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Championship WORLD 2011. Italy. Continuation of.

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Stopped by today in one of fishing stores. There the apparently me on eyes journal "Ribolovniy the world", the main sometime which is Mr. Tereshchuk - President, if am not mistaken FRSU.
And in magazine is much article about world fishing Games.
Long sought photography our guys-fidermenov, mean supporting sanctions that Vices champions in command Monster, champion and broznovym prize in lichke. Not found. :dontknow:
Instead - heap pictures diverse spinningistov, among which posing in and himself "Mr. President" and camping on P.

But mother goddamn his so! :mad: This is that same for "journalism" such a? About what "popularize" fishing sport can go speech, if people committed unprecedented sports achieving, and about them - nor words (in sense - nor fotochki and, without photo I these tourist sheets with sponsorship vylizyvaniyami to read not became)? In magazine, where "is so apparently driving" man, which owes keep hand their fingers on the pulse sports achievements in country!

Why the hell (purely from courtesy not consume a variety of more extraordinarily appropriate here word) such a Federation and such "President" need, if they, guise a critical event fishing-sports life planet, engage in usually own interests and settlement relations with own sponsors of? Ah not all same in life fucking those be that bottom-feeding, which they there receive.

Stinks cheap a trowel. And bad joke from series of. " And extreme right - son director the choir " :mad:

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Incidentally, if am not mistaken, only fideristy brought Ukraine sports success on these Games.
Here is such have us level of fishing periodiki.
100% future for Internet this line.



Offline media media reflect view chief editor. And he in turn view moreover, who him pays. Have us in country so accurately. Yes and online better position not better - many news-results with Worlds you saw? So that the future for profile faculties carries forums from day to day and knowledge foreign languages :flag:
Incidentally, to transfer on a normal a literary Russian language reports Steve 5 with Worlds with English site dayvy?



duffy333 wrote:

By the way, to transfer on a normal a literary Russian language reports Steve 5 with Worlds with English site dayvy?

Very would like! Think all will be very interestingly!



duffy333 wrote:

By the way, to transfer on a normal a literary Russian language reports Steve 5 with ChM with English site dayvy?

Sergei, of course translate, if not difficult. In advance thank you.

PySy. Yes, Tereshchuk with its "Rybolovnym candidates" nice've dropped a clanger. A pity.

PySy 2. Incidentally, in the first issue 2012 magazine "Rybolov-Ukraine" will printed my report with a few snapshots of. The very, which there is in this the Frost. Necessarily purchase on memory.



Boev wrote:

Necessarily purchase on memory.

I, too, purchase, and under case pick up volumes K bolshoooooooy avtografffff Boeva on gender-articles. If of course will sign :)



VIVA wrote:

"Zactly's breath" cheap a trowel. And bad joke from series of. " And extreme right - son director the choir "

Tell us until the end of joke nicely :blush:

Tomorrow flip through journal. Has intrigued you their telling commentary.



Burdak Sergii wrote:

Tell us until the end of joke nicely

Nizya-I-I. Political.



Burdak Sergii wrote:

Tell us until the end of joke nicely

I better exile essentially dam: … -muzykalka



VIVA wrote:

I better exile essentially dam :http: / / / vyshka-2000-14-utom -muzykalka

Extreme right this walkie-talkies. Yes and's a good point in point. :rolleyes:



Report froms Steve 5. A bit truth not the - not with site dayvy. This filed HERE
So, "Steve Ringer (disambiguation) on Grand scene."
For some personalities than more a stressful the situation the better. Consider, for example,s Steve 5: The finals major fishing competition Britain, such as Fish O Mania and Parkdean Masters, his articles and films on DVDs he was there and made this. So as same he themselves felt to Worlds in Italy? When Tommi Pickering announced, that Steve will in team on first Worlds on fideru, this was not surprising. Now can be was see, as the additional responsibility for honor countries will pressed on him.
places certain premise to success, because all know, that you the Englishman and that the British very are good especially when on we need first Worlds accrues sector the most the latest down downstream on. Was many people, Dutch, how all will easily for me. However my outcome in the second day showed, that there is no lung sectors. I often watched all, that was happening around me on these for competitions. In neighboring sector well catching Theo Leijrik. But I perfectly knew, that by and large not important, that make other. Time for concern about other rybolovakh comes then, when you one starts elsewhere himself themselves. Should I was concentrate on itself and on its sector. This easily do, when they biting and very problematic, when nothing not enjoyed.
I feel, that we have gone too much and sought harvest in customary us English manner. We sought keep all 4 the chosen way and this was an utter failure. Our prikormochnaya mixture of also not was correct. We used brown mixture of with large bones of fishing flour so as expected approach an and carp.
In the same time other team, especially those who very well otlovilsya on carp we should drink a, used yellows by a mixture. Even not represent on how many color prikormki influenced number of poklevok ultimately. This shows, that in more southern countries with their more warmest climate engineering need to think a bit differently and those team, which had sufficient experience industrialized fishing in such conditions had apparent advantage at this ChM. That concerns me, I this perfectly understood. And very was nervous. And this mentor very saisse on me.
I would still said, that other team not were so are good on technology as we. But they knew AS harvest fish in such conditions. We much have learned from overthrew the in first day and on the second we stopped working with knowledge moreover, that we can improve in his it comes to shagging. My the second outcome in zone gave me chances on medals in lichke and Tommy gave me full freedom action in achieving this outcome. When same I have in the second day for the first hour not was nor single poklevki, I understood, that all highly poorly. I saw, as Theo Leijrik patiently work in one point, to win in first day. So and me fish be appropriate, if I imbabers harvest only on one distance there is. This was as times the very moment, when we need a a good partner. Adam Wakelin helped me to lift this tension forcing exchange with him ideas. He even broke little new ground conversation on themes absolutely not associated with fishing and this helped me to return in zone.
I was able win zone thanks to two slices Ah, this is great an, which I successfully implemented. These Crucian carps were more similar on our melkokarpov (F1 in English fishing terminology mouse button before you hit.)
This brought me 3 bala on the results of two days and srbnu medal on airline. Although the main task was acquiring the command medals, but I faced so pressure, which never previously nor on some for competitions not experienced. So that their silver believe radiant the result.

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Thank you, Sergei.
It turns out, Steve, despite substantial its experience participation in for competitions, not loosely was a bit nervous on Worlds. This means, that his can and should be oblavlivat, camping on K. Nerves and internal panic in our sport worst enemy.

Ulybnuli these words:

duffy333 wrote:

. In more southern countries with their more warmest climate engineering need to think a bit differently and those team, which had sufficient experience industrialized fishing in such conditions had apparent advantage at this Worlds.

And here is this:

duffy333 wrote:

I would still said, that other team not were so are good on technology as we. But they knew AS harvest fish in such conditions.

Can be done conclusion, that all of this he said about Russian athletes and about us. Id say frankly, that in such conditions we all been caught first time. More or less worked out with River only in the third day coaching received. And a command silver was zavoyovano only thanks to serious military command work and full vykladke each member team.



Boev wrote:

You can do conclusion, that all of this he said about Russian athletes and about us

Means geography he poorly taught. We, and all the more Russia, perishing raze not more southern countries.



Ah, relatively "the Foggy Albion", we ??? more southern.



fm967 wrote:

have said: So geography he poorly taught. We, and all the more Russia, perishing raze not more southern countries.

Ah, Russia the much. And can develop yes astrakhanskie land far sub-. Man on map pozyril and made conclusions. Not am confident that he was the registration page every separately fact sportmena.



duffy333 wrote:

A little bit truth not the

And the something much more interesting, with details and minutiae.
But much longer. Ca try share and on irreproachable translate? You first part of, I second?

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Not need to be confused geographical location and climate conditions, we modicum and sub-on Globe, but winter have us such the coldness selling, that here sibiryaki yak is usually used for, humidity wild. Us rather can be attributed to sharply-@-@ summer continental climate climate, with overshoot temperatures from rising in for days until 15-20 degrees, than to moderate.



oleole wrote:

A the something much more interesting, with details and minutiae.
But much longer. Ca try share and on irreproachable translate? You first part of, I second?

Yes, agree, that more interesting. I first part of already virtually graduated to transfer - simply time in units of day very little :D



Here is report of taking the silver winner of many Worlds in lichkes Steve 5 (Steve Ringer) with English site Daiwa:

Diary host World: Day the first.

Steve Ringer (disambiguation) tells about his experience on Championship World on it catching fiderom.
I think, that for everyone the fishing trainer obtain chance represent their country on ChM this is the real dream. So when I received invited in team of England, was very glad and this say the said. Place holding Worlds Italy, river Tiber River, if be more accurate. And the first, that needs was do - this figure out with those showerbooth cordages, which will me is needed. Initially information about place was extremely scant entrepreneurial dynamism, if not say, that its at all not was until Tommi Pickering and Mick Vials not before. I on place. Only after this emerged offering information from which can be was already move further. Basic data were such: This river with very slow the passage, wide from 40 meters (45 yd.) until 65 meters (70 yd.) in really broader place. The species composition fish was the next: Sea Bass, carp and catfish, although were and other more small species such as golavl, sunny perch and podust.
Entire training I made on the eve Check-Out, so as knew, that after a long relocation will not until this. So and broke a, when we after exhausting 17-hour travel proved finally in a hotel. The first, that from steepness in eyes this temperatures under 40 degrees in noon. Believe me me, need time, to to such a get used. So as we toured in advance, then was taken decision work out on what any nearby canal a reservoir. Choice fell on place entitled Umbertide. That place was highly it seems on Tiber River, but slightly already and fish was more. After of a couple of very good days on this a reservoir we were in anticipation to official dam Worlds and with look forward waited official training facilities.
On the eve on the evening we all debated tactics, that need was try everyone of us and explicit during the day. Should I was copiously give point 500m in width rivers and spite nor on that remain on this distance there is. I this and made and later four and a half hours, I had in sadke three carp and an common weight more 5 kilograms, which was enough to win our session. I missed my large carp, mainly because, that in moment his poklevki not watched for vershinkoy. River was extremely koryazhistoy and necessary was immediately start s forceful vyvazhivanie immediately after poklevki. If you know, you're letting fish a field day, then in nine cases from ten this ended would its shift. Have rest chleov team weight capture of comprised from 2 until 4 pounds. Thus, we were all happy with, that nobody remained without poklevki, and tactical plan began shaped by.
In the second disband the training day according to military command Quick I again catching on the same distance there is in width rivers. Truth in this time need was try various by a mixture and then harvest by small setchatymi kormushkami. For starters I I sitting in three big zakormochnye trough with prikormkoy and added the most scale moldy worm, that is called for species. Catching with brief a leash around. To long not tell the result was the next: I have virtually not was poklevok and I graduated session with catch of the day tonight from two melkokarpikov common weight about 1kg. This session easily won Tommi with catch of the day tonight in 5kg. Even with, that I not caught, all typing on what we the entire team every day learning and that we on right path.
In the latest disband the training day we must were harvest so as-if this real contest. So I have for industrialized fishing under a balancing Bank teetered tooling with the feeding trough under moldy worm (block end feeder), 500m width rivers I tried to harvest carp, on mid-rivers Sheat and an, and the latter second, but not the latter by the quality of next of the distance, which and allowed withdraw from zero. In short, I tried to something do entire instructed session, but only on latest ano industrialized fishing I was able obtain poklevki and thanks to this with weight about 4kg policies--and fourth place from 6 members English team. Din Barlow won this session just with one fish tank this was carp weight more 6kg.
Night before the first sorevnovatelnym day we conducted in vyazke likely-tug ropes and tested cordages. And then was the general assembly on which was king-making who in what zone will harvest in 1-Interwiev day Worlds. On training zone A has shown themselves best. So every wanted to fall into this zone and especially in sector A1 , who was the most recent down downstream on. Assistant manager Glen Lawrence read list and my name of hit the first. This meant, that zone A my point appointments. Until that on paper all looked very well and if me on we need first will fall out sector with 1 th on 5-Interwiev in this zone, I will be able bring unquestioning favor of its team. In any case not cost worry until this not happened. So on completing the assembly I went to sleep, hoping to qualitatively for a holiday.
In day 1-Interwiev we have ascended in 6 morning and have become be preparing prikormku. Until we these engaged in Glen is gone on the toss. Fish-sicles chosen I for this days competition consisted of next components: 0,5l capacity quite scale moldy worm (card), quarter-liter worms, gender-liter Custer's and else was added a mixture of from survivors and dead oparyshey. Prikormochnaya mixture of was two species. The first vividly-yellow mixture of for an and Sheat. The second more the dark mixture of on which I hoped to capture carp. When prikormka was ready returned Glen with drawing and became Giving numbers sectors on zones. He handed me my, and I with excitement became revealed its leaf, to watch on the number of. Say on truth I not believed their eyes, when saw A1 on a sticky note. Sector A1 troops alongside bridge and was the latest down downstream on. As we heard alongside these place was full carp. I even could not wish better outcome drawing and now on me prove much responsibility for outcome. Having communicated we decided, that have us very are decent results drawing and we have all premise well otlovitsya. Not remained nothing another as wish each other luck and will go to River.
On my arrival in sector A1 should I was recognize, that that place looked cause - bridge was resides from me down downstream on and of what I could see, that I have was many options points industrialized fishing, including extremely fish plate place have a bull bridge in the middle rivers. In during 20 minutes I parsed riot gear and prepared the his for skid marks in sector. In 8 hours me would be allowed to do this. But until this hour not monopoly I was able discuss their opportunities for industrialized fishing with dan, so, who was my coordinator in this day. He agreed with me, that closed there's gravy for moldy worm (block end feeder) under the opposite Bank and 500m width rivers will option under a carp all on military command tactics. This point # 1 and # 2. But and reliance bridge ???? very attractive with perspective industrialized fishing carp. So this was point # 3. Then on a near distance there is was chosen point # 4 under Sheat.
In 8 hours was allowed entry in sector and I became fill their some tackle and equipment. In primarily I tucked its platform with all obvesami and accessories. Then upon us turn udilisch. Need say that all rods up were I have in one first able in kholdale, so that I was able very quickly choose the necessary me for each distance there is. Two fidera Daiwa Tournament 135in goes with coils Daiwa Caldia 4000x and the main fishing line Sensor that of the 4lb and shock leader from Tournament ST monofil 8lb were chosen for industrialized fishing carp on point # 1. Tooling was such a same as on all rest my own rods simple running first shot, and ceasing from fishing line of yours Guru N-gauge 0,17 and crocheted # 14. Next were rods up for point # 2 500m width rivers. This were Daiwa Tournament 12-13ft have to be as a 13ft again same with coils Daiwa Caldia 4000x. Truth with the main fishing line 6lb. For point # 3 (near reliance bridge) were chosen those same rods up Daiwa Tournament 12-13ft, but in version 12ft because here the distance was less. They were place Tournament ST monofil 8lb because on this point from-for a strong zakoryazhennosti need was apply forsirovannoe vyvazhivanie fish. And the last udilishche Daiwa Tournament 12-13ft have to be as a 12ft was unloaded on round 6 distance for industrialized fishing Sheat.
Suddenly quickly it's time start 9.30. Were issued signal and haters. Plan was the next: 6 big genuine seamed feeders put an on point # 2 (the distance width rivers), 10 big genuine seamed feeders on point # 3 (under reliance bridge) and 3 zakormochnykh trough with prikormkoy full scale moldy worm on point # 4 (next of under Sheat). And only after this goes closed there's gravy for moldy worm (block end feeder) on point # 1 (under the opposite Bank) and with three belenkimi on the hook. On any for competitions want to capture first fish as can be faster. But to Worlds this want much more. Want will escape its the most terrible for any the fishing trainer-athlete from the nightmare to remain with zero on such for competitions. Later several minutes after zabrosa vershinka fidera has become sue signs of life and golavlik weight in 110-120gr (4oz) proved in sadke not bad for Appeasement the nerve. And until I have in sadke proved another a small golavlik chasin 'his in neighboring sector Dutch Theo Leijrik parked a small karpika and a couple karasey. I understand, that I'm floating, and need something to change. Impose on point # 2 (the distance width rivers) gives immediate poklevku, but on vyvazhivanii fish engulfed in korch and all ended breakage some tackle and loss of bonus. Need to say, that river was highly strongly zakoryazhena and this caused a for what I 16. Rods up for each distance there is. This very strongly cutback me time and I was able immediately same continue to cast until its spare place it on this same point. Five minutes passed in been deafening silence and when I became exhausting, then again fell in tsepu. In this time all ended only loss of hook, but this point already not ???? such attractive, as seemed initially. Strange place this Tiber River when you you bash bottom gruzilom, then seems, that bottom highly the clean. But as only you perfectly happy to neglect snap with the feeding trough on this same point, you sudden you get in tsepu on every zabrose.
It has been roughly hours and it is time to move on point # 3 (under reliance bridge). Meanwhile Theo would leave from me in gap existed. Other, too, not sat without affairs and been caught. I nazhivil two big worm, put a small a nervous tunic the feeder weight 28gr and sent on point. Remained only wait. Me not had to long wait followed most powerful steam locomotive from which I slightly not received in face komlem his same rods up. After very of nerve and intense 5 minutes vyvazhivaniya I lowered the in a hatchling pond carp blue-fin weight about 1,8kg. But from this I sensed themselves much better. Repeated impose on this same point, but poklevok more not was followed by. A short transition on point # 4 (next of under Sheat) also not gave poklevok.
Again a return on point # 1 with closed the feeding trough for moldy worm (block end feeder). But two small golavlika were quite not those, what I expected. Meanwhile next door Theo all also've packed cases karasey with one and the same distance there is. I decided to to return on point # 2, but on first same vymatyvanii fell in very serious tsepu. It seems on the, that this point need ruled out.

Continuation of should

Diary host World: Day the first. (Continuation of)

Point in district reliance bridge ???? more reassuring and on outcome second hours I received two tests karasey on two zabrosakh. This has revived me hope, but and this point, too, died. On water mark 2.5 hours industrialized fishing I had in sadke fish roughly on 3,5kg, that allowed me prove, according to during, in have mandated-5 this zone. But I was in sector A1 and my outcome should was be much better! And this irritated especially if to compare with Theo Leijrik, which next door all also dragged fish from under opposite Bank using rigging with of nervous tunic of eyeball the feeding trough. It is time to change a closed crime as for moldy worm (block end feeder), which on the idea of must was work, but on practice bribery from it it turned out little. On water mark 3 hours I spoke with dan, so about substitutes for point # 1 this trough on open the feeder (open end feeder). It agreed this with Glen and obtaining his authorization I changed snap. For this point I chose a small a nervous tunic the feeder weight 44gr. The bait resided just from one corn grain. The first impose, vershinka has nodded her one times and then had an infected with provisom filament. Bore des on my expectations this proved just on just a small karasik. However on next zabrose vershinka Cannito a jig and later couple of intense minutes karpik weight about 0,9kg (2lb) proved in sadke. Again impose on this same point, but poklevok more not was followed by. Meanwhile Theo Leijrik catching without any pauses and judging by around the was outside reach. So that about first place can be was even and not worry. But now my priority goal became the second place in zone. All the more that Deng on the basis of saw believed, that I somewhere now on 4 th place.
The fourth hour has passed in as between point under a balancing Bank and point near reliance bridge. All my efforts met trained on catching the just one an. Seemed, that nibble he blanked across River. Even Theo Leijrik eiaee in significantly underway pace. Modicum this pleased its! Began the latest hour industrialized fishing and fish again has become peck. Reward for my pains became another karpik weight about 0,9kg (2lb) drawn from-under opposite Bank. The next impose gave confident poklevku and something a massive one on how late fishing line of yours. But vyvazhivanie ended the dead tsepoy, inevitable breakage and loss of bonus. Nothing not remained to do as to return to pivot bridge. This gave me another an. And again nibble gone missing. Another transition under the opposite Bank proved effectively. For 30 minutes until the end of I decided to to risk and spite nor on that remain on point near bridge, so as implementation poklevok on it was maximum. The next 25 minutes brought me 3 tests an. Then were issued signal about that, until finish remained only 5 minutes. When until the end of remained just 2 minutes, vershinka sharply cramped up. Right complement was cornbread. Immediately became obviously, that this Crucian and highly zachetnogo size. Money already had included opposite countdown and on water mark 1min minute and thirteen seconds I decided not push it so as time well enough for vyvazhivaniya and on-any in this round the other opportunities to capture fish already not will. But to my dismay, when fish was on gender path to sadku, were issued signal about the end. Nor I, nor Deng, nor other, who oversaw time could not believe, that so quickly passed 5 minutes. But to do was nothing to acquire and me had to return: Diving zachetnogo an weight roughly 750gr. Say that I was am pissed off this nothing not say. I knew, that I have there is these several seconds and I governor intended on them under vyvazhivanii and here me so don't get any fuzz! Money believed, that I can well count on 2s place. But could be and on 5 th, because the next sector for Theo Leijrik, too, been caught very densely. And imagine, that this Crucian could cost me seats!
Weighing up the began with me and when scales, have shown 6kg 557gr, I hoped, that this should be well enough for 2 th seats. After weighting fish was mistake in my a hatchling pond it will remain there until the entire zone not will weighed. Then, if not will be no protests and pressure on either of us, fish will launched so far. Precisely because of this I could not go and watch all subsequent weighing up the. But me was enough moreover, that I saw weighing up the capture of have Theo Leijrik this was a lovely outcome something about 14kg. I should tell, that he spent a lovely tour all time remaining on one distance there is and had a golden implementation of. Such a rival highly difficult defeat. Especially if he but in neighboring sector. But I Im taking picture hat before Theo Leijrik, so as he their address fully deserved victory in zone.
Expectation during was long and wrenching for me. But he returned with good the happy news I was the second and trouble on past seconds not cost me 2 th seats. Now only remained wait results rest members team. Money hinted, that our affairs not very are good, but perhaps several fish-on past seconds will be able improve our positions in other zones. As this not notorious, but except me and 3-his seats Tommi, all the rest (Darren Cox, Steve Hemmingway and Mick plant) ended with equal the result in their zones 12s place. When were made public official results 1 th days we saw, that are on 8 th place. On 1 th place was Holland with formidable margin from us in 22 bala. On meeting team of England those on the evening of co somber mood, so as we knew, that "gold" took from us and our chances on any medal were slim, to not say more. We knew, that not have picked up the right tactics and wisely decided hope on more positive outcome in day 2. Specifically for me, after my second seats in zone, Tommi gave full freedom action with calculation on medal in lichke in day 2. In other words, I could would be absolutely free in their decisions and harvest fish so as I believe please judging by from situation in my sector the next on the morning.
Was enacted draw zones on next day and I the most an admirable way again proved in zone A. The only nuance was in is, that I could not count fall into sector 1 and 2, so as by the rules members one and the same team not can two days consecutive harvest in extreme sectors. It is difficult was count on victory in this zone without embody in these sector. Especially if to take into attention, what these sector ranked the first seats in 1-Interwiev day. Yes and at all have mandated-5 this zone their votes split equally between sectors with 1 th on 5-Interwiev. So remained only praying on easiest hand commentator Glenn for me on we need first.

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duffy333 wrote:

Poobschavshis we decided, that have us very are decent results drawing and we have the makings well otlovitsya. Not remained nothing another as wish each other luckand will go to River.

With this moment increasingly matter on messy. :D



duffy333 wrote:

The wacky place this Tiber River when you you bash bottom gruzilom, then seems, that bottom highly the clean. But as only you perfectly happy to neglect snap with the feeding trough on this same point, you sudden you get in tsepu on every zabrose.

And I thought, that, compared with Ringerom, am full glukharem in sporting event feeder!
Welcome to Kiev Embankment, man! We will show you how to fish! :D

P.S.: With so approach in promere trawling, he on our La zabukhal would already on 20 th minute competition! :D



Large thank you for read more (very qualitative, indeed, translated on a normal Russian a literary) - + 1 and big respekt!



Diary host World: Day the second.

In six hours, otospavshis, I turned on sort bait, and Glenn followed on means of a draw. Medals for us now were a but we not otkazylis from struggle, in camp was an optimistic mood. We have made one replacement, have replaced - Mick Vialza Dan and I Barlow, which yesterday helped me. I realistically had much sympathy for Miku, which served not worse any other, but rules there is rules and Deng should was replace last on outcomes first day.

Judging by from provided by me full freedom action for struggle for medal in personal 80 of, I decided to do several changes. On zhivomu component: Deleted Custer's and added even worms, their actively used the Dutch in first day. On prikormke: Decided to to simplify and chose local claiming a Zoo mixture of, I presupposed, that fish to it here trained and, in late-all, such a mixture of well worked for other teams. When I graduated with prikormkoy, returned Glenn with a number attached sectors. I was nervous, to me second sector with less number, ideally like 3-5. I received 7, that, too, rewarding for me, modicum near and was the assistant with bad example results. But increasingly same, this was not far from fishery sectors. For team my food draw compensated for their losses a good the result order for rest members team, which are trapped in sector with carrying example catches. After wishes all luck, I again fell in zone A.

When I red line of being able to A7, immediately closely looked around. In the lower downstream on parts of sector, was dry tree under which must be fish. The only question was, what part of tree of is under water, this could be read koryazhnik. This I will be able determine only pobrosav my weight around tree of, and until we not received authorization on entry in sector, I could only imagine anymore as there and that. In anybody already was plan, in which I leader was coming, on opportunities, otlovitsya with one point. Ideally - under those Bank, if there is no - middle of the, too, nothing, if there will relatively freely from..

After entry in sector I brought together platform and alphabetise all equipment on jobs, to increasingly was under hand, then singled out udilischami. I saw three promising point for industrialized fishing and, although planned harvest only with one, brought together some tackle for all options. For industrialized fishing under those Bank, on distance there is about 60 yd., I Fr two rods up Tournament 135with coils Caldia x 4,000 with Sensor 4lb on the basis of and shokliderom from monofila Tournament ST 8lb. For next distance there is, three-quarters width small river, I chose two 12-13 Tournament in length of his 13with those same coils Caldia, in this case, with Sensor 6lb without shoklidera. And, finally, middle of the small river, far I Fr again 12-13 ', only in length of his 12', because until the mid-hurl not far. Coils, as and before, Caldia 4,000, on which it's Guru Drag line 6lb. On an end to the assembly, all 6 udilisch has rigged povodkami 0.22 Guru with hooks 12 size. Sustainable fish not fears thick filament, and I wanted to be confident, that'm gonna get all, that podseku.

After assembly udilisch, it is time for promera trawling. Under study such of reservoirs I always prefer start from-under moreover Bank. And now, I works untsovyy cargo under the Bank and began considered. When count until 18 fringes, understood - either something here not so, either my sector as an unending! Even several zabrosov have shown, that the dry tree snowing in courses sector increasingly bottom have-Bank, making enleve there virtually impossible. This of course, poorly, but the situation will be easier - now I have only two promising point instead three. The next task - find border sunken fruit, so as on the border koryazhnika, theoretically,, too, should be a bit fish. After large numbers of zabrosov I terminally alighted 500m, which ???? relatively free from koryazhnika, although full confidence not was, because bottom looked very unlevel. Only then I fielded distance on mid-small river. Bottom there was smooth, and a net, although itself the distance was too close, on my view.

In the early round I not wanted to to do yesterday's mistakes and want me to put too many prikormki. With this with the thought I works 3 big trough-cells on distance "three-quarters" and 6 - on "secondary." In each feeding trough was many weave worm, very, a bit moldy worm plus several rices corn. Then I decided to to risk and works under the most the opposite Bank in the hope on rapid fish, although and suspected, that this should end zatsepom. Enough say, that when I through five minutes tried to old rope-a-, then fact it's snagged on and just snapped. Not the best start, but it cost me just one zabrosa. Now was most time test distance "three-quarters" and I was launched 28-one 420 grams the feeding trough with holes, loaded rezanym a mealy worm, gladly and Motyl and with 4 white maggots in on the hook. The first few zabrosov without poklyovok and nerves tightens up. - Frenchman right caught two early karasey on the far-distance there is, there, where I harvest not can. On 40-of minute I have was poklyovka on a near and increasingly.

After 45 minutes I decided to step with "average." Although even sooner was nervous, I wanted to modicum something to capture, to draw comfort from. Moreover, need to was find distance on which can be was stop. Until on entire zone was been seized only a few fish and my assistant, Adam Veyklin calculated, that, apparently, 2 kg wins zone. But my main concern was about how to harvest fish, not worry about victory in zone. In such situations importantly - keep themselves in the hands of and the next 30 minutes I continued hurl crime as on the same distance, changing bait and positioning themselves for poklyovke. In hour twenty-vershinka lurched couple of times and has played ago. I lisping and immediately sensed blow fish. Should to confess, I played with it as with princely with jewels and prayed, to she not rolled off. In late-all, Crucian on 10-12 ounces proved in sadke and I renewed his spirit of. This fish forced me draw comfort from, my worst nightmare were zeros for my country. The next impose with two large that originally and sea Bass Number two in sadke, but, after the search for immediately same third, the situation has changed. Poklyovki have stopped, rapid change nozzles on maize and vershinka rods up cramped up in arc, I shoulder upward and here is he, carp. Uneasy struggle and, finally, in a hatchling pond fell short and stocky carp about two and a half ?weight. Suddenly increasingly become interesting, after switching again on two worms, quickly poymalis even two an. Then sector utterly died. I this expected and not saw reasons that-either to change, simply continued hurl the feeder in one thing and the same place, expecting return fish. So yesterday did Theo and fish to him returned. I was am confident, that the same happens I have.

And accurately, on water mark two and a half hours from starters round was another spike in awesome sauce, including even one of her bonus 2lb carp before, as sector again he blanked. Was tempted to switch on another distance but experience this a body of water showed, that this to do cannot be and the best tactic - simply doggedly sit on point. In this moment returned Adam, my assistant, with information about how, that I'm in the lead and struggle is faring, mostly, between me and Russian in 16 st sector. Although one the good fish several athletes can increasingly change.

Flew even and a half hours, for this time I caught only two catfish things. With other hand, more no one nothing not caught, as and yesterday, valleys the she's switched off. During calm I used to have to escort the feeding trough weave the worm, so as, it seems, this was the best way to try to attract fish in sector. For fifty minutes until the end of has passed news, that I still the first in zone but gap existed a small, me need a even couple fish. Change bait, it seems, nothing not ready but I felt, that should something try. For 30 minutes until the end of round vershinka strongly lurched and soon big sea Bass was in sadke, then the other a small sea Bass and even couple catfish things hold me in our toes. Adam now sits for me and says, that the difference in ulovakh with Russian minimum and one fish have any can versprechend situation. For three minutes until the end of round I leader was coming continue to cast until already nazhivlennogo the worm, when Adam asked replace his corn - if we want poklyovku, then let this will be poklyovka correct fish. The, that he said, made sense, I nazhivil one thing grain corn and works. After events first day I very valued time. For two minutes until the end of vershinka starters a brother bouncing and I lisping a good fish. Adam quickly said - not hurry up, have you even mucus minutes. But I literally work the winch dragged her up fish in a hatchling pond for ten seconds. On this time siren not worked before time and I have in sadke was a good Crucian about pound with quarter-. Quickly works again although and I knew, that time already there is no, even if vershinka immediately sognyotsya in arc. Any here fish must be removed from water until final sirens.

When issued siren the end of the round round I sensed, that not could do already more nothing. After dyorganogo start in anticipation the first fish I adopted good decision, when aiming on enleve with one point - with this moment increasingly matter on plan. Now everything depends on weighting. On recent 20 minutes Adam sent Tony Morton's mind the for Russian, and when Tony told, that the nothing not catching, we saw good chances win zone. Here should I express huge lasting gratitude Adam Veyklinu, prodelavshemu a golden work, helping me and tossed me in rate just underway for five hours. This very helped me focus on it comes to shagging and allowed conduct tour so, as me like.

In command 80 of affairs were not very good in three zones from five. Tommi showed the second outcome in team, finishing 8th the fifth or sixth.

Weighing up the began with sector Number 1 and, when has peaked until me, the best was outcome in 4,400 kg. I knew, that I have was more and obyavlennye 6,831 kg not have become surprise. If we no one not did, now everything depends on Russian. It was clear, that if he will the second, then outdraws me in weight, because he won zone in first day. Athletes not can to quit their sector until the entire zone not will weighed and should I was wait return Adam, to to know its fate. Me not had to long wait, I from afar saw his, going with broad smile! I won zone, moreover, Russian was the third! My hopes on medal in personal 80 of rose until silver content. Moreover, became known, that Ukrainian torchbearer Alexei won zone both days with large weight and claims on gold in personal 80 of. Got hung up question, whom silver and bronze.

After this the situation has become a bit by a nebulous. Around talked, that I pick up volumes K medal, I same felt, that increasingly will end marks the place. So lasted two hours, until not they phone and Adam Irish times / ESB award not said, that are inventoried official results. Hold its breath, I anticipated what the him "excuse,, my friend", but heard "have you silver"! Say, that I was happy - nothing not say, there is no competition larger World Cup and win here silver with first same times was higher my the most bold dreams. That same concerns command outcome, we not strongly improved outcome, earning today 39 key, only on two less than in first day. With other hand we shifted on ADR a command place, although and this not became strong consolation. We same aoaee here for medals.

Although I already knew outcome, official awarding silver medals became one of the most solemn moments my life. Now I understand athletes, which go into so much time participation in world championships, this something extremely Afghanistans particular brand. Personally for me, that would not happened, this medal will remain with me forever. In next year fidernyy championship will have hosted in Belgium, team will shaped by somewhere on New year. I hope, that be in its composition.

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Decided not be confused pochtenneyshuyu grandstanding and added in its previous message continuation of translation with days 1 th :flag:.
Now Dayva and Steve Ringer (disambiguation) us with oleolemust for their popularization :D

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duffy333 wrote:

Assumed not be confused pochtenneyshuyu grandstanding and added in its previous message continuation of translation with days 1 th

About, is famously. I seen the. " Continuation of should. "And jumped the gun) its slice of.

duffy333 wrote:

Now Dayva and Steve Ringer (disambiguation) us with oleole must for their popularization

Interestingly, that individual of Washington in side dayvy Ringer (disambiguation) not d say)
Only enumerated used cordage



oleole wrote:

Interesting, that individual of Washington in side dayvy Ringer (disambiguation) not d say)
Only enumerated used some tackle

And for that he should Dayvu thank? He performed its task, and-spender its - all horse-nobly, on-gentleman's matter ;).

VIVA wrote:

and I thought, that, compared with Ringerom, am full glukharem in sporting event feeder!
Welcome to Kiev Embankment, man! We will show you how to fish!

And I have long say, that our harbor promenade brought to you newsworthy conducting the most steep international fishing competition.
Incidentally, about probivanii trawling. I have here wife from of England as times on days returned and on "special-commissioned" (thank you Seryoga Zoom put you up to this) brought with her a bit fishing magazines. And I begun to see clearly creating their. Have them retaions (even small river, and all the more prevents channels) so okultureny, that for them Tiber River with his koryagami and tsepoy proved real stress.

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duffy333 wrote:

Wu them retaions (even small river, and all the more prevents channels) so okultureny, that for them Tiber River with his koryagami and tsepoy proved real stress.

Me here is love how not having a this bravado. Men our good fellows - words there is no. But little win - need to confirm and confirm will have in their conditions okulturenykh. ??? ?? ? ? Kharkiv, too, the Asian UEFA won. And in this season blows all whom not decisional laziness. Permanence need. Then with Ukraine in feeder will reckon. In my opinion importantly in next year to team Ukraine has become although would the third - here is then already will seriously to our team treated.



Agree, Roma, on 1,000% agree. But under than here bravado? This that sad individual nations situation on separately your rented a reservoir. Under than this themselves the British not deny. And for us and well, and poorly simultaneously, that virtually there is no "European" increased the.



Fishing that football-luck not would prevent.



duffy333 wrote:

But under than here bravado?

The kind I in a whole wrote pro situation. Your phrase was as would "upon was already fat feature of" :flag: in this topic many what for them to read was. About this and wrote.


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