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Dead maggot, this a good maggot. Milan Tychler.

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Maggot very effective additive in prikormochnye a mixture, which is necessary on most fidernykh fishing trips. Of course, can be indispensable and without moldy worm, but personally I not see reason for this to do. One my acquaintance different parts says, that neither for that not will buy moldy worm for feed from-for his value, but under this, when but alongside sketches with a balancing opinion, constantly's owing and saying and is jealous of their ulovam. But, then such deal - stinginess this disease.

Maggot popular have fishermen on many reasons. Not only because, that virtually the entire fish not occupies them Lavochne (unfortunately, petty in including, sometimes only and thinking about is, to she left you in alone), but and because moldy worm in as a nozzles can be bombarding without risk, that he's gonna flip, on any distance there is. Moreover can be create as a small the pourer for industrialized fishing petty fish, so and a major from dozen and even more oparyshey for industrialized fishing the servant-trophy-fish, in including a major carp. Maggot, perhaps, the most universal the nozzle sitch, which works in any time year on any fish on any a reservoir.

Before use of moldy worm need to to qualitatively to clear.

If you want give fish, what it guaranteeing like - maggot this an ideal option. Fish will long stand on prikormlennom place, looking for larvae, therefore, chances on its the capture of a will be much higher. Someone in pursuit of austerity tries to replace moldy worm various boiled cereals, pelletsom and other similar additives, but believe me, fully replace moldy worm it is unrealistic. Even if you will promoted in prikormochnuyu mixture of the small number of moldy worm, would still with him nibble will better, than without him.

When I was young, the main mass fishermen have been applying moldy worm only in as a nozzles, and speech not resisted about beef them. But when I first time saw, as after nobody athletes on fishing tournaments, and what under this show results, already nothing could not me stop. So as I lived in village, I decided to start own production and "secretly" put his on the flow of. Me very grassroots outcome, but understandably grow moldy worm I could only summer, buy a large number of moldy worm then was it is unrealistic, and with this accounted for contend.

In sieve will hold its only living whereas dead. Garbage and Dead maggot will remain.

Only only then, when moldy worm in large quantities have become sell in fishing stores I was able get in their hands truly a huge number of larvae. Consumption began revenues collected – easily tens of liters in year. And here is then I understood, that better buy quality, refined and beautiful moldy worm let and for heavily money, instead of pulliing out from "corpses", guarantees excellent off with ammonia larvae. For service always and everywhere need to to pay. Not want boast of, but results were impressive. Still in those times I heard about rybolovakh, which in some cases deliberately have been applying dead larvae, but I not linked the this special meaning.

Water, heated on gas-burner.

How remember, deal was during competition on Danube in Hungary. I decided to watch, as go affairs have athlete in neighboring sector and was amazed at the, when saw, as he fell to sleep in build with boiling water, worthwhile on gas oven carefully refined moldy worm. I thought, that he intends to cooked itself coffee, and here such deal. Me remained only stand and look that same will further. After as whereas dead died he leaked water through a sieve and fell to sleep moldy worm in cold water. And here with, well, elongated and potusknevshimi maggots began to occur metamorphosis tends - they have become harsher and their color became brighter.

Torchbearer observed, that I for him watch and'm showing respect interest to wasted the. Me was lucky, so as he was slovakom, and was able explain me, why he so makes. Even gave touch larvae. They were on are quite harsh. The main goal in that day was barbel, so need to was to qualitatively give point 5322991 from prikormki. But every fisherman knows, as quickly maggot, value added in large numbers, is destroying such balls. That is why he umerschvlyal moldy worm, and as a consequence an opportunity to promoted in prikormochnye balls so much larvae, how many him like. I asked have him, there is whether sense use dead larvae, after all can be do as other fly fishermen and put them together moldy worm with the help a special glue. His answer was persuasive. When account for harvest on strong during and there is the need in massirovannom beef better use a dead moldy worm, so as he gradually washed away from densest prikormochnykh balls unlike skleennykh survivors larvae. Stavshego: Diving, glue quickly dissolves and moldy worm immediately claims the passage. In this was its grains logic, and I with look forward became watch, as will further turn around events.

Maggot Confucius).

To my disappointment have athlete, for which I watched, initially was quite little fish in catch, but under this he remained secure and regularly showered on point small prikormochnye balls complete dead larvae. Then as on team he "exploded" and began hard harvest fish. First went large leschi, then in catch appeared good starting. Soon he had a substantial advantage before rivals and with a good margin won the first tour in his zone. In the second round all was happening on such a same scenario, and he again won zone, truth, take first place him not managed, so as the other torchbearer, having received such a same amount seats, leapfrogged ahead his on common weight. But the difference was just in several grams. Yes and to an athlete, there first place, are blessed with must, and in the first round he catching in extreme sector, i.e. have him initially was the most promising place.

After cooling maggot extends and becomes tough.

On outcomes these for competitions for me became obviously, that if properly cooked a dead moldy worm, fish gladly will his to eat a man. I found out later, that Dead maggot different decision not only for rivers with a strong the passage, but and for industrialized fishing on ilistom bottom, so as so much dead whereas dead remain on the surface silt, while living whereas dead buried in though and fish their not sees.

With alive maggots such Number not will pass, they very quickly destroys the balloon prikormki.

Strongly emphasize, that there is a huge difference between simply dead maggots and maggots, trained on higher described prescription with the help boiling. I tried to surviving Frenchman brutally to kill moldy worm in freeze cell, perhaps, that there is and other ways stage name, but outcome have not such as under cooking. After freeze whereas dead have yielded not such flamboyant that whether and not such "supple." Fish they, too, not they change and this good option, if know not, when will fishing and need store up a dead moldy worm for later on. Enough to qualitatively to clear larvae, wash their Cold water, you put 'in cellophane packages and put an in freezer.

Feel difference. From Left by, right boiled maggot.

There are several ways, as cook moldy worm. But, on my view, the best option this clear larvae, to deposit their in cold water, then slowly inject). When whereas dead stop wriggle, merged water in a sieve and place larvae again in cold water. Under such a version whereas dead not smorschivayutsya and better retain its color. So that even Dead maggot - a good maggot!

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In addition to this article will be useful to familiarize themselves with other materials on the subject. … r/8-1-0-88



Heard, but not has tried, oshparennogo moldy worm use in as bait.
Like would bream a dead more prefers.
What opinion?



Many run article. His on this question. There is opinion, that living maggot in prikormke attracts property fish, Dead more a major. Also in as bait Dead maggot can be more attractive so as not has specifically smell as living. Has tried slowed down - outcome not grassroots (poorly looks and quickly lose their cool after defrost)



On one of fidernykh competition in Kyiv, have 3 th scale,, several compete applicable sailors (V1,000,000 engine that takes) maggot. It turned out, that Ryboidov more attracts sailors maggot on the hook, if in prikormke there is sailors maggot.

Text or: Oshparivat moldy worm) desirable in during prolonged time, especially Pinku. Once I spilled boiling water on my Pinku), and began more many its in Cold water. What same was my amazement :O, when part of scalded-kicks proved. More lively all survivors! :tired:



Alexcd83 wrote:

A how many same their need boil?

Romeo wrote:

But, on my view, the best option this clear larvae, to deposit their in cold water, then slowly inject). When whereas dead stop wriggle, merged water through a sieve and place larvae again in cold water.

As something so. :hobo:



Максим84 wrote:

Sort of would bream a dead more prefers.
What opinion?

Have nicknames Dead oparik this knowhow past seasons. To his surviving Frenchman brutally to kill for nozzles enough slightly pridaviv katanut a maggot on become 4-5-6 times :flag:

Other there the reference under this article on anlogichnyy material from’s Steve 5. He hypothesis Teplov that a dead oparika fish zhret raising the not boittso. So as fly fishermen oftentimes the the remnants of vysypayut in water. Oparik on bottom dies and fish eat the dokhlyachkov not enclosed on hook. But this for commercial increased the as relevant. And there who his knows respiration and why. :dontknow:



Alexcd83 wrote:

A how many same their need boil?

I for example their not can weld it, I boil full a kettle water (1,7l) I put moldy worm in a sieve and was spilling things on his kipyatkom. Quickly and encourage. Often aromatiziruyu moldy worm the same aromoy, that leave and in prikormku.
A sieve



Need not oparya boil - contagion this attractive opportunity! Drip irrigation necessary number of oparika, proseivaetsya from debris, then poured in box for bait / prikormochnyy a basin (depends on number of), is poured Cold water to slightly covered whereas dead and only then there on the sly there boiling hot water, constantly stirring - as only whereas dead to frizz this means, that they "are prepared." Ruling out on a sieve, to glass water. This if for the ensuing freeze "on then." If use immediately, then necessary number of larvae's sleeping it off in the lunchbox for changeable tips and is poured Cold water - so have them "like kind of" entire fishing persists. So a dead oparika need not just immediately tailgatin 'in prikormku, and need to lend which packed in the feeder or in quite the small number of feed - otherwise through hour much his part of it gets darker, shrinks up.
Can be "boiled" oparika do squarely on fishing - another little splash in the lunchbox with maggots tea from thermos :flirt:

lelik759 wrote:

also in as bait Dead maggot can be more attractive so as not has specifically smell as living.

To have live oparya not was specifically smell (smells substantially), his need to buy not directly before fishing, and although would for clock until it - sift from moreover substrate with which his sell (and under need even wash, peresypat either ad hoc blends-otdushkami, either simply maize meal flour. There same can be get a drink on and flavoring on desire - vanilla / spices / dry fishing flavoring.

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You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Articles » Dead maggot, this a good maggot. Milan Tychler.