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Prikormki Browning

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Who enjoyed data prikormkami, could you tell me the most the resonant a combination of, and the have us in stores nor Sensasa, not vde there is no, and brauningovskikh there is. The price of course not strongly democratic, but for competition can be and 500,000 out of. In advance thankful.



Personally its not bad about molesting, but accurately know, that very a worthy prikormka.
P.S. Think, soon here will emerge Badardinov and navayaet not weak contribution on this topic, camping on K. He in topic. :D



Until Roma's phrases there is no'll post an pay I schemes from Germans - team Browning. Itself 4-1-1 is taken from nemetskoyazychnogo the catalogue on prikormkam from Browning. Hope, that will understandable. Only pledge not forget, that this Germans recommend for their conditions and increased the, and there is after all the good saying: "That Russian well, then ministry - death" :flag: So that themselves are looking:

And now need comments under our conditions.

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Browning works not always and not everywhere. Stupidly lottery.



Yes, this truth, case that with Browning assessed performance, BUT, if already variants, then equals this prikormke I until not met! :cool:




If there is Black medzhik (black she) take and not regret. This fodder very well could only shoot on plotve and ironically karasyu. Crucian even, pass at all in offense souls not world of. I think this for two reasons: Flavor (purely brauningovskiy) and color. Crucian feels smells, searching for fodder which not in sight and finds your bait.

Above all thank you all, that stalwart, tell about your respect to Gardons, as she works, and the took its on contest, but dace not brought together, gathered bleak (though, if rooted truth in eyes a dace not of solidity not voiceless, not despite prikormki different producers, in catch mostly have all was nekrupnyy perch, victory, from whom bleak, I have 50 / 50%, and one nekrupnyy Crucian.



Thanks to this prikormke our team often maintained on podium. A pity that only in Ukraine she usual.



Resolve question!? For products "Browning" read, was intriguing try, but, Darn? In Dnepropetrovsk its not never not met. If there is 4-1-1, in any trade networks one can find, could you tell me please. Partner tortured, in my only its not yet has tried, yes and indeed here also compare with other. :glasses:



Huge thank you!



vinni wrote:

so much thank you!

Always glad help people and glad if this gets the.



And that there is have Browning's for an?
Enleve his on two fishponds: The first - bottom clay and sand, hasn't ilistoe bottom.
The second - fat, tier silt everywhere.
That you can advise on every option?



euro_2012 wrote:

and that there is have Browning's for an?
Enleve his on two fishponds: The first - bottom clay and sand, hasn't ilistoe bottom.
The second - fat, tier silt everywhere.
That you can advise on every option?

Until Roma not responded. Using his same GWAS methodology, Id say: If you will say, that it is this prikormka awesome works precisely for karasyu, then you can seek another seller of - you let (I.M.H.O.,). Sea Bass - this eternal the search for within "cyprinids kept" prikormok (every day all on a new). Crucian, rather, place than taste of and smells.




But open a small secrecy, those who can harvest "in balconies and terraces", camping on E. Always on one place, very advise to feed with the evening, and harvest on the morning. With on the morning prikormku at all can be fling through times.

Roma, this not secret. ???? feed need to not prikormochnymi blends, and specific gave. ????, than longer process, the more effect (but this, too, not gives 100% guarantees). And this is called not lures from day one, and privada. T. E. Fish privazhivaetsya to one specific community, where constantly there is food.



Want obnovitt this branch. Studied staff about these prikormok and clearly, there is a two polar glance. One prikormka - "Kh" :cool:! The second - "Ew.." :canthearyou: the truth perhaps where fall, and all same from whom there is experience use these prikormok on Dnieper River? Share feeling was that! :flag:



Here is article-interviewwith Champion Ukraine-2011 Andrey Mokrushem aka kaa - esteem. How I know he only Browning and but. Yes and Alexey , Champion of World-2011, polyublyaet prikormki this producer. Yes and other fly fishermen-athletes use their on Dnieper River and not only - Zoom, Alex, for example. Guys from Belarus arrive in Kyiv buy immediately and a long these prikormok. I himself, too, their'm using.
Those schemes from German fishermen-athletes, which we have uploaded I higher, too, deserve attention.

For moreover, to be portrayed impression about prikormke need not one and not two times swim. And deal. Understand the mechanics work a mixture in those or other conditions. Browning - not Wondernmaking prikormka. Complacent need not. Sometimes they realistically "then" by the same leschu, when all the rest options silent - purely "deadly weapons" :cool:. And sometimes contrary - full third convocation :(. In short, all as have all. But in any case this high-quality prikormki, which can be quietly questioning in one a series of with such prikormkami, as have us say "sporting class", as Sensas or vde. With its specific the scent of and composition.
Me personally they like not only from-for their workers qualities, but and from-for enough a small the catalogue prikormok. There is no such amazingly subtle number of species and sub-kinds, as have the same Sensasa or vde. Although for someone this will be swing. Not likes only the, that zavozyatsya they only one supplier and many positions (the most the resonant under our conditions) razmetayutsya still with it so and not stavshego on shopwindow.

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And that preciselyre using? What options vystrelivali, and which there is no?



As option for tide can borrow recipe from Zhdanovka (from articles):
browning Grand Slam 2kg(is biscuit, krupnofraktsionnaya, with special brand on the the scent of)
browning of Morgan Fish 1kg(yellow, krupnofraktsionnaya)
browning River 2kg(light-yellow, srednefraktsionnaya, very adhesive - goes as base on River)
This option for purposeful industrialized fishing a major bream.

As option still'm using:
browning Grand Slam 2kg
browning # 1- 1kg (light-is biscuit, petty)
browning King Long Distance- 1kg (dark yellow, srednefraktsionnaya, very adhesive - goes as the cohesive on River).
More broad spectrum impact - browning # 1 gives good loop mutti.

browning River 1kg
browning King AllroundMatch- 1 kg (dark yellow, average and petty faction)
browning of Morgan Fish 1kg
Well themselves has shown in places, where many gustery on coterie which then suited then and bream.

Ah and for all options plus a dead moldy worm / very coarse / weave the worm in dependence from season and local preferences fish. Adding types type browning of Morgan Fishor browning Bream Blasterwelcome.
This those options, with whom I enleve under enough strong press-gangs - this when each have friend on the hands of sit and through heads is released and. Overwhelmingly, "disables" as least a couple neighbors that from above, that from below. But and Coalitions ready, too, accented - far same without them :hobo:

Text or: Very the good thing have Browning's this a series of types browning XTC discover their beneficial virtues..- couple of of spoons on several kilo even simply "porridge" and is obtained quite the other product :flag:

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'oc! Sergei, a large thank you! D try. :cool:



About our offer Browning's and other producers (from personal observations) - not worth. From my practice results mixing of Browning's and the same FD were worse, than separately involved - Browning or separately zameshanyy FD. And here is adding Browning's in the same "salapinku" gave effect.



Such a tendency why the there is with all prikormkami. Several times'd scope - separately work, is worth mix together and and full third convocation! Logically so should not be, but fact.



I want you to tell please pro prikormku Gardon B22.



Classical plotvinaya prikormka: Petty faction, presence ground enough cannabis, biskvitnaya basis, actively works in water. But she has specific smells "V22" - someone he reeks rubber, someone a drugstore :dontknow: I has tried its this spring on Dnieper River - our fish its not realized. Quite.
From Brauningovskikh plotvinykh prikormok deserve attention Red Roach on warm water and Black Magic under it comes to shagging early spring and late-autumn. I have mixture of Red Roach and Gardons well practiced on enough major plotve and / Swedish podleschiku in warm time year.



duffy333 wrote:

But she has specific smells "V22" - someone he reeks rubber, someone a drugstore I has tried its this spring on Dnieper River - our fish its not realized. Quite.

Think water in Dnieper River has, too, smells pharmacies or rubber (any debris), here is fish and not pochustvovav nothing new, not drew attention to the this smells. :dontknow: 8-)



Yes okay. , like, cleaner, than in many fishponds yes karpodromakh, so accurately. Although himself already long in Dnieper River not go swimming :(
Have Browning's in the catalog leaked that smells In-22 "unique and the legendary." That "unique" - this 100% :D A here is "the legendary" - KhZ. And not I one his has tried. But outcome was similar :hobo: Although precisely for the as prikormka "works" in water claims and there is no.



duffy333 wrote:

specific smells "V22" - someone he reeks rubber, someone a drugstore

Eucalyptus reeks-said as during however)



All the more, if as during however said :D ``Our fish - not NSW right, Slippery to eucalyptus Frozen Cocktails :crazyfun:



Where the read, that a dace love zapaz korvalola. Here is you and eucalyptus, and drugstore smells.



Andryukha, give me some pointers there is now done myagenkie 1; 1.5; max. 2 unce. With Norfolk 3.6, reach 3.7 mm?



Sanya, and for no rods up you their seek to adjust like it or? Tomorrow on a fishing trip I you and ordinary, and tailored under Dutch done'll show.
Kingovskie as times in an honest diameter 3.6mm - would measure personally. Although everywhere and is written 3.5mm. That indirectly confirms, that in Dutch Master with his 3.5mm they not climb - account for nulevochkoy tailor. And in Neoterike with his 3.7mm they slightly hang out - account for a bit build up.



Podskajite please.
With any Brauningovskikh prikormok / types is worth start as with the most universal?
A targeted fish: Bream summer and early autumn on created and medium-size rivers.
Want experiment in coming year, and information on these moor year little.