not was :(
, raather thaan in Internet and by some what information, decided to turn from of England. All the more, that have some English-Internet stores there is successful experience work with Russia. Decided to go the most complex by order product, which not presented on pages Internet an outlet. Said done.
The first affair chose Music and are registered. This needs, to the manager retailer understood with whom he has deal and where a potential buyer.
Then wrote in service support retailer letter-request about opportunities purchases needed me product (in my case this a suitfishing Korum All Weather Suit). Responded in the same day and promised to know about available this product on a regional distributor. On next day me time come letter with confirm the availability of this product and request confirm name product and the size of the. I responded, that certify, but me interesting the price issue for me personally, so as recommended producer retailer the price (RRP) accounts for 149.99 ?. The crux of the in than: If product is sent beyond of England and EU, then he not imposes VAT (VAT), and this minus 17.5%. After reassert the me have sent a letter with price product and choices as delivery:
hi sergi
The suit less vat is GBP126
shipping is GBP44 parcelforce global value (total GBP170),
or GBP60 global priority (tracked) total GBP185
We could send by road, UK mail tracked GBP57 total GBP180
You can pay by paypal or credit card

Read more the next:
Greetings Sergei,
A suit without VAT is worth 126 ?
Shipment 44 ?Parcelforce global there (just 170 ?),
Or 60 ?global message. (withdisplacement parcel) - just 185 ?
We could send ordinary way, British mail withdisplacement parcel for 57 ?- just 180 ?.
You can pay paypal or credit card

A clear deal, that I chose the first option :) and confirmed, that d to pay through however, and deported the its Bugtraq in this system. After this in the system however me came request to pay for 170 ?with description product. Payment has passed without problems.
Now about submarine stones:
First - in my version minus on VAT averaged why something about 16%, but I this already calculated after proplaty.
Second the so as product not was on site retailer, the I not was able take advantage of standard procedure purchases chose product placed in basket confirmed choice pointed out option delivery paid all credit / NETELLER account hallmark. In such a case only possible option this take advantage of international a payment system however (pro system and registration in it can be read HERE). Yes and the if Music has in it expense. In my version all this was. Had to open expense in however. On anyone case registered two different maps various banks MasterCard nature bank holding, in whichve worked and Visa from OTP Bank. Activation carte has passed normal, that equestrianism hope in the, that payment, too, will pass normally.
Third, on our customs law in Ukraine is possible clear the product on amount until 200 the euro on course. Here is the next quote from customs legislation Ukraine, placed on official Web site Ukransko Customs services (
". Thus Yasuo, pochinayuchi ? 1 zgadok, under mitnomu oformlenn tovarv, completed bezposeredno vvozyatsya citizens in suprovodzhuvanomu, nesuprovodzhuvanomu bagazh, peresilayutsya in of international poshtovikh vdpravlennyakh, ye were called the in Ukranu in odny depesh a one respect of on address one oderzhuvacha (nezalezhno a the vdpravlen), abo have of international ekspres-vdpravlennyakh, sumarna mitna may yeeo not shall 200 its European, and PO boo wagga not shall 50 kg - iiaaoee the kind zbori not narakhovuyutsya. "
Until 200 the euro this applies only to value of product, without sending, then Presents, if you have no on 200 the euro + 100 for delivering - the on customs has effectively will do that in his head only from value of product ignoring forwarding. But!! - this only in is case, when himself Music, accounts for details invoice with sum game product and separately the cost of writes sending. Otherwise customs can find totaling. And then will the next: Article 7 Law Ukraine "Oh order treatment and customs formalizing the personal things, goods and vehicles" says, that in such a case recipient owes pay the layoff 20% imposes from value of this product, and also 20% VAT. I truth not understood with what an with a common value of product or with sums surpassing customs limit :dontknow:. I don't know. Tomorrow'll ask have customs broker. I to risk not became and initially Grand Canal from on amount until 200 the euro even adjusted for delivery.
Now about timing. I are registered in Thursday. Payment sent today, in Sunday. Likely word processing invoicing will tomorrow. And further consider how many time will take hard time delivering and at all than all of this will end.
P.S. On good envy neighbors-Russians have them can be liquor tax free import goods on 1,000 the euro on human in month.

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Duffy333 hooker, so. Exile on Music .



Let. Expensive. Gladly deactivate the for the end of process.



black7 wrote:

duffy333 hooker, so. Exile on Music .

Only in lichku.
If the moderator will give good, then only then on forum.



duffy333Greetings. How I understood you visited Show. Not was whether armchair Korum in sale (very perishing interestingly) :hobo:



"Abdullah, customs gives good!" (To / sovereign "93 the sun deserts")
The moderator not against, so:
I, for starters, turned in two retailer - MUTCMAN Suppliesand Fisherman ' s Friend
In the first contact partner face Tim Alpin (Tim Alpin). In the second - Tony (Fisherman ' s Friend). Tim (MUTCMAN Supplies) me respond literally with the summer of, and from Tony (Fisherman ' s Friend) I still await the answer. In short, from-for this I and made Made to Order have Tim (MUTCMAN Supplies).
At prices. Judging by sites these two stores have MUTCMAN Supplies prices higher. For example, Korum powerhouse Accessory Chair under rekomendovanoy price 70 ?:
MUTCMAN Supplies - 69,99 ?
Fisherman ' s Friend - 56.00 per night ?

Preston DUTCHMASTER 14 '2 "Feeder (130grm) under RRP = & # 163 ;1 99.00:
MUTCMAN Supplies - 199 ?
Fisherman ' s Friend - 169 ?



DVicci wrote:

duffy333 Greetings. How I understood you visited Show. Not was whether armchair Korum in sale (very perishing interestingly)

Not was and could not be :( Of Corum and Preston's at all nothing not was. Yes and pro Drenan, too, nothing not heard. Asked have representatives as the flagship of at all for products English brands. Heard the same that and before - will to Spring. But nor entire, nor precise terms no one say not can. Said, that "will all" :dontknow:



duffy333I see, I see. All as always :-)) 're being fooled of our brother where ones blabbing :-))



'll interject duffy333 about purchase. There is still saytiki on which can be ponakhodit discount to various shops, not always they there is, but if inspect not for one times the can be find exhorts many shops, there same there is and lists stores on goods.


  : - - -   jcpenny


,   .

Still advise if attracted product in what the no clothing left find his on ebey or amazon so as there sometimes case product cheaper greater, and so same pomonitorit in is no clothing left in which found, so as in otlichae from our stores have them often is happening selling goods with discounts, especially on seasonal goods and clothes.

For expensive things advise borrow delivering with the tracking, simply less chase nervous. Still many sellers go on zanizhenie value of product (again same many but not all), spharischen experience purchases I have until only in yusa stores, but until over they all successfully.

Bought these on ebee itself shoes 5.11 Tactical (3-8 Urban Boot for Spring and fall but going straight in them in heat + 30 and possessing after this absolutely dry its feet (under all with that its feet I have piece very strongly) understood that and for summer they will, too, for. … 00/I/11001

Under price on offs site $164.99 came on ebee with transshipment 136 $.

'll be in a minute await the start of on, was caring wife coat winter.

Incidentally for places zimnikov there is cool shoes with heated have's-Bugathermo/BM1448,default,pd.html#

Translit -

Built-in with Colombia the most advanced technical tools boot winter-with-water-proof breething upper and Techlite easy dont want and insole soles-Bugathermo hass built-batteries and electronic system governance, that provides three temperature regime for maximum protection from cold. On low significance, a heating pad is under foot deliver warmly in for 8 hours, on high, expect 3 hours heat, where your its feet in it needs more just. With easy water-proof Corps heat rubber and stainless alloys implies sporting costume, Bugathermo is ready to serious trekking mountains, skiing on snow boarding or snow mobiling, ski operations upward mobility, or arctic research. By combining these funds with particularly fiduciaries the tenacity Bugathermo ' s, (7 Thinsulate isolation and Omni-Grip traction, and you can very well have the most overnight ski boot warmers winters walk earth.

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Today on the morning went on-and took away parcel with its order. Burst a form obtain, imposed passport and received your care package. This proved's a big-ass a cardboard box with costume and a stack of directories FOX, Daiwa, KORUM and any something other brands. With size of variants. Jackets if anything. As something on mails not ventures quantify trousers :crazyfun: Mindjart all in dedicated blast. On the evening'll post an photo.
- Made to Order was dispatched 26 October, in my podala Decoupling he was 3 November. Regularly hard time delivering took a 9 days. And they have become send pochtalenov with updates by. A clear deal, that homes no one not was and if would not the story by-old, which asked I have yesterday, what this me with mails every day lads knocking on his, I would still long waited where my Made to Order.
- tracking id parcel. I Grand Canal from the most cheap tariff rates Parcelforce globalvalue. As me explained for private faces tracking id in this tariff is missing. His washes test only avtorizirovannoe in the system face. Regularly the employee this the most services.
- a suit Korum All Weather Suit costing with transshipment in 2 175,40 UAH. Many this or little - let every decides himself. Recommended the price producer 149,99 ?(about 1 950 Grzywna (. Yes and bought these in not really deshovom no clothing left - can be find cheap.
For themselves decided to: Turn can and should be. The next Next Prestonovskiy Excel 11,6. Ah and any on small beer :)

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Had in this year experience purchases with eBay - Grand Canal from set of from 3-'s uppers, from China. After a small of e with seller and ?????? otgruzhayut whether they in Ukraine and is worth whether this additional money (delivering this set of on conditions auction seller was paying himself) and obtaining positive answers zaregistrilsya in Peypal, cemented there multivalyutnuyu originated (took have Comrade at work, but on fact opening the such maps (camping on E. Accounts) is worth in district 50 Grzywna (, at least so much pay comrade for opening the in the past year) and committed pay for, after what friends in for 10min walk. Can reach you from bank and NA indeed whether he committed only that subnational through Pei of Pal :) After as he confirmed this employee bank, literally through 20-30 mines me came and-mail from seller of, that money he received and tomorrow on the morning sends the parcel. I on anyone case asked his point to in declaration parcel came home late "gift", because already read on the very moment in and-online; it's different zhutikov on subject how our customs can hook up 1206 to unusual community. Seller responded "Ohk." :)
In a result somewhere through week me time come announcement itself with mails and I quietly took away its purchase. Increasingly was sure you're okay.
After this and I decided to for themselves that such option purchases very even an opportune. Given those discount which can be find on interesuemomu product.



Incidentally after of e with Tim learned prices chairs Korum:
Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair- 85.10 + 55 (hard time delivering) = 140.10
Korum Accessory Chair- 67.99 + 55 (hard time delivering) = 123.00
Korum powerhouse Accessory Chair- 59.50 + 55 (hard time delivering) = 114.50

Is obtained under increasingly any a chair under rastamozhku chairs not fall.

Prices slightly less than on site so as Tim taken VAT where they. Coupons is discount in networks until not dug up so that let us seek warrants and double wait, can discount will, Christmas the not so and far.

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I cannot understand as in of England deducted VAT. :dontknow:
Now have them VAT =1 7.5%. For example, under purchase Korum powerhouse Accessory Chair for 69,99 when stated on Epygi calculator VAT = 12,25 and 80bln the price must stack 57,74. But here is I found in Internet VAT Calculator, which under those same 17.5% believes quite other tsifiri: VAT = 10,42 (and this 14,89%), and 80bln the price - 59,57 (the same that and have Tim). I don't know that to think.

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Ah have them as and have us, ????? seller of its calculator. All the more I asked on s means of delivery 2kh armchairs at once - he says increase on 2, although on mails with they believed 1 chair 55, and two immediately 88. And have him vseodno 110 hard time delivering. So that seller this puzzling being. :rofl:



duffy333 wrote:

I not can understand as in of England deducted VAT.

Accurately also, as and have us. :yep: This is I as a diplomatic the climpity contend. :glasses:
Need only remember, that VAT already included in price. I.e., any the price accounts for in a percentage: 100 + rate VAT.
To calculate VAT from prices (value of), need price with VAT (69,99 in this case) scaled on 17.5 (rate VAT in%) and share on 117,5 (the price with VAT in%) - get she seeks 10,42. ;)



All, understood :idea:. Ah and I OK believe retail price for 100% and from this, subtract. And she same OK on fact 117,5%. All, now will be able sleep quietly :)



Vecherinok e?anaaao. -wanted to as economist with mister Pecorari, and vecherinok already increasingly handled this thing.



Incidentally, only well cared for by answer from Tony from

Were asked to know how many will cost with transshipment MAVER POWERLITE Feeder SYSTEM, not passed and two weeks as well cared for by the answer,

Dear Andrey,
     The cost of the Rod delivered to the Ukraine would be £200.00
including the postage.
If you require one, we will need your full postal address, contact phone
number and card details (Expiry date, security number etc)

         With Thanks TONY TROTH (Owner)

Is obtained hard time delivering udilnikov 51, given that themselves udilniki 149.
So that prices on s means of delivery perhaps roughly same assessment have these two stores, but in this goods slightly cheap.

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And that here is this denoting have Tony
RRP &#163 ;1 00.00....................SAVING &#163 ;2 7.00 :blush:

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And that here is this denoting have Tony
RRP &#163 ;1 00.00....................SAVING &#163 ;2 7.00 :blush:

Edited WILDHUNTER (Today 16 :07: 34)

RRP (Recommended retail price) - recommended retailer the price
The price on which sell below RRP
Saving - this your austerity, compared with recommended price



Me Tony, too, later 5 letters and two and a half weeks responded - full-throttle head case, f-fuck. :angry:
But prices have him indeed alone of the most low from working with Ukraine and Russia. He themselves and describes as discount department stores. But Shoto me his the price sending not very likes.



teska wrote:

Well hard time delivering udilnikov 51, given that themselves udilniki 149.
So that prices on s means of delivery perhaps roughly same assessment have these two stores, but in this goods slightly cheap.

So have us they 1650-1800 UAH.



duffy333 wrote:

But Shoto me his the price sending not very likes.

So on stick the cost of sending much. In other stores, too, from 40 until 60 ?.

plastmax wrote:

teska wrote (and):

Is obtained hard time delivering udilnikov 51, given that themselves udilniki 149.
So that prices on s means of delivery perhaps roughly same assessment have these two stores, but in this goods slightly cheap.

So have us they 1650-1800 Grzywna (.

Not all some tackle makes sense to buy in of England. The that presented officially (almost officially) in Ukraine is obtained here cheaper.



Gepard wrote:

officially) in Ukraine is obtained here cheaper.

I look over, that over the last time on udilischam the situation indeed has become better. As on KVALITETSGARANTI, so and on price. But would still with pile various little things stressful out there :(



Today received parcel from of England with pile various fishing little things, which until or until there is no in our stores, or than the not set the price. Sit with jerky smile playing in dry "pasochki" and drool drooled from corner cavity :D - wife slightly nervous and... the stink on phone :rofl:
From objectionable - in this time me have handed over moment parcel, but with act document content list from largest. Under obtaining had to all test on subject availability of and to sign appropriate bamazhku. Cause for verification serve a mismatch in 100gr between the specified in invoyse weight and actual. On together but old fishermens from September 1 from almost 20 named in graph "List and vast flushed etc."ONE word - tools :rofl:



duffy333 wrote:

received parcel

:cool: sending this well however but however HMAS Success zanachivat your care package from friends :rofl: although would a few snapshots of devices announced his -by :flirt: can that and are interested in would whom. Or remembered Messrs. "krupnooptoviki" (thanks to with your photo), without what not to see schastya in Ukrainian. Advanced lovers of as industrialized fishing :love: - and respectively urgently dozakazali. :idea:



Yes what same hide. The about than wrote in their governing previously (threads he has for bread, paste, peletsa) and decided to try in the new season. Namely:
Dinsmores Feeder Bombs (in packaging on refrigerators) 0.75oz (22g)
Dinsmores Feeder Bombs (in packaging on refrigerators) 3 / 8oz (10g)
Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches Small Set
Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches Large Set
Drennan Flake Punch
Drennan A Better Method Feeder Mini 15g
Drennan A Better Method Feeder Small 25g
Drennan A Better Method Feeder Medium 35g
Enterprise Tackle Pastemate
Guru Pellet cones
KORDA Guru QM1 Eyed Barbless Hooks Hook Size: 14
KORDA Guru QM1 Eyed Barbless Hooks Hook Size: 12
KORDA Guru Micro Bait Bands
Korum Bait Punch
Preston Innovations Pellet Feeders Size 1 - 15g
Preston Innovations Pellet Feeders Size 2 - 25g
Preston Innovations Quick Pellet Bander

All higher of the above will try describe and posting with pictures in appropriate themes :flag:
Ultimate the cost of product proved equal retail price in of England :glasses:

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duffy333 wrote:

Everyone higher of the above will try describe and posting with pictures in appropriate themes

Here is here is - with appropriate fotochkoy it heart miles will :yep: and the hew aglitskie as the just a little dry for look bad. :rolleyes:



Received today ordered in of England done for Prestonovskikh udilisch - and itself, and people. Grand Canal from as usually have Tim. Initially planned, that they will be relegated 7 th February, but because that me suddenly zachemto need vershinka in 4oz for Augusta (it turns out its and in of England still strongly find need, and me so - Slippery to aoei), dispatch occurred only 12 th number of. Tim sent all disappointed through DHL and today, 15 th number of, I all received in one piece. Done were packaged in tight plastic tube and laid packaging wrap with wrap, to to exclude small opportunity damage rings under transport. Himself this tube already was is packed in were instant cardboard tube for sending - on this pipe can be realistically become and nothing with it not will happen (I with their 100kg has tried :D). , for airline the cost of done for Dutch Masters in / Augusta amounted to 210grn. (~ 16,25funtov, under retail 15 ?). But for this prices need turn vershinok on amount under 160-165 ?, and the value of delivery that 1, that 10 vershinok is the same. So that with vershinkami question for themselves shut down.



duffy333 wrote:

A she same OK on fact 117,5%.

Sergei, already VAT 20%. I believe so, price retailer divide on 1.2 = get the cost of product for deducting the VAT.

duffy333 wrote:

Got today ordered in of England

And me only today dispatched :cool:, after 1.5 month expectations :D, forgetful Tim became :dontknow:, was apologizing very many. :angry:


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