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The builders :crazyfun:



Not know, laughing or cry. But, as spoke unforgettable former President L. M. Kravchuk: "Ui mamo - those the mamo."

Text or: On my view, this only "joke" on level "95 th quarter."

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Dood wrote:

Dont know, laughing or cry.

And made very walkie-talkies all successfuily set up on their jobs :crazyfun: :cool:



F-fuck., let us modicum here without this - and so from the entire this policy :x





Not vortex Skolzskie window-ledges :crazyfun:








Advice wife for fisherman. If your husband took ill deal on Picker, then not worry about, you these not get some infection or something!



In Bank enters shabby Volk. To him suited charming burner used:
- What you anywhere?
- Can I do contribution in your ban (viceroy) bank account?
- How you can?! You same in bank account!!
- That I and want do We couldn contribution in this mothertuckin 'bank account!
- I'll call Managing!
- Hack ^ $% the Managing! Me need to do We couldn contribution!
Young lady your, through couple of seconds emerges the managing:
- In than deal?
- I won a fucking a million in buchuyu lottery. And want put an this's the Eva mountain money in your a fucking Bank!
- And this to & a converted 19th century house not request you help?!

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E ??? ?? ? ? about as the case, Mikhalych! :crazyfun:







: '(Dima, ah why same you so. Ox.






Ga-ga-goink :crazyfun:



duffy333 wrote:

Dima, ah why same you so. Ox.

Seryoga, and so! :crazy:
Opa-Opa-Opatulichki! :rofl:



BAGIN! From same OK talented :D

And here is continuation of all boldly they English fishermen :D

Phone call friend:

On nightlife a fishing trip:

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One businessman went to in vacation on a ship on Caribbean islands. In path ship fell in dire storm and failed ruin. ?? has thrown on a desert island. Long four months he wandering on the island in the hope find salvation, feeding on low--as bananas and coconut lorry.
And here is, once, a man sat on Bank, reminiscing is desperate, and suddenly saw, as a golden woman (the most a golden from all, which he ever saw) rowing by to him, sitting in boat.
will you profits? And as you have reached here?! has exclaimed a man, not believing their eyes.
I just swam a real with other hand islands, answered woman, me has thrown there on Bank, when our ship failed ruin.
you very was lucky, that nearby in this moment proved boat, envied you that a man.
Oh, that you, this the boat I made itself: Oars from pieces kauchukovogo fruit, bottom from palm barrels, and computer by boats from timber Eucalyptus.
But this impossible! As same you could do all of this no clothes hands, without instruments?
Nu, this not the problem. I has found nearby incumbent volcano and can dig, the rich iron ore. Vyplavila on the volcano of iron and made all necessary tools.
A man was been flabbergasted.
Let us we adjourn me? proposed woman.
Later several minutes she prishvartovala the boat near a small quays.
A man looked on Bank and slightly not fell. From quays commanded paved stumbling the road to the delicate bungalows blue-and-white color of.
Dont want whether drinks? asked woman, when they have reached inward.
Oh, there is no, thank you. I already not can to drink this have been ground milk, responded a man.
A as about Pina-Colada?
A man was been flabbergasted and not knew, that to answer. They sat down on sofa, drinking and shared each other its history. Then woman told, that wants to change your clothes in anything more convenient. And proposed a man rise in bathroom, to accept souls and shave. Having risen, a man indeed found and souls, and of zeros, broadcast from bones and acrimonious sinks. "Wondrous woman, thought businessman. Interesting, what the next miracle civilization she me that will?"
Having gone down, he share prices since 2000 caught woman the topless for greeted table. This was real romantic dinner. She proposed sit down near with him, then curled up next to him ands:
statement me, you so long were on this the island, you were alone. There is something, I am sure, that you want do right now. The, about than you dreamed all these months. You know. she dreamt him directly in eyes.
He could not to believe their what I'm hearing:
you auctioning the in mind. he of the right swallowed, on his eyes clouding my way tears. Is I can hence test its e-?!



As something on the evening, after work, I peeked in their favorite Music Hunt watch, there is no whether in sale what any performed well. Seller aunt Matters knew me even curious a boy-were a sixth-grader, which was running here through day watch on real shot and listen to the their narratives. Was lucky she obradovano asked me to to his the counter right now and told, that, when they stamp buyers, she me something will show. In in I waited about half an hour. Finally people became smaller, and aunt Matters with zagovorschitskim guise of Lidia from-under the counter a small the lunchbox and a new gloss journal Hunt and hunting agriculture.
That up on the, told she, opening tab. Read and don't believe this. It turns out, in the Czech Republic hunters invented the duck-call,s pretending the cry injured hare. If in the duck-call a puff, then through 10 15 minutes from all sides'll turn on the waterworks foxes, and for evening their can be expecting to come back with 14 15 units. Did have aunts Faith in the hands of it is this cool?
ready, says aunt Matters and of lending them that me a mating pipe. Did you call you in hospital, but you already is gone.
It turns out, decoys in Music time come three pieces. Two moved fathers cities, and here is one have left me. Taking out from boxes, by the tickets will the duck-call and, voprositelno looking on aunt Faith, press it his to lips. Try , permits she. But not very loudly, because breath perishing very worst.
As shouts wounded Hare, hunters who to explain not need to, not hunters who will explain. Sensing customers pay death, diagonal position shouts so, that I have all on the skin by be going. Ick reminds istoshnyy in baby, a spooky and simultaneously a malign, where you were filming me until broken bones. Not understand, as from such a passionate pet, like puppy dog is retrieved such a spooky breath.
Ah so here is. He breathed in this the duck-call. A high-pitched screeching has supposedly cowed me the most, but reaction visitors was even is most horrible. Two fell on gender, and have rest hair marshal raise. - exe! I take, say I aunt.... Belief and'm in a hurry withdraw from retailer: As something awkward broke a with frightened visitors.
Pribezhav home, immediately'm calling abject lunatic Tawny collective farm, then whether daughter which, then whether wife I once saved not the from death, not the from pregnancy, and'm yelling: Tomorrow traveling, prepare the machine! Bear will with new Western superpriborom. Tomorrow comes with large hard, after troubled country ends night, undertaken with wife in designing model fox fur coats until gender, additional patrons, perebiraniem hunting itemization. The duck-call tried homes with friends-people all in panic and in horror. The good thing!
An endless the road, meeting, the tryout bohemian village the Park: Borsht, varenyks, sour cream. Inevitable, quiz: As work? As parents? 7.10 automatically, with look forward await the the evening. Is a master, Nikolai Ivanovich, not hunter. So proposed from net hearts today sleep, and on the morning walk with ruzhetsom around villages. Not offense taken.
But here is driver with the local a hunter already are worth at the gate, not of my DVR doing Ural , on which me need tobad luck. Snow Nakamury many, UAZ not moonlit. Local hunter Sasha, I with him already sign, with exhilaration looks at the duck-call and says, that with so can be on two fur coats expecting to come back with.
Until seats from the club, kilometers eight in field. There rick with the entire steppes's already been brought up winter mice and foxes full of the. On the street minus thirty, January. Dress in me three. Trousers from camel wool this diver's, from above place cotton, from above white wear. Tulupa, too, two. One so, and the other predsedatelskiy backward, for heat. Valenok, a cap with tied ears in short, 's largest stuffed a, but differently cannot be. Chilly, sit hours three. In cockpit I not fits, told you to shove in body. Aoaee long, somewhere in night, buksovali two times. When stalled, and I had a chance from car body, otherwise my the exit not good one, was about ten p.m..
Rising on a haystack it took about twenty minutes. Himself I in such of advisers even walk could not, and got far on a haystack haystack chetyrekhmetrovoy Heights and all the. Was lucky, that have rick sow recoup and past. Their dark side upyorli me in rear place, me managed pull rank on to the top. I excavated a itself in the hay Burrow and very governing equipped place for called the shots. Then, sweep the children, said, to before, than hours through four, for me not came. Ural powerfully snort motor, At Chabysh 2005 and left in darkness, leaving me one in a creepy January night, in the Kazakhstan steppes.
Protestantism one something. Minutes ten sat quietly, then think: Nu that OK, it is time. , I take it out the duck-call, 'm styling side by side bullets, to were under hand, buckshot on anyone case, too, take a closer. Ah, it is time! Having received air in lungs, 've been blowing in the duck-call, and rvuschiy soul the cry will stretch on wild ice steppes. Mommy! Why I this made?! Now any draw or Woodgoblin'll turn on the waterworks. Some as came in themselves, calmed down, ah, think, foxes something now accurately'll turn on the waterworks. Was just headed to, was just headed to and imperceptibly fell asleep.
The thin canard a hunter even in dream not brings, and this time, too, did not disappoint. Hear, poskripyvayut steps, near somewhere. Shift fuse forward, quietly I'm turning it head, see: Not fox and not wolf, and simple horse with riding a sleigh drives up to my a haystack. From sleighs here...... bulges out rustic the guy in trapper hat with ripped, tricky looks, on sides, udostoveryayas, that around no one there is no. Not hurrying, is beginning to almost from-under me did sleighs alive. Lift a the guy head although would slightly, he dug his heels in would mournfully as times in continuing my rifle. But why him look to the top rick, when in mid-haystack full of the. Sit, grapple constraining laughable. Say him, that pilfer HMAS Success, or let itself thief? Them and so hard fare.
Decision time come stealthily. Quietly press it the duck-call to lips and struggle-all forces've been blowing, directing his squarely on Outlook. To hand hard, but stuck. Horse, not raising from rick heads, bouncing around like this unusually highly on all four feet, mane and tail she has apply raise, and she, as a in two metres over land, is beginning to to flee. Neck she on air, as me it looked, minutes two. Then, according to laws gravity, increasingly-??? falls on land and disappears in steppes, gallop like somehow unhealthy gallop, which it, apparently, until this Caribbean not accounted for.
As from horse we lost them! Sleighs, I so and not understood. They even not got under with seats, so sharply she all of this has. The guy on share of of seconds later horse, too, 'd jump up, as me it looked, higher rick, under this as something konvulsivno vzbrykivaya hands and with their feet. A cap under this katapultirovalas with his heads, apparently, from-for sharply vstavshikh raise hair. Yelled he in I might go so, that I scared for his health. The guy has vanished from mind slightly more slowly horse, even not topic land. Through minute all was malaise. Again I remained one on one with at night, steppe, winter, and also with riding a sleigh with alive.
Gollivudskie for me driver minutes ten walking around sleighs, licking my Syarheychyk and, finally, said: Sanja something like and not was ? Put not was, confirmed I, and then toured.
On the morning in selsovete on meeting rule collective farm asset closely listened to narrative the janitor, about how as during safeguard them Kolkhozniy haystack on him has attacked oblachnosti man, horse ate, and the most catch up with not was able.



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deemed ??? ?? ? ? about as the case, Mikhalych! :crazyfun:

Nerve Moscow Ring Road polyubasu! :D



Cool derzhitsya.



Put +. :cool: Everyone correctly! Advertisements no one should not leave unmoved! :D How used to say one known Ukrainian TV, with which I was connected work a certain time: "Smile! This all irks! "And times irks, means not leaves indifferent. :)









Election announcement with continuation of.:crazyfun:





Our the answer matrix :crazyfun:



And this truth life :crazyfun: