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The Asian of Kyiv 2011. Feder. Ternovsky Canal.

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Information is taken with site Fishing Sport Club JetFish:
In Sally participate 28 athletes, 7 teams, 5 clubs, 4 federation.

Compositions teams:

Team MAP JetFish , Kharkiv.
1. Sergei Popov - kaptan
2. Anton sovremennogo
3. Alexander Zadorozhniy
4. Alexander got Butt
5. Andrei Lanterns - zapasniy
6. Sergei Popov - coaches
7. Alexander Pochkun - pomchnik
8. Igor Zubrilovskiy - pomchnik

Team "bs-Sensas" FSC programme Ribaka, kapot.
1. Garbuza Sergy - kaptan
2. Vatsko user: VictorAnyakin
3. Guys sittin 'Eduard
4. Turk Boris
5. Pdlubniy Sergy - zapasniy
6. Forostovets Sergy - coaches

Team "Lucky Fisher-Rocket Baits" FSC programme Ribaka, kapot.
1. Wladimir Sergy - kaptan
2. Dudchenko Wladyslaw
3. Kryachok Dmytro
4. Romaniuk Yevgen
5. Dubceac Anton - zapasniy
6. Antoniuc Dmytro - coaches
7. Alexander Pochkun - pomchnik
8. Igor Zubrilovskiy - pomchnik

Team "MiB Balzer-VDE" FSC programme Ribaka, kapot.
1. You dumbass Anatoly - kaptan
2. sko there
3. Zavadskiy Pavlo
4. Pyasetskiy Kolessa
5. Kovalov Oleksander - zapasniy
6. Kravchenko Vktorya - coaches

Team "is fascinated by Desna river", towns.
1. Breslavskiy Oleksander - kaptan
2. Buglak Yevgen
3. Densova Tetyana
4. Lsakovska Yulya Volodimirvna

Team "Flagman", ii area
1. Zibchuk Ruslan - kaptan
2. Taras Tikonnen
3. Chertenkov Yevgeny
4. Shvets Igor.

Team "MAVER-FishDream", kapot
1. Ripka Sergei - captain
2. Andrusenko Fedor
3. Badardinov Roman
4. Mokrush Andrei
5. A ghastly Alexey - spare
6. Gorban Sergei - coaches

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Field battlefield



Familiar all faces :cool:

Sergei Popov aka Zoom in sector:

Roma Badardinov aka BADARDINOV in sector:

Alexander got Butt aka Alex in sector:

Wladyslaw Ivanovich aka Dood in the center of the (is worth):



Oops guys. I gave extremely H. In :dontknow: A year not Ugandans and amateur fishing ??? gave know about itself "no one not see, no one not hear." But includes. Can you accurately say. Losing, essentially, far more good than from vyigrasha! Win pleased, and here is fail will engage. For experience extremely helpful. How many just I remembered and what learned in just two days. Class! Simply thankful fate and to Andrey Mokrushu. Before Lyoshey Strashnym I'm sorry that have failed, but of our past. Is to blame himself. Simply waited. Technically increasingly good was. And here is some moments simply missed.

But as on me, och interesnye and cognitive were sorevy. Even looking on neighbors. Although if honestly, then need to know, too, as interesting moments the watch.



I want you to tell pliz, about for competitions. That lovilos, what tactic worked, prikormka and etc.? Ah although would superficially.




Tell me more pliz, about for competitions. That lovilos, what tactic worked, prikormka and writing and things? Ah although would superficially.

The salons a dace in this year virtually absent, water the Cold about 6-7 degrees and not incapsulate still at all.

But time from time were electric podleschiki and leschi, many pipisochnogo perch, other petty and not very minnow.

Mostly It was your dangerous driving night crawlers.

So broke a, that me had to replace Comrade on team, although I at all not planned in this year participation in for competitions, as the primary athlete, again created by team "Lucky Fisher - Rocket Baits" from FSC "House Rybak's", Kyiv. However their personal results in this the traditional Sally on Rusanovsky host, compared with the past year, clearly made things better.

A photocopy of a handwriting Protocol is attached.

Find welcome this weekendwinners and all participants!

Thank organizers of, sponsors and judges!



I congratulate winners and awardees! Until meeting!



I congratulate To anyone stakeholder with past interesting endeavor nowadays, and winners - with Pobedoy!



2 duffy333
Very great interest row:
Information is taken with site Fishing Sport Club JetFish
Vi OK i ? eiee e not set foot on Domk Ribaka in subject winning the Ee?aa ? not bachili dentichnogo aiieaiiy.
I rozumyu, ui site DzhetFsha o?aaa rozkruchuvati, aea aeacoaaoe aa?oi the i?eaooeiaee a in radi.Nagadamo manner?



As the me, information the kind which present here. And experience people scene this forum. Enjoy VSE. And personally me not pity someone help and with someone to share. Here castles not stigmatized. And people with House for fisherman (I even, pass am confident) hence take useful. And slice, the case. No one same not kipishuet.
And announced his Sergei of them pro winning the of Kyiv. That in is bad the? He one this subject presented on universal observations. For that him and thank you!
So that if 4-1-1 is taken Sergei not with closed line. The information is expose a NARODA. And has the right on free peretekanie in boundless space betting with your social network. In my opinion!

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On "Cottage" I not t in sports the partition, if honestly, but on higher offered a site went and saw. And if I I take somewhere any the intel, then some of the where - whether this information or my translation articles.
And in than exactly the problem? Or this closed and a protected Allowances right information? Then specify, that without the consent author copying the prohibited from :flag:
And under than here this:

Trolik wrote:

I rozumyu, ui site DzhetFsha o?aaa rozkruchuvati, aea aeacoaaoe aa?oi the i?eaooeiaee a in radi.Nagadamo manner?

If there is that essentially say, then request in lichku lest not fludit in topic.

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Anatoly Mifodievich, ah that you're being dramatic, there is nothing a bit reprehensible in happening. This the Internet, and I would on your place was only glad that on other sites, in including and my, much contest organized "cards Rybak's." :)



Sergyu. The kind NEMA i?iaeaie toodle-oo enabled not appears. :flag:
Pogodsya, aeaii viglyada. Unevenly is taken ? Domka. Have mene, spodvayus ? i ? from whom, iaia? zhodnikh zaperechen i?ioe moreover uia Braty, dlitis, rozpovsyudzhuvati. Ale it who aoaea dobrosovsniy vkazu already site DzhetFsha ye source of income caaooi Volume. MKhO here appears vikrivlennya ? here appears the problem. I on after vkazav. Yeui aftervikoristovuvatis for shamanskikh tantsv ? bells pro sekretnst abo nakrivannyam on ploscham have tsarin yurisprudents under Kucherenko ui not rozumttsya sutnst ieoaiiy - I e?aua session yogas,, after ieoaiiy znmu acaaae ?. Simply on printsipovo-vazhlivikh governing zrazu d staviti caai?iio on nesanktsyovane kopyuvannya. Tung Chee shall put after ? aieo nia ? in pdpis on Domku, yeui after potrbno for be, that is gran microchips "correctly" ? "wrong." Ale let us povernemos until those.
Aoaea very great interest was first released devoted. Viyavlyatsya 1 + 1 ua not resources peremogi. Borotba aoea aoaea napruzhenoyu, riba primkhlivoyu and weather. And yeo weather ua iiaeia chekati napriknts verbno nedl. In such neprostikh umovakh peremg fusion bagatorchnogo experience of other ? yunatsko zavzyatost. Pozdorovlyayu the poorest peremozhtsv ? vdalim vistupom. Iniaeeai radium for his government - take Mykola Pyasetskogo. Radium uspshnost ia?i zamni - Pasha-looking itself the bytsem. Radium ? the, ui "bs-Sensas" Ukrani ta klkokh ukranskikh vberegti its perevagu ? not postupivsya possible to garmonyno endurance Cherngova ? aoaea nastirlivim have Different tur Kharkiv 'yanam. And "pomarancheviy Pelkan" oaae molodts. iniaeeai radu genderna rvnst have zdobuvann peremogi.



Thank you for the answer and for by clarifying everything positions, Anatoly Mefodievich.



Request to participants - osvyatite although would not secret moments their tactician, cannot digest. That worked, that there is no. This moreover that not all participate in such a level for competitions, but many to them seek to.



Data contest were at all, as the me, quite unusual. Unusually the that a dace in Dnieper River not enjoyed in is spring regime as lovilas every year. Around the Shklov instead small fry people gets caught only a white bream and gusteru (which before not lovilas at all spring). These two fish essentially and have become on for competitions the main fish tank on that and need was count.

Increasingly was as the at all like it is unclear and with legs on its head. I personally sought on bottom emphasis, molesting to them and. This nikchemu not have embarrassed at all. As it turned out, fling need was simply in itself a ditch with under far side campuses. Under from svalom only perch with should sit.

On moor. Has worked in principle increasingly. As colored so and on the originality. But ????? on ways. :dontknow:
Alone talked that adding very received poklyovki, other talked that adding very are they biting the heII have you been, or been collected perch scale. , too, and colored cannot digest. The kid with team as the flagship of said, that on black fodder came podleschik, and when became use telescoping fodder, caught dace. And realistically fish lovilas and way and on net fodder. Without moths and moldy worm. So that if honestly, then contest poured the most incomprehensible. Because no one and not writes. Perhaps all chew on the that there . And a in principle those who simply catching the that enjoyed. Marrying Buglak and Andrei Mokrush to example issued very exactly. Marrying can be said "as always" (with some since) Andrei two days the first in zone.

Winner in personal Kohl, as on me and a bit knowing his "sports disposition" won on requiring perseverance. Perhaps is bad "got a temper" karpyatnika, which by the way very need under it catching bream. Here is and had to sit through their little slapping. That other could not simply do on reason "sports bed fever." Industrialized fishing in pace or priblizhyonnoy to this regime industrialized fishing.

Increasingly I.M.H.O.,. Not're angry athletes if what can not so.

And with fish tank in Dnieper River in this year conceal what the casus. I for increasingly time fishing in Dnieper River such a not remember. Increasingly is changing. :dontknow:



Not can understand, humanity which that being hailed as original source?, so this never was, and never will! To greater sadly no one from you not has informed results competition on largely fidernom Forum. Question why, hubris? Thank god there are people for whom this not picked up by the cops or subject keep things flowing, honor them and praise!



'll put clarity: A photocopy of a Protocol (winning the of Kyiv 2011. Feder. Ternovsky Canal.) is taken I conducted with Forum House Rybak's, Kyiv.



Wladyslaw Ivanovich, so speech not about Protocol. Exactly in your case as to full Presidency issues be not can, not it is important have invoked to you on humanity which or not. In my opinion.



Guys, I personally were grateful organizers competition, (fidernyy sport as I understand perhaps already property House Rybak's. Or so wants House Rybak's popiaritsya on fidernom sport. Not gather additionally in any way, but thank House Rybak's or Advisory Fidernogo putting Ukraine. Not it is important) for something that contest held!

Was increasingly normally. Fiderom harvest are at already all, and with this need simply agree. All who could in Ukranskiy feeder made its adds. T.P.S. reports, forums from day to day and simply the participation in joint for competitions and this, too, need to recognize and not pull blankets of on one inetresurs. That is why thank not only awardees and winners. Thank all participants contest for presented by E.Honeker Rifat and for something that was absolutely healthy and interesting competition.

All Thanks for Competitions, refereeing, for create an honest and fun fight!



Friends, from behalf of of our club JetFish and from faces team MAP JetFish want congratulate prizewinners and winners with excellent results. So keep!
Thank you organizers, judges and the opposing, without you these competition would not was.
Separate lasting gratitude our friends and partners companies Lucky Fisher for aid, support and the Olympian koordinatorskuyu work!

Breath the report :)



The salons a dace, winning the of Kyiv, these contest can be to call as psyche anywhere and I should tell that precisely data contest are among the most expected and same globally televised tournaments in year. After all after a long off-season athletes simply are full athletic excitement and desire match with each other. Moreover Springtime a dace generally known for those that collects a large number of strongest athletes our country that undoubtedly makes contest spectacular and allows themselves participants moisture to in caskets his experience the most precious coin.

For more about this here

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The first fidernyy tournament season in Kyiv traditionally passes on Rusanovsky host. In this year he wore status Cup of Kyiv and was represents the contest on winning the Ukraine. The right participate in rating bat-on Pechenihy created received two team would look like, that and made winning the of Kyiv unusually intriguing.

At all, over the past two years level of sporstmenov-fideristov capital very grew. And if year ago still can be was with high proportions of confidence project winners in team and in lichke , then now all not so the simply. In than, exactly, all and have been able ensure.

From year in year Ternovsky Canal spring gives us all new mysteries. In 2009 st here rush, klevala petty a dace. In 2010 st he was rich on bonus little slapping with goldfish dealer yes yazyami. In 2011 st Frankly, I still his not understood. Even reading sheets rivals from other teams or simply in communication with them, not can to come to up kategorichnomu conclusion that precisely was necessary for success.

And only in one I have certainty confidence: Success is impossible without shall. Last year, filled with and success, and failure, gave in this respect enormous and a useful lesson. For me in including, although personally I proved in a certain extent hostage situation. But the nuances. Importantly lies elsewhere in 2011 th sports year we comprised team, which in 2009 st has brought modern the first in his history medals (silver) host Ukraine: Sergei Garbuza, Boris Turik, Eduard dual seems and Viktor Vatsko.

Winter off-season brought fruit and in terms of, so say, compaction longstanding cooperation with company bs. Now she importer our favorite prikormochnykh mixtures SENSAS - decided exert us supportive support. Very pleased, that Ukrainian fidernaya team has become interesting and for French hand, which, tempests our sorevnovatelnymi everyday lives, in the compressed timeline (ah very like have time to indeed, the of Kyiv) was able send us-, which I nor voiceless in Ukraine not saw.

In general, now we is the team a bs-Sensas. But, unfortunately, name not gives no preferences of the on for competitions. And they were the most heavy in my until still brief spell career in fiderfishinge.

Day the first.

One of paradoxes of attend Rusanovskogo Canal consists and in is, that relatively accurate information about fishing in days competition can give only coaching received directly before tournament. Before How many not you just practice, all necessarily are gonna change.

Here is and now precisely recent days training facilities coupled with the results work inverted with legs on head our views about scenarios competition. If initially we nastraivalis on nekrupnuyu fish, then on the eve Cup of Kyiv became understandable, that is worth count and on bonus. Judging by from this we and prepared our prikormochnyy composition, in which comprised:
3000 Sensas Match Gardons,
3000 Sensas Gros Gardons,
3000 Carp Noire.

Entire mixture of we zatemnyali with the help Sensas Tracix Noir and dipovali with the help supplements, that beg to leave in be kept secret.
Mixture of Lies in measure active and in the same time heavy. Land decided not promoted, that, perhaps, and became a mistake.

Borya Turik easy hand dragged her up for Plavno sector A6. Himself same is located through one athlete in the first sector zone W. Id say honestly, not the best draw. Especially for Boris. But nothing not on advices. My neighbors proved guy from as the flagship of (A7) and Sergei Wladimir from Lutskogo Fischer's (A5). Knowing, that Sergei quite aptly but on Rusanovsky host, not I'm lowering my with him eye.

With distance has understood quite quickly, finding borders zone silt and seashells before a near brovkoy. Pro supply found and far distance on exit on brovku under a balancing Bank.

Imposing platform, razlozhiv all on their jobs, finding the right point on bottom, sit, drinking some coffee, and'm enjoying perfect solar weather and an absolute note. Suddenly, having a look on water under certain angle, find, that metres in 4-'s from Bank on bottom lies auto's a tire. And this guaranteed farewell bonus. Sure you do had to transpose all riot gear closer to sector Wladimir.

With start zakormivshis several kormushkami, do the jimmying ceasing and'm in respectable pace raskarmlivat point. Poklevok there is no. Although Poklevki something, judging by obsosannomu motylyu, were, but here is in sight their not was. Several voodoo stuff , and fingered thieving disposable potychki have become noticed. Truth, a hatchling pond from this fill not received.

In this time see, that Borya Turik is beginning to regularly harvest on the far-distance there is. Turn there and I. Poklevki there is. Fish there is no. The, that has ever managed reel in, fish tank call language not tide is turning.

Through two hours industrialized fishing I already accurately know, that victory in zone me not shines. Rashid Pasha Zavadsky from Balzers organs is VDE in the first sector settled down valet parking job very profit podleschikov. On the sly began harvest and Sergei Wladimir.

I have nibble a stable and fish steadily small. Gustirka with okushkom. Understand, that was the one leaking zone. But surrender and not think. Perhaps, such is my sports and-fidernaya fate harvest fish in recent and a half hours round.

Here is and now, psikhanuv and zasypav in the pelvis with prikormkoy just coarse very, received first poklevku 100-one 420 grams small fry. Ah and began polavlivat in really good pace nekrupnuyu, but all same belle. Messages couple gustirok under 100 grams. But mostly fish until 20 grams. Need counter buy, to considered these chef Costantino.

Came the most nervous systems it is time competition - time weighting. Me, frankly, was ashamed before team. Was am confident, that Hi. Did you on 5-6 place (grams 450). But results rivals, showed, that my prospective weight not such perishing super flop. And when, after 750 grams have Wladimir, scales, have shown, that I have 770, this was simply shock. Shock comfortable, because as on such-fishing so successful outcome I absolutely not governor intended.

In first day team acted very successfully. Borya showed the third outcome, menya was the third in zone Since, and Sergei now broken zone D, that gave us the second outcome on the results of days and only 2 bala with from leader - Balzers organs is VDE.

Day the second

Although bonus first day us not gave (except Seryoginogo an), showing opportunity to do good outcome and on petty fish, particularly nothing to change not have become. All-??? in the second day competition fish make more active suited on zakorm first day.

Dobryi Borya again has excelled on we need first bang, consigning me again in the most bezrybnuyu zone A (in this time 4 th sector), and Ediku having pulled out its yesterday sector in zone W.

But, of course same, in our failure to blame only we with Ed themselves. I first time swam To Her psychologically, beginning run off between partiessmart and beautiful. Second, lent on one distance there is, stand just biding their alluring a major fish. Ah and I is a clever - decided to harvest the, that getting caught, not becoming on one distance with other.

When same five man have become Academy so it's got a good podleschikov, I began run off on all elected points. Time resisted, and regular Ah, this is great not was. With distance there is, where all been caught podleschey, I have were single poklevki small beer. One'm detecting ukleevidnaya Blicca bjoerkna. Sense harvest such a fish in a sleepy pace not was.

To quite not fall in own the eyes of, moved on 13 meters, raskormil point smallholder motylem and in our pace began harvest 5-ounce okushat and hoping, that under rally gonna cost couple mordatikov. In the past year on Cup Ukraine in Voronovitse had forced petty matter in high pace has brought me third place in zone. But two times round in one funnel not falls. Large perch not was willing eat my very. And I clearly acknowledged that in this time nothing me not shines.

460 grams nakovyryat managed. Looking on bottom-line results, understand, that, swamps on two hours before on round 6, well could catch some these chef Costantino somewhere on 4s place. But I knew a joke would same, lived would in Sochi. And reveal me human, which uperto will harvest 5-a dime perch in the time, when around some polavlivayut nepoganogo podlescha.

Frankly, thought, that stolen team beyond Cup Ukraine. But, it turned out, that my 6s place in zone (with, that menya accurately also had fled on 7s) coupled with successful address Sergei and Bory, and also thanks to failure competitors, allowed us preserve the second place on the results of competition.

After this outcome remained conflicting sensations. With one hand, team task fulfilled, after on have let down winning the Ukraine. With the other, not leaves thought, that the result reach not thanks to, and contrary. Usually, with such ulyotami , as occurred I have with Edikom in the second day, clubs not receive.

But all, that us not kills, makes us stronger. And a bucket Cold water on heated heads still no one not prevented. Team bs-Sensas was started with medals and this well. I during award shows swooned, when medal dressed on a neck my small son, that led my the most composed fans in indescribable drooling.

Want congratulate winners and prizewinners in command and personal Monster. Thank organizers of competition. All passed on high-level. Thank company bs for support. Hopefully, that cooperation will prolonged, pleasant and oboyudovygodnym.



Of Maxime Viktorovichu individual greetings :flag: I hope you already received zayavochku on a new wand from Preston cerii Kinder Fisher. :playful:

Good fellows, I congratulate! Good sensationally and a good report! :cool:



Viktor, nothing with guys greetings! An excellent report!



VIVA wrote:

Law participate in rating bat-on Pechenihy created received two team would look like, that and made winning the of Kyiv unusually intriguing.

And me for example it is unclear why otbory on CU not at the personal zachetu and command. On EO, too, will such the concept? Quercus species torchbearer on audition ranks first in lichke, but nowhere not goes to, so as his team took a third place? :canthearyou: Pomoemu Brad :dontknow: Then why oh why need to and on ChM distill on such a printsypu.
Cultural rating contest, EO, too,, still and SodBi. Could make so, that on every a separate a competition from of Kyiv go different team. Then on ChM from of Kyivre out of no calls athlete, so as with such cullings this perhaps, or tertiary leadership all "'ll work it out" :glasses:
Me it is difficult all of this understand, if from one area on individual rating contest go three different team, neither have one stakeholder no chance be highly in rankings.

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Wu me was so:

First day - Visbreaking:

Obvious brovok not found. On reflection bit, began with a near distance there is in 27 gather steam; on Simano-4,000.
Fodder vde, plotvinyy, of Gray color of, with adding boiled oparika and coarse a butterworm constantly and many.
Went poklevki frequent, but sechetsya poorly :dontknow:, for the first hour 2 mini-okunka and one beginning peristaltikos potyazhka done - somewhere on 10-15 centimeters buckled (on stealth lines this krutivshuyusya have bait property fish under suddenly attacked hypotensive, me still was lucky, that saw such a poklevku, usually hook somewhere disappears , and poklevki not in sight.
Licked coaches Dmitri Antoniuc and persuaded me increase distance - I moved on 34 turnover, on which all the same - rapid pace of, there's gravy from Titara, a homemade, on 60 "grape", many prikormki, a butterworm and boiled oparika. The situation the same - many poklevok, but very difficult enables :dontknow:, on hook sometimes drive a small perch, but became to emerge also and get back a little petty a white imaginations.
Through some time, mentally pereodev footcloths with leftist its feet on right, and with right-wing on left (camping on BC child pornography wise Chukchi ) :D, come to view, that need to something to change. :question:
In ties with ban foam plastic, with goal window bait a bit higher became trawling, has spread cube air rice and several moths - works, simple poklevka - and the first podleschik about 500 gr flown in a hatchling pond under the heralding about a bonus check trills rattles daily, :flag: on the hook # 14 Ovner Ping Hook 50921, ceasing 1 flushed - 0.10 mm P-Line , rubber about 10 centimeters, nesimmetrichnaya noose - such a combination of was used I both days.
Again sticking my boner in the same the pourer - cube rice and night crawlers - and the second podleschik, slightly smaller size of about 300 gr, immediately same Takes, and safely it turns out in sadke. :cool:
In further on this combination began to get caught more-less are decent, in comparison with mini-okunkami, copies of a white imaginations, mostly gustery and a white bream.
Somewhere through hour do impose with the bait several moths, tinder wind wrapped in silk and feathers flying crime as on 3-4 Dam below my point prikarmlivaniya wise Chukcha told me Wait wait wait wait wait! - and I await the about minutes and something third-very decent rural-urban divide on hook in third time, somewhere about 13 hours. Twice proven on the eve method, on maximally nest until alarms rattles daily friktsione, pull another bonus, propelling upward place it, however compounded his zatsep on a near the sidelines, roughly in 10-15 flushed from Bank, zatsep proved deaf, had to Broodthaers snap wise Chukcha on this only said mistake, however!. :(
Hi. Did you 935 grams, stock from Eduard Molodtsova on 20 grams in a result 4-place in zone S. That's hurtful, deplorably, ah okay :tired:

Day the second - D-2:

On promere trawling found perspective dM clams, wide about 11 gather steam;. Roughly with 43 until 32 gather steam;. But might be a little slick near my Bank, the entire had a clams on help, and here is further from this swathe of in side channel goes the depth of, but there there is no clams, on bottom though. The availability of local fishermen on the opposite Bank, too, indirectly confirms, that fish enjoyed on this Canal somewhere closer to right Bank. Traditionally having changed a footcloths on feet, however, :D decided to harvest squarely on clam shell, on 40 scandisk on reel Shimano Super 4,000 GT RM, which after of a breakdown was very aptly restored and modified or exposed Yin. (1 turnover - roughly 80 centimeters).
Tactics industrialized fishing not remont,, all the same - rapid pace of, many a butterworm, boiled (oshparenogo) oparika, prikormki. Goes the same scenario melchayshiy okushok in gender thumb, and under podsadke vozdushogo rice sometimes that breaches petty and roughly in palm Blicca bjoerkna podleschik. But poklevki mostly singles literally on every zabrose, however reel in anything manages only on every third or fourth zabrose :disappointed:
! Heh, who not risks, the not sipping champagne, however! - insightful will whisper me Chukcha. That OK, waiting for approach bonus. :love:
Through couple of hours I the whether is content, then whether wind changed direction and became more an opposing sometimes I have not rather than rolling zabrosy until clips, there's gravy under zabrose has become VTOL strongly upward, and not doletala until grinding halt after point, moreover, this a metal there's gravy often though for obstacle (perhaps, the grasses) closer to Bank, under vymatyvanii.
Mudry chukchu sent away, as usual have men, on Siberian open spaces, even 4000m2 as well as for the Arctic circle, and further, even 4000m2 as well as until Northern pole. :hobo:
Established camp crime as Fox, the mesh, 56 grams - position immediately same has improved. The same fish - a minor perch, plotvichka, Blicca bjoerkna, podleschichki, all not more than half their fingertips, and often - as with little finger. Normal a white bream and leschika not well cared for by.
Catch 535 grams. 5 place in his zone.
On the results of contest 17 place in lichke (in the past year 21 place in such a same Sally on Rusanovsky host), progress is manifest! :flag:
In my categories athletes-Pentecostal Christianity in Kyiv me equals no! :cool:

Text or: About team.

In this year withdrew on sporting orbit team Lucky Fisher Rocket Baits , in team, where captain Sergei Wladimir

And I in as a a trainer-Makarov is, gathered young guys, which yet to stubbornly and aggressively of storming crested fidernogo sport.
Although Dmitri Kryachok

Has already experience and managed experience joy victory he bronze autochthonous host Ukraine 2010, in command Monster.

So broke a, that Dima Antoniuc

Not was able to accept participation in this the and me had to his replace.

Also Chukcha's bloodline that put damage in the second day, on Gianni to Romanyuka

And his in the second day has replaced Anton Dubceac

Io?aaii the, that team, although until still not very quickly, but confidently is moving forward if in first day managed to garner only 18 key, then in the second already 16 key, so that still have this team ahead!

Text or-usage: Advancement of our team forward actively contribute to sponsors - companies fishing goods, and tackle shop, prikormok and other accessories, without which on modern a fishing trip already not indispensable LUCKY Fisher and Rocket BAITS! :cool:

Sponsorship is expressed in very viable material and moral support, I highly appreciate it and thankful contributors for this! :flag:

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A me for example it is unclear why otbory on CU not at the personal zachetu and command. On EO, too, will such the concept? Quercus species torchbearer on audition ranks first in lichke, but nowhere not goes to, so as his team took a third place? :canthearyou: Pomoemu Brad :dontknow: Then why oh why need to and on ChM distill on such a printsypu.
Cultural rating contest, EO, too,, still and SodBi. Could make so, that on every a separate a competition from of Kyiv go different team. Then on ChM from of Kyivre out of no calls athlete, so as with such cullings this perhaps, or tertiary leadership all "'ll work it out" :glasses:
Me it is difficult all of this understand, if from one area on individual rating contest go three different team, neither have one stakeholder no chance be highly in rankings.

The most important argument in this issue consists in next:
How me known, autumn took place meeting representatives Kiev clubs, on which was taken decision interests precisely teams. So agreed to for this year. And to change rules on the process of the game. This wrong.

And what have Kyiv citizens theoretically emerges less chance on from falling in team. Ah so need to was about this to think before, as agreed to about system selection. But thus more chance have Ivano-frankovtsev, dnepropetrovtsev and representatives other federations.



Perhaps, imbabers from is far re-branding Feder-Profi FSC House Rybak's in -house-Sensas FSC House Rybak's.

Preparation for indeed, the of Kyiv for us began even long before starters season. Start decided with search sponsor for our team. Although the search for sponsor this of course loudly said. On fact, we long were thinking about collaboration with company -house , but increasingly as something not be tackled withdraw to them with proposition. Rumors had, that company utterly not interested in sponsoring fishing teams, so sponsorship get from them not realistically. After the return of in our club and our team Viti and Edika, we terminally in command opinion, that us there is that offer potential sponsor. So, a counsel between themselves, decided to risk and turn in -house with proposition act sponsor our team. The main our advantage was enough substantial experience in as it comes to shagging and not bad track record victories and prize seats each member team. Advantage so same served the fact, that we long fishing prikormkami Sensas, which not poorly understand and enough swiftlyt on for competitions. Body of these elements of represented a us hope, that we not get from at the Gate turn and leadership companies increasingly-??? may be interested in our proposition. Not know, that precisely played - have luck, townsome set of circumstances, or in us on fact deeds before, but our proposition keen on. Not d further to describe all organizational details, and only Id say, that in companies -house we found such support and understanding of, on which even have counted. People proved absolutely sane for and engaged in development fishing sport in Ukraine.

Coaching received.

Spring in this year of course tin. The frost, then snow, then the first they heard was wind and as out of all charity occur precisely on weekend, when can be was Myslivny on retreatments. Mind all understood, that to train better for week-two until competition, but perishing very like I can't wait open season. The first opened Canal Boris. Outcome have highly modest, but fish poklyovyvala

I on first retreatments was able to escape only in late March. Outcome first of origin proved, charitably, sad. My catch averaged dozen and a half petty plotvichki, gustirki and its army ,-a boilermaker. Was obviously, that fish in Canal not yet itself has gone, and if and itself has gone, then borrow utterly refused.

In mind absence of fish and odious awesome sauce, we with Vitey decided to train in last week before Walter. One of the few, who doggedly continued coaching received, was Borya. In his view, not is removed was this alignment, that fish in Canal not deadlocked at all, so need was understand, as harvest Holy with little finger, to modicum as something nakovyryat on a normal outcome. Given weather conditions and temperatures water, such a theory had the right to life. And if take in attention, that Borya was the only from of our club, who steadily catching (let even triviality), we with Vitey decided, that ??? need to train harvest triviality, lest not overshoot in case such a awesome sauce.

For two weeks until start starters proklyovyvat fish bigger than others. she mostly on average and the far-made it (30-45 flushed). But the number of fish and implementation poklyovok were hug and cry. Results training facilities still hard yielded analysis. Obvious was the fact, that on precept made it, under adding a in prikormku a butterworm on fodder wall was becoming micro perch, which can be was harvest on expense 20, not before poklyovki. In some zones micro perch was becoming on prikormku and without a butterworm, under fix on any distance communication. On the far-increasingly was as something not unambiguously. The first 5-10 zabrosov are they biting not badly and even something enjoyed, then are they biting sharply stops, either manifests itself in the form of single nucleotide-pokes without any might be a logical continuation of. So same we were beginning to think (as this not strange), that on fodder black color of fish becomes worse, than on prikormku natural brown color of. In addition to everything, began to arise betray him with a fat suit meets Undercover and have sole steadily lovivshego player our team Boris. In general, than closer to competitions, the more the beginning of arise issues: That, as and why?

For a few days until competition Borya, and he doctored butter in the fire crediting, that Seryoga Popov host at polavlivaet little slapping. Fun, have us little slapping not was, except several skhodov something good. On Thursday agreed to the entire team withdraw on retreatments, to determine worker composition prikormki deal with the rest questions. Test planned 3,000 Gros Gardons, 3,000 Gros Gardons Noire ", 3,000 Match Gardons and 3,000 Carp Noire".

In a result on prikormke vyrisovyvalis several trains. But here is with tactic was not understandable. I have not poorly lovilos with kormushkami puny volume without preliminary zakorma distance there is. Have Ed increasingly on turnover. He copiously zakarmlival point and catching large kormushkami. In a result what took several podleschey. To terminally test results, Borya with Edikom solve withdraw in Friday and sit down in the most bears a (bezrybnoy) zone zone A. By analysing all results, accept composition: 3,000 Gros Gardons, 3,000 Match Gardons and 3,000 Carp Noire ", mixture of mentor amongst the the iron and paint from Sensas.

Day the first.

I have zone D, sector 5. In principle, not the most the bad stance, but with very steep tilt, so-that platform had to to present enough highly The only, that a bit was forcing worry this Neighborhood downstream Sergei Popova and Yevhen Buglaka. Promeryav bottom, has found and fielded 3 distance there is: 42 flushed, 34 forge the, and 25 forge the The most priority for themselves defined distance 34 forge the (Dam 2 before svalom, i.e., virtually have his founding). Place me it looked very promising in terms of approach bonus, yes and for tempovoy industrialized fishing the distance was optimum. I very hoped, that no one from sitting below on it not will become, otherwise had to would stray on far, and there not the pace of. On a near, mostly, was a minor perch and such a same gustirka / plotvichka, so become on it like less just (left on rainy day).

For industrialized fishing chose the next rods up. On round 6 ??? raschekhlil Preston XL 11,6, which leader was coming sell. Very glad, that this not happened, because after competition desire to give away this line the establishment. On secondary distance chose Maver Reactorlite 3.6 forge the, until 80 "grape". this is one the most my favorite fishing gear. Equipped she was the feeding trough weight 45 gr., puny volume from Vladimir pugacha. On far chose fresh zavezyonnuyu and purchased fishing pole Maver Abyss, 3.6 forge the, until 80 "grape". Tests on training have shown, that this fishing pole has not weak supply ruggedness, so equipped she was the feeding trough weight 80 gr., so same from uncle Vovy. Advantage data feeders this are ingenious resilience on during. On distance there is 34 Dam there's gravy 45 gr. Teetered, as frozen

So, start. The first impose and I understand, that enleve further all, who in field my semblance. This well, means competition minimum. Poklyovka with first zabrosa, but very delicate. At the second zabrose so same'm picking up poklyovku, but not strike, such not many split ends. With third zabrosa enleve first gustirku. The next fish larger. Further follow more confident poklyovki virtually immediately after tension twist are spaced. Through times, I take it out raznokalibernuyu gustirku Looking on sides, understand, that compared with neighbors, I virtually beat. But as often this the case, not long music played. Somewhere through hour, fish account for simply ripping out with point. Poklyovki there is, sometimes zachyotnye, but Hi,, fish not sechyotsya. Promuchivshis even while, on this distance there is, 'm leaving on far. With first or with second zabrosa is beginning to do a peck. Im taking picture couple of small fish, after what begins the same history. Poklyovki there is, fish there is no. Jumping on these distance the there, then there vydyorgivayu on goldfish. Meanwhile coaches the agent, that on distance there is 20-25 meters people polavlivaet podleschikov. , I'm forcing themselves withdraw on round 6. With second zabrosa shagged poklyovochku and even several idle. I take feeder in hands and'm getting ready to next poklyovke, to try to enables fish with hands. Legke vzdragivanie the tip of the, leapfrog here is she pleasant severity of. On how late someone very substantial. Not giving more slack here have been arguing, downplay Friction clutch on case jerks, after all I have is worth ceasing from 0,08 fishing line of yours. Ironically resistance it turned out not thus perishing and strong, so fish took enough quickly Trophy proved e?anaaao Crucian, about 800 "grape". I even while, poupiralsya on a near, but except mizinchikovogo okushka vytsedit made there more nothing not managed. Residue time dolavlival on average distance there is, periodically removing small gustirok. Recent 30-40 minutes was biting,, as from barred, but implementation was simply the awful Reckoning. The entire hope on an, which by my rough estimate should to withdraw me in leaders. Weighing up the. So and there is - I until the first in his zone, but remains even Marrying Buglak, which increasingly time something polavlival. When he raised its a hatchling pond, I not believed their eyes. When he managed nakovyryat so much fish, not understandable. Me until the last seemed, that Marrying me's got to go around, but weighing up the froze the opposite. My outcome better, I the first in zone.

Day the second.

By analysing results their FC Spartak-D Moscow and keeping, that on the second day in zone competition podvalit a fucking fortune of bream, accept decision with start zakarmlivat the chosen distance and rocking, like this point obyomnymi kormushkami (the first mistake). Borya again me shots up zone D, sector 3, virtually there, where and was yesterday Solve the work two fiderami on made it 34 forge the, and 15 forge the The third feeder for distance there is 44 forge the, not I'm taping up. Am confident, that today there to do will be nothing to acquire (the second mistake). Bottom on distance there is 34 forge the, can be said not promeryal. Works couple of times for of decency, to make sure, that distance there is those same. So and there is, terrain trawling without changes. Poke around in round 6, dog`s on an even table. Below me Volodya Isko. Yes, delemka, If he vystavitsya on my distance, will have seek another point. We're launching. Normally, I again further all. Do 10 zakormochnykh zabrosov For minutes 30 after zakorma, enleve units 5 gustirok, violations begins nightmare. Fish are they biting, but its not perhaps reel in under any options. That I only not did: And hooks me, and length the leash, and with hands has tried to tie a blood knot, not sechyotsya fish and increasingly. On character awesome sauce (singles crap) was clear, that, likely, fish I perekormil. Tried to revive point Motyl, but particularly nothing has changed. As tykalo, so and continued to click. People in field of view, too, was a screwup bamboo . Zamuchavshis all idling caning fish, solve the withdraw on 15 forge the, and try harvest in pace triviality in are on approach bonus. Give shadowbox crime as, in prikormku leave many very and forward. Prokolbasiv minutes 15 - shagged couple of poklyovok and increasingly. By continuing seek active fish, 'm leaving even closer on 11 meters. There quite not interestingly, micro Okun size of with gender thumb. Return on 15 forge the At the second or third zabrose Masonic feeder on stand and'm on the tip. Somewhere through minute, without any sheveleniy or vzdragivaniy, vershinka is beginning to smoothly well. As if on the cord naplyl puchyok grass. Smoothly, without sweep (martial arts) raise your cast, but so nor what and not feeling the, exhausting. 'm, the leash there is no Interesting. In anybody Twirling, and I vasya Is red line of being able? Quickly perezabrasyvayus, but enleve couple of okushkov. Hi,, nothing not understand. The next impose. Through seconds 40 the good poklyovka and there is! Understand, that ??? well cared for by. Seconds 10 simply keep feeder in the lifted able, not giving more slack here, and have been arguing amortize pounder the first strong zhimy. Prompting a maiddle, quickly poslablyayu Friction clutch and'm on the sly to pump fish. Not forget a, that ceasing 0,08. Fish liter V8 up front weighs heavily in bottom. Hi,, heart of from breast simply rises. Understand, that such a chance can already and not be fish necessarily need take. As out of near the most podsaki podleschik several times cleverly dodges and rapidly begins in depth, thereby disseminating me until pre infarktnogo fortune. Every calling to podsake this a whole drama. But, when on the end of the something its do, you take, then enjoy on truth fantastic feelings You won! wear my wartime couple of oparyshey, in crime as net very, zabrasyvayus and await the next in the hope, that has drawn a gaggle of prep school. Couple zabrosov and silence. Perezabrasyvayus every minute, but outcome there is no. Likely, I compounded his mistake, making frequent perezabrosy. Need was slow down a traction and try bide your minutes 2-3. Again sticking my boner in net very, from prikormki'm cleaning up coarse and fork in the in pace 30 seconds. Through minutes 15'm to notice characteristic potyazhki, which me until pain are familiar. On prikormku became podlesch and began do the, that more just me lifts from themselves began place the feeder. This bastard an the feeder, but under this utterly ignored bait. Also their Muslim minutes 20, after what a flock plummeting has, and on prikormku again became perch. Until finish remained slightly more half an hour, so I vvalil maximum very and began rocking, like this scale perch, to fill his on offense even a bit grams. Strictly speaking, catching scale perch the second phase and graduated. The result second days remained not exasperated, so as compounded his a series of serious tactical mistakes. On information from coaches in my zone well catching Marrying Buglak and Sasha from kharkovskoy team caught several podleschikov, so I very governor intended, that with its catch of the day tonight below third seats not going to lower myself. So it and broke a, although from second seats me cleavage divided only one fish. Lost Aleksander Zadorozhnomu 6 grams. But even the second outcome not changed would picture. On the results of two days our team took a the second a command place, that gave us the right to participate in Cup Ukraine

In custody I want express tremendous lasting gratitude companies -house for aid in preparation for data competitions, and most importantly perhaps for what you in us deeds before! Thank you fort get excellent fishing line of yours and cords from Trade Mark Sunline, which over test Walter on five with plus. Incidentally, I first time in life pose on dog leashes but also from fishing line of yours diameter of 0,08, so for me very it is emblematic, that she not did economics fail under vyvazhivanii bonus fish

A mil, huh thank you French companies Sensas for what not ignored our request and in short notice returned form of, thanks to what our team honoured ???? on these for competitions

Huge thank you my. You know, partners for what we hear each other!

Thank our trenorov for what otbegali two days

Very glad for our club, which evolves fast-paced and fosters depth real champions

Winners and awardees even times I congratulate with never jobs.

Until meeting on for competitions.



Thank you for a remarkable report. To Stimul-Cash for minus - emperor.

Oops, as resembles your struggle with nedopoklyovkami on our coaching received before melting dneropetrovskoy area)


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