Winter had forced with the feeding trough for micro pellets. Steve Ringer.

In ties with recent frost Steve not was able chosen Gone Fishin '(so often, as him would like. But when he not on a fishing trip he about it says. One of those, raised them in a conversation with father last week, was effectiveness industrialized fishing with PVA bags on Cold water and they both concluded, that many fly fishermen still gets caught a long fish with their use of, but with other hand not so many as before. The reason for this highly is obvious and lies in is, that they the first to began to use PVA sacs on for competitions, and since then virtually every fisherman, following their example, caught modicum something, using such method, and many continue to so harvest and now. Owing to what fish has become, in some extent, more clever, and understands, that small of a bunch of pellets on bottom exuding the danger. So we decided cooperative effort devise decision this problems.

Toward solving us pushed the mentioning my father about how, that this winter he caught much more fish, than ever, using open crime as combined with micro pellet. And this has worked not only on carp we should drink a. This tactic iiniinianoaiaaea apprehending several good little slapping. When thinking over these, I concluded, that the reason success open trough in is, that hook with right complement is on some greater distance from of a bunch of pellets and that is why is perceived the carp with a lesser little gun-shy.

In my opinion, this works the next way. Karp's attracts there's gravy, packed pellet, but his, as and in case with PVA sack sack, disquieting Plato pellets scored from trough. But in, too, time ?? in 30 centimeters the nozzle sitch on the hook from-for its distance seems less dangerous and that is why carp its without the lack. Let me correctly, I believe in the, that PVA a little sack with pellet still can be highly effective solution, but deal in is, that can so twill walk that body of water, on which you choice, 've seen many fishermen use PVA sacs. Therefore, it is time try something another.

Want be noted, no matter what time year - my choice Drennan Cage Feeder. Here all simply. I always felt, that prikormka much better is being released from such trough, than from trough any other type. I see many fishermen use standard yacheechnye trough under it catching with pellet. In my opinion, such trough can be applied in certain situations, but this not one of them. Me seems, that granules not leaves such a trough, until its not are beginning be manually. The main advantage trough Cage Feeder is that under its zabivke granules fill holes cells and thereby to their descent of during zabrosa, but in the same time from such trough granules without much labor challenge on bottom under impact water.

In summer months I would authorized preference feeders Drennan Cage Feeder middle or large size. But in this time year on Cold water number of feed should be reduced to minimize. For this reason I inclination is to use of mini-or even micro trough... Little to thus reduce number of zabrasyvaemogo feed. One of problems under using such feeders is their small weight, that is the problem under need distant zabrosov. That is why I like increase weight such feeders with the help of the stripes lead. Typically, under using micro feeders I prefer, as least, double their initial weight. When it comes to adding weight to bird feeder, I's when I place his in the basis trough as counterweight to the upper part the edge of or mid-. This way to utyazhelyaet's nasal part of trough, that strongly promotes range missiles and accuracy zabrosa.

Know`s pellets is a key moment. I respectfully am to experience other fishermen in this issue, but despite to share their way preparations pellets. I always believed, that modicum you and you can cooked granules squarely on Bank, better results achieved by by preparations with the evening. First I finding it with pellet, on which d harvest. Then I nasypayu necessary number of in tare for changeable tips, pumping water and leave granules swell on 10-15 seconds. After I was the one leaking the odd water through a sieve and I'm putting out the granules in polyethylene package, 'm filling out this his air, 'm sealing up the and leave on night in refrigerator. To Towards granules crops store sufficient number of moisture and acquire soft structure as have sponge. After this they are prepared to the use of.

I cannot you to hand, how important it, not you overfeed fish under it catching on Cold water. The only that you should remember about micro sieving, that they even in small numbers will well attract fish. About moreover, how many pellets slaughter in the feeder, need to remember, that not worth trambovat in the feeder as can be more. Instead I prefer care a exactly so much, how many needs until full filling trough. The easy compression capacity with both sides trough will provide that majority pellets on zabrose. Remember, than stronger you pour granules, those longer they will shed out from trough. Ideally,, as only there's gravy involves the trawling, granules must begin to to leave its.

When it comes to nozzles my choice for one 6 mm pelletsom Ringer Coolwater. On my view, this an ideal option for this time year, so as basis this pelletsa wheat stalks, which easily assimilated fish tank. One granula on follicle services will always be my starting point and only then, by necessity, I can try questioning two granules. That concerns other changeable tips, which I'm applying combined with follicle River Kymi, then this, above all maize, as in version with one kernel, so and with two. Maize well visible on bottom, that makes its different right complement under it catching on Cold water.

When choosing snap I that hasn't always been rules specifically fact dam. If rules not prohibit maids Whoever snap, I prefer use precisely its.

Ah and in the end he several councils on-fishing granules in this time year. Should abandon the tactics launch zakorma, which applies in warm time year. The first zabrosy go with massacres at regular intervals in 20 minutes. If poklevok not was followed by after three zabrosov, I'm increasing an interval until 30 minutes. Not worth create a broad prikormochnyy the table on bottom, so as in this time year fish virtually not nurtures and will big luck if for the entire day although would several fish all-??? decide something food and well if this will be precisely your the nozzle sitch.

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