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Prikormki Browning

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So prikormki under fish select :dontknow:. Whom precisely are going harvest? What the depth of? What bottom? Under what temperature water? There is whether of wind or these tide?
Can at all better will not Browning, and the other producer.

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Anzhoss wrote:

cognac and hot girl.

S-R-Y for offtop, but "popularize rechovianmi" (with) better to do on sound head. :crazyfun:



глубина: 3,50-5,00 м
риба:карась,плотва, лещ,линь,сазан
течение: нет



Who tell pollsters where buy prikormki disconnector in Zaporozhye. For what thank you!



kolyan wrote:

who tell pollsters where buy prikormki disconnector in Zaporozhye. For what thank you!

I order through Internet in Three whale, am sending money on map it's private, and a new mail get.
Can be of course and to Leshke Pugachu but there is whether have him time free.



In port Lenin in Zaporozhye, there where was fishing, is a the other fishing Music, there accurately will camping on K. Already its Head.



max_zp wrote:

In port Lenin in Zaporozhye, there where was fishing, is a the other fishing Music, there accurately will camping on K. Already its Head.

When opening the?



Anzhoss wrote:

глубина: 3,50-5,00 м
риба:карась,плотва, лещ,линь,сазан
течение: нет

Разная рыба, разный подход - для плотвы "активная" и легкая прикормка, для леща, линя, сазана "тяжелая" и крупнофракционная. Напишу, чем пользуюсь в своем регионе - так сказать "стартовые составы", которые можно усложнять и добавлять что-то в зависимости от результатов на "своих" водоемах...

На стояке и слабом течении по плотве использую:
"холодная" вода (+12 и ниже) - Black Magik + Gardons - легкая, активная малопитательная смесь с ароматом специй
все в сухом виде пропускается через сито 2мм*2мм; можно добавить специй (кориандр, корица, молотый острый красный перец - нужно пробовать); замешивается непосредственно перед рыбалкой либо на водоеме;  можно пробовать замешивать на воде с добавлением мелассы; при температуре воды ниже +8 можно обеднять прикормку добавив землю в соотношении 1:1; кормушки минимально возможного объема; мотыль (кормовой или кормовой+насадочный) "перебитый" с грунтом пробками внутрь не помешает.

"гарячая" вода (+15 и выше) - Etang + Red Roach или M7 + Red Roach - легкая, активная смесь средней пищевой ценности с ароматом специй
все в сухом виде пропускается через сито 4мм*4мм; можно добавить специй (кориандр, корица, мускатный орех); замешивается непосредственно перед рыбалкой либо на водоеме; может понадобиться дополнительное затемнение смеси краской; по нескольку пинок/опарышей/кастеров непосредственно в кормушку - темп в зависимости от клева; кормушки среднего либо малого объема.

лещ и подлещик по "горячей" воде - Grand Slam + Crispy Big Bream или Sweet Bream + Grand Competition - тяжелые крупнофракционные высокопитательные смеси и сладкими "кондитерскими" ароматами
все в сухом виде пропускается через сито 4мм*4мм; можно добавить подсластитель Krazy Sweetner или замешивать на мелассе; замешивается с вечера накануне рыбалки; можно пробовать добавлять зерна консервированной кукурузы в качестве крупной фракции, а также пастончино; в зависимости от условий ловли и температуры воды постоянно добавлять в кормушку пробками мотыля, опарыша/мокрого кастера или резанного червя; кормушки среднего и большого объема.
При ловле леща придерживаюсь принципа, что прикормочные смеси это ароматный "контейнер" для доставки крупной фракции и животины на точку.

карп по "горячей" воде - Big Fish + Crispy Carp - тяжелая крупнофракционная смесь
замешивать на мелассе; замешивается с вечера накануне рыбалки; добавляется много крупной фракции (консервированная кукуруза, пеллетс непосредственно на рыбалке) либо непосредственно в прикормку при ловле с методными кормушками, либо пробками при закорме/ловле с  обычными кормушками; кормушки большого объема.
Хотя целенаправлено по карпу мне больше нравятся прикормки других производителей.

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Write, than'm using in his region - so say "starting compositions", which can be complicate the and promoted something in dependence from results on "their" reservoirs.

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Large thank you! For advice, d probuvat



Not so long enleve on feeder (is a plant), but'm using almost exclusively disconnector and CwGet decodes up Nr. 1 in kachesto foundations. There is and couple of skrinok sensasa. On days'll post an derzhitsya.



ZooM Junior wrote:

There is and couple of skrinok sensasa. On days'm gonna post derzhitsya

Yes perishing please, will effect "a ruptured cerebral bomb" :cool: here such little who saw. :dontknow:



Despite with fiderom on night, and here is tomorrow on the morning - necessarily. And done, of course,, too, klatsnu.



Well, only get dressed a little warmer, at night even's a little chilly out! :flag:



Here is, as and promised.



ZooM Junior wrote:

That, as and promised.

That it comes I so lived! A good supply :cool:



Two household but important issue on prikormke Browning - on box since with prikormkoy largely unknown date assemble or date the end of the term storage? What term storage have prikormok Browning?



Prikormki from Browning's as a good cognac - than older, the better :crazyfun:



Чима wrote:

Term storage 2 year, before they at all not wore, and not ticked date. On box since zaznacheno -data production.
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Thank you!



Gardons you have works well?

Upd. As you black monster?

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Митя wrote:

Gardons you have works well?

Upd. As you black monster?

Gardons in paired with British Channel you've got on-start or weak during on plotve and any sign petty white puppies were born and it so.
Black Monster I have not went :dontknow: To "Cold water" he too large and double patty., and on "hot water" on leschu have us yellows prikormki a-rockin '.



. Ah that you regulation to do, again forgot parole, again had to on a new be registered.

Duffy, thank you for report. I have in program, as you realize, Browning dominates, although recently acquire families couple of tens of packaging sensasovskogo feed. Black a monster I not has tried, although me his have recommended that on major fish. Here is because and asked. Gardons me any the left bran reminds. The questionable prikormka, at least, and visually, and on in an odor (to there 352 not spoke about how, that on smells you can catch a buyer in no clothing left).

Positive experience mean with Champion Choix, Sinaloa Hp. 1. In his video about nightlife a fishing trip 352, too, used this prikormku and spoke a bit about its elements of. Generally, by experience can say, that this a cool theme. I have she is core.

Second prikormku, that, too, almost always'm using - black medzhik. As and 352'm using its in as a zatemnitelya. Melkofraktsionnaya and nothing not taints. Today at night well otlovilsya on these two prikormkakh with adding sensasovskogo big Fisch, peremelennogo peanuts and coconut shavings. From likvidov added only sensasovskuyu caramel. Court 11 little slapping, one carp-three roubles and of a good an. "Court", of course, in metaphorically diminishing - the entire fish returned home. If whom interestingly, I’d say still couple of words about nozzle of.

Two weeks consecutive not can on the worm and oparika nothing to capture. Still two weeks ago on the same worm was several fiericheskikh fishing trips, and here suddenly fish unsupportable on him borrow. So singled out search for alternative jamborees. In Saturday on the evening before shuttered retailer bought on dinner frozen potatoes-French fries. All dead meat if you eat not managed, and remained quite many emit. And ah let-, think, stuck with it swim. On fishing not planned in view a strong the plaque pain, but having received tsitramona all ??? In. Sit, 'm throwing up bricks here-to-mouth every hour on to a tablet and racked enleve. Fortunately, bored not was and with right complement I, as says the Axe (remember the post pro karpovoe Lake with transparent water), variants.

So, installation of - ranning, distance between ball bearings on top about five centimeters. Ceasing a short, centimeters thirty. Hooks used with a hair from Drenana quite small - 14-16 numbers. Instead Boylov wore cube some twice-baked kartoshi-French fries and registered all instances from above kukuruzinkoy with red stoporkom (here is he - Kosa Sergei with his thread). The first leschevaya myagrum - feeder literally has destroyed with racks and matter-here we go. Two carp descended from, because as with a were only leashes, which I take up knitting under bream with 0,12m kolmikom ksilo.

. About than this I here wanted to write? Ah yes, about prikormke. Prikormu I vikidal entire. Case in my practice boom. Ah, and about potato. Choice, citizens, on as they. Not hesitate to)

• is gone for a tablet •



In our places, if to talk about Browning,, "base" for any leschevoy the aft a mixture this the Grand on Slam-- all - without him nowhere and never, if'm interrupting Browning for rivers. Allied his can be with moulded there Bream or Krispy Big Bream. For very strong tide to him River Kompetishn leave.

Text or: Fruit-French fries. Will need on poppy-drive along on path on night fishing trip :flirt:

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Karpovye a mixture from Browning who any bad about molesting?



Ah, such itself. If karpiki on platnike are accustomed to fishmilu, then can be poprobovati - all three prikormki on the basis of fish Meal. And so varying degrees "vonyuchesti."



In is the and deal that tried, only outcome not poraduvav, or fish in is a reservoir a fractious. D hopes that one times not figure



Andryukha, you translate, that means "Halibut"? :flirt: A reeks as. Accurately not HCl :D Yes and in describing like you have on site written pro "extract focuses instead peleta" 8-)

Krispy Karp another matter - indeed net "konditerka" with pile cereals flakes. But I its on leschu on Dnieper River has tried - a good option.

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duffy333 wrote:

Andryukha, you translate, that means "Halibut"? :flirt: A reeks as. Accurately not HCl

Seryoga, as translated, and as reeks I in rate, I OK wrote from,, English series of,, that the very a implies fishmil.
And still on carp we should drink a of Morgan Fish apply, corn there many. Smells almond



I you very thankful for advice, see with this composition can be first in pace harvest gusteru and then and wait local little slapping, and to carry gusteru and of, yes beat today on La with prikormkoy as you say cheap, in pace catching gusteru, sentsa, on falling of solidity chekhon, impose on expense 6-8 fish on the hook, incidentally very appealed hooks ovner 56535-the size of the 16,12, and Preston-322, thought be appropriate bream but alas perhaps Blicca bjoerkna and Senec not gave way to leschu place, necessarily buy your composition and dam you the answer, and purely on of bream can be, like, sit long ah not know,



Алекс wrote:

Browning works not always and not everywhere. Stupidly lottery.

Lottery this when're breaking up with the feeder not proverevshi bottom, and I with it thing and understood that with it not them never, at least sensas and vde work almost also,



ZooM wrote:

Yes, this truth, case that with Browning assessed performance, BUT, if already variants, then equals this prikormke I until not met!

And can sensas better, and Seryoga?