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Sheets from DIMASIKKr77

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Ox as this accustomed and have us. In sight this not on nationality :D
Had daveche similar situation.
Brilliant Dimych!



Yes, Dima, - Uh- - Not gonna. But if people not understands normal human communication, and only language forces, then so the and be. E?anaaao. I have would after such a mood was would is corrupted by on entire fishing trip. Simply himself very key encoded with his, and then long a member.



DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

Rum, and that to do if debiloidy not understand normal language.

Need to was even to the elevators draw it "eyes iguanas or monitor" for official negligence :hobo:

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I man a soft-spoken. / But when food Gone Fishin '(himself I take elegant 5 shot Browning pistol with petty blow on duck.
Over this year had to to shoot 2 Olympics or the first time in air when freaks with brednem refused understand Russian language and poorly stalwart pro my mother again. The second when squarely on against my seats found guys with elektroudochkoy. Could only shoot major salt on defeat. Facility the boat. Motorcycle not overtaken :rofl:
Guys with Forum izrafish at all on two with features and as small arms calculation. In the Israeli on carp we should drink a seats prominent but vacationers seem the pious Arabs stop can be only self queue.



Natalia Underground convened a remarkable tournament 20.10.12 year. Feder. Tandem. Closing of season in "Rybatskom khutorke 2012:cool:
So as have us in area increasingly karpovye water reservoirs already have closed until the next season: '(, decided to to accept participation and shake it up fiderom. :crazyfun: This is my the first contest on fideru.
Our team (Honda-Mafia) have fed at and was catching on metodnuyu prikormku Fun Fishing Method Mix Salmon and Tuna and Fun Fishing Method Mix AK47 - Atlantic Krill + 1 kg coarse a butterworm and 300 "grape" rublennykh worms on 5 kg prikormki. 1.5 kg over the Boylov Trophy column Shrimp
Otlovilis walkie-talkies :flag: as for newcomers in fidernykh for competitions and in the first time on this water feature. Fish right and the and deal, accounted for ship types- wet efforts to next poklyovke. Worked sprays TM Trophy column Garlic, Livers and Shrimp.
Ranked 3 place, it's a shame, that from second missed it by just 307 grams, and karpikov 1-1.5 kg leaked the 6 ?o :angry:. Let us work over mistakes and evolve in better side! :yep: Everyone team bet in US ? pace for that them respekt and uvazhuha!
Results competition:
Results competition "Closing of season in" Rybatskom khutorke "2012"
1. Fisherman - 31.259 sector 1
2. Two Comrade - 20.203 sector 4
3. Honda Mafia - 19.897 sector 3
4. Karp Mixa - 15.407 sector 2
5. Pessimists - 8.187 sector 5
6. Creative - 6.858 sector 7
7. Vegas 6.699 sector 6
760.46 108.510 kg fish for 7 hours on 7 teams!
The largest fish - zerkalochka have "Honda the Mafia" 3.616!
Here is not many pictures!
That she fish my dreams - Mega Fish-pipison!:crazyfun: (the first photo)

Until meeting on gills! With respect, Dmitri 2000! :flag:



Here is was born karpyatnik-fiderist-spinninguy! :crazyfun:
Comrade invited to go on predator, sin was to backtrack, new ways industrialized fishing always interesting since, whether spinning, feeder, karpfishing :cool: location after dark having arrived on a new hillsides and toxic the boat sail off
In search of monsters-schukanov
. , the weather has, of course today charitably not the best drawer, yes and breeze pute not weak Kalykhalo so, that until marine disease already was hand set! :x . Catching on the mill kolebalku, dug up in garage rare flies with them and here is II coveted blow and screeching clutch silences impulses wind, and in anybody only one thought, only would not was the vanishing. And here is after sustained struggle, seemed, that has passed eternity, filed in podsak Regrettable opponent schukan-monster 150-200 gr. :crazyfun: After photo session and meticulous drawing the hook from Pernod, baby way from podrastat and become materym monster! Personally from fishing of capital mulon benefit to, thank you your partner with your Vovke, that took on fishing and for the boat with motor, that with such a wind was very by the way! :flag:



This you not on "Rybatskom khutorke" Karpov harvest :crazyfun:



Волжанин wrote:

This is you not on "Rybatskom khutorke" pile of carp harvest

This accurately!! :crazyfun: Romka today famously skirdoval there Karpo-of young pigs, and I was hunting for zubatym monster! :rofl:



Whacked off on Sudaku zachyotno. Been seized 7 ?o common weight staggering 8.8 kg, the biggest 1.6 kg. Was regrettable social under the most Bank, realistically very large sudachische, as like, old big-Fisch in discharge of predator. Worked sedobka kaytech 3 "



Under evening snowballed of on Medvezhke! :dontknow: :blush: To anyone with sincere wishes with the coming Happy New year! :flag: simple puzzle!



Dima! Ended on today "+", so write words. You "bold" "+." Respekt! :cool:


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