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fm967 wrote:

They play on their rules. But can be sphere dismissed. Here is where maintained’fishing sport. Our fideru still far until such a.

This very amply illustrates the wording "popularization fishing sport" :)))





A new model.







Finally, someone managed to imagine women’s thought in simple and understandable scheme! :crazyfun:





Bullshit all your commercial contest. Skidyvanie on 200 Grzywna (there and camping on D. Here is what have us in area rates emerged. PANSKIY. Look at this price. Borzometr have leadership not the that hike. He simply moves away in space. I I do not that such leadership smokes, but normal I their call not can!

760.46, if you want with sovesti swim fish clock (???? one but, the second smokes):
- for clock - 280 UAH;
- for a friend + 30 Grzywna (;
- for line could be drawn + 80 Grzywna (;
- for parking + 10 Grzywna ((after this to & ^ ^ # & on with all equipment dick knows how many);
- for tent) + 50 UAH (point this not is specified in prayse, for if have human tent, then ktozh gazebo will use?);
760.46: 440 Grzywna (!

And know maximal fish there what? Crucian with palming. Zarybka there is no, being asked, and in any time soon not will. :)

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More just liked phrase in the bottom the pricelist-you recover ON ZDOROVE! :cool:



майк wrote:

More just liked phrase in the bottom the pricelist-you recover ON ZDOROVE!

Yes, this at all ADDD! Purely tricked her here!
Yes, and incidentally, if AT YOUR the brazier - the, too, + 20 Grzywna (. :)

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Will Sell two bass (35gr. And 53gr.) at the cost of production.
- gasoline - 120 gr.;
- for-, to to go on fishing trip - 100 gr.;
- 3 oborvanykh voblera - 90 gr.;
- Flat wheel, tire shop. - 80 gr.;
- 9.30pm machines after fishing - 60 gr;
- a fine for overstepping - 100 gr (100 I saved without Protocol);
- wife on women’s needs (Slippery to not gundela) - 500 gr
760.46: 1050grn. (Ah, for 800'll trade you everything, albeit itself in a loss)



Suited chief to destroyer paper and asks have secretaries:
- Masha, what button, click?
- Yes not need to nothing click, of paper insert.
Chief injects of paper, and she disappears in shredder:
- Masha, me three copies need to.



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Meet two inteligenta. Have one under eye got a big-ass bruise.
- Unpleasant, and that this you with the face of?!
- independence, sir, 's attacks was have one admirable rulers from in gostyakh. And there same was general N. Here is he tells: "As something I have in « faustniks » was one's. The. "I his man and correct:" Not "in « faustniks »", and "in mouth". " :hobo:

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Patstalom. :D



Fell as something a new Russian in horrible accidents. Toured p-wads, raised in two bag, that could muster and brought the entire this stuff to in Sklif. Found chief doctor and between them struck up the next dialogue.
- have said: So so used to put. Our droog fell in accidents, in these sacks increasingly, that we raised after accident. You should his save.
Professor peeked in bags and about Parts of bodies, lay mixture with grass and land.
- Young people. You mad descended from?
- religious. Not jerk us head. You for good reason that whether studied under on professor. In short. Here is you Number the phone. As gonna pack up your Tolyana, call. Of dough we take ourselves so much, how many you never saw, ah and if not tickles nothing, then …. Had alongside our jail cell BFF.
Professor brought together of doctors, explained it was desperate situation. Medicine needed for work. After hours of operations, when like as increasingly already is obtained, immediately I could see light hope say so, has surfaced shortfall one testicle. Ah there is no his and increasingly here. Professor decided to to risk, brushed my as they, Lehman in size and stitched on place testicle.
It is difficult of course to believe, but a hopeless C remained alive. Toured p-wads, long 'hands professor and people expressed gratitude his,
- Nikolayevich, ah you at all …. Struck! And carry two lemon bucks, as end, do you say, we even we bring. We have you in debt, after as you saved of our Tolyana.
Passed time, professor pomyatuya its experiment with and filling in as a testicle, long not found itself seats. But increasingly resisted its course, no one not called and not came. Through year, utterly accidentally, professor met Tolyana.
- Fuck fringes …. Nikolayevich. Father native! HARRlSON.
- Hello Anatoly. As your health?
- Ha …. As have a bull! Scrap in a spring bend …. Thank you you father.
- Mm-hmm …. But as with women things are?
- zhyttja, yes ah their on get …. Strapon already. Wife, two mistress, the secretary …. The tranquility me not give.
- You know Anatoly …. This not can be, I simply not believe in this?
- Hmm, what?
- Delo in that when the your friends harvested you after accident, they not quite increasingly raised, and in end, instead right testicle, had to contain an opportune on size themselves by growing potatoes. Here is such affairs ….
- TVOYuYuYuYuYu MOTHER … … What something I think, that for bullshit. Have the entire Bratva, mandovoshki, and I have koloradskie beetles!



History from life.
Have my friends was dog, Argentine doginya Daisy. The good huh, big dog, very smart, I would said, knew what was good for some people.
If who not in rate as looks the Argentine graphic to, so imagine pitbulterera size of with decent a sheepdog, and the and degistirmek. Daisy, was very friendly approach dog, understanding, that she and bark not necessarily, people its and so afraid.
Very loved long drives automobile travel, during which Daisy perfectly be sleeping it off on behind the seat next, the third only then, when machine TX.
As something i?eyoaeu, drove in Kyiv and took dog with a. Daisy perfectly I got myself a on behind siden and fell asleep. Czechoslovak November, hours eight the evening, somewhere on the entrance to Kremenchugu, near some descent "each saw golosuyuschuyu woman. Stopped its “FC Tavriya Simferopol reserves ”, woman asked, give you a ride its until closest sela, aaneaou, 'm late on team bus.
Yes sake of God.
Woman I got myself a on the global the seat next and close doors. Machine me, increasing the speed, only only illuminating chessboard appliances covered salon.
Drink beer doggy Daisy, yes this peacefully dremavshaya on behind the seat next Aco and decided contact with passenger … … … … licking HERS In UKhO!







Goldfish on tilt. Zdets



Kharkіvskiy fidernyy club:

Proved to join our movement strongly recommend closely read this branch Forum, rules Forum and position about a fishing Club. Think: And need whether you this? And only then to accept decision.

On that like would in primarily turn your attention. In our club acts is a totalitarian presidential system governance. I.e. all members Club have the right, only Advisory voices. All decisions concerning work Club are taken strictly leadership Club, respectively President and Vice President. Office President KhRFK not there is electoral. I.e. she can only transmissible Different slap, themselves President KhRFK.

On forums of our site, and so same on friendship forums, members of our Club forbidden to discuss and to criticize work of our Club, actions executives club and administration site. For this violation of, members Club can be without warnings expelled from ranks KhRFK, but on forums of our site them will itself camp —. To address executives Club ban can be given on time or lifetime.

Executives KhRFK are his of idea conceptual shop and founders - Voronin Valery and Kononenko Sergei. Only these people it legitimate to make decisions concerning work Club, his reorganization and liquidations.

Periodically to address executives, pass assembly Club. They can undergo, as in in really city of, so and road show - on reservoirs.

Indisputably many people with anarchic or democratic views data rules Club can be not on psyche. On this still times all weigh them for, above than write statement on's accession in our Club.

Need urgently to intercede! :cool:

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Tosh! Can this sign In? But as old aliases on the vastness of tyrneta have these guys?



Winter of 1942 year. On snowy the street go Germans. Vyuga in fact is pushing their with legs, but they stubbornly can reach through plugin to to the very large home, in windows which twinkles light, and from pipes is faring mason smoke, signaling about how, that there warmly and governing.
Have reached.
Thump in the door a sock this jackboot,
- BAMMM … on. BAMMM …. BAMMM … …. Means, otkryvayt. 1930 there is German zoldaten, 1930 wishing huevo solo, mleko, air freshner ….
Again the door sotryaslas from strikes German the boot of the.
- BAMM …. BAMMM … … Womb There It Is, otkryvayt … …. We, the valorous German zoldaten, we get back a little thermalize and want Russian feminine "shitty"!
Swings open the door, on threshold goes the guy, kilos under a hundred fifty weight, growth Dam two and with fists as anvils. Scratching the after thumping, yawns. Then closely looks at Krauts and dykhnuv?,
- Pea. Olympics or sho whether?



"Surprised - won." A. W. …

Such a sense of, that our framers Fighting technology and weaponry get back a little get bullied over their presented by foreign colleagues. In sense names old perils they technology. Here is have Germany there is tank "The." Have Israel’s - "Merkava Mk. 1" (Military driven). Have America’s tank "Abrams", have France "Leclerq", both in honor prominent generals. And have us - Tbilisi-72MP "Slingshot program."
In honor only does. Not understandable why, but understandable, that KVN could be born only have us.

Or, for example, borrow Americans and call its samokhodnuyu jammed "Paladin." And the British its call "Archer" (studied). All by. Here suited our and say: See here. Here is self-propelled howitzers 2S1 "Gvozdika" "2S1" Gvozdika "", 2S3 Akatsiya "Acacia", 14.07.2010 Sanyi ” 2S4 Tyulpan "Tulpan" and compression self-propelled gun 2S5 Giatsint-" throwing around the old pigskin "and 2S7 Pion" Paeonia ", capable to shoot nuclear smoothbore. Noses in, please, bouquet.

Here is Americans take and call its tanks proposing a missile "the Dragon." And another call "Shillelagh, County Wicklow" (stick). All is logical. Here suited our and say: And here is NB-pay. Here is antitank missiles 9M14 "has", 9M123 "use" and's an anti-tank rocket "Metis" with
A gunpoint ", half-Samoan." And to you quite became it is unclear and frightening, was have us still rocket entitled "Kromka."

And to you even more thought, heavy combat capabilities machine support tanks we called "Centring Frame."

And to you have my noddle little dizzy, the newest missile complex coast Defense we called "ballo."

And to you have an idiotic smile on turnip yet was incurred, our the most powerful in world 30-stvolnyy 14.07.2010 the flamethrower is called invite-1 "Buratino."

And to you recognized today same in madhouse swept - our podstvolnyy a grenade launcher SOEs-30 has name "shoes, are they."

From last even I, man neural, cracks.

REM. And if that, i.e. still 82-mm the automatic Sanyi ” 2B9 Vasilek "* The wintergreen", Donnie: The C.O. Sanyi ” 2B14 Podnos "Is the tray", Sanyi ” 2S12 Sani "Sani", originally long line rocket "Courier" with nuclear charge of,
Originally long line rocket RT-23 Sotka "Well done" with ten nuclear missiles, atomic submarine project 705 "Lira", system governance being shelled fire "Cabbage", Container system
Governance missiles "the phantasmagoria", self a Tool "changers" and pomegranate for podstvolnogo running the rocket launcher 7P24 "Podkidysh."



Belarusian guerrillas oil the tracks propagandistic aims and German compositions with food, stayed even 4000m2 as well as in Vladivostok.





The national team Germany.



Talk Hong themes Don strelyanul if truth.