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Status under the ie 2014 (2 phase)

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Ruslan, thank you for London and fun information with fields, level of ChM!



Siv wrote:

Ruslan, thank you for London and fun information with fields, level of ChM!

've oversold :D



Formerly ia??iai vote.

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Zherebkuvannya on zones 2 tour

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? a?oc ?, give fnaln protokoli.)



Ue? ? vtannya Dnpru, Zaporzhzhyu ? Kivu! Dnepr river-simply krasavelli! Ooi Ukrani ta klkokh ukranskikh zlpiti silnu chetvrku, the ? to rule grand. In ouiio komponent on my aoieo naiee blshiy some progress after Zaporzhzhya (MOLODTs), and regres nazhal, ? for mene, after Frankvsk. On my subktivnu aoieo format chetvrok "killing" development fdera naglushnyak. Sor for pessimzm!



2 tour

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Shimano Dnepr river's on fire in this season. Good fellows!



Lviv team already homes, very wowed, contest were very heavy and strained. Our greetings victors and prizeram, you example for role model, we you have learning. Thank you team Feder sport for a pleasant company and wise advice, many personally me they.
Canal as always pripodnosil surprises, whom nice whom not very, but many unwound and catches were very carrying, and especially aren-results, under average weight imaginations 50-60 grams, any strategy was pressing you down.
Of course want in which times thank company flagship for supportive support, without you Lviv team can be and not joined in EO and CU. Thank you still times for development fishing sport in our region and in Ukraine.
Separately want be noted organizers of 2 th phase - Ternopil's'ka federation fishing sport and personally Shimkiva Lyubomyr. The collective very sought to create a favorable environment during competition and after, was organized nutrition squarely on Bank, as always was a clear refereeing without stress involved..., all was happening clearly on regulations, without keyhole. Of course a bit sucked final procedure estimates, but I am confident this only in order that would not was mistakes. Dyakumo Ternopolyu for gostinnst ? fine show weather. Ternopl - Fayne city! Until this meeting on marafon.



Vodka cover slips photo. The tour



Photo another days DoriaLAN tour, nagorodzhennya



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Moji vtannya roku komand!
The kind ca ? nii, uchasnikam!
He eieenu ? a us zberetsya team :)



Find welcome this weekendThree China and the southern! :flag:



I congratulate team dura-Ace with victory, good fellows.
G-potok with a worthy the second place, angrier chase in next year.
Three whale with bronzed, chase still angrier than G-potok :D

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Now well would wanting see digest delivery graph for the entire season and to withdraw participants auditions,.
And well would otbory conduct wanting, and the cold not fast approaching.
Place auditions, most a welcome on my view, Vyshgorodskaya, the dam, neutral a body of water, and get all plus minus equally.



Made digest delivery - NOT official - Other solutions are possible mistakes.
- Athletes, which not participated in any round received maximally low pass over this tour he ONE
- excluded outcome the most unfortunate round and his weight.

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My greetings prizeram! Shimano - stability just season simply afflicts. Good fellows!



Ended the main tournaments Ukraine 2014. So broke a. We won increasingly, that can be was win and even that cannot be. The Asian Ukraine and both phase host Ukraine 2014. If am not mistaken, such results in our country not showed no one. So, now can laud and congratulate their guys from team "Shimano"with absolute victory on all for competitions! You big good fellows! Bravo! :cool:
I congratulate Olega Oleynyk with an absolute chempionstvom on EO 2014, aleek Terranova with low in lichke and Vityu Korenyaka with bronzed! With steeply! :cool:
Also want congratulate than guys from team "G-Streem." Beautiful appearance on every the. You forced worried for a while there and organise the all their forces and knowledge for successful speech. Compete with you always interestingly. :flag:
It. The guys from the team "Three China" I congratulate with deserved the third place! :flag:
Provide an invaluable global aid on all tournaments has had our star superior ECONTEL coaches Alexey Zayko, for that him BIG THANKS THANK YOU! Lech, without you we hardly have reached such results. Turkic forward, Id say, that such sensible coaches I not yet met. Under the form of his have rivals are trembling knees, tremble hands, of the needle done and simple trick works quite cordage. They call his "beast", seeing in offense by the saber-tooth hare. :crazyfun: We same let us file his candidacy in as a a trainer on the next direct World. :flag:
Want thank all, who participated in the second stage EO-2014. Thank you organizers and judges. Increasingly was on perform well. Thank you adolescent kitchen for delicious dinners! In this year Ternopil poraduvav. Thank you.
Separate lasting gratitude companies "NORMARK"for multi-year cooperation with our team. Thanks to your aid we again have become better team Ukraine. Thank you. :blush:



Team FLAGMAN-Dnepropetrovsk genuinely congratulates all participants, awardees and winners all stages STATUS Chemponata ie 2014r.Yes that there is such athletes, on which want emulate and importantly need their to get and pereganyat!

Boev wrote:

coaches Alexey Zayko. We same let us file his candidacy in as a a trainer on the next direct World.

This not osporimyy fact! His candidacy need all support, pros with big hew, conscious that and as and organised ourselves why.



Here is and over tournament!
Very glad was meeting in glorious city of Ternopil!
An excellent body of water and the atmosphere!
Thank you for organizing, music, dinners, friendly environment, partitioning your sectors, friendly people!
Thank you for that friendly refereeing, without be!
My not big report can be read here Reports Alexander Sivokonya



I congratulate all prizewinners with different address. Molodchagi!




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Who there take a closer to leadership, that there solve with cullings or on Spring again suffered?



Here is and over 2 th and final phase host Ukraine, and in deciding over outcome of sporting year want a bit about him say.
For entire history Zaporozhian fidera, only team G-potok-Zaporozhye was able so aptly act on all three stages EO and CU, and in end become absolute brasses, the winners of the Open.

Throughout the season we, as individualists not very steadily opposed, for example as experienced team dura-Ace, and the there is mass causes such as spiritual, moral, physical, lack of experience and knowledge, have us ????? were ups and downs, but most valuable, that we were stable as team, and this very it is important! Very it is important to maintain and value in team mutual understanding, respect, your dedication.
You mean like those we will enter in history this the tournament:

Continuation of here: Ribolovniy some Nicholas Anatol'evicha's initiative!

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At fight in Ternopil nastraivalis seriously. First, like to end season on high note. Second, need was their for last failure on this same water feature. Then us brutally from local podlesch, priuchivshiy to itself for two days training facilities and kinuvshiy in the first round. On the morning in environment we with Taranovym toured on Canal and immediately same saw major competitors - Zaporizhian Cossacks, which the entire season arrive us on heels. Exchanged hellos, experienta the bait and have diverged in different make ends a body of water, to not want to spook each other :)

first two coaching received in seredinakh zones In and Since over it seems. The main discovered local root fish - a dace 80-150 grams, sometimes krasnopyorka from a hundred grams, sometimes a small perch. Podlesch participated but ever responds very rarely. Was and Bleak (fish) 30-80) grams, that harvest steadily and in pace not broke a. From competitors much safer just worked "table with rytvinkami" on 30 (+ -) metres. Technically, best has shown themselves had forced small fry in a meter-two need to upside, there fish was accelerated the, than have the most days. Moreover, have trawling a dace teetered less steadily, point sometimes was dying or arrived a minor okunyok. And another plus long defence wakes up aggressivity - in fatter water were lots chances enter the brings good krasnopyorki, which can be was very quickly harvest. For such it catching been used sukhovatyy pylyaschiy fodder with good share coarse very. Better right complement proved sandwich the boot-night crawlers.

At a third retreatments poured already full composition. On a lot the apparently boxing in mid-zone W. On this time behavior fish a bit has changed, the main mass fish MTV in "a groove in the" on 40 metres, stable outcome has become show had forced with trawling, and, respectively, more can be seen quite clear fodder. But trough had to increase. On nasadkam, too, been preferences, can be was is famously otlovitsya nobody or pinkoy had no there very.

Given unpredictability Canal, in tour decided to do maximally mobile fodder, which can be was in the process affairs adapt and for bream and for ukleyki. But start let us increasingly-??? with small fry.

First tour, sector Visbreaking. More or less familiar place, fall between sectors in which I sorrowful in Thursday and in Friday. Distance there is on place, 'll release with 40 meters with brief a leash around. Neighbors are beginning polavlivat dace, I have on point fish, too, there is but harvest not is obtained, through 20 minutes'm flying neighbor with invoice 5 :1. Remont, too soft tackle on more hard, udlinyayu ceasing and deal matter.

Active a dace are they biting highly need to upside, sometimes enclosed the good krasnopyorka. Have neighbors are they biting bearing, then they, too, 've increased the leashes are and began to harvest but I managed to escape a bit forward. In the second half of round klyovat almost quite ceases, fish clearly rotate near point but provoke its on poklyovku was it is difficult. Promuchivshis more hours, finally, well cared for by a trainer. Zayko scratched Syarheychyk, wiped at mes tears. "Launching Lite and throw the under grass" - "1425 no one so not but. There at all fish there is no. Perhaps. "-" take Lite and throw the! Closer! Even closer! "Agreements. And fish there there is! Nekrupnaya, 30-60 grams but she there is and eats.

Now we're polavlivaya plotvichku-casualties and and with jealousy observing rivals, sometimes, grinding a good fish, well cared for by, finally, finish. Weighing up the - 4070, neighbors oblovil. 'm waiting up for the end of the weighting - the first, oblovil Pierre Hector Chanut on 70 grams. Thank you you, Lech :)

I'm going to head, await the results of the team. Past, from zone A in zone D flies Ivan Taranov (footballer). Flies to Boevu with shout "as I want be anchor!". In the sense, that he the third and wants Boevu more high seats. I, too, squeezed kulaks - in D there is and Veselovsky and Pugach. Is returning Ivan Taranov (footballer). Ur, Fight - the second!

Moreover, Pugach - the third! On outcomes first round of the (1-1-2-3) we win have Zaporizhian Cossacks 7 key.
The second tour, sector A3. In these edges we not training of but precisely in A3 yesterday eiaee Ivan Taranov (footballer). Get from him full keyboard layout on distance, fish, osnastkam and camping on D. 'll release with 40 meters, in during half an hour enleve one plotvichku, fish on point not there is, have neighbors, too, not densely.

Getting a kick from a trainer, turn in Bank - plotvichka-bleak-plotvichka-bleak and increasingly. Smeschayus on couple of meters, several evil ukleechnykh poklyovok and again silence. Smeschayus, another couple ukleek and silence. So and his almost the entire tour, until not put the greatest the feeder from available in available - already not was sense secure fodder. It turned out, this as times the, that need was - bleak in the latest hour lovilas almost without failures. Is it apt Polaris, weight 2720, 2.5 bala, lost Pugachu 300 grams.

Waiting for Tamiflu became from other sectors, in round saw as Zayko his between no-go zones, understand, that children was it is difficult. But hear from afar cackling Zayko and'm to believe in good. Indeed, the outcome 2-2-2.5-3, we won this phase and the entire direct!) Go considered lichku, is obtained, that I the first, strange this. Ah yes okay, judges more precisely deem. Then red line of being able with Rodins Pugach, ??? yes - I have gold in lichke!

". Their many, very many.

Thanks Federation, organizers and contributors host for holding tournaments. Especially ternopolchanam, glad in another times sense the hospitable atmosphere cities. And Canal! Beautiful place, the good fish, tactical conundrum (ah very interestingly, as eiaee Veselovsky in the first round). And even there there is "Ark", in which we, finally, are trapped in Sunday :)

Thanks our sponsor, companies "Normark."Without their aid we would not have a sprained such high tensions of the season. With them we won all three rating contest season!

Thanks opponents for fun fight and derive communication. What is worth the, that basic competitors shared with us nasadochnym motylem and on training and before rounds! So broke a, that we toured without him.

Thanks team. Of commotion and understanding of - important component our victory. And my medal in lichke -, too, of the credit team. Operational control over intervention Lyoshi Zayko during tours, improved the my results not less, than on 3-4 bala, are a good slice of the medals belongs him. And Taranovu - joint coaching received, sparringi, analyst, preparation for extensive. However, have Terranova and its grains medal there is :)

Thanks all! Until meeting on fishing :)



Met Elisabeth and me to visit at the second stage host Ukraine on it comes to shagging fish fiderom.
Think, that such trip was would useful any newbie rybolovu, which looks in side fishing sport. Tens of strongest fideralov from across the country, and ????? their own ulovistye pieces and secrets, which not always has ever managed hide from glance an inquisitive down paparazzi :)
Opportunity descending in nuances industrialized fishing and discussion tactical schemes team G-Stream this separate theme, from which I court for themselves many a new and useful information, that, to be sure in further me very use to anyone.

Guys from team Shimano you simply monsters! One work all of four athletes, spiced for a whopping knowledge and tolkovymi I a trainer have led to to his outcome.

G-Stream the Young, more perspective team, which, unfortunately, not 1,272 all their opportunities on this championship. Today guys gets caught better, than yesterday, and tomorrow will harvest better, than today. So I am confident, that in next season have them will outcome even higher! And today I I congratulate guys with low - such a victory of expensive is worth!

Three China - a stable through his confident performance well is logical catapulting in cash prize top three. My greetings.

Whom the in this time lacked experience, and whom the prevented simply bad luck. But, beat the fittest, and this fact. Am confident, that this struggle nor for whom not was easy. Want congratulate all winners and prizewinners with deservedly so occupied jobs.

I was glad prove at this Sally, and I express words gratitude all, who expended hand to organizations and conduct such a chic arrangements. Large thank you judges for professional approach to its task, thank you them for their sophisticated decision exert aid those who in it now needs!

Thank you vizniy kitchen for delicious dinners, thank you mobile the coffee shop on the morning this was fitting.

Thank you all for warm welcome, all ??? Ternopil indeed Fayne misto ! Cozy city with touristand intentioned people. Want to return to you again.

Thank you Alexey Pugachufor fighting opportunity conduct time on Championship Ukraine. Thank you all, and still times I congratulate winners.

Until meetings on gills! With respect, Dubyaga Alexey.



Tournament waited with look forward - like of revenge with themselves with a for the first phase, when gram frequency for document separated from third seats in zone, and Crucian carps have neighbors for five minutes until the finish line simply killed. And information about mystique Ternopil fish had this thing for interest to trip have repeatedly, after all decipher the key one reason passions fishing.
Team decided conduct three coaching received, so the remittances of 137 on day Crash. However us with Micha's suite last night faced destined on term, "and after tournaments in Vinnitsa, so we they moved still in Sunday. As same was hard wait the end of the the workday Crash . Lads had gone from Kharkova two machines in Tuesday day them were get about 1000km and arrive at night in environment, to on the morning start retreatments. In four they were in nebezyzvestnom restaurant Wu make root,
And to seven the evening in Glorious capital.

To midnight safely have reached until seats rowing Canal in Ternopil.

We same had gone on the morning in 3 :3 0 from Vinnitsa and in 6 :4 5 were on a reservoir.

Play around # 1. 03.09.2014
On information, which have us meaning, the most malorybnyoy zone was A and begins she literally for pedestrian bridge. In it and decided work out, but slightly Netanyahu to zone W. However later it turned out, that this the beginning of zone A, because the organizers, on numerous opened with past competition, 's been moved the beginning of zone competition.
My role on train, had forced famous ukleyki. Immediately Id say not has understood, although she lovilas, and better, than a dace, but for 2.5 hours managed to capture just 800g. The size of the its independent 30-40g, and Misha caught reached record 80g.

But after series of 3-4 pieces there failure. Cause of failure calculated calling a predator, because caught bass on falling on 150g. So made likely the wrong conclusion goes hypotensive and repels ukleyu. In the second half of days decided to paid attention search. But signing engage these not managed work - accounted for borrow notebook, modem and to decide problems So was every day training facilities By the end of days managed test information from Sasha Oleynyk

And to capture several highly decent krasnoperok and plotvits.

Sergei Monich Egypt with a bream - but bream thought differently and not showed themselves.

Results coaching received were not comforting more 1.5 kilo for tour to capture not managed. Was biting, mostly on moldy worm. In prikormke the aft night crawlers immediately same attracted perch. The boot at all not enjoyed demand.

Still from Kharkova have booked two bedroom, apartment in the center of the because he near Lake, but it turned out - this not very close to zone competition. However very conveniently vacation, than we and engaged on the evening.

We went for a walk on La, tastin 'on paired glasses beer the price in 10 UAH in cafes pleased has pleased.

At all Ternopil very grassroots.

Play around # 2. 04.09.2014
Today decided accommodate in late zone (near view) - we thought, that this already the end of the C, however later it turned out, that this middle of the-the end of the W.

Zamesili secret prikormku.

Today I tested dace. However under promere found nemeryannuyu hole, on which stopped on hour, but there no one. After what checked yesterdays example and she for 1.5 hours has brought 1.5 kg select krasnoperki and small fry. Again around to distract me work - had a chance from process still on 1.5 hours. But for me tactics were checked boys and have them, too, broke a.

So same they were checked sebelya and, too, discovered, that he not flatlining rather. Today results were a bit better idea 2 3 kg. Fish indeed very mysterious, because today was biting, mostly on very. The aft night crawlers instantaneously attracted bass. The boot at all not enjoyed demand.

On advice colleagues on the evening conducted a place called Ark

- this the restaurant, in which sell svezhesvarennoe beer.
Here the price was even "feels better" 16grn are unaware for beer under entitled Slava Oe?a - ah as not to visit his. However in this day his not it turned out, but was not less tasty Pshenichne and great - their and tried on couple of glasses with delicious snacks: Wings, chipasami, ribs and camping on D. In short can boldly recommend to visit Ark. All the more near there is simply a remarkable cleanest.

Play around # 3. Official play around II Step host Ukraine on fideru. 05.09.2014.
Draw brings boxing in sectors A5-A9 Berlin-Munich this slightly more to the right from seats the first coaching received. With one hand, of course not very happy with, because already training of in this zone, but includes not need to pull things on of new-mown kamysham.

Around the need to see positive :smile:.
To busting began only in 9 :3 0 again work Did you run her far exit from directions fish there is, but little and the size of the not the. Is allowing standard distance in 22m fish there is, but very little. Again work. Again on distance fish there is no. Have been arguing feed, work, 'm feeding, work in short this play around at all not Commission itself caught 17 fish for 6 hours coaching, and work. Seryoga get to practice not poorly about 40sht, Sasha and Misha this, but were checked expertize has worked, but not very steadily. Today was biting, on sandwich maggot - night crawlers , the aft night crawlers still attracted bass. The boot at all not enjoyed demand.

On the evening judges conducted the toss zones:

And Rogozhnikov Mikhail, In Monich Sergei, Since Oliynyk Alexander, D Duday Vitaly.
Thank Oe?a we ??? tried but on slightly slightly, sport there is sport.

Tour 1. II Step host Ukraine on fideru. 06.09.2014
Morning zherebevka- and I have sector D8, right Oleg Fight, from Left Mashkovskiy Sergei.
Thanks to Coach, Polyakov had been Vladimir and Private Courses, Fomin Vladimir, helped things driven in a split second,.

Sector are cleared on the eve coaching received, so there is over than tinker. In water's brushed my one more time like purely, come on in time they again here as here brush my the second time and zasazhivayu past dead solve the to leave their until the end of round. Promer showed, that zone more melkovodnaya and on bottom virtually not for that teflon. He's,. So solve the harvest on non-CIS exit, this order 35m and on comfortable distance there is in was manufactured, where something prostukivalos on bottom.
'll release with 27, neighbors with the far-. Fish starters getting caught with fifth zabrosa, but the size of the not very, a small plotvitsa

And okunek. For hour like caught 9sht understand, that not very. Turn on far and at the second zabrose enleve very very decent fish. Then still and still. And pause. Half an hour of exercise just lame-o, on expense not is obtained. Sometimes feasible potyazhki. But nothing not brings stability. Are biting today solely on Pinku indeed mysterious fish. Oleg Fight at times goes on very tempovuyu enleve and he's sipping, then loaves, then a small fish. Have neighbor from Left implementation was much better, and I understood, that writing down and him. I same eiaee not steadily, independent enleve very decent plotvits sometimes their the size of the has shocked from water which copies of on (7. Couple of times were lasting failings their again same explained for themselves a predator, because caught dace 150 grams, have which on Tail at the enormous a cut and was two - sawed-off shorty on poklevke. In end on counter 39 fish, which get your 3040 kg, and this proved fifth outcome in zone.
Lads issued a bit this: Oliynyk Alexander 6,

Monich Sergei 9 Unit,

Rogozhnikov Mikhail 11.

9s a command place getting pregnant.
On the evening disassembled reasons and have identified strategy and tactics for each zone on next day.

Tour 2. II Step host Ukraine on fideru. 07.09.2014
Draw feminism me in sector N1, in which yesterday sat odnokomandnik, Oliynyk Alexander. Monich Sergei in A2, Oliynyk Alexander and B9, Rogozhnikov Mikhail in D5.
Sector me grassroots immediately, high Bank, eagles fly together huge tree, which greater part of round is harboring from sun.
Terrain, too, very an interesting, there is and fossa, and the exit, and stones. In general long promeryalsya and alighted on last night's distance there is order 35m.
Right, Kadurin, for him Odynskiy Oleksander, from Left Babich Constantine, but this another zone W.
Start. The first request and all three throw on one distance, yes perishing understand, that let us steal your spotlight fish. So a bit receded to the left, that increase distance between spots, good allowed sector, I sat right. The first impose, empty, the second impose past immediately vymatyvayu, the third impose a dace on shampoo, the fourth again there is, fifth perch. The first hour eiaee actively, but in sadke just 10 small fish. The second part of slightly better fish larger and their already 26, then was failure. At all accounted for all time seek the key to goldfish. Sometimes worked

And then has ever managed take two three consecutive and again pause. So enleve until the end of round, on senses here neighbors oblovil, yes and figure on counter shown not bad the number of in 61 fish, truth I understood, that this is not yesterday the size of the. Weighing up the began with me and scales, well over 3800g, not poorly, but expected that's a bit more. Neighbors indeed leapfrogged ahead, and leapfrogged ahead even Terranova aleek, who was in latest sector and his weight a bit relented 3560g. We're at the 1 URA! by Joy unbelievable volte face. 1 on EO that may be better only two and more edinichek ;). But this already goal next year.

Today team,, too, voiced, much better: Monich Sergei 5, Oliynyk Alexander 6, Rogozhnikov Mikhail - 8. And we managed account the on three seats upward and ranked in II stage 6s a command place. And on outcomes two stages 5-most know Us lacked just 1 th of a ball until fourth, and we know, where this, and not one, bal got lost, so that in the future year bar or.

Pobeditelyay in personal Monster and command then!
And team Shimano nowadays it the strongest team Ukraine on this moment. Ah and coaches Alexey Zayko the best coaches.

Organization tournaments in Ternopil was on perform well: Patriotic spirit, two judges in every sector, the lack of disputes and squabbles, the rapid weighing up the, rapid counting results and delicious dinners. This the best organization tournaments from all, on which was connected to visit. Thank you! For icon and the letter thank you, triviality, and memory and very pleased. Still times THANK YOU!
Large thank you contributors: Companies STATUS - let's note ending the, Bank OFPRA - think victors prizes appealed.

Thank you large our mentor Chesnokovu activist Sergey Supervisory for an invaluable check contribution, which is leading us all higher and higher, and higher Unfortunately, we not always listening to his valuable advice

I express lasting gratitude from themselves and from behalf of team Federation fishing sport independent area and its president Lyashu S. W. For Real Estate Agents support fidernogo direction.

Thank you hosted the, Polyakov had been Vladimir and Fomin Vladimir for operational information and valuable advice. You provided very London information and helped us significantly improve outcome in the second day. Thank you!

Thank you Team, Monich activist Sergey,

Oliynyk Oleksandru,

Rogozhnikovu Mikhail

we team and counterparts. I am confident, that so and will, and we will reach the greater. Lads you best and so keep!

Until meetings on tournaments our United Ukraine!


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