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Boev wrote:

You already siding with on women’s forums have? Fidernogo you little?

When me bored I always of walking revere women’s forums have - gap ” existed warbonnet this mgyako said. After reading regime gems don that peasant women this people with the other planet, ah at least much their part of. :crazyfun:

"They not differ mind and impressed, mind and impressed." (With) :crazyfun:

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— Take it off panties edged and turn your striker. - No, Dima, I in strong loin not want.
— Yes you not afraid, spurn, this not hurt.
— A Lenka told, that painful for.
— Lenka was spinning!, I enter pleasantly could not, here is and ‘ painful for.
— I'm too shy.
— spurn, we each other even with schools know. And at all, me to be shy not need to. For me there is no difference a man you or woman.
— A you can not look?
— How same I be, if look not d?
— A you on are.
— You figure it out, too,, on are. Okay, open his mouth. On here is, swallow it. Only tablet - this is nonsense. Prick safer. Walk, tell there, to the next are.
As me all of this he!



Creative cook)

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Sarkozy: - Wu us wages 8,000 the euro in month, taxes, then-that, smartso, on hands receive 7,500 the euro. On living need to 3,000 the euro. Far devayut the rest 4500, get their knows! Obama: - Wu us wages 10,000 dollars in month, taxes, then-that, smartso, on hands receive 8500 dollars. On living need to 4,000. Far devayut the rest 4500, get their knows! Medvedev: - Wu us wages 8,000 rubles in month, taxes, then-that, smartso, on hands receive 6500 rubles. On living need to 10,000. Where the rest 3,500 take, get their knows!



Not calamity.



Kreatiffnooo. :crazyfun:



o.O  o.O  o.O  o.O  o.O  o.O



Here is such a narrative for raising sentiments.



Not – my :nope:

- "A friend told history. Goes to rear route taxi. Contrary sits the Young girl, suddenly she has ringing phone, she Takes up. Its replicas: "Yes, Pash. Greetings. There is no. Food. Home. There is no, we today not see you. There is no, not because, that I Campaign on you. There is no Pasha, I cannot, Pash, ????? lithographs I in public food! Pash, ah not can I today NOT MOGU! I HAVE told NOT MOGU I And VSE! "Puts an up. Suddenly have guy, an elephant sitting near,, too, ringing it's a cell. Takes up, his the first replicas: "Yes, Pash. Greetings. Of course can today, without problems. "Catch ask me how I felt from and hollered."








Ah as deny children? :crazyfun:





Purely Ukrainian dubbed :(



Sit two cons end up in cell and debate. One argues, that ", too, most" and "one thing and, too," this notions same assessment, and the other shouts that different. Long debate. Ah the second and says:
- I, of our past, you'll prove it to, let care to make it interesting: I Lesse you slip in strong loin, and if not'll prove it to, that this different things, then you regulation me have as like it or until the end of term, ah and if rights'm gonna end up, then excuse, I you dryukat d.
- The Bullet with him, let.
Stick the whole thing in, means, the second first and says:
- Choi feel?
- H. The in ass.
- That and I's. The in ass. This one thing and, too,, but not, too, most.

> RDFLMAO :crazyfun:

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Pestnya admirers Ayfonov :crazyfun:

I little whom loved:
The second are tired of, third - since forgotten.
The fourth has vanished in Tuesday,
About first almost nothing not remember.

But fifth my - quite not such,
In hand I take and'm melting, as snow.
Me claims warm River in prioritized.

The refrain:

And I forgave, I forgave
His again, again, again.
About, as namayalas I with you,
My attempt to # 5.
And I forgave, I forgave
His in vain, apparently.
Now medular syndrome from this,
Losing independence.

:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

Deja Vu o.o.

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Woodgrain example work system ABS anti-blocking system :crazyfun:



Increase bird will face in six morning, to to seven be on mid-of Dnepr.

In a minibus, dude goes is that girl a the Young, sit down have nowhere, here it the kid nourished German - sit down me on its knees, ah the kind its procedure sela, the kid even, pass're blushing, vexing.
And here she his sharply - what this have heave in summer weighs heavily me in his behind: The kid, long not thinking - a lighter:. Here sharply in adeptness ventures 80-year-old starichyok and says young girl:
- Sit down me, I already long not smoke.
The entire catch lay in.

If you lost our way in taiga, start your slowly be discharged vodka.
With howls: "That OK you, bastard, one takes?" — you necessarily anyone will find and will give on muzzle.

— Greetings! As affairs?
— Why ask about, in one country live.

— He's been drinking again because there in Egypt jumped into with rigs in Sea and killed proposal. Strange, that not drunken Russian.
— Idiot, as you thinking, who his unseated the in water?

As earn under aid networks the Internet just in 2 step:
1. Turn off the Internet.
2. Go work.

Me from traffic policemen have sent a picture of an, where I exceeding the speed. Sent them video, where I right a fine gaishniku in cash.



Pro traffic policemen at all has killed. :rofl:



Yuri you as always on perform well :cool:



A cheerleader! :crazyfun: