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Sheets from VETAL.

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Ah means visited we with clav th again Razdolnenskuyu the branch 25.09-26.09, toured, pogod beauty
The ball shines breeze blows rapid perekus and for some tackle, I have Picker flagship Varior 2.7m until 40gr and Mikadovskiy feeder Floyd: NSC, have of Glory such same Picker as I have four weeks before Kuplennyi on road on fishing and feeder Mikado Ultraviolet Lite, decomposed, yet tweaked ryp not forced themselves long wait plotvichka starters on the sly proklyovyvatsa but so as toured closer to by the evening the it was dark quickly and ryp went sleep and we together with him,
Rapid breakfast and for pikery and fidery
Again starters proklyovyvatsa plotvichka and then have of Glory finally took the bait rYp,
After came and here is such comrade which dragged on 655 gr, with the apparently on Picker
You, Frith, after beauties smaller
And come across still here is such copies of which accounted for after photography session one To heat an :D
Ultimately time fishing is now over by the end of and we satisfied Ideology traveled to home, prvkticheski entire fishing otlovilis on Mr. Picker here, have shown themselves with the most better hand as for his class prices and quality, and the quality of indeed worthy, outcome fishing such is



From themselves correct, on fishing was tested NANOFIL from Berkeley. Not raskosami and not pletyonka. On TTKh surpasses both. Under zabrose flies in and a half times further.



Значит так, собрались мы со Славкой ,,clav,, на канал половить рыб, выехали в субботу 26.05 с утречка заехали в Симфере за опариком и стартанули приехали на место после обеда погодка пасмурно небо а тучах, посмотрев на это решили не заморачиваться и достали большой яхта с эхолотом и пустили в плавание эхолот сразу показал не меряно рыбы уклейки в толще воды и на этом мы решили прекратить плавание быстро разложив весь скарб мы приступили к лову, рыба была по началу не очень активна но потом начала постепенно просыпаться но подошел вечер и мы отправились готовиться ко сну.
Morning, The Beauty!
Again want to extract jobs.
Are posing coffee.
Easy breakfast and on jobs. So as the main goal trip experiments with all that was for off-season buy zameshivaem prikormku and let engage experiments with myselfjust a spreyami, additives, siropchikami and camping on Afghan, fish as and been paved starters do peck and in Visitors have become decide here is such beauties
No the preferences we have fish so and not found are biting she on all that it suggesting, naeksperimentirovalis on the most not want, after what it is time collections until home until represented and we satisfied all traveled in opposite path. Ah and catch averaged roughly on two kilograms.
Here is where the so.



:cool: Zdorovo! Good fellows! :cool:



A good otchetik!
p.s. And what not number on Simferopol created? There very even fidernye seats. And incidentally not heard, zarybili his in is year on fall promised a whopping zaryblenie?

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A minor in the bucket-this not rybets krasnoknizhnyy? In the first quadrennial two past large plan-accurately he.

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In the first quadrennial rybets was drowned. In the new trip not've been busted quite, and in the bucket a dace and a major bleak.



Thank for understanding of problems. :cool:
Ty Sho most interesting, ordinary rybets not in Red book, and small (who before was found in Crimea) has status "only missing item", camping on E. His already there. And ca on the photos he and was?

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Burik wrote:

p.s. And what not choice on Simferopol created?

Greetings Serezha, on Simferopol no zarybleniya being asked and likely not will, clean water jibber-jabber yes to pay 50 rubasov not known for that desires there is no, it have us now is free of charge :angry:

майк wrote:

Ty Sho most interesting, ordinary rybets not in Red book, and small (who before was found in Crimea) has status "only missing item", camping on E. His already there. And ca on the photos he and was?

Crimean he raze not can be so as Canal is filled with from of Dnepr yes and on our Crimean Forum there is certified specialist have which people were engaged in that for they, was would krasnoknizhnym getting wedgies what's up would on the most not want :D

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Made it out with family in Sunday 22 th on and noisy channel, toured, weather not fountain wind simply's a crazy, until the most the evening, swim broke a couple of hours until darkness and with morning until ten, then again Windlifter but fishing all same Commission itself behaved mostly Crucian as this not strange so as until this always he was only in prilove, prikormka Fisch dream multi-purpose device + a dace the nozzle sitch maggot, ah and not many pictures



I always past this Canal return through and want spend some time fishing. But girls my against (camping on K. On path on recreation tend) 8-)
Even one times leaving pikerok (stayed for lunch) but poklevok not saw, and wind there constantly. In my opinion

Yes. And Simferopolskaya a puddle even in is year cost 20grn. Now as understood -50grn.
Protection as let tell, how many and what fish gathered on fall zaryblyat. Even 4000m2 as well as ears not print enough of them motherfuckers remember. Even Sheat promised.



Burik wrote:

remaining primeval as let tell, how many and what fish gathered on fall zaryblyat. Even 4000m2 as well as ears not print enough of them motherfuckers remember. Even Sheat promised.

Greetings Serezha, for good reason you not kvalYofYokovanim place bombovskoe in terms of swim, and catfish as times host at faster you catch than on Simferopol :D on sorevakh guys a :cool: and vetar this is so small beer compared with cool there.



And so, finally came true dream swim in loved edges, and more precisely mainstream Bug district Voznesensk toured to relatives 09.10.12 on the evening perekus and sleep. Morning next days

Easy breakfast, until buffed out, until there here time closer by the afternoon, I take backs son and on small river, on small river beauty's nice and quiet yes the grace, 'm experiments with voblerami then with handling silicone, full zero :kaka40: spat and put that chopper in the air on that eiaee still in early years production the USSR two compassion and deal with the dead point move things along, pike has become take an interest in but still not of solidity,, raather thaan in its coffers found silk vraschalku and at the second zabrose comes here is such copy :cool:
After was another couple like colourful key fobs which had to dismissing and short along Bank, during walk met local the natives which stood at night in catch was kil 10 an ???? sea Bass was 1.5, 1.8 kg pleasant thing I such sizes still not saw and smallness of podofigel :huh: so same managed discover that still in River present pike perch until kilushki but I personally not saw, after was couple of days curiously fighting on the road and not weather so that on the river fell already 7: 10, and again by the afternoon weather super, chose place for industrialized fishing
Have spread not cater feeder MAVER Thor four weeks before accumulated, coil kormoran 5 Pif 3,000, the main PE 10lb, ceasing trabukko hadn trigger ovner, there's gravy VOS 40 "grape", made a sauce Fish Dream. On the Feder and donnaya, monopoly bottom, bottom it turned out far nor « plate produced, the depth of 2-3m zakormilsya and became wait outcome
The first as and expected has drawn plotvichka a bit poloviv its has come calm after calm abrupt poklevka leapfrog and podleschik on Bank
Then still a bit plotvichki and here is again a serious poklevka and comes already here is such e?anaaao
After nibble gone and I rallied home, next day sheds rain so that on small river I fell already in Sunday and again by the afternoon weather not super the sky frowny swamplands lack but this not reason to not harvest with place not mudril crashed so there same where and eiaee until this fishing proved labor water in River pribyvala on the eyes of
And for three hours climbed roughly on 30 centimeters but and it swim the khochetsa in general made a sauce of bream with Fiderom zakorm and on the sly very not although starters poklevyvat plotvichka, then as obrezalo but hope not my continue to feed point but already Donna and here is she long zhdannaya the good poklevka and tackle rapidly is beginning to stray in side to komysham but not ‘ and on Bank take out a an under kilo weight, of emotions Sea quickly sticking my boner in worm with oparikom and again expectation and here is he again e?anaaao
After was even a few such same lyaschikov but time not markedly is now over to by the evening and had to unfortunately wrap this up, okay, in general fishing and recreation left!
Ah and Myeong-gil whacked off with connected float switch :flag:
Ah and not much in common species

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Ah here is how states came true dream, after long collections and further twists we with colleague on work on on Dnepr river with 17.08 on 19 august 1991. Place finish was chosen Korsunka. After work had gone in night and profits Shoto about two night had to smallness of on taken in on terrain and in end have reached until second zalivchika there and stalled with solution if not like the on the morning shall move far't live in the, quickly broke up the erected tents and sleep. Morning. Polyana with place stationing
Slightly further Dnepr river.
Triangulating camp and rightly move along berezhka ask around Th and on what from whom klyuyot, gets caught mostly on your fishing bobber and breast is nips karasik, near men with species-furnaces and boylami on sazanchika couple poklevok was but not realized from-for grass, further breakfast potrendet and move on to the tender seats fishing me inherited here is such a beauty
Take out a man, this stuff raskladyvayus and I start working and get back and here is place is prepared,
По снастям фидер Фаворит нитротек 3.90 до 120гр и Микадо НСК 3.60 до 120гр, плетенка 10лб поводки 0.12 максимум 30 см прикормка та что осталась с сорев :D фиш дрим с карповой направленостью :) в общем пробиваю дно и на втором забросе оставляю там грузик o.O малость охреневаю ставлю второй и после не большого исследование обнаруживаю что грузик остался на очень злой бровке с ракушкой, в общем место хорошее глубина не слабая кормушка 56гр с кормом падала на счёт 15-18 течение крутило и туда и обратно в целом не плохо клипсуюсь и вперед, стартовый закорм наживка опарик и кука и ждем, первым на стол пожаловал вот такой рыб
Then came karasik
And still through couple of poklyovok came chief bonus :cool: sazanchik on roughly gender kilo
вот так не спеша полавливая то густерку то карася прошел день , ночью вышли не очень злые комарики и быстренько ушли наверно были не сильно голодные :D рыбалка закончилась как только стемнело и прекратилось течение, поэтому было взято пЫво и после пЫва отбой утром не сильно рано встав :crazyfun: пожевали и в бой но уже с новой прикормкой фиш дрим донная+лещь+крошка желтая+гороховый стик и густера стала дружно в рят, половив до обеда пришлось собраться и рулить на до дому :mybb: но отдых удался программа максимум выполнена поеду как только получится еще :cool: :flag: :cool:

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