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III championship Kherson area on it catching fiderom

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22-23-24 July be held III championship area on it comes to shagging fiderom.

Chief Kherson Regional federation
Fishing sport
/s organs is / Konovalenko O. F.

Position about III open championship Kherson area on sports it catching fish fiderom with Bank 2011
1. Goal and tasks.
1.1. Popularization fishing sport.
1.2. Raising sporting of excellence, the upgrading technology ownership modern rigging of this ship.
1.3. Definition of winners and prizewinners competition.
1.4. Definition of the composition team, which will represent Khersons'ka area on Championship Ukraine in 2012 (only members KhOFRS).

2. Common position.
2.1. Contest ???? in period with 22 on 24 July 2011 on the Eiaoeao, near sec. Novovasilevka, Snigirevskogo cleanup.
2.2. Contest ???? under auspices KhOFRS and are not by commercial.
2.3. Contest personally-command. Composition team 2 basic stakeholder. So same can be included: 1 spare a participant, 1 coaches team. Spare a participant can replace any the principal stakeholder according to captain (representative team) until the early drawing every round.
2.4. Participants contribute registration premiums, which are spent on organizational spending and nagradnuyu attributes.
2.5. Sum registration payment accounts for 200 Grzywna (. With stakeholder.
2.6. In composition team can enter participants, reaching 16-year-old age, and not akess medical contraindications for participation.
2.7. In for competitions can to accept participation team and participants, who tentative bid. Final term applying preliminary the applications 20 July 2011.
2.8. Participants accorded registration Number, which will be entry ticket on contest and attribute to establishing personality athlete.

3. Organization and refereeing.
3.1. The general leadership and organization competition transsexual KhOFRS.
3.2. Directly holding and refereeing is undertaken forensic European according to Pravil competition and this Order.
3.3. Judges provide: Control of actions participants; lead Protocols competition; produce weighing up the strikes in there; the outcome and spend awarding. Control work judges transsexual the Massachusetts General judge competition. In case detection with hand any judges loyal or, contrary, prejudice relations to someone from participants, such judge subject to replace and disqualifying.
3.4. The sponsor support brigade consists of 3 people.
3.5. Chief judge Trisein A. S.

4. Rules conducting competition (additions and aid to Pravil conducting competition to sports it comes to shagging fish on donnuyu fishing pole).
4.1. Contest pass in two phase.
4.2. Expectancy every phase 5 hours active fishing.
4.3. Akvatoriya fishing divided between the on 2 zone.
4.4. Each zone divided between the on sector in numbers, equal number of participating teams. Sector is considered aforesaid the assistant sushi and akvatoriya contrary him.
4.5. Participants team, according to the results of drawing, occupy on one sector in each zone.
4.6. Before start second phase is happening a toss-up sectors in zones.
4.7. Participants competition and a letter of teams forbidden reach beyond the sector and go in him without the judge.
4.8. Participants use for industrialized fishing one thing fidernoe udilishche with one crocheted. Spare equipped rods up (number of indefinitely) are on Bank.
4.9. Necessarily use means vyvazhivaniya (podsak). Necessarily use means storage fish (a hatchling pond). Use other means storage fish prohibited from. The size of the charge should be not less 50 centimeters in diameter and not less 200 centimeters in length.
4.10. In laps. Takes into the entire interpreted fish. Zabagrennaya fish is considered Points. Deliberate bagrenie fish prohibited from. After signal about the end phase fish is considered Points, if she is in podsake either in drawn. Fish, which the Milan after signal about the end phase, in laps. Not goes, even if she was en route until signal.
4.11. Time on with start-up zakorm not accorded. Forbidden use specifically formed balls prikormki. Forbidden enjoy slingshots ran amok and missiles. Permitted use trough any volume.
4.12. Until weighting fish deposited in sadke. Weighing up the is happening at the end every phase. During phase can be tons (on desire athlete) weighing up the a major trophy. The entire fish after weighting is issued in a body of water.
4.13. Participants not permitted go: Diving.
4.14. Participants permitted use bait, as of plant, so and animal (maggot, the worm, night crawlers), except live-bait. Prohibited from use hair osnastok in any their variations. Maximum number of prikormki on one phase 12 liters ready (uvlazhnennoy) a mixture. Moreover, number of survivors components not more 2 liters (maggot, the worm, night crawlers), in including a butterworm not more 1 liter.
4.15. Participants owe:
- abide by rules behavior on a reservoir.
- abide by rules competition and this position
- to adhere to morally-ethical norms behavior in society.
- be ekipirovannym properly for a safe participation in for competitions.
- implicitly to adhere to details of and rulings judges.
- to remove for a in sector.
- under deteriorating fortune health urgently put in prominence chief justice.
4.16. Participants competition bear full responsibility for consequences, to which can lead violations they rules behavior on a reservoir, sporting regime, norms behavior in public places.
4.17. Participants competition forbidden:
- Use other the differing from fidernykh methods industrialized fishing.
- ticket harvest until the early competition (signal start).
- Resume harvest on an end to the competition (signal reckoning).
- To receive aid from outsiders.
- To receive or transfer the caught fish from other participants or third.
- Use toxic or toxic substances that can lead to demise or disease fish.
- dear bonfires, cannabis alcohol beverages.
- Swimming in zone competition.

5. Program competition.
5.1. Open direct Kherson area on as it comes to shagging is conducted for 3-'s days.
5.2. First day (22 July):
- 16.00-21.00 arrival and the deployment participants competition
5.3. The second day (23 July):
- until 6.30 registering the participants
- 6.30-7.00 Big opening the competition, moreover, a toss-up.
- 07.00-9.00 Delivery arm in zone fishing, preparation in sector
- 9.00-14.00 1 phase
- 14.00-15.00 weighing up the
- 15.00-15.30 Podvedenie outcome of 1 phase competition
- 16.00 Assembly required dismissing
- 16.00 22.00 Rest, dinner, communication
- 22.00 Hang up buttons are clicked
5.4. The third day (24 July):
- 6.30-7.00 draw.
- 07.00-9.00 Delivery arm in zone fishing, preparation in sector
- 9.00-14.00 2 phase
- 14.00-15.00 weighing up the
- 15.00-16.00 Podvedenie outcome of competition
- 16.00 Big building, awarding winners and prizewinners competition.

6. Punitive sanctions.
6.1. Athletes that violate rules competition, to address forensic Collegia can be removed with competition.
6.2. Registration premiums violators not are returning.

7. Protests.
7.1. Every a participant has the right set protest in test immediately board.
7.2. Protest portrayed in writing form on name of chief judges and is viewed forensic European until assertions results competition.
7.3. Decision on protesting takes into on general of assembly judges method voting and is the ultimate.

8.s. Awarding.
8.1.s is undertaken on the basis protocols forensic collegium.
8.2. Seats teams in command the actual test are determined by on the last the sum seats people employed participants team in their zones on serving 2 stages. I.e., than less this sum, the higher a command place. Personal place athlete in zone is determined by weight capture of. With when an amateur could head-to ulovakh, place athlete defined as srednearifmeticheskoe seats athletes with equal catches. Participants with zero the result occupy place, equal number of participants plus one pass. Under absolutely equals results of teams in attention drip irrigation overall major team the catch of the (weight & chips that gets picked fish for two stages competition). Winner in personal the actual test is determined by on the last the sum seats, people employed in zones for two stages. Under absolutely equals results of participants in attention drip irrigation overall catch stakeholder (weight & chips that gets picked fish for two stages competition).
8.3. Winners and Paralympic competition nagorodzhuyutsya medals and diplomas appropriate Steps.
8.4. The organizers and sponsors competition leave for a right to set nomination for award shows, not these in this position.

9. Conditions reception. The applications.
9.1. Participants are arriving on place competition on their own for its expense. The arrival not later 6.00. 23 July 2011
9.2. Living in tents on EL the organizers place for the tent town.
9.3. The applications (person forms) with the indication:
- name team;
- F. I. Oh. The composition team, year birth and membership in region Federation (point to what area) each of participants team with the indication captain, the principal stakeholder, Makarov is stakeholder, a trainer;
- what populous point represents team;
- contact phone.
9.4. Preliminary Submissions are taken until 20.07.2011g. On Forum KhOFRS
( in appropriate topic, either-mail traffic
Tigma @ in their letters point to registering the on arms ,
Bodies. For verifications: + 380505020308 Alexei

10. Brief feature dam.
A body of water is in 52km. From Propulsion Vyborom, Destination on too costly Snigirevku
For a negligible. Fish: Crucian, krasnoperka, a dace, bull, isn't he, verkhovodka, carp.
The coastal strip the grasses it comes to shagging fiderom particularly not prevents.
- with 21 July training... be put in the zone competition is prohibited.
- with 22 July (Friday) will organized hotter nutrition;
- smoking in sectors not prohibited from;



Alexei Tigma
Hello! Caveat kind, motivate?
There is desire to to accept participation in for competitions, but we not are members of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast organizations fidernogo sport, on registration not members iaeanoiuo organizations the applications are taken?
???? participation team in championship home town of Dnipropetrovsk, let us compete and on Cup home town of Dnipropetrovsk.
Have us problems with this no!



Yes, can be (and need :))



Who plans to to participate in next Cup FD Tandem, then III championship Kherson area on it catching fiderom many run play around. After all place event see the same.




Who plans to to participate in next Cup FD Tandem, then III championship Kherson area on it catching fiderom many run play around. After all place event see the same.

And place the same, and organization on perform well.



Registering the

Team KhOFRS-1
1. Makarov Alexey (KhOFRS)
2. Okkel Catherine (KhOFRS)

Team vyborom-Mykolayiv-Transit
1. Dorofeyev Sergei (KhOFRS) Propulsion Mykolayiv
2. Biryukova Irina (KhOFRS)

Team " Sviaz-1"
1. Snitseruk S. - captain ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa
2. Muzalevskiy A. ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa

The ferrets Dmitri (NOFRS) Propulsion Mykolayiv
Mordovin Andrei (NOFRS) Propulsion Mykolayiv

Team " Sviaz-2"
Golovnya Roman ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa
Dvorchuk Vladimir ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa

Team "KhKhKhKh"
1. Temnikovskoye Urban Settlement S. Propulsion Odessa

Team " Sviaz-anchor"
Predelin Dmitri ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa
Muzalevskiy Dmitri ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa



Gepard wrote:

And place the same, and organization on perform well.

Gladly went would, but have Us on these number of, too, sorevy - winning the Rostov area, the more the first.



As there all passed?
Lugansk suffer for KhOFRS-1, with whom help on Cup Fishdrima in Luhansk. :flag:



Major team laps.
1 place
Team " Sviaz-2"
Golovnya Roman ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa
Dvorchuk Vladimir ( Sviaz) Propulsion Odessa

2 place
Team vyborom-Mykolayiv-Transit
Dorofeyev Sergei (KhOFRS) Propulsion Mykolayiv
Biryukova Irina (KhOFRS) Propulsion Khkrson

3 place
Team Mykolayiv
The ferrets Dmitry NOFRS) Propulsion Mykolayiv
Mordovin Andrei (NOFRS) Propulsion Mykolayiv

Personal laps.
1 place - Dvorchuk Vladimir Command " Sviaz-2" Propulsion Odessa
2 place - Golovnya Roman Team " Sviaz-2" Propulsion Odessa
3 from the rich the Ferrets backed up Dmitri Team Mykolayiv Propulsion Mykolayiv



Guys perhaps even not quite rest up for a.

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