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All that you should know pro fishing reel. The British tell.

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Without fishing coils hard to imagine modern fishing trip. There is no, there is of course destinated and pole plug-in rods up, but this is so say exceptions confirmatory rules. Want to share recommendations from British the techs take a with site by choice fishing reel. Want discern, that some terms differ from conventional wisdom and are purely British.

When buying Source Code a new instructed coil
(Buying a new fishing reel
08 January 2010 10 :3 6)
Need a aid under purchase a new fishing reel? Or buy his first coil? The silt not you can deal, that precisely you need: Simple bezynertsionnaya or with beytranernoy system, with front or backdating friktsionom? Then you is worth read this article she will help you correctly choose coil and with mind spend money.
Read further, and you can solve, what type of coils choose, what the size of the, what number bearings and what type of clutch you need, to help maximally under zabrose and provide an opportunity to capture much more fish.
Article divided between the on branches, to help you deal around the diversity features of fishing coils, represented on market and show, as they work, as they can help rybolovu and much else.

Variety species fishing coils
On this moment have the fishing trainer there is choice from six various types of coils. All they detail been described on. Some of them extremely are universal and can be used in the most various styles fishing, and other indeed highly specialized and best use in certain circumstances, and even only with specific baits.

The Plain bezynertsionnye reel (Fixed spool reels)
Simple bezynertsionnaya the coil the most frequent and often Harry Flemming from all types of coils. Perhaps, not there will the fishing trainer, have which not was would although would one such coils. Why this coil the British call Fixed spool reel - the coil with fixed shpuley ? Because that in the usual able shpulya such coils though. She Tuyabuguz on shtoke in the time when rotor with to be and trailer lesoukladyvatelya revolve around it, 10 as such back. Before the invention of this type coils fly fishermen many decades used of screens reel (centrepin reels), where instead shpuli were various options of a rotating on central axis drum. Simple bezynertsionnaya the coil have large diversity sizes, flowers and models. Alone have forefront Friction clutch (front drag system), other pushed (rear drag system). Alone have the mill handle while other a double. But about everything this will written below.
This type of coils suited virtually for any species fishing. Simple bezynertsionnaya coil is used for various species poplavochnoy, by, spinningovoy industrialized fishing - this indeed the most universal type of coils, which we have in disposal. Here is that makes these coils such popular: Relative-plagued economies in designing, the simplicity in using, the availability of in goes different user-exchangeable shpul for various types of and diameters fishing line of yours / length of cord, reliability design. Some of best models can work years without taking any service service! Clicking switch mechanism can be besieged / is unlocked, that for example very it is important under by it comes to shagging, when needs choose /, downplay as such for gossamer settings platoons (done. These reel indeed very are universal they come as for industrialized fishing literally under with their feet with legchayshimi floaters, so and with dire fidernymi kormushkami 500m in 100m. You can pick a a new, fiscal the mill bezynertsionnuyu coil just over 5 ?(about 8 dollars), and just over & # 163 ;3 0 (about $50) you can find reliable coil, which will several seasons is famously work. If same you need a Eternal bezynertsionnaya coil, then orphans as posting not less 100 ?(about $160).

coils with beytranernoy system (Free spool reels)
Reel with beytranernoy system this development conventional fixed-spool reel. But with one complement the additional brake system. When this system included, then shpulya coils will the issues and surrender as such under a certain burdens. As times this brake system fisherman sets and regulates degree of burden. Thus, under is enabled and correctly subculture beytranernoy system, if fish took bait and has become swimming away with it, then raskosami will easily go with shpuli. All that must be done rybolovu, to stop social fishing line of yours this take place it in hands, and pull off the handle coils. This brings in movement armored glass) mechanism and beytraner is switching off, and raskosami are stalling. This type of mechanism especially widely is used under it comes to shagging a captured copies carp, Moustache, pikes and Sheat. Rybolovam well known, as these the fish species like to jerk in side with the bait in mouth. If use for such industrialized fishing the mill bezynertsionku without beytranera, there is much the likelihood see, as your tackle somewhere is floating away after poklevki the so happens quite often. This as times and is happening because, that raskosami not can freely go with shpuli. At all the, coils with so mechanism more and the graver ordinary bezynertsionok. This as times from-for more diverse details within corps coils. Typically their use for zabrosa dire osnastok on long drives distance there is. So and the size of the shpul have them, too, big. On market can be meet bezinertsionki with beytranernymi systems just over & # 163 ;1 5 (about $25), but better pay not less & # 163 ;4 0 (about $65) and you have will reliable, well generating coil, which apt for-zabrosa and which not let, when indeed a serious copy will on the hook.

reel Big change place (of Morgan pit reels)
Fly fishermen, specializing on the servant-trophy-it comes to shagging, know, as often account for bombarding heavy montages, in a marker or Spode on very long drives distance there is. Here is here the and come into game coils type Big change place. These coils indeed are huge. They have not very large body the most reel, greater the handle, huge tyagovuyu might. And all of this uvenchano shpuley huge size on that are placed several hundred meters thick fishing line of yours. They offer those same opportunities, that and most ordinary bezynertsionok (antirevers, clip-on earring on shpule, the partnership established pens and camping on Afghan, but their massive coils allows rybolovu throw much further, than ever without this coils. Raskosami with these big shpul sky falls easily and with very small resistance, providing services with the bait, bobber as soon as-marker or luckily o so far, how this perhaps. Under it comes to shagging carp, Sheat or pikes fly fishermen use these coils, if necessary harvest, give or penetrate point for industrialized fishing on distant made it. Some of those coils go with beytranernoy system, that makes their even more favourite-buying for the fishing trainer, unit the servant-trophy-fishing. The cheapest the coil type Big change place costs around & # 163 ;4 0 (about $65), but spend not less & # 163 ;8 0 (about $130) and you have will indeed reliable model, which serve for many seasons and can honoured withstand fight with many the salvaged emigres.

of screens coils (Centrepin reels)
Although these coils and are considered morally obsolete, but they have their undoubted advantages under it catching on during. Inertsionka good quality surrendering to let the line out with poplavochnoy River Kymi on during with the same speed, that and neck water. And this guarantees, that tooling with the bait will travel down downstream on naturally and seductively. The good inertsionka must stands at not only newcomers as such, but and immediately to dwell and begin keep on turning in dark side. This should occur under slightest the touch. Finger at drum coils or her pens. Such quality extremely are needed under podsechke on during.
There are two type inertsionok with broad and narrow reels. If you are going harvest with the subtle leskami property fish on easiest company tackle, then narrow began better. But if you intend use obese fishing line of yours, heavy making the, heaviest and large nozzles for industrialized fishing Moustache, then inertsionki with broad reels precisely the, that you need. On some inertsionkakh there is treschotochnyy drag. Mostly this podpruzhinennyy had, which serves for moreover, to dragging began coils and stop his rotation. But deal in is, that this Treschetka not stymies began progress has been slow. Treschetka Good, when you choice donkoy and necessary pull to let the line out. And still serves sound signalizatorom poklevki fish zasekaetsya, carring as such and Treschetka is beginning to work. Have inertsionok there is still one feature of brake system. With its help can be only slightly down by began coils. This helpful under by it comes to shagging or under provodochnoy it comes to shagging, when need, to began coils kvalYofYokovanim himself themselves and predotvraschalsya disposal of fishing line of yours and education of beard. With the help such a clutch can be enough thinly nastorit the speed and time of rotation of drum. Despite very simple design good of screens reel not accented cheap. Good product from known producer will cost in district 150 until 250 (from $240 until $450). But this buying on entire life. ???? with years she not loses in price.

coils bezinertsionnye closed type (Closed face reels)
Such coils, also as and of screens, are uzkospetsializirovannymi. So producers a bit and choice models small this Ryobi, Daiwa and ABU Garcia. This type of coils highly popular those English fishermen, which gets caught in rivers. This conditional, that data coils very lungs, are simple in managing and from-for closed shpuli not challenge rings. This very suited for yeti, when need need to cast a wider easiest rigging, to float its downstream on and choose. And so many-many times. In its time they were deemed such same good-buying, as and of screens. In some cases even better expense of closed shpuli they not abandoned rings and not did the beardiness , and this allowed even absolute newcomer feel hotdogger fishing and to capture the brook fish. Truth, these reel not the most powerful. And not the most technically perpetrated. Typically, through couple of seasons such a coil under work enforces sounds, which more suited to over, not for fishing coils. But despite this would still still very many coils of this type are used sketches as on rivers, so and in reservoirs with stagnant water precisely because of higher listed benefit to. One of the most expensive coils of this type is model Premier 706 from ABU Garcia, emerged in 2009. She costs around & # 163 ;7 5 (about $120).

reel multiplikatornye (Multiplier reels)
Despite the, that multiplikatornye reel designed to industrialized fishing in Sea (with boats or Bank), some fly fishermen use their for spinningovoy industrialized fishing in fresh water. Thanks to similarly size, and what they are governed just one finger at, category: Animators perfectly have established themselves in spinninge. With such coil spinningist expertise with Maces pounder easily will catapult its man-made providing a decoy on many meters. But there is one the problem with which face those who chose multiplier this udilishche. Multiplikatornaya the coil contains the Yushukan on top rods up. So needs to buy udilishche 'service precisely for such a-style industrialized fishing. Because, that the coil sits differently and the form, respectively, works otherwise. Means and other rings must differ and be are located otherwise, than on ordinary my own rods. Category: Animators very are simple in using, but only then, when they were correctly determined. Drag should be skeptic so, to prevent rotation drum reel after as the bait entered water. If his not dragging correctly, then began will keep on turning and in a result you arrive at a. After several such gifts you infer everything possible to align coil correctly! Category: Animators from companies ABU Garcia and Masterline the most popular among fishermen.

System-clutch (Drag systems)
All modern bezynertsionnye coils coils have brake system. Some of them can be regulate in the back parts of coils (zadnefriktsionnye, rear drag), and some of them regulated by the front on shpule coils (perednefriktsionnye, front drag reels). Model with backdating friktsionom are the most popular among rybolovovudovolstvie, while perednefriktsionnye coils are ulyublenimi among spinningistov and the most popular among fishermen lovyaschikh matchevymi rigging of this ship. Both types of friktsionov provide one and the same function - they dragging or weaken rotation shpuli coils. If maximally weaken Friction clutch, shpulya coils will keep on turning virtually without resistance and zasechennaya fish can freely two legal as such with it. So freely, that you not can old rope-a-prepare the fishing line back. Under maximally zatyanutom friktsione shpulya fully is blocked, so that raskosami quite not could get away with it. After as you fully raised tackle, you must be correctly align Friction clutch. For this you needs take increase to zabrosu udilishche with coil in one hand, and the end of the filament in another. Get for to let the line out and bend your legs udilishche until raskosami not will be broken with reel. You must adjust Friction clutch so, to shpulya starters surrender to let the line out directly before as the main is ready rupture.The.
That concerns efficiency various types of brake system - perednefriktsionnye coils have advantage over zadnefriktsionnymi simply because, that mechanism the brake not should work through all body coils - he are located directly in shpule, on really late coils. This means, that perednefriktsionnye coils a bit more are efficient, than with backdating friktsionom. Perhaps that is why so many of top angliyskkh fishermen match prefer before coils resistance.
Bearings (Bearings)
In the number of bearings, established within reel, can be determine how is smoother will its move. But bearings also will help prolong life a coil, accepting the brunt of leverage and reducing wear objects moving parts. Mostly, have budgetary coils number of bearings from 1 until 3. Have top same models ordinary bezynertsionok their number of ?????? 12. Take two twin in size reel - one with several bearings and second just with one. Now wriggle Academy pens both coils. You felt difference and now know why.

Shpuli (Spools)
Multiplikatornye, innertsionnye and coils type Big change place not have removable shpul. But here is bezynertsionki closed type, ordinary bezynertsionki and coils with beytranerom have in goes supplies as least one spare shpulyu (have top models coils their can be and more). This not marketing move, to boost sales, and the need, so as allows rybolovu fill every shpulyu fishing line either with a cord with different that of the in dependence from preferences. If to store shpuli with fishing line in neprozrachnom vodonepronitsaemom package, protecting from impact UV light, then fishing line of yours ????? as least on year serious use. Or even on longer, but this zavaisit already from many outsiders factors.
If you all ??? stomach -be on coil with additional shpuley, then is worth take care about how to not forget that on what shpule is. The most a simple way this on domestic part of shpuli inflict a bit white Elmer's proofreader, give him drip dry, wipe surpluses and thin with a sharpie just write on this white smudge basic information pro to let the line out / the cord.
Shpuli coils with backdating friktsionom snimayutsy under simpler you click on button, on Facial the surface shpuli. To replace shpuli on perednefriktsionnoy a coil not with Obamacare, unscrew the the entire regulirovochnyy disk. But robt this neatly and cautiously, to after substitutes shpuli you have not it turned out an extra $ details.

bathroom conventional bezynertsionki in beytranernuyu model
You have much bezynertsionnaya coil, but you would wanted to it had beytranernuyu system. Tell impossible? In of England there is a series of firms that specialize in altered ordinary bezynertsionok in beytranernye coils. For price significantly below, than the price a new beytranernoy coils, masters of would make from your favorite big bezynertsionki model, which can quietly give as such under poklevke big fish. For example company A global economy Box. Or products companies Weston, Ltd. Developments.

helpline in the fishing line of yours (Line lay)
Than more flat profile winding fishing line of yours on shpulyu, the better coil predisposition of under zabrose. You can bombarding with smaller effort and with greater precision. Under flat profile laying fishing line of yours on shpulyu there is guarantee of, that under zabrose raskosami will go with less resistance and the coil not will hurl deal, as this the case, when raskosami is stowed with the bump and depressions. Unfortunately project the as behind on the shop window coil will layed as such impossible. For this need follow intelligence new coils, which produces in fishing press and for feedbacks go on forums from owners interesuyuschey you model.

klipsa (Line clips)
If you not so squeamish the accuracy under zabrose, you not worth worry about available clips on shpule your coils. But here is what you not worries the accuracy of, should you concerned about. If you accurately put crime as time after time, in one will impose on, you balcony more. And klipsa on shpule will help you in this. All that you needs this continue to cast until rigging on neokhodimuyu distance fishing and and slim as such under clip-on earring. Now vymatyvaem tackle, aim in the same point and trawl. There's gravy flies, raskosami is doing a runner, but only until zaklipsovannoy point then stop sign and there's gravy falls in had missed their intended point. Here is this something under flawed question of being rusty and allows bombarding crime as in one point under every zabrose.

ratio the number of (separate dictionary friendly.)
Ratio the number of points to the speed reel under vymatyvanii fishing line of yours. Secondary ratio the number of for fixed-spool coils accounts for 5.2 :1. Data figures mark, that rotor coils in place with the system lesoukladki makes 5.2 turnover around shpuli for one turnover pens coils. This the speed is average for bezynertsionok common appointments. Have indeed powerful coils type Big change place , used under it catching a captured copies, ratio the number of significantly below and can stack just 4.1 :1. But this gives such a coil more your tractor might, which allows rybolovu quite easily to control indeed big and strong fish. Some bezynertsionki have very high ratios until 7.2 :1. But such coils too uh... inconvenient for for conventional the fishing trainer in the process podmotki the main and it's about ceasing can too strongly perekruchivatsya. Such coils perfectly suited to industrialized fishing matchevymi rigging of this ship on distant made it, when rybolovu needs often and quickly choose tackle. Such a the majority coil saves time. For conventional everyday fishing on average distance there is with conventional fish tank well come reel with the transmission number 4.8 :1 5.4 :1.

Size (Size)
When producers issue a new model coils, they usually make its in four various size shpul This is needed, to fisherman had the opportunity to best pick a coil under their conditions industrialized fishing. Unfortunately, no single system inception sizes shpul But so or otherwise all producers use digital codes for this. Some companies use numbers 1,000, 2,500, 3,000, 4,000 and camping on D. Until 12,000 (the most a small in the early), to point to the size of the coils, while other use 025, 030, 035, 040 (the most a small in the early). Coils in size 1,000, 1,500, 2000, 020 and 025 - this lungs, compact models that perfectly suited to spinningovoy industrialized fishing or for lung poplavochnykh osnastok. Model with size of shpul 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, 030, 035 better suited for all rest options poplavochnoy industrialized fishing and by industrialized fishing, where there is the likelihood search for fish the most different sizes. For the servant-trophy-fishing preferably use size 5,000, 6,000, 8,000, 1,060, 070 and 080. Such shpuli can house significantly more fishing line of yours occupy and, as rule, are worth on more powerful on that allow bombarding on long drives distances and manage major fish tank. Coils type Big change place for extra-@-@ zabrosa have huge shpuli 10,000 th and even 12,000 th size. This tools for indeed sverkhdalnikh competitors, work with you can or Marker.

A pen (of Credit Card)
Choice type pens coils deal purely personal preferences. Need be noted, that for you already all decided, if deal concerns reaction, multiplikatornykh or bezynertsionnykh coils closed type there choice type knobs there is no at all. But for remaining three types of bezinertsionok there is huge diversity knobs different form of ,-and materials. Some coils have double pens stiff, that they improve the balance coils, reduce vibration under podmotke and such a the handle easier population, than odinarnuyu. Better idea consider the very handle not will whether she too big or small for your hands? Also is worth deal will whether this. The shield such same convenient in shorter in able, not will whether she slippery? There is no sense have handles with long one leverage on ordinary bezynertsionkakh. Such long handles are needed on on type Big change place - this a lovely lever, when fisherman implementation of the big efforts under vyvazhivanii the servant-trophy-fish or exhausting heavy snap with distant competitors.



coils bezinertsionnye closed type (Closed face reels)

I have where the in the chamber lying around Soviet such a coil.



"Nevsky" (or "Leningrad") - with it all started donnuyu enleve. , too, in garage lies :flag:
And have nicknames all very interestingly - coils from known producers are considered writings art and are worth very decently. For example, Conquest Centrepin Reel from Hardy is worth order & # 163 ;2 90 (about 470 dollars).
Moreover, they have sites-auctions, where are sold- old coils. Saw, for example, on such a auction coil from Hardy 1930 year issuing for 700 ?(about 1120 dollars) with label "Sold."


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