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Festival "SA-N-Megamix 2011"

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Position "Oh conducting Festival on it comes to shagging fish fiderom" SA-N-2011 "

1. Goal and tasks.
1.1. Festival is conducted with goal:
- popularize fishing sport;
- raising sporting of excellence and improvement technology ownership sports rigging of this ship;
- definitions winners and prizewinners festival;
- recovery participants factors environmental and development skills environmental culture.

2. Leadership festival.
2.1. The general leadership organization and the hardest to festival transsexual Zaporizhzhyafishing club. Chief-spender festival TM "Potpourri (music)." -spender festival network stores "Nand instrument Bridal." Partner festival pond "Belyanskiy."

3. Time and place conducting festival.
3.1. Festival ???? on pond Belyanskiy in sec. Chervonoukrainka.
3.2. Date and time conducting festival 04.06.11 06 :3 0-14 :4 5.

4. Participants festival.
4.1. To participate are permitted all wishing to, applying for participation and paid registration premium.

5. Program festival.
5.1. Festival is conducted in tandemnom Monster in 1 tour. Composition tandem - 2 athlete. Expectancy round 5 hours.
5.2. 04.06.11
06 :3 0 - the arrival participants;
06 :4 5 - registering the participants;
07 :0 0 - expressed a solemn opening the festival;
07 :1 5 - draw sectors;
07 :3 0 - the first signal - entry in sectors;
09 :0 0 - the second signal - the beginning of festival;
14 :0 0 - the third signal - ending the festival;
14 :0 0 - weighing up the fish;
14 :3 0 -s festival.
14 :4 5 - expressed a solemn closing festival.

6. Rules and order conducting festival.
6.1. Japanese Coast Guard linet share on sectors, number of which would still number of fly very comfortable, host participation in festival. Width sector 15 forge the
6.2. For industrialized fishing permitted use rods up-to 5 flushed, equipped coils any design, the feeding trough or gruzilom (without restrictions weight, volume of and design). Poklevki fish is determined by the sportsman only on vershinke rods up. Additional semaphore poklevok prohibited.
6.3. Had forced fish the sportsman is conducted one pounder, armed one a leash around with one single got a little trigger. Number of spare udilisch is not confined to.
6.4. To application of resolved any species mounting cordage.
6.5. Participants forbidden:
- harvest on of the lures, artificial foresight;
- apply prikormki, containing living or dead fish, and also because the fish;
- deliberate bagrenie fish.
6.6. During industrialized fishing a hatchling pond should be maximally are immersed: Diving, use other means storage fish forbidden. Catch tandem deposited in general sadke.
6.7. Participants permitted enjoy platforms, top marginal size which comprise 1-by-1 meter, boxes or chairs. They must situated outside water or partly in water in case need. Alongside the main a platform, can be set additional platforms, designed to auxiliary equipment and materials. Distance between platforms or armchairs members tandem in sector should be not more 1.5 forge the
6.8. Participants accorded 90 minutes on training. Since arrival on place conducting festival, participants must lay down their some tackle and equipment in their sector, but until signal not have rights remain in these sectors (this also concerns faces, which help under transportation cordages). Any preparation cordages and another equipment forbidden until signal, permits participants enter in sector. During training participants not have rights receive no aid.
6.9. Fish-sicles and the nozzle sitch must be natural origin. Participants permitted use attraktanty and dyes. Forbidden use prikormki, containing living or dead fish, and also because the fish. Number of prikormki limited 17 are unaware uvlazhnennoy a mixture. Number of of AIC component of limited 2 affairs
6.10. In sector permitted to to store only the number of prikormki and nozzles, which permitted to data Polozhennyam.
6.11. Permitted prikarmlivanie any way.
6.12. Participants permitted use announced them sector to its liking. In his sector participants must move freely quietly and quietly,.
6.13. Participants forbidden to accept from other participants and other faces practical assistance in prepare seats festival, cordages, nozzles and prikormki, vyvazhivanii fish and exert aid other participants.
6.14. Participants forbidden enjoy the electronic apparatus for detection fish and measure depth.
6.15. Entry in sectors participants provide after first signal. After him participants can begin to prepare their and tackle shop, measuring depth, prepare prikormki, Quick charge in water and camping on P. On training participants accorded 90 minutes.
6.16. After signal about emotional outburst during in sector participants can temporarily to leave his with resolution judges. Drinking water and food can be turned over to participants only through judges.
6.18. The second signal means the beginning of festival.
6.19. Treiy signal reports participants about the end festival.
6.20. After signal about the end festival, 've counted fish, which is not in water.
6.21. Participants remain in sector until arrival judges. Participants forbidden approached only to each other before the end of weighting in sectors.
6.22. To midweek weigh-in are taken the entire interpreted fish. Fish've counted and then, when she accidentally captured not for his mouth. Deliberate bagrenie fish forbidden.
6.23. Fish, here during festival, is issued in body of water.
6.24. Owing to inauspicious weather conditions festival can be stopped or canceled. In case if weather conditions allow to continue festival within rules days, festival could be revived, or ukorochen on tenure. In case starters thunderstorms festival immediately stops. In case if weather conditions not improve, or or on days not allows to continue festival, then he are considered valid, if his closings amounted to not less hours.
6.25. After the end of the festival participants owe to remove from sector the entire garbage.

7. Definition of results.
7.1.s is undertaken on the basis protocols forensic collegium according to rules festival. Winner festival is tandem, with the greatest weight capture of. In case equality strikes in there two and more fly very comfortable are determined by same assessment seats.
7.3. Tandemy, remaining without capture of, receive number of seats, which equals the middle arifmeticheskomu for seats range, in which are tandemy without capture of. Example: From 25 fly very comfortable 18 with catch of the day tonight and 7 without capture of. Them defined the next place 19 + 25 = 44: 2 = 22. Everyone from 7 fly very comfortable defined 22 place. If without capture of remained one tandem, then him is determined by the last place.
7.4. Winners and Paralympic festival are determined by in command Monster.

8. Awarding winners.
8.1. Winners and Paralympic festival nagorodzhuyutsya cups, medals and diplomas appropriate degrees, valuable prizes from sponsors festival.
8.2. The organizers and sponsors festival leave for a right establish nomination for award shows, not these in this position.

9. Financing.
9.1. Financing training seats conducting festival, the acquisition of degrees, decorations, and medals for award shows prizewinners is undertaken expense of Zaporozhian fishing club.
9.2. Registration premium for members Zaporozhian fishing club is missing, for all rest participants 50 Grzywna (.

10. The applications.
10.1. The total number of participants 30.
10.2. Entries are taken the organizers until 03.06.11 in Forum Zaporozhian fishing club, on numbers the phone + 380 (50) 3227034 = or on address email info @
10.3. The organizers leave for a right immediate ending the reception applications on fact submit to a on participation 30 participants.
10.4. Participants are arriving to community festival on their own and for its expense. The arrival participants not later 06 :3 0 04.06.11.

At all the planned 2 days, first day himself tandem, with evening my fish chowder, mushrooms fish, decentralized opytom- spharischen who that was-- that the knows, who not was-mercy of ask!
The night and the second day, on their plan, the total had forced, test fishing equipment, communication, answers on questions (the entire the second part of on desire)
Usually in the second day fish simply on Belyanskom the marriage on-wu and on size, pleased impressive!
In ties with mating at of course all -otpuskaetsya. But not for fish tank same we are going!

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Today on water feature Belyanskiy past traditional tandemnyy tournament "SA-N-Megamix 2011."
In offense adopted participation 16 teams from Zaporizhia and home town of Dnipropetrovsk. Slicing and dicing was an. Have many in ulovakh were driven carps and Amor-. Some tried to to capture tolstoloba, some did rate on property fish. Think, winners and Bronze Medalists tell us about this much detail in their reports,. :writing:

I congratulate our group athletes with different address on festival "SA-N-Potpourri (music) 2011."
1 place - team "Normark-2"- Dnipropetrovsk (B. Forty, A. Ivan Taranov (footballer)) :cool: :cool: :cool:
2 place - komnad "Kvorum" - Dnipropetrovsk (O. Oliynyk, R. Perepelitsa) :cool: :cool:
3 place - team "Dnepr river" - Dnipropetrovsk (M. Andrukh, W. Matveev) :cool:
4 place - team "Normark-1"- Dnipropetrovsk (O. Fighting, W. Page) :flag:

I congratulate on Perepelitsu (Kvorum) with prize from Mars for the most a major fish - white amur weight 3,05kg. :cool:

Couple of pictures our fighters.



Thank you zaporozhtsam for opportunity swim fish on Belyanskom!
Long there leader was coming, shot at going forces with karpikom, but increasingly raze not worked.
Until seats have reached quickly, in path when discussing dignity and shortcomings car Opel my and concluded, that machine very the good and for three years in it changed only butter and filter. In a result not street 500 meters until rate is raring belt the State Russian Museum. :tired:
If honestly, then drove simply swim fish, with prikormkoy particularly not I bred about 30 letters, flagship of the feeder, Fisch dream carp and Fisch dream bream, this the that was in torn apart huge, couple of liters land and quite a bit varennoy cannabis! Bait tried differing, Perlovka, maize, a combination of with nobody, but has worked three moldy worm on 14 the hook gamakatsu 5, ceasing hadn the main mono 0.22.
With start I put it right 16 balls on marker, on a near'm tempovat, after ten feeders understood that small fry there is no and rate on it to do is thus meaningless. With zakormlennogo seats I take ukleyu on first zabrose and increasingly, poklyovok there is no. , you know, bung my weight far for the table, through five minutes rescuer poklyovka plotvitsy.
For three hours in general catch two plotvitsy, krasnopyorka, okunyok and bleak! Terminally solve the wait carp, works, miss check box the brake and anchor is on the grass for a. Through gender hours find strange behavior rods up, not accompanying fluctuations from wind and waves, and immediately same Friction clutch sang a pleasant ear song. A bit posoprotivlyavshis karpik grams on 500 in podsake, hands a bit trusyatsya. :jumping: Quick perenazhivlyayu and do impose in, too, place! Through 10 minutes again sang Friction clutch, on soprotivleniyam that the not very large. It turned out - Crucian grams 400-500! Three moldy worm fly back: Diving, through 20 minutes, I take it out even one karpika!
For ten minutes until finish again works Friction clutch, strike, on this time resistance more fierce, previous lack podsak and in this moment have him poklyovka! So filled with double ought buck and we bring out carp and an to Bank, carp confused flipper...... in podsake and an me had to borrow hands! Suggested a perezabrosilis. Two minutes. Reckoning! :music:
With so catch of the day tonight there is chances interest in running for prizes, after all neighbors which was in sight and heard we clearly oblovili! Discover that have quorum catch 5 kg, have us clearly much less, who 2560 (like such weight), until the second place. Bogdan's icing, says that otlovilis extremely poorly, but their weight 5700 sent us to third place, and their on the first! :cool:
Even times thank you organizers for a good recreation, contributors for prizes, participants for fight, your partner with your for aid, the opposing for support, the champions for victory, Romiku for the greatest fish, sellers for cold kvass, leadership Belyanskogo for fishing, Oleg Boevu that had dropped off a home. :flag:

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All large thank you for good fight and Lielisks communication! :cool:
I congratulate winners! :flag:



Us with vami quite not a pity that "the Asian Mars" left to our friends in Dnepr river. But increasingly would still a bit America it the fact - as they amur, make do a peck? Greetings victors! :flag:

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Some people are dishonest Dnepropetrovtsy! :D I congratulate! :cool:




Bessovestnye Dnepropetrovtsy!

Yes, they such. Most surprising, that they this already know. I them said. :crazyfun:



Beate, stuck report.
Toured with Bogdan meal for, to quietly cooked mixture of, zameshali one composition on dace, one on carp with large bones of major faction. Both on the basis of native VDE. In advance decided me "plant on dace", and viborola on a big murder.
Found two distance there is, on 15 and 30 scandisk high-speed Shimano Super 4,000. Round 6 have identified for small fry, dalmnyuyu for karpyat. For the far-collect Shimano Speedmaster AX MEDIUM, Kuplennyi in addition to previous model as times for industrialized fishing on-start. For a near - proven time Shimano Nexave BX light and freshly minted Shimano BeastMaster Comercial 9-11.
Start. I'm tempovat on a near in the hope then plotvichku, previous raskarmlivaet bonus. Through gender hours'm nervous, camping on K. Poklyovok there is no on both spots. To the second ano has become plotvichka and I began its muddling through faring poorly polavlivat. About 11 Bogdan accepts amurchika on 2.9 kg. :jumping: It uspokoivshis on-edge and continue Terrace which harvest dace, but she are they biting disgusts, yes and size not aren. In the process was three the vanishing tolstolobika, but to capture his not managed. Have viborola on dalnyake quiet, yes even and judge aren those, that Roma but such a same amurchika. :canthearyou: Ponimaya, that without carp chance have us little, prokarmlivayu far 5-defective kormushkami and through 20 shadowing Just sit down on karpika, but avail. Again return to plotve. In 13.00ch. Solve the repeat attempt to and through 5 minutes get coveted A choo-choo train and I take karpika under kilo. :jumping: other two zabrosa nothing not bring and here I recall, that local karpik likes to cling on some greater distance from the table (too little, too late I mentioned. Has into cannon fodder on "International Film Festival" enleve). The first impose between tables and through 4 minutes a steam engine and social. Perezabros and again social. :canthearyou: A until finish the less 15 minutes remained. Again'm throwing up bricks here between tables and ??? I take karpika. Simultaneously with Bogdan trawl and get on empty poklyovke carp. Reckoning. Scold themselves for what so late I mentioned about this Fishka is, but weighing up the shows 5700 against 5100 have quorum and us manages defeat. :flag:
Should discern large his-in skhodov, with which faced and on next day. :confused: Before such a not was, yes and hooks proven, in them doubt there is no. Most likely karpik bought these on-clever manner, another explanations I not mean.

In custody want thank SA-N-for another celebration, to you always pleased come :cool:
So same I congratulate awardees and separately on Perepelitsu for winning the Mars. :cool:
Thank you all participants for fight and contributors for prizes! Until meeting on gills. :flag:


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