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Championship Ukraine 2011

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Interesting comparison; At ChM on chess smoking permitted to, but on EO on fishing it catching no! And it is significant, that put chess players out shares 1-1.5 Dam in closed of it, and fishermen least 10 meters.

But on for competitions on poker can be liquors cannabis. 8-)
I himself smoke, and for phase skurival pack, we from unrest, we from still chegoto. Truth sometimes, when smotrish photo in journals on fishermen-athletes and they with cigarette, then long disappointing talk. Pays to sport.
Want ask Viktor Vatsko, as practitioner in football,
Vecherinok and in football can be quit smoking, mean on the field? Understandable, what will reaction a trainer or owner team, but anyway?

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Romeo wrote:

Smell of atraktantov will not bring harm what you want health

Ah I it comes so't say. Read Fadeeva, he wrote, that always has tried atraktanty, dipy and renounce all hell is that on taste of. But once after such tasting. Three days "was taking a shit further than saw." After this himself not tastes and other strictly-way there.' not recommends try.



fm967 wrote:

cai ? moreover, uia aeeiioaaoe law pro kurnnya on 5 godin, e?aua it is time aoei it comes napevno

Can not in subject, but anyway. Watched Russian sites, so there modest or selection of the sorevy spend on new, international rules. So here is, they, too, not smoke, but there is still one thing, I not in rate, but on these rules must be fidernaya tooling kotokaya will allow fish under steep of a easily from it free themselves. Quercus species as in karpovoy it comes to shagging. Our be utterly arts about this think?

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fm967 wrote:

But once after such tasting. Three days "was taking a shit further than saw."

:D We this divuemsya and as lack of perceive, for themselves of course, and karpyatniki enjoy these affair (. " Further than prichine ") deliberately and deliberately.



fm967 wrote:

vecherinok and in football can be quit smoking, mean on the field? Understandable, what will reaction a trainer or owner team, but anyway?

In football banned quit smoking even a letter of on bench. Already long. And no one is protesting. Wide, Chupa ,-chupsy-to-mouth - and forward. :D

I here I read this entire rigamarole about smoking and type Ukrainian in mentality in decision-laws and funny becomes.

"Purely on-insider", Panov "mature Europeans" - this, when himself want not one takes, but talk shit about the, that make for you and for you other.



VIVA wrote:

In football banned quit smoking even a letter of on bench. Already long. And no one is protesting. Wide, Chupa ,-chupsy-to-mouth - and forward.

Vtya Thank you for vdpovd. To the main thing uia Chupa ,-chupsi for prikormku neporakhuvali 8-).
And yeui a commonplace, then correctly ui zaboronili, sport come to mean sport.



Ah and now about solid evidence community conducting competition. Och advise given.

This akvatoriya assumes cordage, and cordage distant from unobtrusive if speech shed about it catching with the far-distance there is. Wrote already, but I shall remind. Trough 120 on non-CIS pulling when water there is. On CHK have guys 100 sduvalo.

Now think over those that you will use in as a rods up for work with weight from 100 and higher. From personal councils (not advertising sake of, and simply as are a good advice from moreover that there is and that saw and know) King Feder and ZX Feeder from Browning. The Slippery to long not have sought optimal things. You have can be their outlooks of, I their not'm debating, said about those udilkakh which accurately there routing.

Length with President. Consider not only convenience industrialized fishing but and grass under Bank and abrupt brovku.

The coil. Sotvetstvuyuschaya and neubienaya. And ??? believe me in the that reel with big and petty shpuley significantly unloading their udilishche under zabrose in is terms of, that less and palm account for in zabrose to send on the same distance.

The fishing line is, mono or the cord, then deal your, but consider weight kormukh.

Else, I think the already the details and mystery.

Incidentally there from as boats wave of as on Sea, so that this, too, am asking given.

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I food sponsors of I had on attention to the not komandn abo osobist, and receipts from the zmaganya. Oiaoi chi baneri visyat. Stand. Lie ? chi prizi vruchayutsya peremozhtsyam. Aaaaoi ooi pamyata prizi type Antaresv, platforms vdomikh firms, ? camping on D.



Message from Trolik
1. ? urakhuvannyam osoblivostey akvator the kind iao character on one average podovzheno hour sphere in pershomu the kind Different tur zmagan.
2. I hour etapu purge sector zaboronena - after for moreover, uia vikoshena the grasses not zavazhala loviti some opustilasya nizhche on tech.
3. Have case construction 15 the kind a ? eu?a teams aoaoou vvoditis pvzoni.
4. Suddvska brigade skladatimetsya ? 10 suddv. Potential Chelomei there iao kategor kv Dvrniy. Until Warehouse, a free of vkhodyat Oleg Victor Vorontsov (Chernvts), there Svridenko, Oleksander Grinov, Boris Saksonov, Yevgen Gridko (an - kapot). Organzatori rozrakhovuyut on suddv ? Donetska, Dnpropetrovska, Ivano-Frankivsk. Directed suddv on the aa?aeaaiiai practice - after not o ? euee, 'of feedback, after ? visoka honor.
5. Viznachennya order pdkhodu teams before corn cob etapvprovoditis for skhemoyu "podvynogo zherebkuvannya."
6. Mabut, n have spravakh molod, their sport the kind tourism nadalo three information prizi for peremozhtsv have osobistomu zalku.
7. Titulniy-spender zmagan - kompanya "Chimei." … stcount=23

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Guys, who goes to stakeholder on EO!
Take with a streamer or "cats." Because as grass mow will be needed! Naturally, for those who wants normally act.
Akvatoriya - the best in Ukraine, among those, where me accounted for compete (despite results). But the grasses is rising with every day all higher. And to this Context be prepared.



Was on a fishing trip in place conducting competition. So in sectors downstream with grass was at all without problems. So same not disabled telecom, simplex, none trough. Bottom the clean. Sunday, water Perhaps not provided or loosely water commanded. In short on report and 60 gr crime as has kept. Truth brauningovskuyu. There mesh simply not parusit. Under Bank and 40 gr holds.
Poklyovki were well are visible under using cord, so as would sensitive some tackle can be use, but with such poklyovkami, choose; or identification poklyovok, or expanding zabrosa. I think better with President "erode rather" under expanding. After all less burden on tackle. Increasingly I.M.H.O.,.



In Saturday water was - the feeder from Browning's in 100gr for vdmtkoyu in 40m (for 50 gather steam; dura-Ace 4,000 or 40 gather steam; Browning linked Feder, the depth of about widths 8m) suggested :('ve been in sector B. The optimal weight trough there 115-120gr. Moreover, if someone ozadachitsya catching "on distant has attracted visitors over", then better use peredneogruzhennye trough - the accuracy of as under zabrose, so and on zakormochnoy point much higher, I have if anything. Truth from-for their small volume of accounted for to do perezabros shabby.There.
Cord with the shock of leader unambiguously It was your dangerous driving in those conditions. And than the cable was thinner, the better. Sensitive some tackle. I even and not know. On case absence of of blasting or esti claimed triviality on a near distance there is. But when give water nothing to acquire there to do with fragile rigging of this ship, wasn that under Bank, I.M.H.O.,. Me my ektra-khevik King Feeder Long Range 15 feet until 200 g very even been of use. And a new hollow carboxylic vershinka to him. Foresee question - and why harvest on of the required distance there is ALL SUCH rigging of this ship? So there a dace and Blicca bjoerkna tests sizes was. Yes and podleschiki vletali. And than closer to Bank, the less fish was :dontknow:
In sectors downstream - A and B - indeed own areas of vegetation virtually there is no.
From personal observations and this personally my opinion. Sector A, B and C, D a bit different downstream on on the far-distance there is. As me it looked, in sectors downstream it a bit stronger.



fm967 wrote:

. Must be fidernaya tooling kotokaya will allow fish under steep of a easily from it Free Itself

Bezborodochnye hooks.



Not this only as part of rules. ??? ?? ? ? have nicknames compulsory condition to under steep of a snap there's gravy in any case flying off with fishing line of yours snap - they even under this deal began to issue mini-clips on type cyprinids kept. This even not for competition, but on many moslems commercial reservoirs review as rule. So that with so development events paternostery and deal can simply to ban - leave only Israels right to-layn montages and montages on the basis of these in :dontknow:

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Serega_mexanik wrote:

Bezborodochnye hooks.

I still can distinguish installation of from hook. In the preceding post Sergei more even coherently about this wrote.



Only returned with Ukrainka - traveled, could not in office stanstand it. People trains, scratching the turnips and again trains. Fish there is - she not can not there is :D Almost everywhere comes out the kind or a different the grasses. Today very a strong wind with wave of - harvest enough difficult. But the first reviews about a reservoir with sign "plus."
I guess me, that on EO "Is the battle!", and this :cool:



duffy333 wrote:

I guess me, that on EO "Is the battle!"

Of course will. We same we are going. Let thrill rivals. :jumping:



So and the rest, too, go :flag:
To why, today to team "Sensas" on retreatments some foreign a guest came. Can will share who of them? .fat Europe us takes an? People treatin, Pikkeringi with different Veygangami start come - and our their "teach life" on Dnieper River will :jumping:



duffy333 wrote:

By why, today to team "Sensas" on retreatments some foreign a guest came. Can will share who of them? .fat Europe us takes an? People treatin, Pikkeringi with different Veygangami start come - and our their "teach life" on Dnieper River will :jumping:

Ill share! Menya to drink deserted. Here is Europe and takes an his liver! And I - 40% from sums deals! :D

Z. L? - 1649.: Seryoga, I nothing not want say and nor on that not implying anything, but. Two years ago - Sania Alex, as you now, traveled look on prevents contest and began communicate with some "compete." Where he now, you know himself! :dontknow:



Not, vecherinok, in their present format I accurately compete not d - motivation for order to very compete not see :dontknow:. Yes and too lazy I for this :blush:. But a mixer "around" me very likes.

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Was today in Ukrainka on first bottom host Ukraine. That you say - wheelhouse still the kind! After first day in command Monster gap between 1-'s and the 5-'s place just 2 (TWO YEARS) points. Imagine that will tomorrow! The real be exiting under scorching sun. One bream, blackmail threat has been removed or contrary, lost under the end of the time, can reverse entire distribution seats in zone. Today already watched such a situation - two leschovykh the vanishing over the past 5 minutes phase and torchbearer on 3-is, by place in zone.
And bream there are already and in profit quantities. Capture will copies more 1kg already not isolated case. And chekhon nips. Yes and at all fish lack.



Championship Ukraine 2011 rejection on La in city of Ukrainka ended successfully!
So, on keenest wake (pledge not kicking, so as I write this with hand the viewer and TOChNYE figures will identifies a in official Nantucket Memorial Airport):
Catches on the second day competition were more, than in the first - maximum averaged 13kg with wheelbarrows.
In this same zone the second place accounting for 10kg with wheelbarrows.
In the other zone catch in 7.100 meant only 3s place.
Bream in several zones was many, while in other this was net bonus.

In command Monster the first 3 seats took Kyiv (list teams filed here … post525733):
3s place - Team "kapot-2"
1. Rpka Sergy (kaptan)
2. Mokrush Andry
3. Strashniy Oleksy
4. Andrusenko Fedr
5. Badardnov Roman (zapasniy)
6. Gorban Sergy (coaches)

2s place - Team "kapot-4" (LUCKY Fisher)
1. Wladimir Sergy (kaptan)
2. Dudchenko Wladyslaw
3. Antoniuc Dmytro
4. Kryachok Dmytro
5. Dubceac Anton (zapasniy)
6. Kovalov Maxim (pomchnik)
7. Grabovskiy Gennady

Champions - Team "kapot-3" (IBlS-SENSAS)
1. Garbuza Sergy (kaptan)
2. Turik Boris
3. Guys sittin 'Eduard
4. Vatsko user: VictorAnyakin
5. Pdlubniy Sergy (zapasniy)
6. Forostovets Sergy (coaches)
7. Garbuza Sergy (pomchnik)

A new champion Ukraine in personal the actual test - Mokrush Andrei (team "kapot-2")
The biggest fish competition - bream on 1.420kg, if am not mistaken, have Eduard Molodtsova (team "kapot-3")
Winners and prizewinners with replete with distinguished in heavy struggle awards! This was realistically with steeply :cool:



I congratulate winners! :cool:



My greetings victors and prizeram! Barack good fellows! :flag:



Still times, but already from home, I congratulate all POBEDITELEY! Good fellows! :flag:



Championship Ukraine past, and need to say quite interestingly judging by the sum seats teams and participants.
As would there of ring, but Footbal passed. On my view, conditions industrialized fishing nothing fundamentally not regimes differed from conditions industrialized fishing on River at all,, too, for, the depth of, kind of fish. Was indeed interestingly watch!

All participants this event see from themselves personally I express gratitude to her for podarenyy celebration! I congratulate winners and awardees with so the result what they have shown!
Separately want congratulate a new Champion Ukraine Andrei Zhdanovka! :cool: :flag: he simply pretty boy. Two days with so the result and the second day 13 with plus kilo. This simply man triumphed over situation. Came, took a heading and Hi. Did you.

A little sorry for that guys with Ivano-Frankivsk so issued. I if honestly thought that Igor Veselovsky's gonna tickle nerves in which times all lovers of fidera. After competition I asked his pro reason unfortunate speech, Igor responded, and can only say, that failure nestolko depended on them, how many from one wheat sown. But the can already be to leave past.

Even times all participants and winners I congratulate for podarenyy Rifat!



How this was - glance with my hand (report):

Still during host of Kyiv in Ukrainka (14-15 on May) was dose the need use of types-ekstrakhevikov principle who further throws, the better plays miraculously podtverzhdalsya on this a reservoir, especially in the top of downstream on sectors (higher the principal quays).
So as I was an, then singled Dima Antonyuku (ADNkiev) its Fox Gorizont Ektremo Feder FX1 4.25 flushed-150 gr and coil Krasnoarmeysk, Saratov Oblast Fidermaster 9600 - they brought our to an athlete 1 place in the second day, in zone A.

In Championship Ukraine I was introduced in composition athletes team Kiev IV 4 (Laki Fischer), and so has leased have Comrade another Fox 4,55 flushed 175 gr (FX2), and its Fox authorized D. Antonyuku. On train, before EO (in current zone D) this feeder FX2 in tandem with Fidermasterom 9600 allowed vyvazhivat little slapping in 1-1.5 kg on zatyanutom friktsione and maximum speed podmatyvaniya twist are spaced.
The second feeder I have was Trabukko Revenzhi method feeder 3.9 flushed test about 140 "grape" with coil Dayva Regal Plus 3,500 Bree JSB. This kit allowed produce vyvazhivanie without problems little slapping-podleschikov on nest until alarms rattles daily friktsione.

Instead platforms I used metal travel chair, and for reliable and convenient for sitting installations this caused to on rapid downward spiral the surface La - rear legs highchair've shortened on 15 see Under zabrosakh and vyvazhivanii serious fish Still Rise with such a highchair and move on sector very conveniently, and sellae highchair significantly relaxed my own approximately.

Thanks nesimmetrichnaya noose from filament Simano Qatana 0.35 mm, between River Kymi and a leash around established footnotes from themselves a rubber from booming Middle Kingdom 0.8 mm, about 15 centimeters - Chinese substitute for fidergama, on 2 Grzywna (/ 1 m

Trough: AKhS 120 100 80 grams, and also have had one in the second day competition - trough from W. Pugacha on 70-80 grams, with fangs.

Dog leashes but also from fishing line of yours P-Line XX Vol 0,128 and 0,148 mm, about 70-100-140 centimeters; the main hook, agile a reliable grip with Vasili Drennan carbon fibre feeder # 14 (I.M.H.O.,, of course), although also enforced hooks Gamakatsu BOS 1810, Ovner 50106, any a series of likely from Trabukko virtually substitute for likely Maver Qatana, and etc.

Play around 27 on May.

I in zone In, alongside Oleg War Horse. The main my task - calculate the ratio gather steam; coils Fidermaster and Dayva, established on their fidernye rods up, on roughly labor range missiles.
Labor expanding zabrosa in his sector defined 48 gather steam; reel Fidermaster 9600 (1 about on passport roughly 1 flushed).
Together with Anton Dubchakom kind of extended Building tools and I'm checking traction. On Dayve 3,500 (on passport 1 about 85 centimeters) broke a 60 gather steam;. 'm 2 these ratio in bolknot - 48 :6 0 = 0.8; 60 :4 8 =1, 25. These The modern I enjoyed in both days competition, so as eiaee both fiderami at different positions. A small margin of in positions zabrosov from 30 until 50 flushed special meaning not had (under poryvistom wind, author during, the cow sheds motley weight and writing and things) I.M.H.O.,.

First day 28 on May. Sector In-15.
Minutes 30 purge the wicked from sector from grass with the help ? ,-linked bonds a rope.
'm narrowing down to terrain trawling different methods in a result alighted on 2 promising on my view positions 48 and 38 gather steam; Fidermastera, for dayvy next of the distance equal 45 Firm, and until the far-Trabukkoy hurl visibly. After start Fox zakarmlivayus (prikormka vde) on 48 scandisk, in during 10 minutes poklevok there is no. 'm postponing Fox and I take Trabukko, turn on round 6. Here business. Enjoyed a small in palm - fish (Blicca bjoerkna, a dace), sometimes one senses pleasant severity of and resistance 'm letting go Friction clutch dayvy until alarms rattles daily and zhestkoy bring the few podleschikov little slapping directly to Bank.
Somewhere through hour after start I still times hidden minutes on 10 on 48 gather steam; on Fidermasteru there quietly. More on this distance not t, eiaee Dayvoy on 45 scandisk. Not know, well this or poorly, but with hard the found our team quite the thin nasadochnyy night crawlers relatively I have desire to actively his use, for time both tours used his from forces 3-4 times, from-for this catching on maggot and Pinku, all time in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo from two oparyshey until 6-8 oparyshey with pinkoy. Also sprayed the feeder and bait flavors best worked honey, mint, star anise, barberry, almonds + itself and problem - I.M.H.O.,.
After weighting it turned out, that my weight the greatest not only in my poluzone, but and zone In and all sectors, along below the principal quays (with blue eyes were railings) about 4.6 kg. I in of shock

WWII day 29 on May. Sector In-3.
Traditionally purge the wicked from sector from grass. Its in this sector, too, quite enough of it is growing. ) before with upside, am revealing two promising, on my view, range missiles 43 and 32 turnover on Fidermasteru, that is 54 and 40 gather steam; on Dayve (calculator in cell phone allowed quickly do recount). After start zakarmlivayu far distance and through 7 minutes take out a a decent a white bream. Through half an hour of exercise poklevki fade, turn on round 6, and on it charitably only the average and a small fish, and no hint on little slapping-podleschey. It's a shame, deplorably, ah okay (Skyfall information from Anton in the top of zones people actively's busy packing little slapping with enviable speed!) Through hour after start return on far on first same zabrose drive podleschik, then nibble smoothly ceases return on round 6, something averagely-scale polavlivayu, and again, minutes through 30 on far. There again on first zabrose drive podleschik and further again nibble ceases. So and continue to harvest that on the far-, then on average.
Such impression, that podleschik suited on far distance on subject eating moldy worm, very and prikormki (previously disused in the cow sheds), until not are beginning fall him on head new trough with prikormkoy I.M.H.O.,.
The accuracy of zabrosov strongly used machine strident impulses wind in a result trough on 100 and 80 "grape" AKhS privodnyayutsya sometimes the have leftist, then have right-wing virtually-an imaginary borders my sector (say so).
Nalipayuschiy on the cord fluff oftentimes the slips through rings and under zabrosakh expanding zabrosa is declining, and even from-for nalipshego on the cord down two trough samotstrelilis under zabrosakh well, that the structure karabinchikov on services allows them (karabinchikam) rasstegnutsya under strong overstrain (this not American women with them can be was would and vershinku break the in such situevine the so as samorasstegivaniya American not assumes).
Yes still in mid-round on range missiles about 25 flushed dawdling garbage and was incurred virtually attracted to the zone. Accounted for the cord installation and each time through this karsy. All-??? harvest need to, and us these not gonna scare.
On heat and wave of from boats I already paid no no attention, portraying moderation, for granted

Somewhere after ano gender second noon has come? Time: Poklevok virtually there is no (in the first tour was, too, most in sector In-15), so am installing little trigger here Drennan carbon fibre feeder # 22! Do the jimmying one moldy worm and on round 6 distance: Modicum something, but to capture for this time! You can catch a several small fish: Petty plotvichka, gusterka, ubiquitous bleak and on how thank you!
Far is allowing rarely, but minutes for 30 until finish there determined another podleschik. He proved quite not plus! Continue to until finish bomb far, but alas bottom speaks out weighing up the: I have exactly 2600 grams, slightly later with amazement discover that I the third in his poluzone the first and the second place ranked sectors In-1 and In-8 respectively.

In end for 2 round I received 4 points, my team took a 2 place, and I policies--and 9 place in lichke. But among athletes-Pentecostal Christianity on today equals me in Ukraine there is no, with than themselves and I congratulate! :cool:

Sponsor firm Lucky Fisherfor permanent caring about our young team, targets exerting material and financial aid!
Firm Fox for excellent extra-kheviki FOX FX1 and FX2!
Firm Krasnoarmeysk, Saratov Oblast for superb coil Fidermaster 9600!
Firm Dayva for reliable coil Regal plus 3,500!
Firm Drennan for super hooks Drennan I feeder!
Firm Maver for the actually (certified your four-cup measuring tare for bait and animals components)!
Firm Browning for a suitable stand under feeder!
Igor Sviridu for reliable trough AKhS!

Still times I congratulate all, who hosted participation, organized, has judged, sponsored this a remarkable battle!

Until new meetings!:flag:

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All large thank you! Increasingly was interestingly, has pleased fish their presence and organization competition!



Championship Ukraine on it catching fish fiderom 2011.
28-29 on May 2011 Propulsion Ukrainka.

Of course, championship Ukraine is the main and a critical contest in year, and on him necessarily gather all the fittest team from all corners Ukraine. On this time championship brought together 16 teams, i.e. 64 best anglers from different areas, and so same couple of tens of coaches, spare, aides and organizers of. Only about 100 people.

And now about everything on order.
For our team championship Ukraine already third year as a vicious, buying most competition such as Cups Ukraine, International Cups and so on, we always lost direct. So take Kadett won; seats on this championship, was simultaneously and enough complex task and affair honor.
Place conducting, Quay of Dnepr in city of Ukrainka. Body of water very an interesting but often unpredictable. Enough a large number of participants foresaw enough representing own line. Because Quay enough neravnoznachna, then in end broke a virtually two various dam with varying degrees fish tank and dramatically different catches. So zone A and the first poluzona zone In, been characterized by enough moderate the passage, a small depth and small number of enough petty fish (gustira, a dace, bleak), at times there has been stymied podleschi and very large bream, but his number of was limited and fish was (ODA) channeled. Absolutely on Different ???? zone Since and the first poluzona D, enough a strong for, big profundity and a huge number of podlyaschika and bream, which perfectly became on fodder and there can be was show results in been exceed their customer's catches in rest poluzonakh.
Progress at variable two weeks ago on this same a reservoir direct of Kyiv, more gave reason to last than pointed out on the right tactics. Then bream only-only began proklevyvat and because basic results charging on petty fish. For two weeks all has turned over with legs on head and in most sectors began actively getting caught bream. And if on first training our best catches were from 2-'s until 4-'s kilos on human, then directly for couple of days until host Ukraine, crafting the right prikormku, flavoring, dobaki and nozzles has ever managed you already about 14 pounds. You should agree good outcome for 5 hours fishing. Basic part of capture of constituted leschi, some individual which were about 2-'s kg and come across and such, which not has ever managed to withdraw from-for enough a steep style of and big sizes fish.
Two weeks training facilities allowed pick a prikormku on that bream despaired and force his with coarse the table was virtually not perhaps. Recent coaching received with the results on 14 kg, have shown that alternatives on leschu be not can. So sotav prikormki on that was catching our team the next: browning of Morgan Fish 1kg, browning River - 1 kg, browning Grand Slam 2 kg. For inspiring additional attractive for bream aroma in prikormku necessarily added dry flavouring the most an attractive for bream and major fish browning of Morgan Fish, from calculation gender package crack flavoring on one athlete. Prikormku zatemnyali black dye pack browning , more lighted prikormka proved attractive for petty gustiry, and this guest was not warranted on our feed table. Mixture of Lies indeed firepower on leschu.
The nozzle sitch which has shown the best outcome maggot + night crawlers, although on training good outcome showed and net flavored with maggot. ???? without additional aromatisation the nozzle sitch worked much worse. Now leschu like sweet supplements, because but I've tried a large number of different types (chocolate, vanilla, cherries, strawberries, caramel and camping on Afghan from different producers) we stopped its choice on matchevom dipe browning , Sreamy Bream. Vivid fruity smells had provided the simply seductive action on a major fish.
Virtually we learnt with all defining building blocks successful speech, remained only couple of issues that same to do in zone A harvest small beer and guaranteeing be in rider will or all same harvest bream which there very little but if perishing win the with different margin. Decided stop at the second version, so as simply win for us was not so it is important as win talk (ah or with steeply lose). In zone A feared enter every. And I contrary wanted to try swim bream precisely in zone A.
In a whole to games our team Three China , odnoimenno with name of our sponsor, center modern fishing Three China was ready on 90%. Exception accounted for zone A and the end of the zone D in which added directly for couple of days until competition and that there to do not knew no one.
Composition the away team: Ripka Sergei (San Marino motorcycle Grand Prix), Mokrush Andrei (Kaa), Alexey (S-alex) and our hope and man which sorrowful more all and precisely he has done basic this research, as on moor so and on tactics Freddy he same known mormyshechnik 'm a thrill seeker Andrusenko however man which wanted to win more all us combined. A trainer already traditionally the most husky coaches BULA - Gorban Sergei (Vinnipushka), future star fidernogo sport Bogdanovich Mikhail ah and one of legends Ukrainian fidera Roman Badardinov.

Day the first. The first tour competition.

An alarm clock Donetsk in 3.50. A cup coffee, quick fees and in dissapointed I already traveling from home. In 5.00 are starting batter's box now prikormki, about hours witchcraft, huh over these process, zameshivaem carefully, in 4 phase, each time are giving prikormke a bit garenlassen and incorporate water. In end get simply an ideal on humidity, color and used prikormku. Divide living component, a butterworm, moldy worm, Pinku all of this raskladyvaem on dimensional container inspection systems that would under tested nothing not measure and only provide judges in motives the form of. Very conveniently.
On outcomes drawing me accrues zone A (captain should bear burden the most the worst sector), hymalayan is mired in almost such a same bezrybnuyu zone In and Fedya and Andrei enter super leschovye zone D and C and initially can claim high title champions Ukraine. On tactics decide what's in all zones harvest only of bream.
My zone represented a very shallow the assistant rivers with depth about 3-'s meters on maximum distance there is zabrosa, covered grass and Nymphea alba under Bank. Almost 30 minutes go swimming and vykashivayu kuvshinku in 10 meters away from Bank. Still 2 hours on training those objects fly thru as a heartbeat,, I even a bit not managed.
Promer zone has exposed 2 interesting Alternatively for industrialized fishing a white bream the first relatively not far about 45 meters but there on outcomes coaching received bream could and not approach the and the second more announced a promising reform agenda very far, almost on 70 meters away from Bank. Give the feeder and I'm just trying a dokinut. Is obtained. Specifically under enleve in Ukrainka on distant made it I blackcurrant feeder Preston Dutch Master 4.16 Dam test until 100 grams, real dalnoboynuyu catapult.
From rivals in my poluzone I've isolated itself the principal competitor Wladimir Sergei. On rest even not'm. Ukrainka not the a body of water where can be deal for couple of training facilities. Shot and contest begin.
Titar almost with first minutes but a white bream, then another and through couple of minutes third. Means bream here there is and means rate precisely on him themselves must justify. I have with first zabrosa determined the weighty okunek, then plotvichka, gustirka and silence. Silence this an excellent a badge of, means triviality who the had. Passed already minutes 30 competition I have couple of the fish and have Titara 3 a white bream about 2-'s kg common weight, PANIKA.
On negotiate yet another zabrose delicate poklevka and on how late is felt podleschik. Ur, all works. The first podleschik in sadke, then another, then still but all not big roughly on 300 grams, have Titara a little larger grams on 400-500. But he more podleschikov not but, only triviality, and I have podleschik became and modicum are biting not often and modicum a minor but is worth on stern and not moves away, that for this zone not characteristically. Ay yes Fedya ah yes brilliant, picked up by ??? fodder to which bream and podlesch simply stick.
Almost 3 hours periodically podlavlivayu podleschikov, more in the foreseeable space polescha no one but, only triviality. Comes coaches, have Andryushki all is famously simply's tearing up zone, podleschiki and leschi keep pecking better all, have Pio Fedi things go simply super he, too, 's tearing up zone and but in been better other, and here is have Haxhi Lleshi in zone B not makin 'out, there podlescha almost there is no and gets caught only triviality, hymalayan, too, moved on triviality but already Perhaps late. In his zone tactic industrialized fishing podlescha not worked, so as his there almost there is no.

Minutes for 40 until the end of competition I have on another poklevke one senses severity of, took the bait for decent bream. Cautiously lifting his to Bank, gaining meter for Bansko's have major and a strong fish and social. Not can be I in of shock, bream gone with hook. Through couple of minutes Titar Takes good podlescha, then another and under zavyazochku third. I in of shock, Seryoga ??? well cared for by its fish under end of the round and I its on end of the round unleashed, unleashed and lost Serege zone.
In end I the second in zone, in catch 8 podleschikov, 4 micro a white bream and almost there is no the other fish. Fodder worked very selectively applied happens to. Andrei and Fedya ??? have broken their zone, Fedya can be said in first day now broken all, pinning 7,100 kg. On outcomes first day we occupy the second place, with margin just 1 pass the first to goes team Laki Fischer, the third Ivano-Frankovsk. Gap between 1 and 6 place just in couple of key, i.e. his almost there is no, all will determine tomorrow.

Day the second. The second tour competition.

All likewise first day. Glissade, coffee, the road, batter's box now prikormki, draw.
I finish my poopoo in the most Zh Wu zone In where yesterday sat hymalayan, hymalayan likewise is mired in my zone, Fedya in the most the worst sector zone D, until now not understandable no berimora sector razmetili so that poluzona was is mole a long in 100 meters. And at all for what then poluzony if their brad (break)? All the more that quietly three entire poluzony were located between path. And so is obtained that 6 man from 8 sit in one zone and 2 through 100 meters from them. Brad. Fedya upset by, this guaranteed Kurland, so as compete in such conditions it is unrealistic. And only Andrei is mired in a normal sector normal leschevoy zone. He has all chances become champion Ukraine. Have him the most the best prikormka, the most the right flavoring, him should not be equals today.
The beginning of second round as and yesterday was hopeless to. Wladyslaw Ivanovich (it's the mightyDudBolt) almost with first zabrosa but a white bream and next still 2-'s. Simply disaster've caught almost 1.5 kg for 10 minutes in zone where maximum the outcome will be 2.5-3 kg. I has consistently'm feeding its distance and await the ??? podlescha. Without him Duda me not catch up with. Volodya Isko sits near and, too, tries to harvest bream but but only triviality.
Through gender hours I take first a white bream, but again about 300 grams. This offers hope that I ??? will be able catch some podleschey and win zone. Through couple of tens of minutes raise another and hope is growing, then another and I already in leaders, it seems'm bypassing and Duda. Further failure, enjoyed super petty gustira, have been arguing its cut off, douvlazhnyayu fodder, ukrupnyayu the pourer but podlescha there is no. The rest polavlivayut triviality, but I not risk to move on triviality so as only one normal fish decides all. I its await the. I have the most the best fodder, the most best aromy, all most the best and bream me wiII flow. I this know. And he came.
For 20 minutes until the end of competition, poklevka with provisom shnurya, leapfrog and on how late zavorochalsya simply an impossible sizes the little pig. Feder otygryvaet severity of fish, boom, boom, boom and lesch pivoting down downstream on, have been arguing his raise and unleash, again a series of moschnykh potyazhek boom, boom and me ??? manages unleash the riverine lowering and he already on their own goes to Bank I his as little as a bit patching. About minutes I allow him walk under brovkoy, he a bit , I pro themselves pray that would he not gone (hooks which I have not were leschovye so as bream I enleve very rarely and call themselves Ibn in this the form of fishing not can, i.e. there is still what learns). Yet another a series of powerful potyazhek, Friction clutch gives couple of meters length of cord, my ticket to first community and military command victory all closer and closer. I on the sly raise of bream on brovku still slightly-slightly and he my and I will win the mayoral zone with enormous margin. Again a series of powerful jerks, he already so close so close I his almost raised and here social. There is no not can be, in another times me felt trigger, bud growth simply flew from lips of bream. All farewell first place in zone, let-god not strongly surely go team. Yes that same this for day, Fedya fell in such European fig sector yes still and I leaked such a bream due to American not quite ideal for such fish cordage. Under zavyazochku it's the mightyDudBolt Takes a white bream grams on 500, that immediately abandons me ago.
Further was weighing up the. Andrei nalupil 13 kg that became an absolute record, too these competition and Andrei became indisputable and unachievable for rest champion UKAINY 2011. Brilliant. Our team on the sum seats took a respectable third place and we disconnecting line bad luck on championships Ukraine have become by bronze the winners of the Open the tournament in command Monster.

All three prize seats ranked Kiev flat luxe team 1 place -house Sensas , 2 place Laki Fischer ah and 3 place we team Three China.
In personal Monster:
Gold our odnoklubnik Mokrush Andrei Three China
Silver Wladimir Sergei Laki Fischer
Bronze Vatsko Viktor -house Sensas

I congratulate prizewinners, winners and so same all participants data enough dire and simultaneously exciting competition. All luck and until meeting on Cup Ukraine.

Individual words gratitude want express center modern fishing "Three China" for come support our team, for excellent prikormki "browning" thanks to which can be win direct Ukraine and harvest simply unbelievable childrens fish. Thank you for something that favor and develop your hire fishing movement in Ukraine. Lot more would such companies.

Genuinely your San Marino motorcycle Grand Prix.



[ ]descended bream in the second round - even 4000m2 as well as hands I have started shaking)
Winners and awardees with victory!


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