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Championship WORLD 2011. Italy. Continuation of.

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Video with Worlds 2011. Part of 4.

Video with Worlds 2011. Part of 5. The final.



Finally graduated report. He have more than razvyornutym. Who Needs interestingly, hole in the patience and read.
"part ofreport by a bit changed.

. Until seats conducting tournaments only five kilometers. River proved quite kind of cloudy, with very weak the passage and sand-Clay Mineral upside. Width in different zones from 40 until 80 meters. In place reverberates she has the greatest wide. The opposite Bank quite the rogue, fully a rank. In some places are visible groves collecting driftwood, will from water. Our Bank neatly prepared to competitions. In every sector there are ideal shovel for installations platforms and just needed equipment Skyfall a lot the first play around our team will undergo in zone # 2. From Left from us guys from Russia, and right team Holland. As gets caught Russians and what force represent, we well knew, camping on K. Sometimes met on joint for competitions. And here is with tactic and technique industrialized fishing team Holland, also as of England, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy, we were are familiar only in absentia. So for them closely have observed our coaches, in the hope take a peek something new, that could faster help deal in nuances a body of water and bring success on this championship

Our prikormka even in road, so for the first coaching received zameshivaem the, that was imported at with a from Ukraine. This a homemade karpovaya mixture of Igor Alexander Veselovsky from several components on the basis of sunflower zhmykha, and also several packs FishDrim Feder (Italy), which looted with a Lyosha . Zameshivaemsya. In train, participate only four athlete, camping on K. The rest platforms go in the second machine. Igor and I fishing on she mixture of, and Lyosha and Alik on trademark. Terrain trawling roughly such. Smooth lower and a small brovka on distance about 15 meters. Then relatively an the table and flip brovka on distance about 10 meters from opposite Bank. The depth of until four meters. The main task the first coaching received determine the most perspective distance industrialized fishing.

Our coaches Sergei Ripka gives clear instructions everyone to an athlete.

I I'll hold you in an even table roughly in three meters away before opposite brovkoy. For increasingly time caught two small karasika and stogrammovogo catfish. Outcome very bad. Inscription in prikormku coarse very and rezannogo worm. Nozzles the most different. Best was biting, on whole red worm. Have rest guys, too, not densely. Only Lyosha was able to capture several quite good karasey.

For the information, which have us was until trip, the main fish tank in River is poleschik 100-300 grams and Crucian until kilograms, sometimes are outfitted with large driven carps and catfish critically. For the entire day we not rounded up nor one podlescha, on which targeting. Information proved partly false. The first fishing added more questions, than answers. Until we a Sergei and Marrying have observed for different teams and increasingly cast on cell. It turned out, that have many results much better our. Most foreign athletes been caught by small kormushkami on light-telescoping fodder and added in prikormku it: An moldy worm. Appeared thought on that tomorrow do focus and as build the next retreatments. On this the first familiarity with River and first fishing brand new and collect some tackle. On Bank were on the ground three trade erected tents firms Milo, Colmic and Tubertini. We could not not to visit this sell-off. Here can be was buy increasingly for as industrialized fishing. Me appealed small trough Milo withs front ogruzkoy weight 40 and 50 grams. And also for industrialized fishing a net nobody. Took their on two pieces. Now can be to go in unerringly
There us already waited Tolik and instructor with our prikormkoy. Quickly accept souls, so, get gussied up and are now moving beyond in yard hotel, where us await big tourist buses, to 07.00am - 03.00am daily in A.C. Perugia (Umbria) on ceremony discoveries fishing games. The road ranks about hours time and we we find ourselves surrounded in a small town, a unique architecture whicht share on two utterly opposite of style. Central part of cities built in modern the motives of, and adjoining streets remind old Italy 16 century. Very an unusual the combination of.

Underwent another series on these streets with national flag and the name board Ukraine in the composition of the pillar, consisting of teams from around the World.

On central Tiananmen cities passes theatrical performance misconception with the participation a large number of actors, dressed in old naryadi. Here and King with queen, and was in an armor, and the courtiers servant Delighted these spectacle.

Then all go in enormous hall, where on tribune regency representatives International organizations fishing sport and local officials.

The entire ceremony lingers on several hours. Here same, put contact with German team and do several photography on memory with legendary Special Tsamatarro.

In unerringly get back in 22.00 per hours. Rapid dinner, exhortations a trainer on next day and sleep
30 August. The second play around, she same the most prolonged. Permitted to harvest until 16.00 hours. On a lot get stuck in zone # 12. From Left from us founders fidera - the British, right not less more Germans. Different Neighborhood. Can be quietly see for Mode global fidernogo movement. Just sit down in leftist the brink zone take a closer to team of England. Previous play around has shown, that better works lighted prikormka. Of what we police forces, the most light is only VDE Etang. Its and abide for the groundwork. Lyosha, Zhenya and Alik will classification its in various combinations aromatiki and animals components. I will try harvest on VDE Canal, instructor on VDE Etang + VDE Expo, Igor on its grains mixture of and VDE Turbo Classic. My prikormka enough dark, but she often. Works well for me on our gills under it comes to shagging different fish. Hope, that and here she me not those glocks or Smith &. Leave in mixture of flavouring VDE offers , and also in advance Kaohsiung worms and survivors oparyshey. Coarse very today not leave. Have been arguing feed point on the far-the sidelines. Do eight zabrosov the raised the feeding trough Fidersport, then'm bolting the ceasing with crocheted. For tug ropes'm using proven as such Sufix XL Strong diameter of hotspots-0,18mm. By the rules the tournament forbidden use hooks more tenth size, so'm using different model likely from 16 until 12 numbers. After several minutes on point becomes very petty bleak and plotvichka weight to five grams. Managed to capture several the minnows on property Pinku. Maggot and nasadochnyy night crawlers for this fish not assistant. Local triviality their simply obsasyvaet not zasekayas. On such fish do outcome not tickles. Not remont, distance in the hope on approach fish taller though, right. But prosidev three hours without single normal poklyovki, understand, that need feed another point other composition prikormki. Have guys with light a mixture of sometimes okay lots Crucian carps and small somiki. 'm kneading it VDE Etang without adding flavoring and animals components. Perekarmlivayus five average kormushkami on distance there is 54 turnover coils Shimano Aspire 4,000. This in five metres from opposite Bank. In the feeder podsypayu boiled farmi "the weed and the kernels, while corn. Here I caught several perform karasey, one stogrammovogo white amurchika and such a same catfish. Cyprinids kept poklyovok not was. Overall weight capture of averaged slightly more one kilograms. Again poorly.
In the process industrialized fishing watched for e.t.c. compete. They a in two feet off from opposite Bank, under navisayuschimi branches shrubs. In ulovakh were Crucian carps and driven carps, sometimes very are decent. Kinda glanced taken the unusual impose under clip-on earring with hard-line inhibition (without applying rods up forward). These way subsequently I enjoyed constantly. After zabrosa need firmly keep udilishche two hands vertically upward, to it nor on centimeter not matter forward under strike about clip-on earring. Only as soft letterhead not allows assistance the cord. Under the right retarding there's gravy falls vertically down accurately in achieve escape point. After this'm putting down place it on stand choosing take. Under such a zabrose I have slabin accounts for exactly three turnover reel. Such distance there is lack, to repay the first jump a major carp. Naturally, seemed consistent with carpet drag coils should be correctly skeptic, to in ensured moment give fish a bit fishing line of yours. But not weakened fully, and so, to fish was hard sack as such with shpuli. Then she not comes down to it until clips and not will interrupt the tackle. In this case ideal option is the coil with traditional supervisor the brake. I'm using coils Shimano. They even never me not pdvodili. From our team in this day well otlovilsya Lyosha. In catch several karasey 400-700 grams and couple of perform Karpov. He baited in the three moldy worm, dipuya their motylyovym attraktantom. Plus have him was nedouvlazhnyonnaya prikormka. Even he did potyazhku on 30-40 centimeters through two minutes after zabrosa, then waited poklyovku until ten minutes. Germans at all make potyazhki through every 30 seconds, virtually not stopping. But have them catches not better our. For hour before the end of coaching received on place Lyoshi sat Sergei and caught for this time two pile of carp weight 3 and 2 pounds. And two large karasey.

In crime as slipped something into forelevyy pellets from Dynamit Baits. Also performed well otlovilsya instructor. Have him good Crucian carps and couple karpikov. Moreover he more twenty minutes fought fish tank, that even could not lift their eyes from trawling. Perhaps, this was enormous catfish. Chance not was - ceasing had to assistance. He, too, slipped something into fish pellets and many boiled cannabis.

This play around terminally gave understand, that a major fish not likes dark prikormok with sweet smells, and prefers the bright a mixture with fish aromas of. Moreover, the aft night crawlers and living maggot in prikormke attract very property fish. Prikormki with fish the smell, is have us not was, we its not police forces. But even a day to, not knowing these conclusions, Sergei and Igor in trade tent Tubertini accidentally bought two packs karpovoy a mixture VDE. One was with strawberry the scent of VDE Supercarp strawberry, and the second with fish VDE Supercarp Fishmeal. Precisely on it we have counted and must were try on the third day .
31 August. The latter play around. Continue to experiment with prikormkami and defining building blocks. Today we must terminally with this couples, and also with distance industrialized fishing. Train bare feet because this in zone # 6. Neighbors those same, only are reversed - Sprava England, from Left Germany. Sit in left extreme sector zone alongside Germans. As and above, ????? its grains fixation from a trainer, its grains prikormka and tactic. I I'm just trying a harvest on proven mixture of from one part of VDE Etang + one part of VDE Turbo Classic. This the kind mixture of, which allowed my team Normark in this year win winning the Ukraine. In prikormku leave sinking Custer's, boiled farmi "the weed, maize, fish pellets and it: An moldy worm, which we in advance got a steam burn). Enleve on tuft survivors oparyshey. The distance three Dam from opposite Bank. With start-up zakorm not do, to not Museum buildings. 'm harvest small the feeding trough. Slowly harvest I not was accustomed, but account for adjust to under fish. After zabrosa do pausing three minutes, to fodder managed well razmoknut and easily really slept a night from trough. Then do brief potyazhku and await the five minutes. If poklyovki not was followed by, do even one potyazhku and await the on hours even five minutes. Only after this perezabrasyvayu tackle. This tactic starters bear fruit. Usually through couple of minutes after the second potyazhki stick confident poklyovka a major an. Managed even to capture one carp on a pound of. Weight my capture of averaged 3 pounds. Already better. Have guys on ways. Lyosha, Alik and Igor gets caught not a major an. Have Vovy well. Have him several Karpov common weight 6 pounds.

Better all but Zhenya. He sits in right sector near nicknames and but under a balancing Bank in Oximetholone pills. Have him, is bought yesterday, fishing prikormka with adding large numbers of major faction - cannabis, maize, it: An moldy worm and a trout pelletsa-drenched dipom brindle nut. In his catch five good Karpov, one of whom dragged on 3.3 kg. Overall weight almost 8 pounds. Have nicknames catches in two times less.

This aren, means, we found the contestant the most mixture of, that likes local carp, and also populyaren with the most promising distance industrialized fishing. Quickly we are going to sellers and'll be buying out recent 28 packs fishing prikormki. This number of us should have to on two round competition. On this and brand new retreatments.
On the evening are going in our issue, to terminally discuss all nuances, and also dovyazat dog leashes but also and snap. On prikormke decide what's tied on two different the composition. The first karasyovyy - VDE Etang + VDE Turbo Classic in proportion 1 :1. The second karpovyy VDE Supercarp Fishmeal. Very and live moldy worm not promoted at all, to not attract triviality. Only proven components dipovannyy pellets, a dead maggot, maize and farmi "the weed. BTR tactic had forced major fish with pyatiminutnymi into pauses, and potyazhkami. In the process conversations Zhenya in the details told about todays fishing. It turns out, under those Bank driven carps klevali best on maize with nobody. On maize without moldy worm, too, was biting,, but poklyovku accounted for wait longer
By the rules place it should be before shock-leader-not less one Dam with River Kymi, which allows fish, in case cliff cordage, quietly sail away without trough. For shock-leader I used as such diameter of 0.25 mm. -slightly more Dam. On it same and take up knitting limit snap. Such River Kymi is Feeder Rig without upper stopora. On on namotan cord 16 a1,600.. Shock-leader he'd tie to by a newly node Albright. For dampening jerks major fish on services take up knitting skrutku from Feeder Gum, to it ceasing

Continuation of should.



lack of sentiment has and confidence votes for shot during a full-on championship vyvazhivaniya carp.
Who this man?




Who this man?

This hero of our time. Coaches named Sergei. He same on moonlighting operator those events. All of this was photographing he, for that him even times BIG THANKS THANK YOU. I only Doctored videos and uploaded in there is no. Like normally broke a. :blush:



Class! :cool: Make would on the basis of these materials the film, professionally voice and show on one of central channels.

Boev wrote:

Skyfall rules place it should be before the shock of leader-not less one Dam with River Kymi, which allows fish, in case cliff cordage, quietly sail away without trough. For shock-leader I used as such diameter of 0.25 mm. -slightly more Dam. On it same and take up knitting limit snap. Such River Kymi is Feeder Rig without upper stopora.

And can be described more in detail and on opportunities with photography :) Thanks!




A can be described more in detail and on opportunities with photo

Here is this tooling. :idea:



Most interessnoe, that this in fact origins fidera, perhaps one of the first sliding osnastok (without fidergama interesting :)). And's reabsorption precisely because of propensity this snap to be confused about went in move tough semi-tubular bends. :)
exponential moving tooling for fidera



Ckolzyaschuyu snap I'm using long and often. 'm editing this its on Himalayan fishing line of yours 0.4. On one end BSID'm knitting medical with a threefold wiggle for defence wakes up aggressivity or do skrutku 5-6-centimeters, wear my wartime more beaded bead, then vertlyuzhok with fastening otmeryayu 50 centimeters and'm knitting second wiggle for online with the main. Simply and economical way. So as any the fishing line is on verlyuzhke is deformed, that immediately leads to at the massacre, zagotavlivayu on fishing several recording and. Applying dog leashes but also thinner than $0.16 recommend fidergam.




'm editing this its on Himalayan fishing line of yours 0.4

And what sense in such thick mono?



That this tooling.

Olezh! And reduce leverage not was increasing the have moving parts of?

Incidentally drew attention in quadrennial of our, Russian, a trainer Sergei Orlova on the, that some faces not Slavic exterior they captured villains in vsyakakvi on a string, on which likely to slide there's gravy.
As explained Sergei for, to ensure thanks was more resembles on the classic Pater Noster (disambiguation).

To Roman Badardinov
Itself, times perishing we in this topic pro snap are talking to FIFA World Cup, then also heard from Sergei Orlova aka Arly about how, that Igor Mitrokhin not only ceasing prodevaet in crime as, but sometimes ceasing simply in vertlyug trough prodevaet. Have you there is that share with konfoy on this topic) (Igor I, too, I'm gonna try my gladly ;))
And even. Ceasing in feeding trough on paternostere strongly reduces sensitivity. Me here is this until brings the from sample this mounting.



Pavel K wrote:

A what sense in such thick mono?

To tooling lived longer.


Olezh! And reduce leverage not was increasing the have moving parts of?

Was increasing the. Sergei Ripka on train, from whom the kinda glanced such a snap. I benefit to not observed. Sensitivity not has increased and it's about ceasing with the foundation be confused not stopped.
At all, because, that ceasing under Oslo vymatyvanii quickly comes in iaaiaiinou, use Feeder Rig extremely rarely, although, always mean a couple ready osnastok on motoviltse.



Boev wrote:

To tooling lived longer.

This with, that sensitivity with so with a thick monofilom under poklevke "in Bank" falls more? :) Raw raskosami, tight bend on the ring vertlyuga. I better'll change my under first sign wear
Himself the you pose 0.25 :) this purpose establish lack with surplus



And Oleg Boev, and Stepanenko are right - simply one eiaee that title Joseph Heller described River Kymi virtually on-start (to FIFA World Cup), and the second but on dneprovskoy devices up (there's gravy 80gr +) with..... shapely eyebrows massive shell-dreysenoy, which and 0.4 will kill for several hours :flag: I himself (lover of thin cordages) enleve on Dnieper River in certain places with so same shock and povodkami 0.2-0.25 - thinner simply cuts on every zabrose :dontknow:.
So that under conditions industrialized fishing and the fishing line is on services / shock-leader.



Pavel K wrote:

Sam the you pose 0.25 this purpose establish lack with surplus

Most often'm knitting such snap on flyurovoy a fishing line 0,3mm. To Worlds not I bred about 30 letters and take up knitting directly on of shock 0.25.

Pavel K wrote:

This is with, that sensitivity with so with a thick monofilom under poklevke "in Bank" falls more?

Accurately argue not d, but. Sometime me, that on services Feeder Rig poklyovka "in Bank" will necessarily with their trough, with as on-start, so and on devices up. Will need test for conducts.



Breakdown trough with River Kymi Feeder Rig should not be, I.M.H.O.,. Raskosami in vertlyuzhke glides for freely and stopora higher him there is no - means there is no "point reliance" for breakdown trough. If same put higher vertlyuzhka holdup ahead (as wrote and showed Roma Badardinov here on Forum), then we get substitute for symmetrical once again deal with all stemming, I.M.H.O.,, - and disruption will, and samozasechka. But by the rules FIPSED such a tooling already not passes :dontknow:



1 September. The first tour. Zherebyovka me cloaks sector S7. Unload the things near borders sector. Kofr with udilischami lies on the roof for minibus in closed aerobokse. They've turned over a entire machine in searching for keys, but their there is no. Are starting nervous. There is assumption, that key remained in issue hotel. Send for them Tolika. Igor proceeds groom in its sector in zone E. In neighboring S.N. sector torchbearer from France. We with him aoaee near after of the opening ceremony host World. He me, too, learned. Welcome each other. Between our sectors sits steward, which will follow us two throughout the round. He same captures every is thin fish and after another hours recording number of tails on personal board athlete, which established on the border sector. This allows any observer to see results every athlete. From Left in sector # 6 the legendary Michael Tsamatarro from Germany. With him I, too, managed contact in Perugia and even do photo on memory
Sounds first shot, for the beginning of 90-minute training. Established platform, prepared the workplace, established a hatchling pond, and udilisch even there is no. Can not have time their muster until start and zaklipsovat on achieve escape distance. Sounds the second shot the five minutes until verification prikormki. After this verification fill any things in sector prohibited from. If Tolik not setting, there is the likelihood technical destruction, camping on K. Woes udilisch I harvest not yet learned. But, he managed. Red line of being able to to the steward, and on broken German explained situation and requests resolution to put rods up in sector. Authorization of capital, I administered. Until restricting rods up, 'm here talking with Special (good he says on English) about impressive fish and asked from fishing. He says, that fishing he likes, he likes harvest large pile of carp, but only not on for competitions. Here this not his fish, camping on K. He was accustomed harvest of bream and dace, in this he pros
Under a balancing Bank in courses sector growing big shrub, branch which hanging down over water, touching the its. On my glance, this very promising place and precisely under these branches I despite harvest. Do several zabrosov with gruzilom weight 56 grams without the leash in the desired point, to fix an exact distance and be confident, that there there is no submerged trees or other obstacles that can thwart it catching. Increasingly purely. Cargo privodnyaetsya on distance 30 centimeters from cherished branches of. The distance 74 turnover reel, 'm picking up the cord in klipse reel. , too, sort of thing heaps with fringe udilischami. Cordage used such. The main udilishche Shimano Antares BX medium 3,65 with test until 90 grams with coil Shimano Aspire RA 4,000 and puffed Sun Line - Cast Away 16 Lb. Spare udilishche Shimano BeastMaster BX medium 3,65 / 100 with such same coil. For launch zakorma Fr even one thing place it, but pomoschney - Shimano Antares BX d?? totally / 110. In their game I am confident on 100%. They have repeatedly tested in different conditions and on different fish. For minute until start I fully ready for it comes to shagging. Unrest there is no at all, although thought that will, after all on for competitions such a level I have been demonized by first time
In 9.00 per hours sounds another shot start. Do with start-up zakorm from 10 zabrosov zakormochnoy the feeding trough with bright feeds. 'm feeding spare (karasyovuyu) point 500m 58 gather steam; coils. If Ouite a point not will work, winds on round 6. Harvest'm under deep a bush small the feeding trough. With start-up zakorm here not do, to not Museum buildings, camping on K. The depth of in place industrialized fishing not more 50 centimeters. Do increasingly also, as on of last train, potyazhki, pause. On hook sticking my boner in one kukuruzinu and one moldy worm. Watch mikropoklyovki. This ubiquitous triviality Bleak (fish) and mikroplotva keeps fiddling with moldy worm, but not zasekaetsya. Hook for it very big. On third zabrose get first normal poklyovku and enleve puny white amur weight about a hundred grams. The beginning of there is. But triviality not has diverged and continues to terrorize my snap. I mentioned yesterday narrative Jenny and solve the harvest without moldy worm only maize. For five minutes until the end of first hours should powerful karpovaya poklyovka in-style give feeder. Friction clutch physical culture, fish makes tugging, but a powerful ceasing 0,18 mm. And hook Gamakatsu LS composed of 2210 # 12 combined with as rubber not leave fish nor no chance. Vyvyzhivayu overindulgent adolescent Italian carp about minutes and without problems'm starting it up his in podsak. In offense about 1.5 kilos. Enleve themselves on thought, that in moment poklyovki and vyvazhivaniya heart of not is beginning to beat faster, as once. I absolutely administered, perhaps, because, that did this thousands of times and am confident in their actions. After first hours on my personal tablet steward writes figure 2 ," noun "destroys number of fish in courses sadke. After second hours on tablet emerges another Two in caught carry 300 pounds carp and an on a pound of. Have neighbors had forced not kazalos. Frenchman caught two small karasey, and have Michael until poorly. He caught one stogrammovuyu plotvitsu, under this managed break the place it and several times assistance snap after zabrosa in koryazhnik. Comes Sergei and tells about situation in other zones. Our gets caught loosely. Enclosed mostly triviality. Say, that refused from moldy worm and enleve only on maize results not bad. He quickly intraoral this information other our some

Rose trolley onto a side wind and constitute in achieve escape point now harder. Couple of times works on meter closer and both times not saw poklyovki lost time. Subsequently, if not worthy under shrub, immediately vymatyval tackle and did perezabros At third ano another powerful poklyovka. Feel, carp larger previous. I allow opportunity him walk. But he is beginning to stray down downstream on in sector to Tsamatarro. Quickly stop not gets the. Karp sailed over snastyu Michael, but I try regain his to itself in sector. Fish is approaching Bank, but even somewhere from Left. Can siphon off pounder, and carp crops up directly before a platform Tsamatarro, hit by offending his to let the line out. Udilishche Michael churchgoers keep in from potyazhek my carp. He tries to me help, pushing vershinku rods up in water, to free carp and says me continue to vyvazhivanie. But, carp s goalkeeper touched his to let the line out crocheted and after couples jerks I feel play on how late cordage. Karp we just finished Michael apologizes, says, that wanted to help, but nothing not was able do. I him say, that by the rules this fish increasingly would still had to would to float, camping on K. She was reached tackle neighbor and in this only my guilt. Ask, no weight was the carp. Michael replies more three kilos. I upset by, after all this fish could be winning one, but that do about it. Enleve further. For the third and the fourth hour on tablet adorning a three. Caught carp more two kilos and five karasey. The other fish in catch there is no. Implemented all poklyovki. Know, that enleve in his zone very well. Several times despaired Vova and reported fresh information about how gets caught rivals. Still, have rest athletes catches more modest. Only Ilya Tsimafey Kalachow from Russia well but in the fifth sector. But, have him in catch there is no Karpov, only Crucian carps. On fifth ano comes Sergei with news. Lyosha and Zhenya well gets caught and everyone has a chance take first place in zone. Have aleek and Igor affairs this.

Until speak, have Michael are they biting carp and Sergei is beginning to sack his on cell. Passes five minutes, vyvazhivanie continues. In this time karpovaya poklyovka I have. Sergei switchable on me. Through minute struggle ends and I'm starting it up another carry 300 pounds carp in podsak. Michael even vyvazhivaet. His carp already arrived on the surface, he not larger my, not gather additionally in any way, why he so long leads fish. Passes even couple of minutes and carp are getting away with hook. This was the first and the latest carp Michael for today. For the entire tour he caught three imaginations common weight 561 grams. Me became genuinely a pity Michael. Until the end of round I managed to capture even one an. Shot. Reckoning. Steward on my tablet studiously lifts the number of 12.

Weighing up the. Scales, show weight 7,958 kg. 'm signing Protocol and see, that in first six sectors catches less, means there is chance. Many athletes not saw, so accurately not know as they been caught the latest hour. 'm slazhivat some tackle in an alarming anticipation. Comes coaches French team, which saw weighing up the entire zone and congratulates me with the first place in zone. Says, that at the second place torchbearer from Slovakia with weight slightly more six kilos. Thank his for information. Very exasperated their catch of the day tonight, but a member for outcome team. To dispose would to know, as now you have the rest Soon came instructor with news. Lyosha and Zhenya the first in their zones. Alik eleventh, and Igor the fifteenth. Have us three ones, this right on, and even 26 points this poorly. 760.46 29 key and third a command place after first round of the. On first place team Holland with sum game seats 18, at the second Slovakia with wallet 28. We lose them just one pass. Task on the second tour is understandable as least not to waste third place, maximum to circumvent team Slovakia and take the second place. Of reach until Holland almost not perhaps. Today they have shown real class and with a good margin are gone forward. On fourth place Spain 32 bala, on fifth Russia 33 bala. Russians had was violation of relatively under the snap, for that all members team received yellow cards. A pity guys. Tomorrow them cannot be violate, otherwise team're gonna be disqualified
On an evening parsing supporting decide what's tactics on next day to leave wait a major fish. Prikormki and bait such same. Sergei Teplov assumption, that after todays outcome for us will closely watch coaches and aides rivals. So adopted decision with start the first half an hour of exercise feed and harvest on a near distance there is, to not to issue the true reasons successful speech.
The second tour. Come on hillsides before all, to not hurrying get somethin 'prikormku and share animals nozzles. Tolik and instructor remained in hotel on means of a draw. Soon from them comes SMS have developed over with a number attached sectors for our team. On a lot finish my poopoo in zone In, sector # 11. Unload the my cordage from machines Igor. Regard its sector. On how Bank see great contagious log before. Think, there should walk large carp. In this moment ringing Tolik and says, to not reluctant delivering all, camping on K. Russians had experienced sector A-16 and In-1 - two sector, located near. This is not permissible rules, so will perezherebyovka Through twenty-minutes comes a new SMS have developed over. Me bid an in sector # 6 and start will relocated on half an hour of exercise. Stand the their cordage there. In this sector is located Matthias Veygang from team Germany. Will of the amount we are with him jobs and he went to harvest in sector # 11. Torchbearer from Moldova instructor Pirau will harvest in sector # 12. Avoided with him were a couple words. He asked far would I showered tackle, if would eiaee in his sector. I closely looked his sector and frankly responded, that eiaee would directly under dried-up tree, Sticking out under those Bank
In courses sixth sector river ends the turn and has greater wide. . There is no, but on the opposite Bank in leftist parts of my sector there is good shrub. Most promising place this downstream directly under branch a bush of a, but bombarding there there is no opportunities. Even higher branches of a bush of a me will have produce impose on diagonally, that even more increases and without moreover greater distance industrialized fishing. During training I without labor dobrasyval sinker in achieve escape point. Zaklipsoval coils on distance 88 gather steam;. From Left torchbearer from Austria Andreas Shteyrer a white-haired man advanced age. Right young torchbearer from Serbia. In 9.30 sounds shot. Start. As and perhaps, 'm feeding round 6 point - brovku 500m 55 gather steam;. Sergei was rights - for me with start some time stood two representative teams France and South Africa. Then are gone. The first fifteen minutes silence. Austrian Academic's roofing below my a bush of a and, seems, in my sector. On 20th minute made there but karpika on a pound of. Instructor is worth for him and looks far he dealer crime as. It turns out, yes, impose in my sector. Says about this mere crumb of. He, in turn margitoodete about violating steward elections. Steward invites Chief Justice zone, chief justice competition and representatives team Austria. They strict observation for zabrosami of Austrian athlete, make him warning for impose in a foreign sector. After this Shteyrer in my sector more not showered. Not know, that was have him on mind, but he was clearly not exasperated and watched in my side from under forehead. Rules there is rules and all must their abide by.
I same turn on far distance in the hope on carp. With hard gets the constitute in achieve escape point on such distance there is. Today the main place it khevik 3.9 Dam, to was easier dobrasyvat snap. There's gravy 42 grams not s until point industrialized fishing and I give 56 grams, pre srezav knife with it wings. Through times ways short, but poklyovok there is no. On zabrose account for make greater effort. Bombarding standing still not is obtained, camping on K. Over head hanging down branch large tree of and I do the jimmying River Kymi about them. In end, disabled telecom, simplex, four spare snap, camping on K. Knot short shock-leader with the main puffed is in rings rods up and in this place is raring, not vyderzhivaya burden. In the first round such problems not was, camping on K. Weight trough and the distance industrialized fishing were less. Me brought down with-wing rules, where referred, that length shock-leader must be not less one Dam. Precisely such I their and Fr. Ligating snap with long one shock 2 length rods up, after what precipices reversed itself. Until - I'm redoing snap, 'm throwing up bricks here a medium on round 6 zakormlennuyu distance. But and there poklyovok there is no. Passes the first hour. I have zero. Passes the second hour. On tablet emerges another a donut for. Until notm really really nervous, camping on K. Understand, that a carp need bide your. Have neighbors, too, not densely, rarely nips petty a little fella. Passes even half an hour of exercise, and this half of round. Emerges excitement and fear of, that they team. Comes instructor and says, that Alik began harvest karasey on one kukuruzinu with three moths. Offers put ceasing $0.16 mm. With smallholder crocheted. Give and sticking my boner in one moldy worm in the hope withdraw from zero. Immediately begin mikropoklyovki. One realizuyu verkhovodka weight 5 grams. Give three moldy worm in the hope on fish bigger than others. Until the end of third hours enleve even one ukleyu. Raised wind, 'm throwing up bricks here not accurately, razmazyvaya prikormku. Only now recall, that in platform lie those the most trough Milo withs front ogruzkoy that can solve the problem-and precise zabrosa. 'm postponing khevik and I take Volkswagen Jetta TDI. With a new the feeding trough 50 grams impose is obtained very accurate. As same I forgot about these the cow sheds. Time lost, but should lower my hands sooner. On fourth ano enleve even one verkhovodku. She managed zasechsya on hook with corn and nobody. Comes Tolik and says, to waited carp. I'm just trying a put maize with Motyl, as makes Alik, and soon get confident poklyovku. Leapfrog and on the hook something a bit greater, than verkhovodka. 'm starting it up fish in podsak. This proved a small white White Amur weight slightly more 200 grams. Already better. 'm calming down. Comes Sergei and says, that Lyosha already more twenty minutes vyvazhivaet large carp, and I should work on trusted scheme and until the end of round try to capture although would two kilograms.
Impose only with corn. Pause three minutes, potyazhka, expectation five minutes, potyazhka, expectation Karpovaya poklyovka and the leash. Give 0,18 mm. With large crocheted. Until the end of 4G hours enleve nepoganogo an. Again calm. Remains forty minutes until the finishing shot being fired. Poklyovka steam locomotive. Leapfrog, a brief vyvazhivanie and the first carp about 1.5 kilos in sadke. Quickly perezabivayu the feeder with large number of pelletsa and impose in point. Through ten minutes powerful poklyovka. Strike and feel on how late a pleasant severity of. Karp not less three kilos. He immediately tries to withdraw down downstream on, but, mindful yesterdays history, 'm getting up with platforms and quickly repositioning now to right-wing border sector, to try blow this off fish and not give it withdraw to neighbor. All the more, that my neighbor from Austria with morning skeptic against me and not will give chance quietly to withdraw fish through his sector. Putting any goddamned pressure Friction clutch. On the brink of cliff some tackle tightly skidding, skidding, skidding carp. Udilishche in ancient, the cord shed because in rings. Even slightly-slightly and tackle not survive, but fish is, does freeze and I'm be manually its to Bank. Return on platform tossed carp in natyazhku. He already close, bucks, but is. Passes even minute. I already see a carp, 'm putting down podsak and In this moment place it it makes, I feel play and see as carp kind of lazy, like disappears in muddied waters just in paired metres from me. Not arbitrary wording to words despair, the crux of the which, was is understandable foreigners even without translation How we need was this carp. Perhaps, strong drag on this fish led to right off the bat. Upset by. Until finish less half an hour. Rapid perezabros, a lingering expectation and, about miracle, another karpovaya poklyovka. On this time carp a small, about kilograms. With him problems not was, he quickly went to in a hatchling pond. Ten minutes until finish. Even impose. Karp should be on point, solve the wait until the end of. Five minutes. Poklyovok there is no. One minute. Poklyovok there is no. Shot. Reckoning. Increasingly. On tablet emerges figure seven.

Understand, that could to capture more, that lost half round from-for their mistakes with trend to and not accurate zabrosami. Now know theirand d their eliminate. 'm to collect some tackle, even not hoping on a good outcome. Vova polices the weighing the in my zone and recording all results. In first five sectors maximum weight capture of is about two and a half kilos. Has drawn my turn and judges weighs my fish 2,837 kg. Not poorly. I knew, that zone In not shine by large catches, but even with so weight not hoped on a good outcome. Instructor moves away further together with the judges. Through fifteen minutes is returning and iaa?anuaaaony on me with words give I you a hug, pequeno diablo - you made this. You - the third. Me it beggars belief. He says, that I can even fall into prizes, camping on K. Yesterdays leaders strongly to faIl. I about this even not think. Glad, that was able do for team good outcome. Matthias Veygang in sector # 11 took zone with weight 4,756 pounds. The second weight have Vovy from Moldova 3,638 kg. Here is so case
Passes captain Russian team Sergei Orlov. Congratulates me with a good the result and says, that they estimate lens and must become Chempionami World in command 80 of. I congratulate their. Do such leap with fifth on first place this prowess. Lyosha and today took zone. Have him two bala for two days and he Champion of World. Very glad for him. Igor'm rehabilitated for has an unfortunate sensationally and took zone. Zhenya and Alik worse. But have us today two ones and there is chance enter the major team the pedestal Let's mount up and we are going in unerringly.
There on emotional outburst during already paste bottom-line Protocols. Look. In personal 80 of gold medal Won Alexei (Ukraine). He this deserved, we genuinely congratulations to Comrade! Silver haves Steve 5 (England), bronze medal have Oleg's Boeva (Ukraine). In the command 80 of gold have team Russia, silver Ukraine, bronze Holland. All congratulate, they take pictures. For me increasingly as in fog. I not yet understand that happened and as on this respond. Joy not is felt

Then was expressed a solemn awarding winners and the pedestal. Bells hymns Ukraine and Russia. Photo on memory with teams different countries. After what was my on the occasion the end of the first host World on fideru. Changed our tshirts and ticked on them signature. In late was a powerful salute to from organizers of

Tired, but happy, we without rural have reached until native countries. Here us waited sincere greetings and Storm of emotions from friends and known. Phone not stop talking nor on minute. On station us with be seeing Alec would read friends fly fishermen with champagne and hymn to home town of Dnipropetrovsk. Was very pleased. Thank you all, who was sick for us, has felt and kept kulaks! Thank you you friends!
Want even times congratulate all members team Ukraine with different address on the to the World Series and thank everyone for what he did for achievements common outcome. We were indeed team friendly, well-knitted and driven person. Its mission we reneged on. The next the World Cup 2012 will undergo in Belgium. There quite another fishing. It is time groom.



Thank you Oleg for video and busy briefing.
Very genuinely and emotionally!
In 4O times team Ukraine with commanders low, and Lyoshika and Olega with gold and bronzed!
For fidermenov guys this already on century! :cool: :flag:



As himself there a turn. Oleg thank you for report and photography.
With respect!



Simply still times Id say thank you. Many thank you. And for details report, and for not less bright victory.
Return re-read in the second times :)



Olezh, thank you huge, report super, if himself there a turn, thank you for video and photo, with respect! :cool: :flag:



Guys, BOLShOE THANK YOU for greetings and support. :blush:
When have returned in Ukraine, have Igor homes progressed in there is no (clock lived have him in And-Frankivsk in anticipation his trains) began re-read line and only then understood, as here was not simply without operational information and how many people for us hurt. How many people could not work, shrank by. :insane: Have you read the and all bed very on the skin by. Not can to hand this feelings. Never such a not experienced. :shine: Thanks you.



Oleg large YOU THANK YOU!
For report, for 25?C, for drive to victory, for increasingly the that YOU have made to development fidernogo sport not only on Ukraine, but and in increasingly former the USSR. Proud of it YOUR sensationally, honor MUMBAI and praise!
Until meeting on start!
With respect from Estonia
Igor Donskoy / karp / karp-Consulate.



Boev wrote:

Have you read the and all bed very on the skin by. Not can to hand this feelings. Never such a not experienced.

Still times good fellows, but the next Worlds in he-more money you'll save track not d. Still Bohemia bear without strokes and heart attack.



produced part of report by 5

Their Ringer (disambiguation) under our flag)



Oleg, in you deaf a literary uncanny ability. Have read your report on one devouring. Like as himself there a turn. Engulfs, good fellows! With Pobedoy YOU guys! D with look forward wait fully disable the film. And necessarily'll download itself in archive.



Here is this report! Read, and heart of was beating increasingly and more often. Oleg described fight with the carp, and I pro themselves: "Ah let still slightly slightly, slightly slightly. O.o. "I man not simply, but here. Super. Good fellows guys.

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177 … M_2011.php

Report Germans about his speech to FIFA World Cup with analysis fiasco.
Especially liked their eyebrows from what already on train, for them closely watched Ukrainian coaches :)
At work coaches Ukraine and Russia and the British in their reports aktsentirovali. In sight, have them such a there is no.
Quite made some. They would on our contest rating that-whether toured :)

Chief message out, either. Articles: Fishing "stars" failed to unite in team. Every advocated in primarily their interests and, respectively, interests brand, for promotion which receives money. How I understood from context, not was have them normal communication, and your pals were talking.
Here is you and "strong lichniki."
Still times might be certain, that team - above all!



VIVA wrote:

The first Joe made some. They would on our contest rating that-whether toured

I think, that this was would is identically for all - and for them (far we are trapped and where our things), and for us (have rival there is always learn from this as well).
And that concerns

VIVA wrote:

That you and "strong lichniki."

The himself same perfectly know, that when fish many (as have them), then mind many not need to be fisherman with a good catch of the day tonight :D. And with catching sranki all as times differently. And it is here develop lichniki. Have them same these branded fishing personality in primarily advertising snout their companies-sponsors. And advertising campaigns and real life - this quite different things :dontknow:
Incidentally, on "strong lichnikam" results Worlds in lichke very vividly all have shown :flag:, I.M.H.O.,. And the same Steve Ringer (disambiguation) proved on pedestal absolutely also, so as is very universal fisherman unlike rest profi- "melkokarpolovov" (the British) / "lescheporov" (Germans).



To FIFA World Cup have us was two camera - my and Lyoshi. Brought together all derzhitsya in one together. Have a small photo album.



Thank you guys! I very glad for you, for country, in which we live, for all places fishing, (especially places fidera). I himself come by these guise of industrialized fishing. Still glad for what our country - homeland, now generally known for not only highly trained compete-zimnikami, and and pros on fideru. Still times then YOU, boys, Since victory!


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