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Report with Mezhregionalnogo goblet Russia on it catching fiderom in Propulsion Voronezh seven, eight, nine on May 2011

Write in a nutshell, on arrival in Voronezh roughly knew with whatever "monsters as industrialized fishing" will have face too, but team nastaraival, that are we all're gonna rip through,
On the treniroka, Friend Yevgeny had brought us on place (huge thank you), 've said our hellos, zameshalis, specified position and forward in sector, on in principle inherited bad one place (on train,), nadvigalis MEGAtuchi, punched begun and our health a bit spoilt a bit. Bought Isaak Osipovich Dunaevsky stinky moldy worm in fodder (mistake # 1), than we and have paid the in day coaching, and in the first round, has tried harvest as with the far-distance there is so and from under Bank, but alas mistake in fishhook, thin wire likely Ovner # 16 I used to cut lip even plotve, from-for what were permanent and pesky skhody. Think tomorrow all postavitsya on their seats
8e 1 tour, toured, zameshalis, otzherebilis, I'm dragging sector 34, class-directly contrary our machines. Also prepared, start, 'm feeding zakormochnoy the feeding trough (my mistake # 2) neighbor with team Trapper already carring dace, and I all'm feeding, perekidyvayu in point about 1.5 kg feed and'm wait poklevki, powerful poklevka, scratch on it, bream, 'm vyvazhivat, only propelling his to the surface, regrettable social, hook remains the same (mistake # 3), perezabros, poklevka, scratch on it, Okun
Perezabros, on the hook oparik and 5 moths, powerful poklevka, again bream, I'm dragging, in 5 flushed from podsachka rips houses hook, mats,
Rapid replacing defence wakes up aggressivity, but bribery little, 'm oppure exclusively,. Hooter finish 1 th round. 760.46 450gr
Analysis round with team gave such an outcome, fishing on Pater Noster (disambiguation), a long ceasing 0.1-hadn for shell metres in stars,
9 мая, 2 тур, делаю ставку только на крупняк, терять уже нечего, поэтому жду "бонусов", жеребьевка, тащу самое начало сектора "а", попадаю на место спортсменки с Курска, прихожу, подготовка, вяжу поводок Престон Рефло 0.09 и крючок Камасан № 14 фидерной серии, кормушка VOS 30 гр, "старт", сразу начинаю ловить без стартового закорма, около 15 минут без рабы, но, сразу подлещик ладошечный, который выпрыгивает прямо в воду из ведра с прикормкой, снова маты, но после заброса тащу еще одного, на полкило и мой настрой меняется (у соседей тоже), сонова заброс, мелочь, мелочь, мелочь.
But here vershinku as if foot vote on the, scratch on it and. Podleschik 690gr, vyvazhivanie, class!! Again impose, obey group support rush, of being yelled at - "GROUP, go, brilliant!" Has, it turned out this local came watch as on football
Again impose, another podleschik grams on 400, 'm on time, 5 mines until finish, impose-a dace,. Reckoning, The total 2250gr
Here is so, in general under analysis their (our) action, understand, that have us technique not sharp a raze, a bit higher an amateur, but below professional, given that Siviglia drive Gone Fishin '(every weekend (precisely with fiderom on bream), and we 5 fishing trips in this year at all + play around, this very little. And of course same in game, better have one stick middle class, than three class "DrYnan."
P.S. Want express huge lasting gratitude Vasilichu for trough VOS, now they I have not only on services, but and in anybody, Service this VOS in regions Russia in free sale! Trough class!

Here is how the so.

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fishing. For shell meters away in stars,

This was our systemic a mistake even with coaching received, that we started harvest on the early swathe of clams. If it comes're onto chip our results were would better idea.
Okay. On mistakes learn.
Even times join you to words of gratitude in worded Vladimir Vasilyevich. Simply huge thank you for personal sponsorship us their great kormushkami! Trough VOS! Ah simply otmenny!



Ah and a bit photo

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And here is and my the biggest podleschik weight 690gr




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