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The Asian "ZhRK" your fishing bobber VS Feder 2014 (Zhytomyr)

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Respected fly fishermen!

We invite you to accept participation in Cup fishing club ZhRK on it catching fish on company and fidernuyu tackle, which will mark 28 September 2014 on water feature the Grouse at the county beach (gidropark)

About conducting Cup ZhRK

1. Goal and tasks
Contest ???? with goal:
nurture cautious relations to nature;
raising fishing of excellence participants;
compare ulovistost floater and fidera;
propaganda healthy way of life and popularize fishing sport.

2. Organization and holding contest
The general governance preparation and the hardest to competition serves Zhytomyrfishing club ZhRK. Directly holding contest is undertaken forensic European, in accordance with operating rules sporting fisheries and this position.

3. Timeline and place conducting Cup ZhRK , on it comes to shagging fish poplavochnoy and as snastyu is conducted on River often at the county beach (gidropark). … h&z=18

4. Participants competition
To participate in for competitions are permitted all wishing to, podtverdivshie their participation in for competitions until 26.09.2014g. And reaching 14 years. The total number of participants not limited (poplavochnikov / fideristov).

Contest ???? in personal 80 of.

5. Rules conducting competition
5.1. Resolved basis that is one poplavochnoy snastyu (match, to max, plug / feeder) with one crocheted.
Number of cordages collected on Bank not limited. The nozzle sitch without restrictions (only natural origin).
Combined the sector for industrialized fishing 10 meters.
, no. The length prikormki not more 17litrov, jamborees and prikormki animal 2 liter, of them coarse very not more 1 liter.

5.2 availability of podsaka and charge (not less 1 m) - necessarily;
5.3 All here fish goes in laps.
5.4 All here on for competitions fish after weighting released (let off).
-uchastniki competition owe know and abide by rules Amateur and sporting fisheries, position and rules competition, not abandon on a reservoir garbage.
-zapreschena had forced fish outside limits own sector.
-Sportsmenu strictly forbidden create disadvantages procedure weighting, distract and hinder work judges.
-Pobeditelem in round recognized a participant with the greatest weight capture of
-Sportsmeny, remaining without capture of, receive number of points (seats), equal a recent community.
-Pobeditel is determined by on second number of key dialed for two round.
-Sportsmeny compete in one zone, under registration participants more 15 fringes will two zone.

6. Regulations contest

1 th tour
07.30 - Registration / draw
Hour fits entry in zone, preparation;
08.55 1 th signal Starter zakorm;
D21E 2 th signal START;
12.00 3 th signal across the line, weighing up the

2 th tour
12.45 - Registration / draw
13.00 entry in zone, preparation;
13.55 1 th signal Starter zakorm;
14.00 2 th signal START;
17.00 3 th signal across the line, weighing up the,s.
17.00-18.00 Coordinator, awarding winners, closing competition.

7. Definition of results
Winner is determined by on second his-wu key for two round. If his-in key coincides, then in weight & chips that gets picked fish for two round.

8. Awarding:
Your fishing bobber VS Feder
1s place the Asian + entrepreneurship
2s place medal + entrepreneurship
3s place medal + entrepreneurship

Prize in the most a major fish

9. Costs
Ribolovniy club ZhRK bears costs associated with organization and the hardest to competition;
Registration collection with participants competition 50 Grzywna (.

10. The applications
Bid must contain:
1. F. I. O. Stakeholder;
2. Kind of industrialized fishing (your fishing bobber / feeder)

Bodies. Organizers of:

(093) 1227557 Taras
(093) 6001067 Dmitri

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+ 1 Sribnyy Nikolai (Zhytomyr) feeder



Registering the:

1. Salva Andrei (feeder) - paid
2. Woodpecker Taras (your fishing bobber)
3. Begerskiy Dmitri (your fishing bobber)
4. , that the coachman Ruslan (feeder) - paid
5. Grigorenko Vyacheslav (feeder)
6. Koval Andrei (your fishing bobber)
7. Sribnyy Nikolai (feeder)
8. Vityuk Ivan (your fishing bobber)
9. Of Khotyn Dmitri (feeder)
10. Bilous Ilya (feeder)
11. Androsovich Mikhail (feeder)
12. Antypchuk Vladimir (feeder)

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Today with Dmitri Begerskim were on place conducting contest, conducted a small neprodolzhitelnuyu hour retreatments. A Nazhmi, nutritious prikormkoy flagship of the series of pro kompetishn much a dace / bream, fish has become on fodder immediately, klevala on oparika and night crawlers. Were vylovleny 6 species fish: A dace, bleak, roughy, perch, podlesch and Blicca bjoerkna!!



Registering the:

1. Salva Andrei (feeder) - paid
2. Woodpecker Taras (your fishing bobber)
3. Begerskiy Dmitri (your fishing bobber)
4. , that the coachman Ruslan (feeder) - paid
5. Grigorenko Vyacheslav (feeder)
6. Koval Andrei (your fishing bobber)
7. Sribnyy Nikolai (feeder)
8. Vityuk Ivan (your fishing bobber)
9. Priymak Nikolai (your fishing bobber)
10. Bilous Ilya (feeder)
11. Androsovich Mikhail (feeder)
12. Antypchuk Vladimir (feeder)
13. A. Troyanovsky Denis (feeder)
14. Vonsovich Sergei (feeder)
15. Glibko Sergei (feeder) - paid
16. Bilousov Yuri (feeder)
17. Okhmak Alexander (your fishing bobber)
18. Tkachenko Andrei (feeder)
19. Dzyubak Igor (your fishing bobber)



Medalili and the Asian on the Asian "ZhRK" are prepared!

-spender tournaments company FLAGMAN







Report Dmitri Begerskogo:

Here is and overfishing festival Osinniy the Asian ZhRK 2014.

In Sally adopted participation 20 athletes among which 7 poplavochnikov and 13 fideristov. A competition passed in general the actual test, but-there is was defined one winner, regardless of species some tackle on which he catching. Turkic forward Id say that in this year victory won representatives as industrialized fishing. But poplavochnik amounted them decent competition!

Want be noted a high the turnout athletes from registered 22 man, 20 adopted participation in the.

In general contest over in warm, friendly the atmosphere. Weather so same has pleased all inherent warmer.

From behalf of organizers of tournaments want thank all participants for create an honest and an uncompromising fight. Also I express lasting gratitude sponsor festival companies flagship for provided by gifts.

Results tournaments look the next way:



Here is and ended the third for the thirteenth time winning the "ZhRK"! Preparation for the tournament began to engage stance, Dima Begerskiy handled preparation degrees and protocols, and I putting and malities medals and goblet for) tournament, and so same sponsorship help.
Place tournaments was been decided shifting on more promising, so as initially supposed place industrialized fishing was the stranglehold of the ukleyki, but on these some tackle ever responds bull, isn't he, was been decided to move on urban beach (gidropark), there and fish varied there is and conditions industrialized fishing equal, the more beach season already ended and by bathers not occurred. Continuation of HERE



Report Dmitri Begerskogo:

Osinniy the Asian ZhRK 2014

All was is prepared. Placard for partitioning sectors, balls for conducting drawing, Protocols, prizes But the organizers extremities were united by, to the end. It and not surprising we with Tarasom opposed and the organizers, and judges, and participants.

After sleepless night (all time thought bring I packed up and not forgot whether I what) in 6-45 I with mate profits on place conducting competition and immediately same unholy for work partitioning your sectors, test lists registration, preparation just needed for drawing. Registering the and draw over quickly and smoothly. All have diverged on sectors. Me in the first round had a chance sector # 10 (exactly middle of the). Good sector was directly near seats conducting drawing and far me walk not had to. The first affair began to zamesu prikormki. In this time, for various reasons, I enjoyed prikormkoy fishdrim Italian production. Turkic forward, Id say that prikormka me slightly envoy (though can this I did that the not so). Time on training was just 55 minutes, on this all had to to do quickly. Leaving prikormku steep, began to electronics cordages and promeru depth. Brought together match with connected float switch 10 "grape". And Pekinese with connected float switch 6 gr. Promer depth showed, that on maximum possible for me distance there is, no Phenol trawling there is no, and maximal the depth of accounts for 90 110 see

With start-up zakorm from only does

Zamarkerovalsya on distance there is 32 Dam. Carried until mind prikormku. , I could even watch on clock 5 minutes until zakorma. Quickly concocted mere 12 balloons with the weather, prepared the a slingshot and exactly in 8 55 drama signal to zakormu. Zakormilsya I not very aptly variation balloons around floater averaged somewhere 2 Dam. But, adjusted for now wind, this was not very critical way. Drama the second signal, nazhivil omotylya and the first impose has brought me perch, size of with little finger. The second impose again perch. The third impose another at you, stripy in sadke. Ah, think, here we go. Now nabomblyu bass build. But not here the was. Further deal went wrong actively, poklevku accounted for wait, sometimes on debt. Id say that fish on prikormku put me so and not managed. The main part of capture of perch. Sometimes vletala plotvichka and gusterka. But, because, saw that neighbors gets caught much ostentatious and fish have them not larger, particularly not has felt. So lasted until the starters third hours round. Suddenly from Left breathed screeching clutch. All attention opened on lucky stiff. Couple minutes-fought struggle has brought Vladimir (precisely him was lucky) pound a white bream (600 with than the grams).

Vyvazhivanie a successful of bream.

Ah think the second place in round, too, not poorly. Through gender hours silence the beach again violated joyous breath working clutch. And again Vladimir's parking pound a white bream. Ah why not I have he took the bait! With such thoughts remains ready I dolavlival until the end of round. And here is, after another zabrosa rang an alarm clock means until the end of round one minute. Turn an alarm clock I not managed poklevka and already I have udilishche it bends orthodontic wire and sings Friction clutch. Understanding that time I have no, forsiruyu vyvazhivanie, cross-clamping Friction clutch, see fish in five metres from Bank and Speshka nor to what good not leads. . 'm postponing udilishche and'm filing signal about finish first round of the. On weighing up the of walking the angry on himself. As it turned out was angry I not for good reason. Great haste cost me if not first, then accurately second seats in round. And so I proved only the fourth.

Vladimir and hiss winning fish.

Ah think nothing, there is still the second tour, and means and chances on victory remain. All the more that on we need first me had a chance sector # 1. Little moreover that he extreme, so still and the depth of on distance there is industrialized fishing almost on meter more. Hour on training Kolkevich quickly. 13-55 signal to zakormu. Again vystrelivayu 12 balls from only does (on this time much more precisely). Start. The first impose not brings nothing. Minutes through five occurred the first poklevka and on the hook proved one of these in, size of with bass which klevali in the first round. The beginning of there is. Must now approach the a major fish. But I its so and not well cared for by. Talismanic still units five ershey and couple of oknkov, nibble stalled. Precisely not squeakin ? has stopped, and fully stalled. No amount dokormy and game with depth not helped. , I could even watch to the right, and there Taras on distance there is 15 meters underway bombards downtown casualties bolonkoy. I take its. Zakarmlivayu round 6 point. 'm tuning up tackle. But not here the was. It turned out that bleak, too, not its procedure, and to its harvest, its first need was feed in during hours. With a near point fished out a couple of plotvits and couple of ukleek. And here, too, nibble stalled. Again turn on far distance, that was feeding all time. Was feeding not for good reason. Began rare poklevki. Messages couple of Okounkov, still couple of ershey. And finally in recent gender hours on fodder has become Blicca bjoerkna. Paul hours catching with every zabrosa. But for gender hours catch up with previous two and a half simply not realistically. Again an alarm clock and through minute'm filing signal about finish. Big hopes on from falling in prizes already there is no. Understand that lost Tarasu. But question whether him? Weighing up the showed that there is no. The second tour I graduated the fifth. But in a result received with Tarasom equal number of balls 9. And only on common weight I lost and proved the fourth in general Monster. This the Asian won fideristy entered the first and the second place. Third place have Tarasa the sole representative of floater among prizewinners.

Catch Vladimir in the first round, estimated him silver.

Further was awarding, photosession and exchange impressions. All remained happy with after all aoaee not prizes, and sake of vacation in companies associates. All the more weather us has pleased warmer and away autumn sun.

In custody want thank all participants, all who helped in organizations festival and, of course same, company flagship for support and provided by prizes.

Until meeting on reservoirs!

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