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duffy333 wrote:

Then why oh why counter question - and than directing such length prevents or bad? ??? ?? ? ? on many branded the cow sheds or in requires strong, or in poluzhestkom the form of he present.

So understood that messages simply not are placed, created continuation of.

¬сЄ очень просто проста€ физика, во первых если отвод дл€ поводка сделать короче кормушка всплывать будет быстрее(это очень полезно при прибрежной растительности и не только), во вторых на течении кормушки с длинным отводом хуже держат дно, чем такие же но с коротким отводом, всЄ очень просто, здесь где то разбирали как ведЄт себ€ леска в точке соединени€ кормушки, а именно леска нат€нута как струна при этом не прижимаетс€ ко дну, соответственно леска тенет кормушку приподыма€ еЄ переднюю часть и если рычаг(отвод) будет больше соответственно сила приподымающа€ переднюю часть больше. Hope further understandable to what this brings. Respectively trough Fox brand, to (VOS) for tide worse those same cells and not only because that they poorly hold bottom and also because slowly drowning and severely get worn out pulled.

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I practically the same so same izgotovlyayu. Mesh such a rarely enclosed, mostly do from nets from air filters trucks are waved. Lead 1.5-2mm? Under prolonged exploitation trough the crease weight with hand ergonomic suspension is beginning to are razgibatsya. To loss of trough this immediately not will retard, but subsequently, from periodic human zagibaniya back cargo can complete access. So I on their the cow sheds give the retainer out (or the paper clip) from wire, camping on E. Simply hereby seal foreign and domestic parts of swathe of weight.



Here is interestnyy option trough



Reality not news. In past or year before year on what the site already jawed this deal.



FEEDER wrote:

Eth not news. In past or year before year on what the site already jawed this deal

One person has acquired crime as such a system. On his words of need a jewelry work with nabivkoy and viscosity prikormki. The there's gravy of initiating the under strike about water, and the under awoke finding in water vymatyval, and she so and not opened. Me he said such words - "all genial is - simply." Or you are not putting itself seek on OK. Have rural, simple metodnaya there's gravy challenging and the concept actions she has totzhe, Quercus species deliver lures from day one and the bait in a certain place.



fm967 wrote:

Skyfall his words of need a jewelry work with nabivkoy and viscosity prikormki. The there's gravy of initiating the under strike about water, and the under awoke finding in water vymatyval, and she so and not opened.

Also we most heard. Little moreover haven such a same (on the principle of). The entire the complexity of the with spring was, that it comes not very soft and not very harsher. In short has found one the only, and then complexity with nabivkoy began. The under strike about water immediately the key increasingly, then will wash even until trawling not having reached. This in an aquarium so talk, and under strike about water. If perishing nets, wings and etc. On the cow sheds it. Not IТd say that bullshit, but for my seats fishing accurately not suited.



Yes, forgot say, on the first fishing and buried its successfully. More do come not became with this.



All Clextral yellow homes skloubeni modification with please see and remote subwoofer for vytalkivaniya feed on vayfayu :hobo:



Why wait? ??? ?? ? ? there is a ship She "radivo-upramlyaemyy" for this there is - like it or the glass zavozi, and like it or gender-buckets for times :D



Survey feeders Vegas
On my view Ц this photos well enough to, robust about everything on light of, to channel
All efforts on replenishment personal arsenal kormushkami Vegas!
However Уclassic genre Ф requires Registan from contemplation such a beautiful photograph, and to move
To a detailed insistence these feeders.

So, entitlement:

Trough Vegasfor industrialized fishing fish on feeder graduate in Propulsion , Donetsk, Ukraine.

They manufactured by East of straight-line, have three wings, the writing on one of chicken УVegas Ф,
And share on medium-size (on photography ranks at) and small (on photography from below) size gift baskets:
Medium-size trough Vegashave such proximate size: The length of the your basket Ц 40 mm, dozen
Your basket Ц 33 mm, the total the length of the trough Ц 80 mm.
Small trough Vegashave roughly such size: The length of the your basket Ц 32 mm, dozen
Your basket Ц 27 mm, the total the length of the trough Ц 64 mm.

On external mind your basket differ on deaf persons (without holes), oval (with oval holes)
And the lattice:

Trough VegasЦ relocatable-paddle, consist from different user-exchangeable parts of: Your basket, a
Elements with vertlyuzhkom for fastening to services, and from lead gruzika Ц ???? have medium-size feeders
Their size, and have small feeders Ц their:

by Vesa feeders Vegas:
Medium-size trough Ц 22, 30, 42, 56 grams.
Small trough Ц 7, 14, 25 grams.
Thus, there is 21 option assembly feeders Vegas:
Ц 12 options medium-size feeders (3 species Ц deaf, facial, on grille and 4 weight - 22, 30, 42, 56 grams);
- 9 options small feeders (3 species Ц deaf, facial, on grille and 3 weight Ц 7, 14, 25 grams)
Completing description of feeders, here are the writing УVegas Фon one of chicken feeders:

Test Уa warm-up Фthere was on flowerУ on grille Ф - and small and the average your basket weathered on
30 szhimaniy fingers hands, with effort, which, in my to understanding, fits deformations analysis
Under strike trough on water (under zabrose), shocks about stones and concrete (under contrary vymatyvanii snap)
And other being the outside power impacts. Trough Vegaslook as new.

Test on assembly carried out by-mop-up(replacement gift baskets or lorries): Disassembling of the no hardship not caused.
Under assembling sometimes account for the subtle grip pliers it adjust direction two any lead Уpins Ф
- pipochek, outstanding on gruzike and employees for forging the in a single entity Ц crime as Vegas: Your basket,
A elements with vertlyuzhkom and gruzika. After assembly trough Ц those same grip pliers it a bit
Izgibayu-splyuschivayu Уsprigs Ф -pipochki for prevent possibleУ higher spontaneous fission rates Ф trough.
Truly, as states Ц there is no Huda without for good!

Testirovanie on the Dnepr river in drying Propulsion Of Kyiv done in August 2011, in two phase:

First phaseЦ trough Vegasmiddle size on 30, 42 and 56 grams (secondary the feeder
With gruzikom on 30 grams kept turning the passage with point industrialized fishing) were tested on services nesimmetrichnaya
Noose, with pounder GARBOLINO Italy MEDIUM Feeder-3.9 flushed and test 25 / 75 "grape".
The distance zabrosa accounted for some 40 flushed (47 gather steam; coils Daiwa Regal PLUS 3,500 wipe tables AB,
1 about =8 5 centimeters on passport).
Flight feeders a normal, fly there, far're breaking up with; the 1949 roughly on 18-20 turnover.

No disgraces after 3 hours industrialized fishing on the cow sheds VegasI not found.

WWII phaseЦ trough small size on 7, 14 and 25 grams, and there's gravy middle size Ц
On 22 grams. Tested in another place of Dnepr in Kyiv, with nesilnym the passage, under pasmurnoy variability,
With pounder Shimano Speedmaster MEDIUM Feeder, 3,66 flushed Ц 105 gr, with vershinkoy on 0.5 oz (from Mr. Picker here),
On distance there is roughly 30 gather steam; coils BALZER LTI 430 (1 turnover Ц about 70 centimeters). Thanks Ц
Is noose, associated on the main from monofila $0.16 mm.
Fish-sicles Ц a dace (the Black, Super Champion of, vde) and panirovochnye peatmosses. The bait Ц one or two moldy worm.
Initially Уzakormilsya Ф average the feeding trough on 30 gr. Then moved on enleve small (pikernymi) kormushkami.
Began with 14 grams Ц poklevka visible very well, strike, slowly lifting to Bank Ц
And suddenly Ryboid sharply moves away in makes vegetation, in which, the plot thickens. Had to get back a little
Уto pant heavily Ф, and in late all from water is retrieved the first fish Ц plotvichka.
Talismanic with dozen plotvichek, decided to establish crime as small size with gruzikom on 7 grams.
Putting a hammer to a the feeder prikormkoy and do impose. Immediately after strike trough Vegasabout water vershinka
Is beginning to a bit gets jerky. Strike and take out a a small size Е chekhon.
Like-would triviality, and pleased!
Certainly there's gravy on 7 grams falls sink more slowly, than there's gravy on 14 grams Ц
And this likes and attracts chekhon!
On next zabrosakh almost always you can catch a chekhon, and if poklevok, on falling trough sink,
There is no Ц the enleve with trawling plotvichku, and sometimes Ц a small gusteru.
Roughly through and a half hours nibble subside and stops. Am installing a small the feeder Vegas
On 25 grams, nazhivlyayu two moldy worm and'm throwing up bricks here. Something there, on bottom, is beginning to take an interest in
The bait, vershinka shivers and's a-twitchin ', strike and feel, that zaseklos something bigger than others Е
This Уbigger than others Ф, too, Reserve begin to the beat in coastal reduce the algae Ц but me such a stratagem Ryboidov
Already am familiar, I'm magnifying the speed the reverse of podmotki Ц and here is near Bank churchgoers establishment a small
Podleschik. I take pictures of his - and in a hatchling pond.
So and continue to harvest, replacing time from time trough Vegas. The 1949 trough in this
Place industrialized fishing roughly on 11-12 scandisk coils.
Just managed to capture, not very won with prikormkoy, the bait, pace industrialized fishing and camping on D. Ц about 2 kg
Small fish Ц a bit (black / brown rosetted catch of the day tonight, wise all their podrastat in native element do.
Under external inspection which were used on this testing feeders Vegasdisgraces again
??? not has exposed, they look as new and. Very similar on famous overseas brand!

What same, with such great kormushkami Vegas not sin and very have their!



Very me they remind proverbial VOS, or I oshybayus?



sendy wrote:

MA Ц It me they remind proverbial VOS, or I oshybayus?

And all together they remind FOX :rofl:



sendy wrote:

. Proverbial VOS.

And that means "proverbial VOS"?

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inishmor wrote:

A that means "proverbial VOS"?

Nothing bad. Trough very even remarkable, have the most in arsenal dozen three. Proverbial - because, that actively discussed on this a time. But to massive consumer they as something not came close. :dontknow:
Me seems, that Vegas simply re-branding VOS. Or I not rights?

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sendy wrote:

But to massive consumer they as something not came close.

Not know. Have us very even came close. There is in sale in stores cities.
P. S. I in this season fully siding with on domestic trough. For different conditions constantly'm using kormushkami VOS, AXC, Fidersport. Be satisfied with on all indices.
Even times thank you producers for excellent products. :flag:



Boev wrote:

DonТt know. Have us very even came close.

And have us their and in speak of there. Easier buy Fox in assortment.
Oleg, and you these trough not remind VOS?



sendy wrote:

and you these trough not remind VOS?

Yes one in one! Perhaps fastening weight to feeding trough a bit changed through regulation. Prod hand there is no two march watch!



All were simply, not alia relations two partners :dontknow:. Had to do their forms and start issuance feeders under other entitled - "Vegas" :flag:.
With humor.!



Luck you and all UkraineТs producers and lot more good dealers! :flag:



T. E. This vos under others. Entitled?
Us on't care -aby in plenty their was and not spare no their from for their value of
Until me suits on all their insurance Ч and price AIksy. Bottom who make slightly better.
And at all producers in Ukraine simply is surprising their aspirations to quality of and KVALITETSGARANTI.
Foxes in skilled - Ukraine is so apparently driving!



Virtually yes. I did VOS, now do Vegas.






inishmor wrote:

now do Vegas.

For laziest enire still such a hell is that -



Saw such pieces in deeds. In 2008godu, but here is in stores so and not met. Protivozakruchivatel from white plastic with vpayanym vertyugom.



inishmor wrote:

near-yes. I did VOS, now do Vegas.

Ay carries! :flag: from Egyptian nabuli specifically! I moreover that saw foksovskie (almost) options seemingly anonymous producers. In one the crib, though asked show, there's gravy-mesh with upside superfine mesh, increasingly from sinezelyonogo plastic with priklyopanym gruzilom from "white" lead, with rylyami, as been paved. So here is wing have split when there's gravy accidentally slipped out out of the hands saleswomen, around with Heights in centimeters 20-25.

Dood wrote:

30 szhimaniy fingers hands, with effort, which, in my to understanding, fits deformations analysis

And here is how times will the that need to! :cool:



FEEDER wrote:

Protivozakruchivatel from white plastic with vpayanym vertyugom.

Still and green released Stonfo that here on advices, and in principle worked well, a pity more in sale not met.



Donfeedermen wrote:

A and green released Stonfo that here on advices, and in principle worked well, a pity more in sale not met.

One times saw Stonfovskie trough. Me accommodating provided Alexei (Cheetah) on CU.
I believe that strongly the poison color have and on shoal they play not a good role. The dark or brown trough more preferable to for some shallow.



Here is I and thought if we have techs have make lots kormukhi the for them do forms and squeeze protivozakruchivateli as two finger about asphalt. Ah and color plastic can be choose any-what soul pleases! And call this raskhodnik for example - the shark last on (shark's million units) :crazyfun: North KoreaТs latest word for producer. :flag:



Any protivozakruchivatel steals sensitivity in services. And if with ordinary option Donkey, somehow gets caught dubinschiki this well normal, then with accurate fidernymi rigging of this ship and trend to such use cannot be - tickles a return to "dubinizmu"% -).
Although for producer this product can be highly seems interested - mentor expands market even natural their products. Stones, any rotten Wen and apples pledge not hurl - Frozen Cocktails the all want :blush:



duffy333 wrote:

Any protivozakruchivatel steals sensitivity in services.

Serozha can it and so-but I not torchbearer and simple fisherman lover of. So to some nuance of in as services'm a match democratically. Me not need one be ashamed of sometimes enjoy trubchatymi protivozakruchivatelyami. Incidentally enleve praktichkski on-start and when is worth protivozakruchivatel in sight poklevku verkhovodki. Fidery'm using kheviki.



Perhaps many, who but on River, encountered in with problem, that there's gravy in 80gr - this "already little", and in 100gr "already many." Or there is badly in size there's gravy, but weight its inadequate. Know, that our athletes solve these problems expense of ordinary lorries with tire shop. The British it turns out, too, with this problem face, but lorries on shinomontazhakh have them perhaps there is no :D, so they use detachable and extra metal weights on each end. Are called they have them or SparkBoy Lead Feeder Leads (fidernoe sinker with kogyami), or simply and unassuming - Dead Cow Leads (uneasy stalemate cows :rofl:). With the help these legs fell it and mounting your to feeding trough - of a line is that and forward.
And still saw have Kormorana a device "surprisingly resembling" highly popular in Kyiv environment stalechnikov and dubinschikov the feeder-shanku. Truth have Germans the main appointment this threads he has not had forced of bream with prikormkoy from pea plants / porridge, and had forced eel with prikormkoy from a mixture wood shavings gnawed by worms and fish.