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Fidery Shimano.

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Yura L.Yura, signs on your Canal. Thank you, a good the commercial. Cool easily herdable budget feeder. On vershinkam with one hand plus, as you speak, and with the other - loss the kind charm of and tenderness, which present in other mediumakh dura-Ace with the subtle vershinkami and by small rings. T. E. Volkswagen Jetta TDI Shimano Aernos realistically examine alternative treatments for river and karpovyy, can be even say metodnyy. On for competitions under it catching careful a white fish on-start he, likely, will fail will engage traditional psychics dura-Ace. On an amateur a fishing trip this hardly will markedly. Incidentally, on question why done 1 and 2 Anabelle Lake now shell, there is the answer - obese done in Carbone dura-Ace makes only from 3 ounces and higher. Increasingly that softly - only glass.



"Obese" done (your 3.5-3.6mm) have other producers, too, thus divided - "until 2oz" glass, "after 2oz" carbon fibre. Drennan, Preston. The English Dayva at all only in 4oz carbon fibre has. Sometimes this irks. Especially in wind and wave of. Want and in smaller tests carbon fibre.



Carlos wrote:

Olegu32, changed and other. Here is you all highly rather flattering opinion about Antaresakh. Under this Faery, as the me, look bad as least not worse: Build like as slowda, carbon fibre ponovey, nut lug far are much more compact, albeit without poncey rattles daily, done more interesting - to Faeru need to only TUR one mere 0.5 / 0.75 and all. Under this in matters A.vsF. All choose previous model, referring solely on his the beauty

Vitaly. I have no opportunities compare Antares with Faerom, so as is missing Fayer :), but, I’d say for Antares VC a medium. In my notion of a he indeed a handsome, but this not importantly. I like in it precisely the build which there is. He gives opportunity and quite far hurl and well, she knits fish. Serious spoils, until, on him not catching, yes and not was of a on this, but the riverine bass on 2.6 kg fishing for that very pleased. Moreover for 3-4 dozen fishing trips nor never not was nor zakhlestov, nor vypadaniy vershinok. T. D., in general eiaee in pleasure. Kit vershinok, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5 Anabelle Lake now, well lack for an amateur fishing. 1.0 and 1.5, 'm using on River with quiet and middle the passage, trough 42 and 56 "grape". (For strong tide there is other fidera). On the lake lack done 0.75, year-old, vypendristyy :D Crucian goes on cheers. Casualties not enleve, perhaps for it and need to TUR vershinku mere 0.5. Although, under starter zakorme on River, enclosed triviality, poklevki are visible very clearly. Still +, catching in a strong wind, vershinku shakes a significantly less than have other types. In general on nutshell so, and to feel this all, need to swim. :yep: Don’t am arch-shimanistom, there is and Garbolino and EBM and Dayva, but this feeder in soul fuse.



Me Fire, too, more likes superficially than Antares, although himself the form on "Antares" simply miraculously a handsome on the sun, not there where cherry color, and higher. But on zabrose I think Fire will even better of "Antares".



Oleg 32- Thanks for the answer. Preferences of "Antares" before Faerami indeed more lie in area personal preferences his external species and only.



Excluding factor zebest or sense of zamknutovogo Dog (bad read more) recommend pay attention on a series of Ultegra!



Oleg, could you tell me, a new a form SPIDKAST designed in matovom or fashion-style? :dontknow:



Have types Spidkast a form matt.



Waited answer "polumatovyy" :flirt:



Фидерер 71 wrote:

excluding factor zebest or sense of zamknutovogo Dog (bad read more) recommend pay attention on a series of Ultegra!

You compared their virtually or earlier theory!


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