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Ternoplskiy fderniy Marathon, tandem 2014

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,   2014

" , 11-12 2014 ."

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11-12 2014 . .

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, 24 . : 11 , 8.00. . ', 10 . , 18:00 10 .


9.00 9.30 ;
9.30 9.45 , , ;
9.45 10:00 ;
10:00 , ;
12:00 - ;
18:00-18:30 .


12:00 -
12:00-13:30 , .
13:30 - , .

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2 () , . , 2 () . , . , , , .

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300 . .


ϳ :
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1. Team "Ternopolyani", forge the Ternopl
1. Strletskiy Roman
2. Poturnyak Andry

2. Team "Tandem-Alliance-Feeder", forge the Lvv
1. lsv there (LOFRS)
2. Sukhovetskiy Rostislav (LOFRS) nul98.8888.438

3. Team "TRAPER Lviv team", forge the Lvv
1. Kozishkurt Pavlo LOFRS
2. Chiquita Vtaly LOFRS

4. Team "Flagman - Lviv"
1. Nemesh user: VictorAnyakin
2. Bethlehem the Dmytro

5. Team "Shimano-Lvv"
1. Mashkovskiy Sergy
2. Slivnskiy Ruslan zero 6767895

6. vorv international
1. Palyan Arak (LOFRS)
2. Mlinko Sergy LOFRS

7. Team "Dream have Team Ternopil"
1. Galamay Pavlo 0675874038
2. Utochnyutsya

8. Team "Bukovinskiy club", forge the Chernvts
1. Flurash Oleksander
2. Dem 'tin there 050 738 48 28

9. "Salvet-Volin"
1. Roosters Sergy
2. Smolenskiy Dmytro

10. Team "Fsher" Lutsk
Khvas Pavlo
Teltsin In "yacheslav

11. Team "AXIC" forge the Rvne
1. Leading Vtaly
2. Yarema Sergy 068-nul22-44-70

12. Team "Rvnenskiy carrot" forge the Rvne
1. Malchevskiy Ruslan
2. Bunechko Yury

13. Team "Tornado", forge the Lvv
1. Dubik Andry
2. Spvak gor

14. Team "Active Team", Novoyavorvsk.
1. Soltys Pavlo;
2. Batg Bogdan.

15. Team "CENTER" forge the Rvne
1. Soyko Andry
2. , Savchuk Oleg

16. Team Stugnas organs is P
1. Dzyaniy Taras (LOFRS)
2. Kozyuk Andry 0679612296

17. Team "NEMO" forge the Is no
1. Nanovskiy Taras
2. Maksimv gor

18. "Feeder LYuKS" Lvv
1. Ofk Yury
2. Voroblevskiy Jaroslaw (LOFRS)

19. Team Double "the R"
1. Melnichuk R.
2. Maksimv R. B.
Zero 67 907835O

20. Team "l" Lvv
1. Blnskiy there (LOFRS) 098-5703893
2. By the sand fly Andry
3. Naumchik Stepan (LOFRS) - zapasniy

21. Bucovina
1 Tkachuk Yury
2 Kostenyak Jaroslaw
22. OLMP
1 Tvlk Ruslan
2 Mntenko Anatoly
1 Chepishko Maxim
2 Beletskii Grsha

24. Team "Khmelnitsky feeder team" forge the Khmelnitskiy.
1. Przhok Andry Oleksandrovich 0979637878
2. Maksymchuk Vasil Pavlovich.

25. Team "Fder" Khmelnitskiy.
1. Fedoroschak Vasil Stepanovich 0972536572
2. Fedoraschak Stepan Stepanovich.

26. Team "Slavya"
1. Kvasnyuk Oleksander
2. Slyusarenko there
Coaches Tefurak gor

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Am asking zarestruvati team.

1. Roosters Sergy
2. Smolenskiy Dmytro




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Team "Fsher" Lutsk
Khvas Pavlo
Teltsin In "yacheslav




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VOVA83 02.10.2014 07 :2 7 pm

Zalishilos 8 carrier)


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Sponsori zmagan:

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Dodatkova unevenly:
You can products on on a Saturday the kind nedlyu obd.

May obdu 30 Grzywna (.

? for gaining maty tarlku ? spoonful of! , 'improved!

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Have not until rules:
Legiblly zvukovikh elektronnikh signalzatorv is permitted in nchniy the period of, on mnmalny guchnost the kind vbro.

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Dozvolyatsya legiblly malopotuzhnikh lkhtarikv for osvtlennya kvverv udilisch, ye alternative khmchnim "svtlyachkam" under umov, ui osvtlennyanapravlene not have water, and in mountain (i eooii until the).



Fotozvt! … L1p51bqTLD

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Protokoli zvazhuvan.



In this year managed to visit a competition, which already was long planned in my calendar: Marathon-tandem 2014 in Propulsion Ternopil.
My permanent previous, on ascriptive reasons, not was able to accept participation and me had to prepare for an corporates of one. Shortly before) tournament, running mate, still managed find, this was guy from Ternopil, my namesake - Galamay Paul. So as on this a reservoir has visited China's not one times, some expertize already were. So proactively knew, somehow composition feed d harvest. But so request, that get me prikormok not was in sufficient numbers, and I decided to have interesting that emerged in companies-house, prikormku SENSAS 3,000 Brune Feeder. In household conditions, from this and series of other prikormok, through screening through petty 1 mm a sieve was alienated the entire major faction. Living components there is, cordage and dog leashes but also are prepared, can be slated.
Draw. Preparation. The share of amount consigned our team Dream have Team Ternopil-Volyn in extreme 24 sector. My modern development of, team Salvet-Volyn enter middle zone sector 11. Preparation has passed enough quickly. Promarkerili two distance there is 27 and 48 forge the
Start in 12 :0 0. Start decided with average distance there is and time from time prokarmlivat dalnyak. Such one point, fish there is no hours and a half-two. Manages to capture only perch and one dace. In polyarikakh find under Bank verkhovodku and processing, on distance 16 forge the After several zabrosov manages to capture several fish, patching running mate, and we already on blizhnyake. Have & download time from time that breaches a major a dace, but activity would still a weak. Until colleague feeds 16 forge the, is allowing secondary and far point with long into pauses, - fish there is no.

To 18 :0 0 begins giveaways on a near point, and until first weighting manages a bit podlovitsya. Weighing up the shows 4760 "grape"., this 4 place, the difference between the first 1750 "grape".

Gap not the economically and need catch up. With offensive better photo, a dace withdrawn from the point, and began to mass getting caught ershi. Most teams rearranged themselves on enleve a white bream or of bream, but put his on point managed far not all. To 12 hours night a bit it is getting cold, previous went relaxing, and I decided to still a bit swim. To 3 :0 0 decent fish so and not saw and decided to, too, a bit for a holiday.
On the morning decided not inspect more no amount distance there is, and razkarmlivat round 6 point. Poklevki small fry began roughly in 7 morning. Fish lovilas actively, but with small into pauses, in Cleves.

To win, to 12 :0 0, managed to capture 10 kg 30 gr, on two, that was the greatest the result second weighting, and on the results of catapulting us on first place with common weight 14,790.
Khokhu thank his running mate, Galamaya Paul, for company and fruitful his work, which has brought an excellent outcome.

Also want say thank you:
- organizers competition Ternopil the Fed and separately Gritsyne Ruslan, for as always townsome holding arrangements;
- his colleagues on Federation: Grand Duchy of Smolensk to Dmitrii and Petukhovu activist Sergey for a pleasant evening company and barbecue;
- all participants, new and old familiar, for fight.
Separate lasting gratitude companies-house, in particular, Glushko dukes, for operational delivering get us prikormok, not only to these competitions, but and throughout the season.

Until meeting on for competitions.



Rashid Pasha, - Uh- - Not gonna, vitayu ? pershim mistsem!



Zvt a Mari1yn.
Aoei and the good thing), the weather has, first, nature neymovrna, znayom illnesses, ribka klyuvala. I aoa for the first time on ternoplskomu'd say it's kanal - aea think ui not in ostann. Thank you organzatoram for when iiaeeea. Peremogli the History of the - aiie aoee natslen on peremogu. Introduction fotozvt:



All Hi!
Trip in Ternopil on contest and and still with past year starters to inspire I have to premature Funds saliva in anticipation to intrigue and holiday.
Abundance participants marathon only podogrevalo appetite.
Unpredictability dam and behavior fish always was forcing include brains not despite targets his attending.
The apparently very announced a promising reform agenda sector # 11. Merkerilsya long, the depth of in sector big. Managed find anomaly hold a shell up, clearly as expressed blot on not very comfortable distance there is 54 turnover Shimano Technium 4,000 the FD. Decided to uncase the MAP Machtek 12 not though, that previously wrote in reports about the certain malaise under zabrose on dalnyak with headings, feeders 42 gr., and even began lose in him faith. In this time enjoyed bullets from Preston in weight 50 "grape". We experience been griping about, we fling podnauchilsya but in such a combination of cordage problems not controversial of. Adjusted for rotten and instability klova my MAP when, throwing good the feeder without problems, zavalivaniy, accurately in goal, under clip-on earring. Skhodov not was at all, take up knitting fish wow, this is awesome, and even with vyvazhivanii podlescha on 550 grams which ran half a marathon for claimed on bigfish, and bigfish on prize ZEMEX - felt themselves comfortable experience and confidently. Povodkovyy material raskosami Sunline Super Z Bayou Teche mere 0.5 or 0.117 is captivating fiscal price, iznosoustoychivostyu, faint rastyazhimostyu, durability. Fish under 150 gr., hosted without podsaka and not single cliff. Dog leashes but also of course drive the money changers repeatedly from-for ershey, and under reducing conuses hook. Hooks MAVER Katana 0.14 0.16
In arsenal the boot, limanka, night crawlers, the worm. Fodder SENSAS 3,000 Brune Feeder, Sensas 3,000 Super Bremes.
Began with tug ropes 120 see, and nozzles night crawlers. Initially decided not promoted limanku, mindful about the omnipresent small okunyakh, out incised gonna be a turkey pinkoy. Launch zakorma not did. Perezabros every 1.5-2 shadowing On 5 zabrose poklevka and the first plotvichka. Previous Sergei, immediately began promoted limanku and -Stop baiting mikrushnogo a boilermaker, in anticipation arrival of bream. For first two hours I have steadily, although not often was biting,. Even in such a deliberate pace, observing on sides, understood, that of walking not poorly. Have Sergei the first podlesch "grape". 300 for him still and still, family cats a dace. Solve the might need something to extend ceasing until 220 see, to move solely on Pinku and the first CAD krasnoperka in vlet. If after the fall of the trough immediately not onvention poklevka family cats a dace. In any case after zabrosa began to do pause until 2-3 shadowing, and deal matter business.
The first weighing up the - I have 4.3 kg., Seryoga more 2 kg., - until we the first.
On waiting lists so, get gussied up warmer, 're getting ready to night and hope on arrival of bream. Do with start-up zakorm with adding weave the worm. The sun sets, a dace moves away and replaced it activates one of these in weight from 2 until 15 "grape". About 23.00 earn first confident poklevku and ladoshechnyy podleschik on worm in zaglot my. Forth again silence. Prosidev about hours decided for a holiday. At night special successes have all not nablyudalosya, except team Ternopolyany , which its Vsenoschnym bdeniem ??? ugovoroli several podleschey. Dawn! Give ceasing 250 see, and with start enleve several ternopolskikh verkhovodok increasing size, but all same not such a as krasnoperka, need to harvest its. Ukorachivayus, and pipe cleaners simply strapon. Sucking back three kicks, one of these in weight in three grams on vacuum to get sucked up without the serif crocheted, sat down, not though that the sun was already highly. Only through hours two I have starters skip a dace, and for it krasnoperka, but time inexorably ended. Have Seregi, too, profoundly sad, and seeing that I began -Stop baiting krasnoperku Crosses on my point. See that his there's gravy is borne Dam on 2 further from my point. With half an hour of exercise fishing on equal, and then I began fall behind. Pereklipsovyvayus + 2 Dam and (paddles thunk) Resuming basis that is, but time ended! In end we 4-tye.
Euro Taekwondo celebration worked! We are happy were to meet and to communicate with friends from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, High, Ternopil.
Huge thank you organizers. Ruslan, you as always dusheven! Bograch in cauldron was stylistics. Rovensky carrot , thanks to your for yummy a hold on much longer until Spring. Ternopolyani Roma and Andrei, it is time with you make an effort on neutral territory, I congratulate with prizes! Glad for can Khvasa, carries, not shame patria Wolyn. Greetings Pasha Galamayu!
Yellow card, team Tornado , guys, you too made some and perhaps not quite understood format holiday and the crux of the vacation.
Until meeting!



Marathon have ancient the Ternopl 1930 chekali aiaai. Iaaoou ? ia??iai nashogo the marathon on ozer in sec. Prilbich, naia a oia ? us not leave aoiea pro 24 godinne pleasure from a objects which fishing spots on fder.

Naperedodn zmagan have us z`yavilas iiaeeea protestuvati, so bi moviti have martial umovakh, iiao prikormu a kompan flagship , and naia Turbo Cold Water the kind iiao suggest you a series prikormom for oieiaii ?the. So ye iaiaaeaiu in the prinadi on oeo zmagannyakh not ia?, then ??have us aoei Enough, ui zblshilo iiaeeea for eksperimentv.

Ui iiaeia is hard on oei Difference Amplifier Forms Heart. Prinada Turbo rozroblyalas highly qualified specialists ia?i kompan naia for legiblly ??in prokholodnu the Nighttime ?ieo, that temperatures the froze, and we, aeacoaaoe ua not pdnyalas, the kind riba not so actively oa? ? o?ouny. Privada represented have term not exceeding two kolorakh beautiful and the kind chervonomu. Chudovo Urban Settlement pdkhodit for legiblly ??for sell fishing spots, oaei ye pltka the kind lyasch, ia? mlku the kind Enough of voluntary fraktsyu. December prinada ia? solodkuvato-pryanu aromatiku. Chervona scour-spets.

For the period of sell 1930 aaaaoi aeaeoi?aeuieo kombnatsy. Podnuvali ??? get vseukrainskoy our prikormami Squam Lake, River the kind of Morgan Roach and Bream. Oaeiae ia? prikormi ? ribnimi smakami Nalibut method mix (in nchniy the period of) ? rozrakhunkom on majority Ribu. Generously vikoristovuvali sukh supplements, aromi the kind lkvdi. Nazhal, is unfolding prinada z`yavilas dovol pzno, ? in us not aoei ano protestuvati ??until zmagan. On oeo zmagannyakh 1930 dosit gdno vistupili zaynyavshi 8-striking noa c 21-dishes of teams. On marafon, nshimi teams, vikoristovuvalos aaaaoi aeaeoi?aeuieo svtovikh ? companies that. Moreov, aea prinada a kompan flagship gdno konkuruvala.

Sam the proyshli o ? eaai. Bolyache meeting world znayomikh, and oaeiae, ui aoaea it, z`yavlyayutsya iia ? illnesses. Ouiai never aoee endurance a tough ? us Zakhdno chastini ia?i DINO e?a ?ie. It aoei bachiti, ui people, in oae not prostiy for on ? o hour, zbralis on chudovy vodoym, in GDP the Ternopl the kind zakrili oae vazhkiy the kind neperedbachuvaniy fderniy season 2014. Until this meeting in a new ?io on vodoymakh ie. Thank Oe?a!
Fderna team flagship-Lvv-user: VictorAnyakin ? Dmytro.


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