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Previous theme overrun by fully, and ask LEU very want. Interested in opinion users about on thrown to the from Preston. Has whether someone in his arsenal model 4,000? There is whether in sale on Ukraine?



Here is you budgetary coils English fideristov. Budget 20-30 ?(250-400 Grzywna (.):




[people book oblige friktsionov under "rapid Friction clutch."

Got a girl's here in Internet one katushentsiyu … 158_u4351/ with two kinds tormozov- ordinary and rapid. In living there is no opportunities spin. Can who from forums was the.



Carlos wrote:

. Buy something decent in size 5,000-6,000 and sane price (until 1,000 UAH + -) - whole deal!

I bought. For 470 Grzywna (. Today it's stuck in her the cord 10 mikronization - laying an ideal. Truth beking around the home been collected :crazyfun: might - mother daragaya. Now is to shoot will for horizon 100%. What itself head confuse? :flag:

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Romeo wrote:

I bought. For 470 Grzywna (.

This even asked you?



Carlos wrote:

This is even asked you?

Ah yes. Incidentally selective me said that Prince TUR spooling under it. So that created super.
On the first same a fishing trip check made yes as. For turnover 1 like 116 centimeters winds a. Cerf there is "sky.
Simply - Moving it around its in the crib, though and all will become on their seats. And with prices the situation opovaya. Who how, the brazen the for so much and sells. It turns out and for 430 Grzywna (. Can be buy and can be and for 790 o.o.

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2 VIVA /vecherinok, you when the in previous the Frost pro coils wrote:

To the riverine fidera itself decided to take coils with front friktsionom (as something more me like such a plan katukhi). Saw in the catalogue dayvy a new a new coil 2010.
Ordered through Comrade. Now here is await the.

Deal in is, that himself already very long time know. I'm looking to this a coil,
So here is wanted to hear your report about it, I so understand you same increasingly ??? has purchased its?

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Dobryi day, Podskajite who enjoyed coil Shimano exage 3,000 MRC21? Bought this coil today for fidera test do80 grams. Under driving the clutch (and the freak and check box in the right) on-deaf not fixed. Regularly all exactly stravlivaet as such. So and should be?



I have such reel for Mr. Picker here and lights - and this grams until 50 maximum. But from this to poison would still should not.



To let the line out not poisons. I not correctly wrote (now. Maybe, you checked and cachaca) shpulya is traveling hand under diabetes
Under zatyanutom friktsione the fishing line is under very a large diabetes are getting away with shpuli I have even 4000m2 as well as hands started shaking, and if shpulyu simply spin again same under for tyanutom friktsione the efforts need already smaller, I want that ask I have on cyprinids kept on shimano 10 100,000 if'd be practically cinching the freak as not hard you try they on place are worth. And here here is so me this alerted.

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Aleksey wrote:

. Under driving the clutch (and the freak and check box in the right) on-deaf not fixed. Regularly all exactly stravlivaet as such. So and should be.

Once I asked about this have umeltsa on repair coils - he responded, that "??? YES!", under fully zatyanutom friktsione and-box is enabled, too, zatyanutom - under very a large diabetes on basic - should a bit "to poison."
I initially not understood, to what would this Smart inhabitants Countries Rising sun so is structured mechanism have coils Simano Super 4,000 ZhT RB.
But once had to "something to do" with fact zasevshey in the sidelines feeding trough.
"Liberation" began produce under fully zatyanutom friktsione and flazhkovom the brake by natyagivaniya the main "that was urine" (with the entire forces) - on the principle of "law of averages there there's gravy are waved from style of."
And here worked the Japanese "protection from establishment" - cord began on the sly stravlivatsya.
Had to forth "exempt" the feeder different way - it's stuck in her cord on metal stand-stand, and could on themselves with such force, until not disabled telecom, simplex, snap together with the feeding trough.
Frightening even to imagine, that was would with coil without such "protection from establishment."



Want take itself Syntec Force (Xtreme Feeder … me_feeder/
But interested in several issues.
1. In video lesoukladyvatelya there are worth clenched?
2. By some accounts in online; it's, under zabrose dumping deal.
You, if am not mistaken, auctioning the similar? As she?



Chooses about Dam trafficking handles - give it hard "4" on pyatibalnoy threshold. Used only on extra-khevike (until 200 g) on Dnieper River. Need keep to cord worthy on the commercial - with this there is on the door frame. With cords from 15lb until 8lb nor never hinges not a?inaea.



Tosh wrote:

Who enjoyed coil Flagman Cast Master RD?

Watched such a in the flagship on Vasily Grigoryevich Perov. With mind katukha nothing. Move a normal.
Only here is one thing BUT: The commercial lesoukladyvatelya without cover. Ah and okay you say. But, such a sense of, that his did on lesson labor the 5-graders :canthearyou:, camping on K. Even not bothered normally polish. Truth stands at he normally. Shpulya, too, without cover, a hand wax normally.
Double question: Shpulya without cover nitridom as affects impose (under other equals)?



kis_lex wrote:

. Shpulya without cover nitridom as affects impose.

Raze not affects.



shpuli without cover, very often korobyatsya under it comes to shagging say on stones, or on the same sees of Dnepr. This already, too, sorely tested, and account for then reason smoothing prevents roughness on the global by shpuli

Here need to do clearer. Korobyatsya shpuli entirely produced from aluminum. If in alyuminivoy shpule is envisaged nadsadnoy steel the lifeline to the, then regardless of there is coverage from (III) nitride titan of or not, such shpuli more persistent to "bullies."
When speech is faring about iznosostoykom surface, then there is in mind Gallium titan of and not always telescoping color cover on individual elements coils (the commercial lesoukladyvatelya, shpulya or shackle lesoukladyvatelya) points, that animal suffering precisely Gallium titan of. Very often this simply decorative coverage for yellowcake color of, which to Gallium titan of no attitude not has.
And incidentally, shpuli korobyatsya not from what had forced happening on stones, and from what coil lies on these the most stones. Hence and the problem, incidentally quite simply reshaemaya.



T. E., as I understand, shpulya and the commercial without spraying, this not critical way when choosing?
And if the commercial has a good move, then can be using and without spraying?



Spray-up this well, but his absence not critical way. Again same this if to talk about indeed iznosostoykom surface, not about decorative.



Divlyusya, have kivskogo prodavtsya baltserv in asortiment popovnennya:
Zammataro FeederMaster BR -
Zammataro Sindicate II - oy, have ? ? poperednoyu (yeui the first subway the site (completed for mom dosvdom - not caaaeae truth)) has become vazhche on 45 gram it :)
Zammataro Sindicate II Light (7400) - and oy, have ? ? versyu without pripisu Light, legsha on 180 gram it :) o ? eaai, completed aiie there vikinuli aeacoaaoe vikoristali, uia polegshiti ??? tsnu zmenshiti.))

Have term not exceeding two food production kolr becoming Ukreximbank got (mkho)

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Interested in opinion users about center of the spool Shimano Seido 3,000 S RA. Has whether someone in his arsenal? And that better put on a medium its or Exage 3,000 SFB? Thank you in advance for the answer!



Ellan wrote:

Zammataro Sindicate II Light (7400) - and oy, have ? ? versyu without pripisu Light, legsha on 180 gram it o ? eaai, completed aiie there vikinuli chee vikoristali, uia polegshiti ??? tsnu zmenshiti. (mkho)
Edited Ellan (2012-03-19 22 :49: 10)

Nvvernoe armored glass) set plastic. Reel and so under slightest perebore burden rozsypayutsya in dust. Spares at all foam can be questioning. Would still guarantees no there is no.
In my experience any departure from Shimano - vykinutye money and isporchenye nerves.
Wand - another matter.

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pohil wrote:

Ural opinion users about center of the spool Shimano Seido 3,000 1987.

Was I have such a coil couple of years ago. Bad about molesting on woof on prop 15 and glass tinkles with kormakami until 40 grams. Has shown themselves is famously. Laying more than a worthy, move enough seamless, design above lauding. :cool: No about any sbrosakh hinges under it catching the subtle cords speech not commanded. Increasingly talk and really. Problems at all no. "Labor-horse, naturally, better than Exage. Although, heard opinion about an inflated prices compared with Exage. Under this have Seido just on one bearing more.
I its opinion said. If the price suits, then launching and not think it over for long. Sold, as fashionable to to speak, "in ties with a race to arms." Instead it took Shimano Biomaster 3000SRA. :blush:



pohil wrote:

Ural opinion users about a coil Shimano Seido 3,000 S RA.

Mean this that sense powerfully by its Shimano SEIDO 2500RA, in work year flight a normal, reproaches
There is no, mostly used mono 0.22-0.30. Stacks the forest right on, safety provision- hinges being asked, even when bad about molesting hard as such not eminent firms. Think in larger size secure, but this was the first experience nachinayushego, nothing not smyslischevogo in feeder, in short the that sold)
Now added in arsenal :D recorder AIWA Regal-Z 3500BR and Shimano STRADIC 3000S GTM-RC.



Thank you for answers and aid! :cool:



'm keeping an eye to EBM 4.2 -130 katukhen.
As here is such option??
Browning Black Magic Feeder 650 FDArtikul: 0242050
, with an annual shpuli 300m / 0,16mm.
Ratio the number of 5.5 :1
One turnover reel 105sm.
Weight 431gr.
Number of bearings 6 units.
Or Ultegru all ??? 5500?? :cool:



agent_asd wrote:

Taking to EBM 4.2 -130 katukhen.

I on days took Ultegru 5500. Becomes normally. Likes move coils and laying. Looks reliably.
Else will become understandable through a year old :)



D neoriginalen, but again pro Preston :D How options PXR POWER 5,000or PC-R COMPETITION 6,000. On the first I have for season a dense use with EBM 13.8 until 100gr the most positive the impression. On the second autumn all will clear.



Watched - little exhausting -86 centimeters
And PC-R COMPETITION 6,000 in Dnieper River not saw still (
Ultegra 5500 - many run coil, here is only weight she has on 100 "grape" more. Who yuzal call out as with EBM 130 - hand not will fall off?? ;)



duffy333 wrote:

PC-R COMPETITION 6000. On the first I have for season a dense use with EBM 13.8 until 100gr the most positive the impression. On the second autumn all will clear.

Managed a bit to leave these worst - on fish not tested unfortunately
98 gather steam; there's gravy 80 "grape" - abandoned along Canal rusanovskogo
In a whole the impression positive. But time will tell.
Counter showed 103-104 centimeters for turnover :cool:

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Dear comrades,, who has experience communication with so a predator entitled Balzer Feeder Master 9600 am asking to tell about your attainment of from this katukhi, as she in work? Mean desire to put this a device on browning King 4.20 - 150.



I used in past season hypotensive entitled Balzer Feeder Master 9600 in paired with extra-khevikom
COLMIC -Only you know why. (Until 200 "grape". Baited in the Dnieper River with kormakami 80-100 "grape". + fodder.
That can be said, realistically very powerful cable winch (supposedly maximum tyagovoe effort in district 15-17 kg). Podyaziki weight in for a kilo and more flied for my the feeding trough as if vodnolyzhnik for boat. Vymatyvet 1 flushed for obrot, that very conveniently under promere rostoyaniya until point industrialized fishing. Again, the chervyachnaya transfer of, camping on E. The real the good laying, the commercial in lekoukladyvatele, two match shallow welded shpuli, which strictly vmeshayut about 140 flushed twist are spaced 0.15-$ 0.16. I.e. all on classics of - accurate how, in short "and, as I might be certain, highly reliable coil, devised as times for extreme as fishing with eksta-khevikom on strong during. Me all suits, reproaches there is no.
But, too heavy (something about 680-700 "grape". Personally I received that wanted to - capacity, tyagovitost and reliability, BUT as a lost all in general balance and sensitivity stnasti. If before with other more lungs, coils I clearly felt on its Kolmike bultykhanie under vyvazhenii even very scale okunka, then with Balzer Feeder Master 9600 often only on final stage vyvazhivaniya'm starting clearly feel the availability of nekrupnoy fish.
Think, that with your browning King 4.20 - 150 this a device will ideal were a couple. Incidentally in this year in prdazhe already emerged option coils Balzer Feeder Master 9600 with baytranerom, which on my view, too, useful chip. But this on lyubitelya.
With respect,