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Feeder Gum

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In my opinion, the basic problem under using fidergama - desire to use gentler fidergam, but fear of miss trophy
Podsmotrev here on 6 page method fasteners came simple idea - miss in reproductive fidergame one for insurance
I'm drawing as becomes :crazyfun:



In nature .lyublyu Newton :D :cool:



In old directories SPRO five-six-year-old ago were photos ready osnastok with fidergamom. They did with precision until contrary-around fidergama'd swathe a pletyonku. Under vyvazhivanii rage reaching, until not raspryamitsya pletyonka.
And were montages, where alongside gamom noose from twist are spaced. Works likewise.




around fidergama'd swathe a pletyonku

Understandable, that the idea insurance is not new)
But under the atomic outside, this either Ballbags which touches all that can be, either gives minimal supply for overstretching the countrys



dk999 wrote:

idea insurance is not new

Not the that is not new, and with a long-a long "beard" :D.
Even years 20-25 ago me one the old grandfather karpyatnik showed its makushatnik on which was implemented such a same idea. Not know, as where, but in of Dnepropetrovsk region very often can be meet installation of on carp under cube than add Makukhi where ammortizatsionnye properties rubber are used as for zazhatiya in vsyakakvi directly the most cube Makukhi, so and for loading docks jerks under vyvashivanii. Implemented this very simply - this either ring from rubber, either a rubber nippel associated in ring, with propushennoy within cord garment on the principle of specified dk999.



Feederals organs is 74Materials similar and are located one in another. But the idea itself in pre-trial workers from the. Have grandfather makushatnika in design the other principle work. Rubber worked in as a opletki.



Ceasing greater length, spryatanyy in GFSR approvingly recorded brief tube voltage of as system with amortizatorom was described in one specifis pro karpovuyu catch. Precisely such way to, as presented dk999.
I mentioned - Vincent my beak York, "Lovlya carp"

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On this site, this the protected dk999. Who Needs this seriously impair before write, ten pages after all ispisano (or obosano, not know as more correctly :D).



Vadkh, you mistaken. Kordovaya thread within nippelya was in "zhakanom" able and the length of the this of pearls match its maximally rastyanotomu nippelyu.



Feederal_74 wrote:

Vadkh, you mistaken. Kordovaya thread within nippelya was in "zhakanom" able and the length of the this of pearls match its maximally rastyanotomu nippelyu.

Then, deep sense not see in such a divided on the. Sense gum in makushanke - this move the text hook to irreproachable Makukhi. On Kuban did simply - are old bicycle cell on rings and was feeling squeezed by the hooks to the cubes Makukhi. This was the simplest able material. Why his reinforce, not gather additionally in any way. Hook would still molesting their a leash around to the main a fishing line. Dog leashes but also did from kapronovoy example a mixed-up in sage-and-onion shelukhe, for camouflage. :dontknow:



Vadkh wrote:

Trigger would still molesting their a leash around to the main a fishing line

There is no, not increasingly would still, I say over the case when ceasing not be attached to the main.

Only need not crawl in debris is "high" karpfishinga and to talk about failure this mounting. This installation of, precisely in such a the form of (there is option and with two hooks) is trading literally two pails and nor never I not heard about the problems with him. Those whom not likes this installation of either buy other types of recording and, either headgear of that the its (but such very little). On photo in sight the thickness rubber, with tolshinoy can be variations, from 3 to 6 mm. Have us even the most not advanced set lover of makushatnikov knows, that in this services Velkommen ring is participating in vyvazhivani.



In such a vsyakakvi - there is sense ring to do. I had in mind the other installation of.



dk999 wrote:

either gives minimal supply for overstretching the countrys

And in pustotelyy rage you more twist are spaced gonna fit all this in? Gather steam; same outdoor can be done, how many you want. Truth, fix after vyvazhivaniya with work gamma alarm on full necessarily need.



Vadkh wrote:

I had in mind the other installation of.

So became OK! :flag:




A in pustotelyy rage you more twist are spaced gonna fit all this in? Gather steam; same outdoor can be done, how many you want

Not correctly. Put need roughly on quarter-less (and the and on-third), than maximum stretching before a gap, with by outer vitkami, too, most. Otherwise what sense from such a insurance :dontknow:.




A in pustotelyy rage you more twist are spaced gonna fit all this in?

Can be not put - simply drag out rage
On how many will stretch out - so much twist are spaced and of debt



And here is on how many simply in fidergam native APC the cord and extend his? Who the already has tried? As and with the help what this better do? (I so understand dozen the have gamma alarm not big).



79 wrote:

How and with the help what this better do? (I so understand dozen the have gamma alarm not big).

Vulgar - under aid please. :flag:



If vertlyug passes, then slice of wire fence or hard fishing line of yours accurately will pass



Decided not deferred and do hollow ammortizator with pletnyoy within. Thank you still times dk999for raising temku :)
Under hand was:
Silicon pipe 1.5 mm external and 0.5 mm domestic diameters (spolzoval its for closing knots on fidergame). Two vertlyuzhka small (# not remember), one of whom was then replaced on micro bystrosem with vertlyuzhkom, pletenka 10 a1,600. SL Super PE, copper provolochka 0.25 mm.
10 centimeters tube sprained until 30 see Has stretched to easily, this not well. Will need try more tolstostennuyu and domestic desirable 0.75-0.8. Aneasthetic the Long not has passed in my up, so used slozhenuyu in two the copper-based provolochku. Has passed do a passable. Dragged inward pletnyu, pegged vertlyug. Tried to pull on ears - hard-. Very. Realistically need borrow up with large diameter of. But balled, sits so firmly, that and tape him need not. This, too, poorly, so as from intention of strike wall of the tube can burst. Measured 25 centimeters on pletne and checked, how freely will to duck in tube voltage of - freely. Pegged ears bystrosyoma., sprained until emphasis up and on the sly ears fit in there in up. Having on half kegs. All. , too, not he'd tie, effort stretching weaker (compared with fidergamom) and vertlyuzhki not late sixties.

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Photo not are loaded. Plugging in pictures of the linked (klikabelno)
System liked. For karpovnikov most the, but unambiguously need thicker up, this the most gossamer Silicon clearly lacks rigidity and domestic diameter. Other pipes have an enticing there is no, who will try other shock absorbers - sign over. And so can be considered, that this is the most "laytovyy" option. With more Tolstoi rubber produce a will easier ;)

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Stuck hollow Prestonovskiy buffer against an HOLLO Elastic- as times his with various fletami'm using in rooms 9 and 13:
9h - for small carp and silver fish (melkokarp and belle);
13h - for small and medium carp (a minor and middle carp).



A: The diameters are as follows: 9H - 1.9mm, 11H - 2.1mm, 13H - 2.3mm, 15H - 2.6mm, 17H - 2.8mm, 19H - 3.0mm.

Sergei, and these diameters this external? There is opportunity compare rigidity these elastikov with browning FG 0.8? (Like have you there is)



Yes, this external diameters identifies a. And 9-pay from 13 th differs enough strongly even visually.

Yes, there is I have Brauningovskiy. Will need do test with photo on elongation twin sections (5-7sm) all three gammov.

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Here as would not so much photo, as reaching, and know who faster. I did snap right off from transparent FY and this tubes - the difference very crusade . My silicon a pastry tube filled almost the entire has stretched to, and transparent FY grapple on-third.



Under purchase fletok, two me immediately changed (it's torn rubber on node near rings), I their in magaine checked :D, then one on a fishing trip, season polovalsya only Israels right to-line. Buy prestonovskuyu accurately not d.

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And have the most was accurately such same. On Prestonovskikh fletakh is worth not rubber, and an open shit, piss :disappointed: Although have Korumovskikh (which already wash their hands with production) all normally with rubber was why something :dontknow: But here is with so option AS HEREimmediately same all is changing in better side. On all available I have now made precisely so.
Better would on Preston immediately so did.

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duffy333 wrote:

AS HERE immediately same all is changing in better side

Sergei, this they? … le-elastic



There is no, they here



Deal winter, time really boring. From boredom decided to link nesimmetrichku with rubber amortizatorom. Ah and here is, that from this :
This the necessary accessories and tools.
On a small skrutku string up up Maver. Idea such a - do harsher directing from deal.
'm picking up vertlyug little sack.
Otmeryayu the necessary length insurance cord.
String up up on the end vertlyug and'm picking up his.
Buffer against an in tranquil and a positions.

Kind of terminally assembled by nesimmetrichki.

So here is Lies sobiratelnaya snastochka. On sale d testit.

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