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Technique vyvazhivaniya

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Comrades athletes and simply lovers :flag:

Share tactical of the secrets of successful vyvazhivaniya on enough adopttackle and snap average and major fish.

1 any edges of should stick to under gallon of ink fish on themselves? Whatever ways borrow initiative?
2 as do if fish sharply went on you?
3 as work against tide?
4 on video saw the British under vyvazhivanii sometimes slides down vershinku in water, why?



We questions silly, we no one not needy :no:

Think not all drag ahead and have nicknames on video this in sight.



1. Vertically (rudely speaking) risen Flag udilishche and accurately-Friction clutch in aid. And all depends how the thin ceasing and how a major and a strong fish - not unfurl you amur in 5kg on tight leash in 0.12.
2. To run away deeper and deeper Bank until full tension fishing line of yours :D. Ah as you thinking? Stupidly quickly vymatyvat take. Yes and a rare this case - I have only with the carp such couple of times was :dontknow:
3. Not understood question.
4. I don't know. The British at all strange people :D

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duffy333 wrote:

4. I don't know. The British at all strange people

And not talk less. Feder have come up with why something :dontknow: :D

And there is whether sense at all use on strong during very subtler dog leashes but also? Under friktsione ,-weakened on so much to he not ruptured is possible whether option that throwing out the line the cord will simply force pressure tide on the feeder?



the cord will simply force pressure tide on crime as

With so not rebuffed, but here is under vymatyvanii, especially Oslo sometimes Friction clutch works, if he was unnecessarily weakened. Isprpvlyaetsya sekundno podtyanuv Friction clutch.



Still can be establish a small cube fidergama, to not other race, so immediately under vyvazhivanii, ceasing.

And can be and not to set - then shot of adrenaline will more.



1 me conveniently 45 degrees if vymatyvat fish stupidly. If that the comfortable - to pump.
2 Topal with their feet, scare, let him ago is sailing) of course quickly shaking its.
3 if I understood question, then so same as and always, only udilishche you strategically position your "its nose": Diving camping on E. Directly from themselves, that would a corner was a normal for place.
4 can be two aspects -
And) fideristy / former shtekeristy (or not former). Who catching shtekerom - have moreover reflex, on strong ryvkakh fish should lower my the tip whale: Diving - raising the atoning otstrelivavsheysya River Kymi on eyes (under steep of a defence wakes up aggressivity)
It comes) on sorevakh not in sight center the main, that would judge not zaschital "entry" fish in sector rival.
There is of course still assumption about resistance the main in water - its simply fish harder in side then you pull. But think - this controversial plus.



On the issue # 1 can be to wage fish on kratchayshey trajectory, and can be walk its, change direction, lead the its side and vast, here is pro what corners I. There is whether such what? In terms of suppose more tiring out. Or still what.

On the issue # 2 gal not the as shaking its, and position rods up relatively water the surface: For example lower down askew, to not was too muddles center, and if raise upward and shaking its, then under sharp nyatyazhenii fishing line of yours from fish can burst ceasing or be far greater-raising the rod

On # 3 - on heat me seems need try to to wage on path smaller resistance water, camping on E. Maximally perhaps perpedikulyarno downstream, of course will have to stand up and become, if Bank allows



Here is article found, something owe for themselves

Vyvazhivanie fish requires from the fishing trainer own human ingenuity, skill instantaneously navigate in environment, and also knowledge certain practices and skill apply their on practice.

Vyvazhivaya fish even a solid lesoy, need to seek to, to she got tighter as can be less, so as hook often zatseplyaet fish for the tip lips or well in mouth, and this with a large diabetes often leads to their population at large and right off the bat fish. Needs have a clear misconception about emerging under vyvazhivanii forces. As mentioned higher, fish in water can develop force resistance, in 2 3 times greater than the own weight, with burden on tackle changing proportionately most part fish and speed its movement. The main task the fishing trainer to weary fish. Under vyvazhivanii she overcoming resistance water and force, with which fisherman its deters. Under small liquid molecules consumption energy on overcoming resistance water not so perishing large, and fish a long time can swim not utomlyayas. However resistance water increases on least increasing speed movement fish. , at big speed she wastes up many energy and quickly, goes off things. Force, with which fisherman deters fish, also promotes molded its energy, but under vyvazhivanii in avoiding cliff line or lips fish need to seek to reduce this force. Here something rybolovu and come on aid the coil and well amortiziruyuschee udilishche. Expressed considerations must be Olshansky in the groundwork action the fishing trainer under vyvazhivanii fish. Under it catching on Taking a deaf tackle fisherman, feeling the after sweep (martial arts), that on hook met fish, should raise the end of the rods up so, to a corner his the tilt to the surface water comprised 60 80 . Greater or smaller sloping rods up depends on his by building and capacity. In general sloping should be thus, to can be was transmission of use two properties rods up and together with those not even break a his. For this is needed some supply line. So during industrialized fishing, especially major fish, should not bombarding or mock the pourer on entire length line. For industrialized fishing fish with Bank best sited away from water and after sweep (martial arts) do a few steps forward, to udilishche adopted a necessary sloping, then forests and udilishche not vytyanutsya in direct line. The first time not are taking no active action, providing fish to bend udilishche. As would uniquely powerful nor was razvivaemoe fish tank effort, should not should lower my the end of the rods up down, of course, if him not threatens to blocarea. In further, if fish will move in disadvantage of for the fishing trainer direction, camping on E. Goes to koryagam or down downstream on, its try to turn. Should not remove neutomlennuyu fish to the surface, so as she will splashing about, beat and could get away with hook. Need not also quickly deceitful fish, if she climbed to the top; should try to to float its, by tilting udilishche to water, but not forward, and in side, while preserving the same a corner between lesoy and pounder. In is case, when fish makes candle jumps up to from water, recommend in the first moment lower udilishche down and weaken the forest, and when fish will fall in water, raise udilishche and again pull the forest. But such reception it is difficult manageable and hardly is sound. Even experienced fisherman not tranquilizing in a timely weaken and pull the forest, and untimely weakening of leads to right off the bat fish. Together with those under the hop fish in levels even on meter forests not to load so, to to break lip, and, contrary, under falling fish on water forests markedly not will sag, so as for the fishing trainer will work pruzhinyaschee udilishche and rastyagivayuschayasya forests. Only, that can be suggest, if gets caught with coil, slow its finger at, leaving fish under the hop to pull a bit line.
Sometimes under it comes to shagging among the reeds and in windows between herbs fish account for to wage ahead , counting on the tenacity cordage and a good zasechku. In these cases need to act faster, not giving fish stem. Under it catching with coil, making podsechku, udilishche, not weakening line, sinister in left hand, obkhvatyvaya his slightly above coils, and right-wing formed for pens drum. Udilishche for sustainability focus grounds in open, degistirmek left hips. So same, as and under vyvazhivanin on Taking a deaf tackle, udilishche naklonyayut under angle 60 80 to the surface water, by veering his rings upward and to the right, if gets caught with upper position coils, for moreover, to forests not rub shoulders with about the arched part of rods up. If a major fish immediately after sweep (martial arts) makes a sharp the flip, it allow almost freely two legal the forest with reel. Detain fish force should only then, when it aims withdraw in threshold, groves collecting driftwood and other seats, grozyashie shift or breakage line. As only fish does freeze, its need to immediately turn and to let me down to Bank or boat. Even with minor poking fish should stop podmotku, bumping fingers right-wing hands on whether the rim drum coils. Fingers must only slightly to hold down whether the rim, to began could turn and under easy drive fish. Under such a position fingers conveniently regulate submission line and quickly move on podmotku. Moreover, exclude opportunity strike armrests of on absolute negation and supplementation delays the distorted drum. Crafted reception drag apply only in on with open drum; if began closed, then shackling account for large finger at on concrete cover forests, that less conveniently. In rest details trickled in so same, as and under vyvazhivanii fish on Taking a deaf tackle. If gets caught without rods up or with brief pounder and about as lesoy, then fish account for vyvazhivat, turning over the forest hands. This requires experience and special care, so as is worth only under drive fish on a moment Catch the forest social fish almost inevitable. So need to only slightly'll hold him in the forest, to under slightest increase resistance fish she proskalzyvala between fingers. Weary a major fish better borrow comes or a gaffing pole and only last resort hands. Should never be raising its on forests, so as in the air weight fish sharply expands, so forests or lips fish can rupture.The. If gets caught on Taking a deaf tackle, then a net take in left hand and slides down in water so, to his whether the rim was in 20 30 centimeters from the surface water. Then in angular a net they are falling rapidly fish. When much of fish, including head, proves over comes, his smoothly are raising over's surface water. Under it catching with coil the forest podmatyvayut, until its length not will become roughly equal length of his rods up. Then, tightly whether the rim drum reel four fingers leftist hands, gradually are raising the end of the rods up upward almost until breakup of position. Simultaneously right hand take a net and slides down his in water. In further fish they are falling rapidly in a net so same, as and under it catching without reel. If fish proves not enough, uh, strong out and will make a sharp jump, then began reel will absolve from-under fingers, and then, ukorotiv the forest until grinding halt after length, again repeat attempt to.

If udilishche not heaviest and fish not very a major, then can be win its in a net, tossed udilishche right hand. In this case a net take leftist hand, and right-wing tightened the noose around udilishche under coil, with began coils remains from of rotation of large finger at, allowance on whether the rim. Podsachivaya fish with boats without aide, its feel more comfortable to let me down to left (relative to grebtsu) board, if udilishche hold in right-wing drawn, and, contrary, to right board, if udilishche hold in leftist drawn. Bagorikom take predominantly a major fish Sheat, pikes, under this udilishche always hold in leftist drawn, so as podbagrivat fish leftist hand difficult. Under it comes to shagging with Bank fish podbagrivayut from below about Zhaber broad is smoother movement, tossed bagorik with the connecting hook upward. Hand fish need to borrow from above have heads, pridaviv large and index fingers bronchial seals. … -ryby.html

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If udilishche not heaviest and fish not very a major, then can be win its in a net, tossed udilishche right hand.

Have us, too, so roughly (if knots hand not busy a glass). :D


Bagorikom take predominantly a major fish Sheat, pikes

But on these rybuinov not do - there bagorika :dontknow: :D




Bagorikom take predominantly a major fish Sheat, pikes,

. And a boilermaker :idea:. To not get hurt :glasses:




on the issue # 2 gal not the as shaking its, and position rods up relatively water the surface: For example lower down askew, to not was too muddles center, and if raise upward and shaking its, then under sharp nyatyazhenii filament from fish can burst ceasing or be far greater-raising the rod

The optimal a corner the main under vyvazhivanii to the rods up 90 degrees - then burden from the main maximally is allocated on the and he predisposition of and extinguishes tugging fish. Than closer to direct a corner between the main and form, the less the form administrative and the more burden on basic and coil.



:) understandable that article able a bit on other fishermen. Write better, if can




article able a bit on other fishermen

You rights, this article on large thirteenth time no revelations not bears :glasses: not think, think, that someone here something imagine from themselves. But as there is no universal rods up on all times, so and not will universal articles, have fish on this expense its, an unbiased opinion :D BETTER. More correctly, little who will write (all excuses-concrete conditions industrialized fishing. :crazy:), but if you bet. Ask more concrete questions something poluchish more Nitty Gritty in responding.

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