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With sincere wishes with the coming Happy New year!

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Expensive comrades with sincere wishes with the coming VALERIU YEAR! Wish all kind regards new achievements. Zdarovya. I. Tbilisi just the most best. Let increasingly plakhoe will remain in 2014 g and in a new year consider only the best! With VALERIU YEAR Since VALERIU a fat suit meets Undercover!



Perishing if you smiled Kohza,
Zableyavshi song nevinnoyu,
The finito,, my friend, 'm hammered wholly,
After all adopted you dose something, lion!
And if Asshole to you in Visitors will come,
A beer, eh offering and vodka instead,
The received with already coming year,
Under branch pushistenkoy trees!
But if you prilampasyat horns,
Citing ill charm of tradition,
, you, cough up you from life Kozu and The Goat,
As to drink give, with any disposition of!



Friends, colleagues, simply people!
Let in New Year you have, in your families will only WORLD, happiness, welfare, health and greater joy!
Very want all YOU more often to see joyful and happy!
Sports successes in our a fishing fact!
With profound respect Oleg!

? a?oc ?, ai ? eieaae, simply people!
The shock have New ?io you have, have your rodinakho ? euee WORLD, uanoy, blagopoluchchya, well 'I ? great Radst!
Aoaea 'hochet'sya the poorest YOU a conference bachiti radsnimi ? schaslivimi!
New modern uspkhv have is profitable to ribolovetskiy sprav!
? glibokoyu povagoyu Oleg!

My dear friends, kaleg, is simple lyudz!
Nyakhay have Happy New Year uradzhaynasts you, have your semes' tions a only three MR, shchastse, dabrabyt, zdaroe ? vyalkaya radasts!
Velm khochatstsa skh YOU chastsey bachyts radasnym ? shchaslvym!
Spartynykh pospekha have student rybalonym sprave!
? glybokm pavagay Aleg!

S&#245 ;b rad, kolleegid, lihtsalt inimesed!
Olgu uut aastat teile, oma peredes ainult rahu, &#245 ;n ne, heaolu, tervise ja suure rõ&#245 ;m uga!
Sooviksin teid k&#245 ;i ki, et n&#228 ;h a rohkem rõ&#245 ;m sad ja &#245 ;n nelikud!
Spordi edu meie kalapü&#252 ;g i &#228 ;r i!
Lugupidamisega, Oleg!

Draugi, kolē&#291 ;i , tikai cilv&#275 ;k i!
&#315 ;a ujiet Jauno gadu ar jums, jo j&#363 ;s u &#291 ;i menes b&#363 ;s tikai miers, laime, labkl&#257 ;j &#299 ;b a, vesel&#299 ;b a un liels prieks!
Es grib&#275 ;t u j&#363 ;s visus redz&#275 ;t vair&#257 ;k jautrs un laim&#299 ;g s!
Sporting pan&#257 ;k umus m&#363 ;s u zvejas biznesā!
Ar cie&#326 ;u , O&#316 ;e gs!

Prieteni, colegi, doar oameni!
Să Anul Nou cu tine, &#238 ;n familiile voastre va fi doar pace, fericire, prosperitate, s&#259 ;n &#259 ;t ate &#537 ;i cu mare bucurie!
Aș dori to&#539 ;i să vadă mai vesel &#537 ;i fericit!
Succesul Sporting &#238 ;n activitatea noastră de pescuit!
Cu stimă, Oleg!

Draugai, Kolegos, tik &#382 ;m on&#279 ;s !
Tegul Naujieji metai su jumis, j&#363 ;s ų &#353 ;e imos bus tik taikos, laim&#279 ;s , gerov&#279 ;s , sveikatos ir didelis d&#382 ;i augsmas!
Norė&#269 ;i au jus visus pamatyti daugiau linksmas ir laimingas!
Sporto s&#279 ;k mė m&#363 ;s ų &#382 ;v ejybos verslui!
Pagarbiai, Olegas!

მეგობრები, კოლეგები, უბრალოდ ადამიანი,
მიადევნე ახალი წელი თქვენთან ერთად, თქვენი ოჯახი იქნება მხოლოდ მშვიდობას, ბედნიერებას, კეთილდღეობას, ჯანმრთელობას და დიდი სიხარული!
მინდა ყველას უფრო მეტი ხალისიანი და ბედნიერი!
სპორტული წარმატება ჩვენი თევზაობა,
პატივისცემით, ოლეგ!

Friends, colleagues, just people!
Let the New Year with you, in your families will only be peace, happiness, prosperity, health and great joy!
I'd like all of you to see more cheerful and happy!
Sporting success in our fishing business!
Sincerely, Oleg!



Colleagues, wish all in New Year:
- world, health, comfort on life;
- subtleties cordages and decent spoils;
- receive pleasure from all, than pursue your business;
- development, of creativity and good "healthy" motivation;
- humanity, that soulful voice, clemency, the adequacy.



I want congratulate all with worries Happy New Year! Wish all, health, luck, for good, uvazheniyai, simple human happiness and peace the sky over head. All with worries! NKhNCh

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I congratulate all with sincere wishes with the coming Happy New Year and Merry Christmas dominical! Health, peace the sky and unforgettable fishing trips!





All with sincere wishes with the coming VALERIU YEAR!
Lifetime of sound health, family prosperity, enforcement most cherished desires, unforgettable spoils and "Slippery to on you government money"



Roman manors we on days company, and one man, years meself on ten older me told such a history (further from first faces.
When I was a small, for the New Year's table drove forward the entire family. Talked about different things: Politics :D, economy :D, ah that-there still then worried people :D. Bells different toasts, but in late each of them been run over by grandfather and inscription - for WORLD.. Then I not understood grandfather, and now very even. o.O
Wish ALL WORLD And prudence :flirt:



All with sincere wishes with the coming 2015 year!
Wish that would this year was much better objecting!
Sea health you friends and peace the sky over head! :flag:



I wish in ahead year,

On open water and on Ice,

Young and hair white from shock rybolovam

Unkind always be with catch of the day tonight!

Let weather saddens you rarely,

And leapfrog will always be label.

To hooks been broken up, and a little less,

And the bait always was fresh.

Let always you will find luck -

Will so, and raze otherwise -

And in frost, and in rains, and in're having some rough weather!

With Happy New year, friends, with new with happiness!

And us!
And all partly!
Separately and in general!
With Happy New Year! In sense - with happiness!
With new with happiness! I.e., here is with than:
With a new with! With new home!
With new a splat! With new the dirty little secret!
With a new true! With new nightmare!
With a new a glass went upside!
With new affair! With new word!
Fishermen - with new cool!
Functionaries - with new Yasuo!
Mother again with reinstated - with new son!
Woodcutters, - with a new forest around!
New zyatey - with a new mother-in-law!
New Russians - with a new with a fancy car!
With a new bankovskoyu sheaf of!
Bureaucrats - with a new folder!
Hairy - with a new hat!
Lysovatykh - with a new cap!
Grandfather with Bedelia is - with a new repkoy!
Zodiac - with new sign!
The Greek in River - with new cancer!
Johns - with a new cozy!
Veterans - with a new force!
Businessmen - with new soaring!
With new bank! With new-sum game!
Culinary - with new taste!
Exporters - with new course!
Scorers - with new bare!
Transvestite - with new reproductive!
Astronauts on a - with a new heavens!
The slow ones among you - with a new with the thought!
Put chess players out - with new move!
You - still times with Happy New Year!
Musicians - with new sound!
Papuans - with new Cook!
Required dismissing - with new a cook in the canteen!
Presidents - with new the maturity!
Deputies - with a new Duma!
Who for money - with a new sum game!
The Breeders - with a new a bird!
Ml. Model - with a new lychkoy!
Generals - with a new part of!
You - still times with new with happiness!
Subordinates - with new boss!
By nurturing programmers - with new DOSom!
The weak minded, - with a new dose!
Khatkha-jogov - with a new pose!
Bottle-conditioned beer - with new toes into!
Perestroika - with new direction!
Unemployed - with new place!
The tili-tili - with new test!
Of steelworkers - with a new the refining!
Old-timers tell - with a new inscribed!
Tissues - with a new form of!
Former finally - with a new the norm!
Sober living house - with a new measure!
Because atheists supposedly - with a new faith!
Residents - with new code!
All you - again with Happy New Year!
With a new song! With new dance!
And divorced - with new chance!
Wives favorite - with a new furs!
Uncle Sam - with a new Cuba!
Bezzavetnykh - with new dzotom!
Reduced - with new KZoTom!
Theater kids - with a new drama!
Mother again with toilet soap - with a new an architrave!
Journalists - with new hearing!
Mediums - with new spirit!
Chukchi - with new bad joke,
Mchaschikh - with new turn!
Shareholders same - with a new suit!
All you - again with new with happiness!

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I congratulate with Happy New year!
And wish, to stood
In garage for garden produce
Money full dump truck!
To girls provided
Discount in no clothing left!
To body used to get a hug
Chairs in Soho! 8-) ALL Since VALERIU YEAR!



With Happy New Year! :flag:



All Since sincere wishes with the coming VALERIU YEAR! Happiness pieces And prosperity MUMBAI freaks Fidera! :cool: :flag: :D :flag:



Colleagues with Happy New Year!



Friends all with sincere wishes with the coming Happy New Year goats. Astrologers argue that goat seeks for change and keeps managing forgive grievances. Here is and I want to Everyone forgotten old grievances and in Ukraine came the the world and consensus and occurred change for the better. All health, happiness, love and patience, and also history and all cherished desires and not only on a fishing an arena. World and for good in every house.



With Happy New Year colleagues! Luck around the!



With sincere wishes with the coming Happy New Year! Lifetime of sound health and happiness all. And of course enforcement all desires.



From snowy not on latitude of Odessa consider best wishes in eve New Deal 2015! Let for everyone that the looming year will be peaceful, prosperous and happy! For good you and joy!



With new year friends! Just you best in the future year.
World, for good and cash :flag:



Grandfather frost there is no




and Bergen frost there is no

Signature author

Fishing @ sleep. There is no

Though how many drinks




and Bergen frost there is no

For most forums this not strikes, so as of the transit Ii?ic ausubt desires small boys, and desires big boys already ausubt snegurochka. :D



Dear colleagues!
With worries Happy New Year you!
Wish you and your close lifetime of sound health, prosperity, for good, luck, and peace the sky over head!
Let in New year come true all your desires!



Counterparts! Friends!
All with worries Happy New year!
Lifetime of sound health.
Family prosperity.
But old fishermens happiness.



With sincere wishes with the coming Happy New Year!



Year 2015 already is about are to come, at!
And many-many joy to the kids, too will bring!
And you perishing not children taking, you rose long,
But these wishes Id say I would still:

Wish, to you be loved,
To treasure in the forest tenement.
To to drink and not much to root,
To there is and not get fat,

To guide your footsteps if - River, the
To enjoy breakfast caviar.
To career - strictly upward,
To everywhere read success!





With sincere wishes with the coming Happy New Year! Lifetime of sound health, and everything else will follow in time 8-)


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