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Championship of Kyiv. 13-15 on May 2011. Ukrainka

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Know were preliminary "pristrelochnye" Bartnik (himself participated "for company"). Know, that today people sorrowful underway. Waiting for as official information, so and reports immediate participants :flag:



Until athletes silent, 'll post an several photographs with second days competition - was able enter only on the end of the round.

1. Place battlefield:

2. Moments round:
This leschik was caught for 10 minutes until the end of round.

3. Weighing up the:

4. Caught - release:

5. One of the most big fish tournaments (if not the most much):

6. And now can be to share impressions:

And still. Tournament summoned enough big interest have local viewers - mass issues, discussions. First, as usually, how many all of this equipment is worth and why harvest such expensive "pasochkami" such a triviality. But process weighting and especially return fish back in native element do summoned consistent mass of of emotions. Hope, that although would 10% from viewers understood and mindful sense underway.
And still people asked, when will the next contest and who will to participate :flag:



Sergei, thank you for something that arrived and announced his! Glad was to see you and your interest there, and s photo session here! Thank you huge!
I their derzhitsya'll post an later before. Simply again product comes (karpovyy), will many work, but will try increasingly do to dispose.



On photographs, - became the norm "all send away" :D - I, too, so'm going to do :rofl: - derzhitsya here, there same and photo Protocol: … post524286

I was an team:
"Lucky Fisher-Rocket Baits" FSC programme Ribaka, forge the Kapot.
1. Wladimir Sergy - kaptan
2. Antoniuc Dmytro
3. Kryachok Dmytro
4. Romaniuk Yevgen
5. Dubceac Anton - zapasniy
6. Dudchenko Wladyslaw - coaches "

Team searching for its style, method trial and mistakes with every rounds all-??? improves their performance, although and not so quickly, as like would.
1 th day - 5678 seats, 2 th day - 1, 1, 6, 6 seats.



Busy briefing hardly write. After all play around before EO, but at all was increasingly interestingly.
Lovers of gallant cordages, followers "fashion" sovremenogo fidera, advise a little bit of a reconsider its fashion. And be tempted more to "German style." On non-CIS zabrose and 120 have people not has kept is death. , too, advise and on you can. Kill on such traditional transportation coils, deal of course everyone, but I simply advise reconsider outlooks of a little bit of a on cordage.

At all, purely Kopru, Dneprovskaya fishing and increasingly that with this stems. So that think!



Write on write on. And not congratulated winners!

I I congratulate at all ALL participants this event see! Separate lasting gratitude victors in personal and command 80 of! Thank you ALL for pleased conducted time (in one place so even and fun conducted :rofl:) Ediku Molodtsovu respekt!

Very pleased was. Me contest conceal reminded times first fidernykh competition, where increasingly was as something warmer, could crack it yes and at all as something ah very pleased. Incidentally such impression I have was the winner of the Ukraine on Bilyayivka, Ukraine. Was a bit even shocked openness people and kindness.

On sorevakh was cool! All my greetings! :flag:




At sorevakh was cool! All my greetings! :flag:

'm gonna join you and, too, all I congratulate - winners, participants, viewers, organizers of, test immediately burqa and two guards order from party "Groza"! :flag:

This a slight video, encourages a common view about conditions contest



Contest was extremely interesting. Fish was everywhere, but successfully harvest its has ever managed not all. The situation very quickly the capitol and until the end of understand, that same need was to do, me so and not managed. One play around before Walter not gave full understanding of fishing, and contest at all destroyed minimum expertize and starting tactics.
After coaching received was taken decisions use the next prikormki:
Browning of Morgan Fish, Grand Slam and-M7, also dobavlyalas melenaya cannabis from Fish Dream have. Mixture of Lies light brown color of and successfully has fish. Right complement served: Maggot, night crawlers, the boot.
The first tour poraduvav uvesistymi plotvitsami, which quietly shipped in podsak on a fishing line SLR 0.12, although sometimes forced nervous podleschik. Hooks already classically used Maver Katana 14-18 and for two days contest missed just one fish.
The second tour began ideal cool, but through hour fish disappeared, and only in late round managed as the help situation. In general, body of water not disappointed, and even more was delighted by.
Want congratulate winners and prizewinners!
And also thank company Three whale for come team aid.



Sincere greetings and gratitude all prizeram, participants and all who expended efforts in organizations and conducting competition. All broke a talk warmly and mentally. Special lasting gratitude city Ukrainka and local representatives power for their purity and for most outgoing. For their warm welcome and sense of cosyness.

Individual greetings team MiB Balzer-VDE FSC "programme Ribaka" - simply handsomes. Talk, exactly, cohesively since and confidently. Also Vladimir Isko with bronzed in personal Monster ah and of course same Anatoly Mefodievicha with two edinichkami!

Very pleased was see it Ukrainian fidera - team Ivano-Frankivsk. With bronzed you! Ah and of course same of sir Alexander Veselovsky. Fidernogo supposedly, with low!

I congratulate also his team PEE "Three whale" with commanders low!
Sovremennogo Anton with the salvage leschem competition and mega catch of the day tonight in the second day!!

Ah and couple of tens of motionless moments can be watch on exiled -



Question participants, if who used korumovskie chairs on this dam, were whether what the inconvenience in comparison with a platform?



volvo wrote:

The subject participants, if who used korumovskie chairs on this dam, were whether what the inconvenience in comparison with a platform?

Used chair torchbearer from team flagship, the second day, zone D --mark chairs I not know, unfortunately.



The subject participants, if who used korumovskie chairs on this levees

To VOLVO many in Voronezh in very similar conditions a on at KORUM
Increasingly s'aII right and results normal. In my opinion if there is platform she realistically for this comp better



I eiaee there in "almost sporting event regime." In any case desirable rope linyami stowed, chair to sea wall La - sloping highly one senses. I still under such seats d buy one kit pin socket and to bet on them instead standard significant your heelbone leave 885,000 lb be made into arrowheads type peak - for emphasis in concrete. Still from cons chairs - his need questioning a bit further from kharius water, than platform. This because, that there is no pedany and wave of from floating there-here Umstanden posudin highly some big time. From-for this same is desirable a hatchling pond a long 4m - I would even 5m took if would found such. Moreover there there is such sector, where necessary vyodit the feeder immediately in upper water, to avoid zatsepov and breakages. Platform with his hard constructs in this terms of of course will give handicap chair :(
And another. Bought itself Prestonovskiy holder of under supplied in rods up (thing udobneyshaya :cool:) and if insert in him udilishche type khevika and to stand up, i.e. very big chances, that chair with all good type nasadochnogo table with nazhivkami and dipami, and indeed naveshenym good simply is going to flip in Dnepr river. This rasskazka from own experience - podsakoy then tasting house-sprays from coastal water in trying regime was catching.
And in the rest of the read pozitiv. Not are biting - sunbathing can be. And Nimera not aching :flag:
And have athlete from as the flagship of was Corum Standard.

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Championship of Kyiv forecasts expected an with look forward. After all he should was show on that is capable our team in full composition. Lyosha returned and team gained its confidence and even I would said assertiveness. No one particularly not sought to many to train, and if and came on coaching received, then been caught as --something and than --something, robust pro all major principles training process. Also they're hovering on customs has effectively prikormki browning, whom we planned harvest. Respectively by a mixture on training were utterly in other, and this as known nor to what good not leads. Even we with Lyoshey for week before CHK participated in command for competitions on winning the THREE KITA in sec. Pustoviyty, issued there not quite aptly and thereby destroyed itself its the moral state of. Incidentally, for places participate in fidernykh for competitions on karpodromakh, want say that at this water feature will held in this year even two contest in tandem and in lichke.
In general, if me not changes memory, then guys training of in Ukrainka on 2 times, and the, one play around was-greased those, that them had to partition that sector. I same get to practice one times in Thursday sooner on the morning, checked some what themes, caught with dozen the minnows, naobryval together tug ropes with fish tank, said that I increasingly understood and went work further. As then it turned out, not understood I nothing, as however and the entire team. The only pozitiv primary in the process training was in is, that team agreed about cooperation on this season with company THREE KITA and in is, that prikormka browning finally arrived and we were now in are. Turkic forward, want say, that precisely fodder was able modicum as something invented our common talentless sensationally and take, for airline high 2s place. Aren only that it was smooth,. No one frankly not flew into my and not mark, that confirms what we team.
In run-up to EO like would a bit to tell guests from other areas their the impression from CHK. So, had forced onvention on concrete La rivers Dnepr river very quiet and countrys cozy elite town Ukrainka in 30 kilometers from of Kyiv. Quay quite intense, so extremely needs met the next formalities:
1. Spinning platform to sea wall it with this rope. In parapet as well there are holes, for which and can be get attached
2. The morning degistirmek and all their clothes keep away from water
3. A hatchling pond utyazhelit with additional shipments and mentor spinning to platform
4. Shoes must be not slippery
All this needs to do in ties with those, that on Shklov trek powerful boats and are raising quite grave wave of. Noncompliance all these formalities leads to loss of cordages, fall in athletes and camping on D.
Incidentally even about sadkakh. In a result waves the holding pens very strongly fraying about the concrete promenade. So recommend apply under it comes to shagging our marketing with prorezinennymi obodami. Such as for example a hatchling pond MSpec Keepnet from browning. This charge three at bands around the draw an outline within prorezineny. Also there are two cushy pens for fixing meals fish from charge under weighing. Yes and at all a hatchling pond very any photo itself. 'm using his already 2 th year and very exasperated, and in ties with data conditions so glad doubly.
On fish. On CHK team did rate on enleve motley type fish. ???? catches in dependence from before enrolling tactics raznilis extremely marginally. Some been caught ukleyu on the speed, not which did rate on of bream, and some, in including and our team, did rate on enleve fish middle size. We been caught middle size gusteru (until (7), podleschikov (until Heavy -), dace (until 300g), sintsov, podustov. For this us was chosen composition from large and averagely fraktsionnykh cannot digest browning, namely Grand Slam, M-7, of Morgan Fish. Fodder was very aromatny and very successfully been collected fish.
Trough enforced from 60 until 120g in dependence from distance there is industrialized fishing.
Rods up and reel for dire conditions industrialized fishing.
Want express lasting gratitude companies THREE KITA, especially for what in quickly timeline have been able us provide effity equipped and enjoyable pretty coastline accessories from companies browning. Especially was pleased look equally on building in black bobnadovskikh fartushkakh from browning (incidentally very practical thing in the process industrialized fishing fish, by insulating clothes from dirt). Also thank you To he sovremennogo for nasadochnyy night crawlers, and all participants for create an honest and an uncompromising fight.
Trolika and his entire team with victory! Good fellows! Volodya Isko separately with 3 st place in lichke. I think team must buy you for all your writings and pains and for time, conducted on training in Ukrainka. You literally had to sit through this victory for its team.
Frankovsk led by Mater I congratulate with serious filing on victory in EO.
Toh and ZooMa with enormous 40litrovym frontal from browning, initial company THREE KITA for a major fish. Finally you will in fix mesitsya on entire team.
Ah and in late want remind tradition, that neither never even team, victorious on Championship of Kyiv, not benefitted direct Ukraine. And this personally in me offers a particular feature hope.
All luck and until meeting on Championship Ukraine! :flag:

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Was in the latest day competition, from whom managed took interview. Pardon that without pictures participants, not keep up with work tense, all right.

But those whom interestingly ChTAYTE HERE. The size of the simply big.


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