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Red hot chili peppers. Milan Tychler.

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Red hot chili peppers. Milan Tychler.

Under it comes to shagging fish family cyprinids kept one of basic moments, which interested in fishermen this question feed, color, consistence,, smells and taste of feed. Sometimes in disputes on the subject rybolovam manages to come to consensus, but the case, that dispute goes in impasse and comes to your desktops, so as opponents are prepared "out front about to kill" each other, arguing its righteousness. Such debate, typically, ultimately, end equally and every remains under his opinion. Therefore, emotional spikes, whom are accompanied by such disputes, essentially, no one not need.

With other hand, obviously, that fish, as and all animals perceive various tastes and odors differently and obviously, that have their certain preferences, which to the same volatile and depend on various factors. Greater role plays Stern base and temperatures water, from which directly depends our metabolism fish. With Asia water our metabolism substantially slows.

I heard many talk about how, that pepper chili add in prikormochnye a mixture and even in both: Boyle and pellets, so as is considered, that this, I get the tender cube for fish. Personally I love reducing pressure food, but after all someone its not likes. Is true and the, that what for someone normal for someone will too little or contrary. So that much depends on dose. Not causes doubt only the, that pepper chili can enrage gustatory receptors.

In their experiments with pepper chili I refrained from crushing machine directly pepper and decided to promoted ready to products, used on kitchen, as in vysushennom and izmelchennom the form of, so and various options pepper chili in the form of fluid. First, so easier dispense, thereby avoiding failures, and second, under this approach more effectively are used products.

Can be use ready to culinary supplements.

Perhaps many heard about such classic a refill as Robin Red, so as she very popular and is used large number of fishermen. Obviously, that Robin Red this mixture of spices and other ingredients, but paprika has a significant share of. This another argument in favor of use of peppers.

Pepper chili this not simple pepper. He has its own specific flavor and possesses incredibly strong so uncertain … Undobtedly taste, which he owes Registrant of entitled capsaicin. Capsaicin well soluble in steroid and and rubbing alcohol, so pepper produced in the form of various liquid concentrates. Proven that pepper chili promotes to the appetite, can destroy some kinds of bacteria, and to inspire changes in mucous of casings sufferers. So pepper chili this is much more, than simply vkusovaya additive.

For starters I decided to try sauce chili with sweet prikormkoy and prikormkoy on the basis of fishing flour combined with the feeding trough type method. I was watering my sauce loaded full of them crime as and "pickled everything, really" in sauce pellets, and also maize for nozzles. And although results not were shocking, but they were and talked about many ways. In further I continued experiments with sushennym and, its energy pepper.

Wood-pellet heating and sauce chili good the combination of.

A reference point has become dispenser order four grams on kilos dry prikormochnoy a mixture. I used prikormochnuyu mixture of on bream without any other supplements. For tests chose a small sandy careers with depth about four meters. On fifth zabrose occurred grapple prominent poklevka, followed by through his confident rejection done, and on Bank proved the first fish - a good bream higher middle size for this dam. Then I caught even a few large plotvits. First I baited in the moldy worm, but when I has spread zamarinovannuyu in sauce chili maize, took the bait the first carp.

Maize zamarinovannaya in chili.

After first successful EMU experiment I decided to try add much more, than four grams on kilos a mixture in the hope cut off of bream and attract only carp mindful about how well carp reacts on Robin Red. On next a fishing trip I began with twelve grams on kilos dry prikormochnoy a mixture, but after several hours fishing not obtaining nor one poklevki I anew made a sauce prikormku lowering. Dosing until six grams. After as I has shifted a bit in side, to not harvest on point zakormlennoy, as it turned out too "is burning" prikormkoy, trauma scenario last fishing and with enviable consistently began to peck leschi and driven carps, with leschi were clearly higher middle size.

With powder aromated concentrate very conveniently work, so as his easily dispense.

After sequence of such experimentation I can with certainty say, that pepper chili the good additive, in including and on Cold water, which attracts more a major fish, so as under using the same prikormki, but without pepper chili, the average weight caught fish was less. Therefore, combination of Asortiment and sweet aromas under the right ratio brings additional lens.

The next experiment was held in the same vein, with the only backyards, that prikormochnaya mixture of consisted of of grinded in dust paltusovogo pelletsa 90% and conventional prikormochnoy a mixture 10%. Pepper chili was in the form of powder concentrate, but instead trough type method I used classic fidernuyu the feeder an open type. Poklevku accounted for wait much longer, but driven carps come across larger, yes and leschi klevali very good and large. In as a nozzles instead corn was pellets Robin Red, which I before zabrosom would dunk my in sauce chili.

Karp still the lover of chili.

Then I spent a series of experimentation with various sauces chili. Most of them come for those cases, when needed process various species pelletsa. After impregnation sauce chili pelletsa almost always fish way faster and often more a major. Me grassroots option, when prikormochnaya mixture of zameshivalas on water or attraktantakh, and pellets used in as a supplements was processed sauce chili. Under this approach positive moment is the fact, that need not worry about to the dosage.

Various options with pepper chili I later tried and on rivers. It turned out, that spicy flavor well attracts Moustache. So same important the inauguration was that pepper chili retains a high effectiveness even at very Cold water. On my view, pepper chili belongs to very effective attraktantam and if calculate the right. Dosing and the right mix of prikormochnykh mixtures and pelletsa, the results can be very impressive.

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From themselves like would add, that "it hot" fish ??? likes. I have was experience use of on one of cyprinids kept sessions Boylov Bansko on adzhike and fish, charitably, has remained neravnodushnoy. So that experiments with pepper chili unambiguously have sense.

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At the second photo "lyapukha" on flete as something is precarious looks.



Дима78 wrote:

At the second photo "lyapukha" on flete as something is precarious looks.

This not my photo - times. You OK know not on what distance will impose - this two :)



Roma! Have me to you question.
Here is we, people, all with their somehow biases, ulyublenimi smakami and smells. One likes sweet. The other sweet tolerate not can. Knowing your experience and knowledge, as you thinking: Have fish, too, so? One individual likes, to example, sauce chili. Another biggest his tolerate not can. Or have them all challenging? If one fish, for example, leschu something likes, then and Different his vodka this same should likes?

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In my opinion, rather from dam depends, if in general to speak. And from season industrialized fishing. Although not discarded, that in pack of there will some gastronome-a pervert :crazyfun:






Yes, in family not without freak, the :D



The good article. Roma thank you :cool:. Paprika, coriander and black pepper'm using long. Even on for competitions. But only one fish known when she wants pepper with that. Sometimes were cases when coriander or chili in Remy-they were tearing body of water, and sometimes on the second day there was just-- there same not was poklovok. I like use thorny supplements very early spring ('m with floater) and late-autumn. Year 3-4 ago accidentally dumped the in 1 kilo dry prikormki 6 packages freshly ground pomegranate (smells stood around the Bank) and whole pack papriki- thought, that nalovilsya. But then nibble was as on black stones, all neighbors the fishers gradually wrestle me so and not look at poklevok. This was the most the first fishing with deal on Picker after the vanishing ice on the lake.



In continuation of themes about perchikakh :) … /7-1-0-110

Chile with, tuna fish :flag:


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