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Okolokievskie platniki.

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Couple of words on platnikam, on which was connected harvest carp in this and previous s.

1. Zabire.


1. Close.
2. There is a major fish in sufficient numbers.
3. Infrastructure - there is internet beach on a special lake of, the restaurant, skiing on horsebacks, summerhouses without accounts. Until the beach radius of the size of staffs in fishing - need to to go ICE automobile, was coming out feet from the club.
4. There is different proposals on price.

1. A major fish - only on one a small lake of, and highly used to pick 'em.
2. Very ragtag the public, especially on "a large the lake."
3. Not to all sectors there is porch on these.

Summary: Very liked harvest on camping on BC Matochnike, on the principle of caught-release. The average the size of the fish - from pyatery. Comfortable the restaurant, heap room for "sit-along the meat", with there is such "long drives" gazebo, that well come even ingrained mizantropam.

Works "meat" - crab, squid, the liver. Fruits - smoke. "Local" sit with the peas and and corn, but not particularly. Need to very many feed, 17 liters • 2 buckets feed for day, on one, from rogatki- even 4000m2 as well as running.


Small, an extended Lake. Fish - tuzlo, rarely less 1.5 and nor never - more three.


1. Not far from of Kyiv.
2. Varied fishing (hypotensive, trout in season, carp, there is catfish, Crucian, White Amur).
3. With perspective fidera - purely the English fishing, lungs some tackle, nedalnie zabrosy, not a major fish.
4. There is where under need got their rain, along the meat. There is store-agriculture (quail, does anyone remember that after), can be to buy some of that what the home.
5. There is still one thing "akvariumnoe the pool of" camping on BC "kompaneyskoe" - with stunning concentration fish, and separate a garden house.


1. There is no or very little spoils.
2. There is no room - territory a small.
3. There is no room for dire cordages and distant zabrosov. Under real carp-phishing the planned Funds individual dam, but this in term.
4. There is no porches. All conveyed armrests of, and not said would that close.


Big plus of Stones - for them is worth a major ryborazvodnaya organization, have which there is always fish. Fish different, all unless in economic component.

Tastes – summer visible explicit distortions in side diverse spices – pepper, paprika, garlic.



1. In drying cities. Get can be on subway))
2. High concentration of different fish. Fish regularly vybirabt (on summer to example condemned trout, but on autumn – winter large driven carps.
3. There is very a major fish. Driven carps – himself watched launch “zapyatnashek ”, with in respectable numbers.

4. There is the surrounding, tables. In cold time year – tent with hot plates.

1. Lake small. Fiderom if try, can be sling a across.
2. Bottom on greater parts of dam strongly zailennoe. Harvest can be, but requires approach
3. Porch there is only to two sectors.
Paradise for poplovochnoy industrialized fishing. On to max can be caught Cloverfield fish, not to mention match and plug. With fiderom, too, can be – big, lungs flety, moving snap …
Fish clearly prefers fruit pop bigger pushups. Is famously works soft nasadochnyy pellets, again fruit tones.


1. Close from of Kyiv. Porch to base in any weather, on any vehicles.
2. Talk.
3. Body of water – not a small, 20 of twos for the antistatic forces routinely.
4. There is where air freshner
5. There is Music with coffee-tea, minimal terms of a set of cordages and bait shop
6. Fish many. In late season podzapustili decent fish (5-8) in a normal numbers.
7. There is where air freshner.
1. Very neravnoznachnye sector. Can be, like, sit clock and not see Ah, this is great, with, that through one vymostku from you will's mowing carp on a worm, and maize, without prikormki, with River Kymi of bought in no clothing left.
2. Fish not withdrawn by the on with start-up zakorm. We as the threw two buckets feed - and not have achieved equal way nothing. The right metodnyy many countries it in bird feeder, and often – work on covered gives much the best option, than klipsa, and feeding “the table. ”
3. Expense of not quite the right location vymostok – accented perekhlesty with neighbors, with that all Being thrown strictly before a.
4. On all vymostkakh set stationary benches. Some critical house still karpovye chairs and species-under, but nor about what freedom spillovers to speak not account for.
5. There is no entrance to to most sectors.
The popular place, interesting and comfortable, but vymostki better book concrete, and in advance. Fish prefers “meat ”, with often – dipovannuyu maize. Pop bigger pushups – why the lose an unrightable nasadkam.

Continuation of should ….

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Personal the impression:
Zabire - not likes. Although from ???? before him well developed- there.
BK-1 / BK-2 - cool "aquariums." Especially BK-1 because as quite alongside Center.
Mykhaylyna- likes of these four more just. Even despite the absence of Owl to to most sectors and contrary dybilnym vymostkam.





1. Nature, precisely so, through kaps-lock.
2. Fish. With perspective fidera – the main interest represents podleschik and sea Bass. A dace, Blicca bjoerkna and krasnoperka – prevent. A carp lack, but about purposeful as it comes to shagging to speak not account for, this cup of tea serious guys with boylami 20-30 mm, and week sessions. Sea Bass – large, today. Common or Bronze Bream about 400-500 grams – huge, until 1 kg – very many, larger engine bed – rarely, larger dvukhi – even not heard.

3. Tiananmen. The size of the dam 4 on 1 km. There is where a field day.

4. Under need – there is might with all convenience, Bath.

5. Clean personnel, always ready help.


1. The road not to all sectors possible on tug auto – need full drive.
2. Expense of huge dam – on carp we should drink a can be overshoot on an even place, and can be otlovitsya in absolutely not characteristic sector.

“Wild ” recreation on a reservoir with invariably different concentration fish. An ideal place for coaching received speed industrialized fishing without tide. Cool Crucian carps. There is the likelihood to capture indeed trophy (record dam for sports cordage - “zadvadtsatka ”).

1. Nature. Again, with big hew. Some sun with limiting brightness well come would for “removed the rings ” not worse New Zealand.

2. There is different reliefs, including desyatimetrovuyu hole.

3. Lake protochnoe, have in the most infernal heat fresh water and active fish.
4. Very much-zarybleniya “tuzikami ” from 300 until 1.5 pounds. Reflex camera, ordinary and Amor-– in these.

5. There is Bath, child gathering spaces that offer universal, the surrounding. Very pleased swim in specifically EL place.
1. Not close, about 70 kilometers from Solomenki.
2. There is troubled after rains for cars the assistant roads, but on of last information leadership dam as a, tied things up a path, and the problem solved fully.
3. Expense of dense landing “tuzikov ” - big deal can be caught only with indeed big baits, Boyle until 20 mm such guarantees not gives.

The best body of water, lest to train harvest melkokarpa on the speed. In frankenberry fruit tastes, as pop bigger pushups, so and sinking, and sweet / fish fodder.

The most not the standard body of water – still 1.5 year ago territory carefully home – on the opposite Bank the is worth notorious known house notorious known former of the Public. Two Lake.
1. Close
2. British, concrete and we specialize small shops. There is gazebo.

3. Standard fish 2 – 4 kg. There is Big Fish (film), frank not not your visitors. Bezlimit on karasyu.
4. Very civilised. Not for places break erected tents and yell songs have a fire.

1. A bit uvelicheniya does anyone remember that after and geese. Them case don't care on the, that you choice – they here are swimming.
2. -fish – objectively not hike. ?, Ah, this is great not was nor never, standard 3-6 poklevok for gender days (usually been caught here with noon until darkness). This subjective minus, for me this for example rather plus.

3. There is no nightlife industrialized fishing (but not am confident).
4. In weekend summer on a large lake of – can be a bit noisy, in specifically EL place are luxuries vacations, games not little.

Concrete, short zabrosy, pruned trees, are of forged furniture, and tiled good tiles pathways. Fish likes pellets, fruits and Fisch-Zentiva. Feel themselves if not in Europe – the certainly on path to it.

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Greetings, my friend Ilya. Long you not saw. Where it comes still met. Fidernyy sport this cool! What a body of water you recommend for industrialized fishing an carp or bream?



A good ekskurs on platnikh vodoymakh 5 +!
I naprikoad aoa 24 serpeya on BK 2, a ? eu?a tudi not want, myself ? zloviv amur 2 +, and in oshitkakh full third convocation ;(, myself susіdi through 2 Metri spravno one for one tyagali on pіnoplast ? FD karasіv, and I completed o ? euee not kidav goduvav vde ? flagship of the pro kompetіshen ? ? iai, aea there PRIRODA! І tudi 'hochet'sya ua ? ua!
Until ? ?a ? ? and iio ? iai pro Kozintsі? Ale there khazyaїn realistically ham, myself fishing spots aaaaoi, ? dostoyeі ekzemplyari. And yea ca?ac neooao on platnikakh, ooi aaea aoa in 2015-Mu?



Олегыч wrote:

Greetings, my friend Ilya. Long you not saw. Where it comes still met. Fidernyy sport this cool! What a body of water you recommend for industrialized fishing an carp or bream?

Glad to see!

Oleg, so that would and Crucian, and carp and bream - only Oshitki. Raznorybitsy very many, there is the entire 000MT set of, but in very large numbers, especially podlesch, a dace and Crucian. Sea Bass - 000MT, large and today.


Lichku employed!



Not love paid fishing trip, greater on feral dozens, but on Oshitki need to look, hearted very many, the more that can be on foot stroll from ???? :)



Іlko, thank you for the review!
And not Podskajite, there is platniki in side Rybachnoy, but closer to Happy New or Old Petrovtsam?

Live quite recently in New Petrovtsakh, to the same bezloshadnyy, and seats quite not know. Here, in New, look out few years ago was taxable rates, literally in fifteen-minute walk from my homes, on territory even club "Balaton." Now trilateral much on Bank, one cane. With words local, was carp, White Amur, sea Bass. Suspect, that zamor was-- rates quite a small. And have ditched his, although fence fall rate is worth-- divides on paid and free parts of. Although share already nothing to acquire ((



Dobryi day. In the side lack platnikov, but all same slightly away - in district Dymera. But I except as on Rybalochnuyu in the contestant side go solely on predator, and on wild retaions. Can who still tell pollsters?



Спасибо! Дымер, в принципе, тоже по дороге. Только информации по тамошним ставкам пока не нашëл.
Вообще, как я понял, и по платной, и по "дикой" рыбалке с берега,  люди едут больше на левый берег КВХ. У нас в Петровцах берег очень высокий- подходов мало, не говоря уже о подъездах. С местными рыбаками пока не раззнакомился- наверняка есть и по морю хорошие места для береговой рыбалки.
Будем искать :)



Тобол wrote:

Спасибо! Дымер, в принципе, тоже по дороге. Только информации по тамошним ставкам пока не нашëл.
Вообще, как я понял, и по платной, и по "дикой" рыбалке с берега,  люди едут больше на левый берег КВХ. У нас в Петровцах берег очень высокий- подходов мало, не говоря уже о подъездах. С местными рыбаками пока не раззнакомился- наверняка есть и по морю хорошие места для береговой рыбалки.
Будем искать

Как вариант - дамба в Казаровичах. Или залив в Гдебовке.



For Яsnogorodkoy heap paid rates. But they couple of-three of years ago soured and with the moment I there not was.



О дамбе наслышан- Женя Чертенков (Абрикосович) на каком-то форуме отчëт выкладывал, с зачëтными лещами. Правда по идее там запретная зона, режимный объект. Но люди ловят постоянно, как я понял )) По Глебовке встречалась инфа- спасибо, посмотрю ещë.
Laider, а испортились в каком плане? Спускают ставки, нет зарыбления или ещë что-то?



Тобол wrote:

Laider, and soured in what terms of? 're lowering rates, there is no zarybleniya or look out something?

Year three ago fish mass go poop starters, masters nothing not did. Then pozarostalo all kamyshom - no one was cleaning. I and stopped touring.



Да, это похоже и на ставок у меня в Новых. Тоже, по рассказам местных, года три назад ставок захерел. Камыши по всему берегу. Знакомо.
Но вот как-то не понятно- чем люди думают в этом случае? Ведь потратили деньги на аренду, зарыбление, зарплату рабочим, рекламу... Пару раз взяли массово рыбу на продажу и все расходы отбили, а дальше трава не расти?
Я вот родом из рыбацкого края- вырос на Днепре, в рыбколхозе. Рыбу ловили промышленным способом в реке, и были ставки, где разводили карпа. Так колхоза уже нет давно, а ставки живут и процветают.  Есть, как писал Илья о каком-то платнике, у хозяев стратегическое мышление.
А тут нет никакого  мышления, похоже.
Будущее, как бы многие из нас были ни против, за платной рыбалкой.  Ничего в этом плохого нет- опять же, читал комменты у Ильи- далеко не все понимают, что сохранить рыбу как объект эстетического удовольствия, больше шансов у платных хозяйств, чем в "диких" водоëмах.
Наверное, чтобы не умирали частные рыбные хозяйства, нужно кроме стратегического мышления, ещë любить и понимать природу. Любой пруд и ставок- это прежде всего живой организм. Его знать и слушать нужно.  А часто хозяева бросают их на произвол судьбы. Не выгодно бороться за жизнь ставка? Ну так есть много примеров хороших ставков, куда люди ездят с удовольствием не один год, и наверное у   владельцев тоже не всë гладко, но ведь справляются. Значит проблемы решаются.
Всë зависит от людей. И наличие рыбы в наших  реках и озëрах тоже.  Хочется оставить детям что-то после себя. И не только платники.



А кто посоветует водоём с такими условиями:
* 2-3 дня переночевать в палатке
* тузиков половить (1-3 кг)
* от Киева не далее 200км
* желательно чтобы можно было заказать шашлычок на обед/ужин))
* возможность ловить без мата/спец подсака, либо чтобы можно было в аренду взять

Хотел поехать на Михайлыну, но там ночевать можно только в домиках рыбака, а едем с напарником вдвоём, дороговато домик для пятерых получается. В ошитках нету тузиков, там чисто карповая рыбалка, 2-3 поклёвки за день, зато рыбы большие, не очень такое люблю) Рыбалочная не очень нравится, да и ночевать там как-то в палатке неуютно.



В Ракитное, у Тимофея. Правда по поводу двух последних пунктов не уверен.

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Слышал, вроде, на ракитном пару лет назад мор рыбы был, уже восстановился водоём?



Это в их профильной теме на  Домике Рыбака спрашивать нужно  :dontknow:



Тимофей, никогда ничего не отвечает. По карпу там слабо, а вот подлеща можете набомбить на год вперёд.



спасибо, буду думать)



Доброго часу. З палатками і шашликом, та щоб клювало- можна до нас- КарТар і Срібні Роси. І спортивна і любительська рибалка.) У Інтернеті інформації багато.Або 0969244055- адміністратор.
  Запрошуємо також для проведення різноманітних фестивалів,змагань та турнірів, як на комерційній основі,так і без.Щасти у уловах!

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