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Forms part Fidernye They're battling it out!

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Voice to 24 August 2014 on Vyshgorodskoy levees (for fifth in district large tree of) will hold its forms part Fidernye They're battling it out!
Entry on 100 grivasov with nose, team winners absolves announcement to dabble!

Format and rules:

Team 2 human, all permitted to except foam plastic and very.
6 :0 0 - draw
6 :3 0 - Logon in sector
8 :0 0 - Start
13 :0 0 - OK, it's over, weighing up the, awarding and pleasure all-out dominatsiey over driven rivals!

In this moment gonna play are planning the next compositions:

Bandas Commandos(Italian fidernyy syndicate)

Sergei Popov (nicknamed ZEMEX)
Yevgeny Buglak (nicknamed Chair)

Tohas a(of Mexico fidernyy a cartel)

Anton sovremennogo (nicknamed Sensas)
Dmitri "while" (nicknamed Dobryi he)

If among Bratva, there is through Giorgia ? ? ready to pro. Ventotene or win kapuni, or simply bungalows compete, mercy of ask to join our blamed on fighting. This as times the kind the situation when the third not glee, and the fourth, too,!
In one word, than more the better :cool:

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ZooM wrote:

What is happening in our the Kingdom?




Venue like today planned. Or suffered on tomorrow?



Disassembly over today. One team won, another team lost, ah as and planned. :) It later will results, report and derzhitsya :)

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That and over forms part Fidernye They're battling it out in format 2's 2!

In end toch and Dimon) me and Zheku with next results:
Sector 1: Dmitri "while" - 4980
Sector 2: Yevgeny Buglak - 2920
Sector 3: Anton sovremennogo - 7390
Sector 4: Sergei Popov - 5,000

Toch and Dimon have been able insert cracking dace 400-500G, which and helped them show better results, and have us with Zhekoy were dV largely leschiki and Blicca bjoerkna.

I congratulate apples with self-confident victory, well porubilis!

P. S. Thank you for photo Vlad Ovsyanniku!



Still from themselves correct, that we provided many scoring in the form of a worm, and also added boiled oparika, maize and peas, as a consequence presence in ulovakh little slapping and gustery.
Have Tokhi and Dimona klevala a dace, with very the Beautiful! Likely decided cannabis roasted and wanted Vanilla in as a attraktanta. In short toch himself will reveal.



Ah simply beauties! :cool:



ZooM wrote:

-ruled 1: Dmitri "while" - 4980
Sector 2: Yevgeny Buglak - 2920
Sector 3: Anton sovremennogo - 7390
Sector 4: Sergei Popov - 5,000

Results is impressive! :cool:

And cannot be whether to reveal spend with imagination and chilling soul the details zaruby - number of broken types and vershinok, suddenly rallied from by building coils, side otstrelennykh osnastok. Prematurely zatupivshikhsya likely, on thin the end of the? :question:

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Shabby.There celebrate such deboshirstva!! Only saw this subject nazhal (A so would ready would was interest in running for impressive prizes! :)



Report the Mexicans;)
Not thought, that be exiting in format 2x2 will such a interesting and complicated. Body of water, which we chose for tournaments indeed very complex. Fish many, but to capture its very not simply. All time accounted for something to change and adjust to under circumstances. Ah, in White, as and on any for competitions. All known, that team, against which me and Dima had to fight far not losers, either. Guys all time held us in tensions, quickly bought and traded for secrets, supplements and changes in way industrialized fishing, quickly have been adapting. Id say honestly, judging by technology and tactics, that guys began to applied with starters industrialized fishing, me was clear, that likely they get caught of bream. But was many the nuance, which we not knew. If would in a reservoir dominated bream, then have Italians was would more chance us oblovit.
On last fishing we with his exclusive video interview understood, that in a reservoir many very major small fry, which actively enjoyed, bream, too, was, but his was not many and lovilsya he mostly at night. Rivals, too, this knew, however decided to risk and oblovit us on leschakh. We with his exclusive video interview decided to do outcome on plotve. On a fishing trip I have well worked additive Sensas Double Vanilla. Also I knew, that in this a reservoir works well fried chicken-- cannabis from Sensas. About this me told Sergei during selection viewings on ChM that produced in kilometer from zone of our tournaments. All known, that fried chicken-- cannabis well attracts a major dace. Also on last a fishing trip have us eloquently has fish prikormka G.Stream. Judging by of these knowledge we decided do the next prikormku: 2pachki G.Stream Sport, 1 cover slips G.Stream Feeder, 1 cover slips nas Gross Gardons + packs Sensas dramatic Hemp. Also used excess fare Sensas Double Vanilla, living components and secret dipy. What dipy and components we used, and also as correctly to use them, for greater efficiency, write on public Forum I not d. During training I quite much time spent on the study of terrain and character trawling. 500m about 70 meters was seamless sval on depth, covered shell. For svalom read sand. On distance there is about 55 meters was's a gutter, bottom in which was the sandy, and for by a ditch, roughly on five meters further again began the conch has the power. I adopted decision harvest in a ditch, not far from swathe of with shell. Distance 65 meters, on which terminated thalamus- with shell I, too, zaklipsoval. Sergei priests, who was in neighboring sector, too, found this a groove in the. We with Sergei been caught virtually on one distance Yevgeny Buglak with start began harvest far, for shell. Have Jenny, on my view, was very more perspective point, but accurately feed fish on this point under aid big or average trough was problematic. Marrying chose tactics industrialized fishing small the feeding trough with large number of survivors components and major faction. As it turned out, this tactic not effective on a reservoir such a size. This was the main mistake Yevhen. Well is logical, that have Jenny began to peck leschi, here is only for, to ensure their muster need significantly more feed (not third strictly, this strictly my opinion).
With start we with his exclusive video interview began to claimed dace. On the morning fish was more active, we a on leashes are hadn, a long cm wooden palette. Tooling Pater Noster (disambiguation), necessarily cube fidergamma. To mid-round weather flat. It's still, fish has become peck worse. Had to utonshatsya, ceasing better worked a bit in short --about Dam. Fish often changed preferences in nazhivke- sometimes accounted for harvest only on oparika, and sometimes only on tuft worms. ???? on tuft worms klevala even petty a dace. The pourer need was to do highly attraktivnoy. In fodder provided many survivors components.
In end, us managed about play Italians with a good margin.
Tournaments in format 2x2 need necessarily conduct. This very an interesting format, also this glorious play around for athlete, and also communication and exchange experience with rivals. All was very with steeply, is difficult, Russia. Thank you team Italians are. You very back fideristy. Guys, me was very pleased to fish with you cheek. Thank you your partner with your to Dmitrii Gayduku for will to victory and support. Need necessarily repeat such contest!



Still couple pictures.

Seregina "girl." Intense the station!

Zoom to combat ready :)

Marrying is preparing for worker. Very it is important zaklipsovat several St on one distance there is.



An interesting report and format competition (need and have us that't live in the such organize.
And video will? :)


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