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Previous theme overrun by fully, and ask LEU very want. Interested in opinion users about on thrown to the from Preston. Has whether someone in his arsenal model 4,000? There is whether in sale on Ukraine?



Looked-had turned a coil Tica '' Condor '' - liked, but in comparison with Ryobi ECUSIMA have of last move of forms and softly under those same 4-'s sharikopodshipnikakh. But because me more more convenient with InternetCELL with backdating friktsionom + flazhkovyy drag + good ones reviews owners = pick a Tica.

Here is only what '' Condor '' or VENUS SD? Much a new VENUS better old '' Condor ''?
Still times am asking aid with choice.

A respected benderr, you after all there is (or were) both model, want hear and your opinion, too,.



Ander wrote:

you after all there is (or were) both model, want hear and your opinion, too,.

Yes I not observed special difference between them in work. Simply I have condors. Condors are in a large size and'm using I their on Mediume (a bit a little too big for) and on Khevike (as birth).
Chief lack of Condor, of course - the absence of spare shpuli. But on VENUS SD she there is.



In the early on May this year I concert the review coils from Preston's - Preston new PXR Power 5,000 (str.4 this themes, post # 95). Was discussion, some who of my known even has acquired its and parsed (pro this can be read HERE) and as summary concluded, that "chickens on fall consider." Autumn already almost ended and together with it and fidernyy season. Most time "find chickens."
My PXR 5,000 for season worked good in paired with EBM 13.8 until 100gr. Fishing not believed, but naskidku their was not less 20 - fully fledged fishing on sees and in Ukrainka. Expanding zabrosov - from 22m until 80m. Weight feeders - from 60gr until 120gr own weight, but the most used were 80gr and 100gr from different producers. So that conditions use were still those - but for them she and was meant. Common the impression about a coil, for airline season: External kind of a normal - in sight, that was in work, but "oblezloy cat" not looks; outsiders utterance under work not there is; Friction clutch and drag reversal work normally; in handle lyuftov no there is no; disassembling of the has shown normal state of mechanism and the absence of obvious defects. In short, I Ideology exasperated.

Now more detail:
Outer kind of. For season use a bit brushed calligraphy on shpule. Also on abroad slightly skololos during the fall of the on plates of levees lakirovannoe brilliant coverage on one of platikovykh keyhole on abroad coils. Earmarked red.

The roller lesoukladyvatelya. For season use with puffed (90% all fishing trips) in zhelobke on video vyterlos brilliant coverage and emerged yellow footpath from the main material rollers. But on subjective the sense of and under rassmatrivanii under whether glass if needed as such by detected not was.
Himself the commercial lesoukladyvatelya sits on podshipnike.

Decline lid firmly corps and the first, that catches in eyes - this wheel the main couples. His the size of the - roughly 33mm (shtangelya homes not it turned out :().
Have old Tvina his the size of the comprised 34 mm, have a new Tvina - 29mm. Somewhere read, that "more wheel — more capacity reel and higher resource, under several a lesser the ease course without burden." With PXR 5,000 all so and there is. On eieana 33 tooth.
Decline wheel the main couples and see, that it relies with both sides on ball bearings, dimes. This very well and correctly.
Within shaft narezana there two species, under propeller pens, which can be torque down in currencies with both sides.

Now opened remaining mechanism.
gear shaft the main couplesmade from for yellowcake alloy, shestizakhodnaya. Front she passes through podshpulnyy knot, where relies on chief bearing. Obey she enters hole in pivot, educated complexes corps, and relies on him. This well. But how many I not tried to find there although would nave box (, not to mention ball-bearing upgrade, not found. And here is this poorly. Winter d "dish about" coil, need to will think about opportunities installations there bearing.
Stockrelies on the carriage, which runs round on two start with herselffrom metal (be stainless steel in judging by around the). Under rather incredible compound gear the main couples is "you pest"- its plastic gear shaft is handing movement from armored glass) the main couples kulachkovomu gear is(he same "beskonechnik") from caldrons, which with both sides relies on bearings.

Here is in principle and all.

Text or: Even before that title Joseph Heller described higher scrum I has acquired another such a coil.



Coil from Preston new - PC-R Competition Match Reels 2012 in four of spying: PC-R 3,000

Ratio attitude: 5.1: 1

Weight: 262g

Capacious shpuli: 0.20mm / 150m

Max force resistance: 12 kg

PC-R 4000

Ratio attitude: 4.9: 1

Weight: 361g

Capacious shpuli: 0.26mm / 150m

Max force resistance: 15 kg

PC-R 5000

Ratio attitude: 4.9: 1

Weight: 420g

Capacious shpuli: 0.28mm / 150m

Max force resistance: 15 kg

PC-R 6000

Ratio attitude: 4.9: 1

Weight: 473g

Capacious shpuli: 0.28mm / 300m

Max force resistance: 16 kg



Interestingly will watch their in 5,000 th and 6,000 th size. 6,000-the test should vymatyvat not less 1m for 1 turnover pens, I.M.H.O.,.
The right April klipsa with plastic feature an inner lining. Aluminum Corps and shpuli. The right enough small shpuli with knopochnoy system for rapid substitutes. Bearings 9 + 1 from caldrons. On price this series of will higher PXR but below League thrown to the (with corps from magnesium alloy) - approximate the price for of England 120-140 ?.

Text or: Correction, not

BAMBUR wrote:

Max force resistance:

And "maximum tyagovoe effort."

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I have there is Tiki, Riobi, dayvy. But better Shiman in this world I until nevstrechal. Let forgive the me the connoisseurs of other producers.
Here cite in example coils after one season. My Shimanam, some, already on semes years, and state of different. All that did, this otkruchival the cork and were pumping oil, often.



fm967 wrote:


Is how the Sportera I have already 4 year toil and such spoils I on it peretyagal that even 4000m2 as well as not shoot. And nothing as Goodyear - works as the clock. And’I its still for 280 Grzywna (. Chichas something in district 550 Grzywna (is worth. So that as option very even!

For example many karpyatniki use coils even asked you and use okay. And are worth they in 3 times cheaper than shimano.

So that not all so unambiguously. For spinningovoy industrialized fishing I would of course bought these only the qualitative reel from dura-Ace or top dayvy. And for fidera and karpovoy industrialized fishing why would and there is no. Not Shimanoy single.



fm967 wrote:

Everyone that did, this otkruchival the cork and were pumping oil, often.

Surprisingly that they you have under such a circulation, still on tilt.
In reel are pawning 2-3 species lubrication in dependence from knot. And Bottlecap and silicon in batcher are intended more, in my opinion and experience, for irrigation possibility butter in case excessive bathing coils, for preserving its hardware until opportunities service in occupations.



katana wrote:

Amazingly that they you have under such a circulation, still on tilt.

Geu. I have Uncle Szymon's 7 years at all without Idina of prevention worked close over. So that s'aII right! Created nothing not did. And winter in -15 catching oftentimes the even. And in water bathed. Minutes 40 under water has been lying when karpukha in his hot little together with pounder. Normulno lived. Now has become podklinivat. 'll trade you everything on renovating.



fm967 wrote:

1425 cite in example coils after one season. My Shimanam, some, already on semes years, and state of different. All that did, this otkruchival the cork and were pumping oil, often.

Think, Sergei wrote back. On katukhe not for, to ensure show, that she better Shimany, dayvy or Tiki. Simply announced his their condemn from work katukhi for season. And for this him thank you.



Causes disassembly several:
First, wrote, that in late season'll take a look as the coil worked good - and "kid said - kid made" :glasses:.
Second, realistically interestingly was, that with mechanism katukhi under serious payloads and permanent use of. Especially worried state of plastic armored glass) "vermin." All ??? want be confident in some tackle, that’re using.

That until dura-Ace and rest producers. The search for fidernykh coils from other producers for dire types - this not from good life. Personally my opinion, but it already became unflinching: In the current generation models dura-Ace (pro karpovye not are talking) there is no coils for Hevy and extra-Hevy fidera. What not succumb and revert "old" top model zadnefriktsionnykh dura-Ace - this super, that was for any fidera. Do Aspayer with petty shpuley in size 4500-5,000 specifically under heavy fidera and not I one was would been happy and prayed would on dura-Ace. I first ignited "new" and wanted to their take, but by taking over on you have an over-familiar decided to, that reel last generation - already "not the overcoat" :dontknow: “I don’t hard this explain, but human errors sensations from work on big traditional transportation" old "Aspayera and" new "Tvina different and not in favor of Tvinov. Know people, is by no means newcomers in feeder, who buy reel a new generation, and then pomenyavshie their on "those old-timers" or karpovye reel.

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Romeo wrote:

For example many karpyatniki use coils even asked you and use okay.

Roma arises such a sense of, that you write, just hand that shit write :mad:.
This you now any karpyatnikov had in mind? If places, then many coils Flagman and Viva enjoy and consider -. " Use okay.. " And if to talk about advanced karpyatnikakh, then in most cases prefer precisely coils Shimano. And if be quite precise, the prefer not vzagali all coils Shimano, and specific model - BIG BAITRUNNER LC (on today’s day truth already respectively with production).



As you think, weight coils 500 "grape" on kheyvike, this a shitload of charity??



Feederal_74 wrote:

If places, then many coils Flagman and Viva enjoy and consider -. " Use okay.. "

Their I and mean in mind. Athletes a thimbleful on general backdrop of. Accurately so same as and in feeder. So made now emulate on several people?! I same say about how that can be harvest and on more budgetary some tackle and crown failed with goals do not will fall :flag:

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duffy333 wrote:

That in principle and all.

Lacks only razobranoy shpuli. And between rybalkami preventions for not commit?



Monster Crab wrote:

How you think, weight reel 500 "grape" on kheyvike, this a shitload of charity??

This karpovaya any model? And perhaps shpulya 5,000 th size? Simply 4,000 meeting dura-Ace weigh from 300 (TWIN POWER CI4 4000s RA) until roughly 400gr (ASPIRE (Ukraine) 4,000 RA - 390gr or SUPER GTM 4,000 RM - 420gr, for example). The preston the coil (in size 4500 on dura-Ace) weighs 435gr.
I would not spoke unambiguously "many" or "normal" until this the most coil on this very khevik not would you bet :dontknow: - will you take in hands the amount collected kit and then all will become clear, I.M.H.O.,. Here is if he "will be borne in hand", then all DC, if not, the something to change need - or coil, or udilishche.

VDA wrote:

A between rybalkami preventions for not commit?

There is no. And why? Think, that MOVIE times in season well enough. If of course bathing or drops in the sand not was.

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Romeo wrote:

athletes a thimbleful on general backdrop of

Hi, :angry: Roma, with here athletes :canthearyou:. I wasn spoke of athletes :dontknow:? I and athletes personally know the just two and no one their them I have nothing not bought these. All reel police forces mature users. And sold I these katukh units 30-35 and taking these katukhi is by no means majeures.
You Roma, athletes already everywhere mereschatsya :crazyfun: - this already phobia what the.



Feederal_74 wrote:

year Roma, athletes already everywhere mereschatsya - this already phobia what the.

Quite possibly. Simply foolish to argue example in-style the kind Hi, ??? ?? ? ? mature chaps all as one on kh5 drive. What not commit as they? Because kh5 this and reliability and comfort and security. Ah somewhere so. And many on this Forum realistically have become "go into overdrive" :dontknow: fingers click not d.

Not not for moreover I in its time this forum-played it perfectly to in end on it 90% the big info was and that need to buy to be "advanced" a "kid :dontknow: profoundly sad all of this on fact.

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Yes and at all forum all more reminds Trade point where every pushes its product.



Roma, I not would not be surprised if through year you bet. A carp harvest on "Nevka River" and spining "crocodile." Not want you wary of offending, but your backward regression on face. And frankly I not discover moreover Romeo, which I knew when this forum even raskruchivalsya.



Monster Crab wrote:

How you think, weight reel 500 "grape" on kheyvike, this a shitload of charity??

For distant zabrosov bought these here is such a coil. Weight 570g. Unfortunately in this season not managed its have with ulilischami class ekstrakhevi, but includes managed for a spin on khevikakh (disconnector champion Choix, Sinaloa, shimano spidmaster). Very liked and request a sense of (personal), that katshuki with dimension 4,000 on shimano - this cup of tea mediums and laytov, not higher.



Roma, Vitalik--dumayu theme carp-feeder will shall we do it again in closest recent seasons, claimed plovu on skoros this one thing, and here is trofeychika on feeder this another. So priorities for kaushek d different.
And BBLC from dura-Ace this budget AK-47, and further only upward.



Villain wrote:

To distant zabrosov bought these this that sense powerfully by its coil. Weight 570g. Unfortunately in this season not managed its have / / /

I have such a same the situation. Almost month past as has purchased coil Shimano Ultegra XTB 5500. It's stuck in her 200 meters length of cord, but so nor never with it not traveling Gone Fishin '(. Until there is no opportunities and conditions. D wait next season, to for a spin this katukhen.



Dobryi day.
Such question: Bought today coil Tica a series of essential, 2559 CAVU, but not where there is no calligraphy '' Condor '' (nor on a coil nor on box nor in instructions) She must be or I involves forging took? :huh:



People! D glad hear your opinion about this new product from Daiwa
This Daiwa TD Match 4012
Apt whether she will for fidera?

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Ander wrote:

but not where there is no calligraphy '' Condor ''

On a coil calligraphy there is no. There is only on box.



Игорь84 wrote:

"the! D glad hear your opinion about this new product from Daiwa
This Daiwa TD Match 4012 [img] [img]
Apt whether she will for fidera?

Here its subjectiveopinion.

Was playing on the Stripper this coil together with two other - Caldia X, Exceler Z.

On declared producer characteristics she of course be appropriate, the more that in size 4012 she orientrovana precisely on feeder. Under all other virtually equals ???? ????'ll accentuate several moments:

From benefit to:
1) not very deep shpulya, umovamі not will require significant dopoplnitelnoy podmotki fishing line of yours
2) ad hoc April klipsa on shpule

From cons:
1) deeply mimosa tree forest planted Friction clutch. Under frequent work friktsionom, especially in conditions competition and tempovoy catching, perhaps from falling dirt (remnants of prikormki with hands and camping on Afghan, difficult will brush your.
2) economic growth--the situation here (again same the situation with dirt as and in the first case). Perhaps someone this not seem disadvantage of, but me more appealed options enforcement knobs in modelakh Caldia, Exceler.



Bountiful time days. Emerged question, than lubricates coil? Perechitav all posts, came to conclusion, that part of taken notvert on MOVIE, part of not makes at all the preventions for, part of-make themselves. I have there is desire to and time stuck her needle :flirt: So here is, who than, thus? The that need two kinds of lubrication, read. Simanovskiy set of lubricants which is worth 300 :canthearyou: I understand, that save cannot be, but increasingly same. :writing:



Kafolya. I in their stores bought are just two lubrication, thick in KY Jelly tikovskuyu and dzheksonovskuyu, they and stink at this. Is how the more completely fluid stanovisya under the impact content: On temperature (even on detail by becomes zhidkovatoy), so Ideology stink at this katukhi which will work winter. And those that summer the their respectful. Say that super lubrication not can because in other not enjoyed, and say that quite Guano, too, not can on the same reason. Normal robochie lubrication for rates money. About riobi lubricants which. Found on one Forum, shtemp which earns on MOVIE on not recommends their for other coils, and only for riobi. Yes still from personal experience and pro this nowhere not write. When regulation disassemble knot which pushes it lesoukladyvatelya (side rotor under trailer bottle cap close boltikom) shady people get prepared that the slinky can, and bitch necessarily shoot, will it, and a small plastmasovaya thing which is worth in this-box can o sayta't live in the. Ah and pro placemark not’t forget on leading shesterne and paste in the rotor.



Кафоля wrote:

who than, thus?

For themselves decided to this question the next way:
Reel Shimano - only greasing Shimano!
All the rest (including Daiwa) stink at this greases Penn
Completely fluid - Penn X-1R STELLAR have Reel Oil, dense - Penn X-1R Precision Reel Grease.
In the past year, in as a experiment, because he has anointed Shimano CATANA 2,500 RA greasing Penn.
Through several fishing trips parsed, clean off washed and've greased it up greasing Shimano. Ah not the overcoat even on fiscal CATANA.
The rest produces and srednebyudzhetnye coils work on welcome Penn well normally (provided, that the coil is washed clean off gasoline "elbow that time" and fully anew-greased). The cost of such lubricants which well adjust their quality of and much cheaper lubricants which Shimano.
Stink at this coils times in season,’- times in two-three weeks or on least possession.

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