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Busy briefing from SEMENa

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winning the "Master Feeder Fishing 2012", 28 July 2012, Moldova.

On outcomes first round of the overall the catch of the Sergei averaged - 6,160 kg, and weight "tail" - White Amur, 3,220 kg no one from participants not dwarf.
Sergei, thank you you huge for participation. Hope and very want he meets with you again on our for competitions. And also with other boys from Ukraine.

With respect,
Moses Lepedatu



To higher skazanomu



Ah, and who won? :dontknow:



All Hi!
A small the prehistory how I fell on contest.
With fall past year began visit Moldova on workers issues. In one such trips, will of the case, fate avenge me with incredibly cheerful and climate less hospitable man - Igor (at this Forum IgoreK). To was clear: After 10 minutes conversation in Friday on the evening on the telephone, I was invited Gone Fishin '(, and sooner on the morning in Saturday we already were fishing on Dnestr. Since then we as something and bonded. Now, if was in Kishinev not and not met with Igorkom, like as and in Moldova not a turn :). In general each meeting - celebration. Here is and in this time, the Internet trip in Chisinau, for a few days telephoned Igor to know his plans on Saturday in the hope, that manages to escape on a joint fishing trip. Faced, that on weekends have him contest I a bit upset, but) Since of Igor optimism virtually instantaneously he has now issued genial is decision: "You regulation play first day instead me, and I shared my in the second day on replacement." In general, Igor promised have to have a word with their colleagues and somehow solve question my participation in for competitions. On fact: Me policymakers to participate in personal Monster, despite the, that I could play only one day. For this a lot thank you organizers competition.
On the most a fishing trip. On information from Igor the main fish tank in water feature was carp and White Amur, bottom ilistoe. Respectively on services issues even not controversial of - only method, prikormka sweet karpovaya. On anyone case captured with themselves and pack fishing prikormki Sensas join Stimul 8 Green. Will of the amount sat in zone A, sector 8, 's reabsorption. To come promery trawling gruzikom have shown, that on the entire Tiananmen is faring read though and than further from Bank, those thicker his tier. On distance there is 49-46 meters began to proschupyvatsya vivid irregularities trawling, which were I are identified as deepening in the silt, which leave fish in places feeding grounds (met such on other gills). Looking on distance there is, which promeryali neighbors from Left and right understood, that harvest they gather very close (from 15 to 25 meters), with classic "nation trend to, type Pater Noster (disambiguation) with standard fidernymi kormushkami. Thought, about how, that guys know something what not know I, a bit get knocked down with trusted tactics, but accept decision nothing not to change and act as outlined (though one your cast with paternosterom ??? Fr :)). Tactic was next: Give distance 48 meters bolshuschimi kormushkami, harvest method, the bait maize and oparik, expect poklyovku not more 10 minutes. Strictly speaking, so the entire phase and served. First fish caught through 30-40 minutes after launch zakorma - this was White Amur on 3200. Ox and gave he heat, vyvazhival his minutes 10-15, perhaps, raze not wanted to go in podsak. Very a strong fish. Forth followed a graveyard pause in klyove. Throughout this time my domestic voice constantly repeated "dokormi, dokormi, dokormi :)." Despite domestic was not worth feeling what - decisional laziness took the upper hand, I continued it is is to cover on 10-15 minutes in anticipation poklyovki. Through couple of hours virtually under a series of shagged two poklyovki and only one implemented amurchikom grams on 700. Minutes for 40 until the finish line solve the ??? dokormitsya. Outcome not forces themselves long wait, for 10 minutes until finish there is poklyovka and I take pretty karpika. The latest impose and until finish silence. Phase matter just with three ponds. After weighting with amazement discover that I have the third outcome. The first in lichke Igor, the second his neighbor, which oblovil me on 20 gr. :) . Despite this, the result remained very exasperated. , it is a pity that it can't to remain on the second day and fall into zone B, there catches were quite scanty, the outcome former mostly on uklee. Interestingly was would test broke a would there catch some fish.
On prikormke: Sensas Club Karp 1 kg, Sensas Kapr Super River 1 kg, Sensas Match Karp Big Fish 1 kg, aroma Double Strawberry 300 gr., a bit Pastonchino, entire mixture of zamesil on two banks Aromiks G-Fish sweet kururuza. On fish prikormku made just one impose. Enjoyed spreyami krazy Bates Fish Meal and moulded there Korn (sweet maize).
After the end of the first phase all athletes remained on friendly sit-round gathering for on truth royal table: Barbecue, sausages, salads, platsinda with cheese (national Moldavian now - type Osuri Khachapuri), the peaches, melon, watermelons, beer. Say, that was mentally and tasty - this nothing not say. , it is a pity that we have no such traditions. Organizers this tournaments flaming Hi and even times large thank you for what gave opportunity participate in data for competitions. Successes you!



Boev wrote:

Nu, and who won?

1 place Mamaliga Sergei (in Ghent Chempionil)
2 place I
3 place Kokhanyuk Igor (in Italy Chempionil)
The numbers
1 place Mamaliga Sergei with partner
2 place Kokhanyuk Igor with partner
3 place I and Jaroslaw




SEMEN wrote:

aroma Double Strawberry 300 "grape"

That this? Tell us pliz.




What does this? Tell us pliz.

If am not mistaken there is a series of have Sensas Double - strawberry, 4.00pm book, use fdisk and camping on D.



SEMEN wrote:

Thoughts, about how, that guys know something what not know I, a bit get knocked down with trusted tactics, but accept decision nothing not to change and act as outlined

And correctly.
So broke a, that I a turn on train, and sorevy missed. There indeed on the far-distance there is doughy though, method 20 Mr. which I launched there, through minutes 20 grapple coaxing it out, vanished :) A here is trough with flat burden, yes on e?ueuyo held on bottom. Closer bottom into sterner stuff. I has tried, too, meters away in 40 harvest, carp and couple amurov, truth periodically and sat on maize quite'll do some damage plotvichki thatwith bribery.



Rappye wrote:

if am not mistaken there is a series of have Sensas Double - strawberry, 4.00pm book, use fdisk and camping on D.

Utterly is true, Double Fraise (double strawberries) - this powdered additive in abroad 300 "grape". Dispenser - one bag on 3 kg., crack feed. Is famously works on gustere on rivers and on carp we should drink a in lakes.

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SEMEN wrote:

At distance there is 49-46 meters began to proschupyvatsya vivid irregularities trawling, which were I are identified as deepening in the silt, which leave fish in places feeding grounds

Igor, here is you reaffirming still one person, I you times 5 spoke, that I found something like pit, and you me: There is no there holes to, there is no and not can be :)



SEMEN wrote:

.Double Fraise (double strawberries. Is famously works on gustere on rivers and on carp we should drink a in lakes.

My opinion that the entire while Double Six not durstvennye supplements. Bream, vanilla. And until he there is in Ibise after last of call, then is worth to score some.



Dimonskiy wrote:

my memoirs opinion that the entire while Double Six not durstvennye supplements. Bream, vanilla. And until he there is in Ibise after last of call, then is worth to score some.

Agree, of those that has tried while Double Six until shows better results.

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In Saturday visited Dnepr river below of Kyiv with goal test enjoyed whether already podlesch and test concrete composition prikormki, until which raze not unfiltered hands. Very like for a spin combination cannot digest black color of and such a same color of an aromatic dobavkumna a major of bream. Testing composition have the next: Sensas Club Karp black color of, Sensas Bremes Super Black, aromatic additive Sensas Brasem Big Fish, syrup Sensas Aromiks made of earth the worm
After heavy dampening prikormka Lies enough bears a and a sticky. Given conditions in which were harvest - this was that need. To be sure special awesome sauce not expected, so-as believed, that podlesch not yet seceded from spawning of. In supplements stream still was enough strong. From-for strongs distance not promeryal, dog`s on distance, where 100 gr. The feeder not physical abilities given him. In courses case, this was roughly 30 meters. After 5 zakormochnykh zabrosov perezabrosy did every 3-5 minutes, but for virtually hours not saw nor single poklyovki. Given, that before fishing I virtually not slept, such a "are they biting" began naveevat dream. As this usually the case, is worth a bit look away, as here same is happening poklyovka. In courses case nibble part so, that grapple managed your cast of sexually. In end season industrialized fishing a white bream opened a decent leschyom,
Weight which for me on always will remain secret :). Unfortunately, bonus copies more not was, but podleschiki smaller continued regularly inspiring rezvymi poklyovkami (with typified got me to shoot trough) and a glib vyvazhivaniem. Naturally, that from such a fishing received huge pleasure and satisfaction from achieving meet the tasks - deliberate had forced particular species fish.

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SEMEN wrote:

In end season industrialized fishing a white bream opened a decent leschyom

Color then what prElestnyy :cool: Since rybalochkoy! :flag:



Plush fishing and superb leschi! From such a the report soils mass of pleasure and zaryazhaeshsya with positive on own illegally!



Participation in for competitions "Tandem active - 2013" in Ulyanykakh was utterly stationary. In another times, crushing head, far would to go on fishing, my partner on team menya dual seems proposed participate in tandem repeat for competitions in Ulyanykakh. Proposal immediately liked on many reasons. First, about Ulyanykakh heard many positive input. Second, this was many run opportunity to see you with mate, which long not saw, spend some time fishing together and to learn from him month karpovoy industrialized fishing. Some what skills I of course same had, but compared with Ed I full'm an ignoramus. So same, this was many run opportunity work out in technology and tactics industrialized fishing. Experiment with nozzles and smells, try to understand what of them are the most attractive to a carp.
In as a prikormki on these contest we chose several species cyprinids kept mixtures Sensas on fishing basis. Harvest and feed intended on Crazy Bait Monster Carp and on relatively a new a series of Crazy Bait IM5.
To be sure already long wanted to test data prikormki, but in force moreover, that on cyprinids kept gills virtually not fishing, now and again, increasingly raze not worked this do. And here, suddenly, so aptly increasingly succeeded: Tandemnye contest efficiently 30 hours, hillsides in which full of the carp, strong rivals best conditions for tests prikormki simply not'll come up with. Aside from prikormki previous advised stock up on spreyami Sensas Bombix - Krill, calmar, Halibut, Spisy, Monster Crab (Turkic what, Id say, that not for good reason).
Couple of words about that competition: Time industrialized fishing start in Friday 05.07 in 20.00. Reckoning first phase in Saturday in 10.00. The second phase with 18.00 Saturday until 10.00 Sundays drama - 07.07. Number of teams 23, many of which already repeatedly here were fishing and competed.
On hillsides served directly with work, prikupiv on road missing little things. On place was in 16.00 for hour until order. A bit looked around, place beautiful, cared for, but fever simply enormous.
Zherebyovka. Turn pull draw are dealt a pretty then, when much of teams already otzherebilas. On reaction colleagues, when yet another team've had to pull announced a promising reform agenda sector became understandable, that chance lift something normal virtually not remained.
Without special of emotions could the ball with litmus test within. Im unfolding and about miracle, have us sector # 1 the brink a body of water. Immediately entered running mate,, to to share good news. But Ed with of only him realism, immediately's harshing, nourished German not yet known was lucky whether us, after all the brink this concrete melyaka. With those and pobryol transpose things in sector. Menya arrived hours for and a half until start. Quickly you his things in sector and began to training.
Fish-sicles. Zamesili 2 the composition: Crazy Bait Monster Carp with adding scale peletsa with the scent of krill and Crazy Bait IM5 (as on me, krevetochno / krilevyy smells) + Monster Carp + the same pelets. Fish-sicles Lies different autogeneous, well lepilas in balls and in method. Yes, quite forgot, prikormku bisected half, in their part of I even whup-canned corn.
Point industrialized fishing. Until mesili prikormku and harvested some tackle under a balancing Bank enough actively began launched carp. Fish on so much actively appeared its presence, that issues, about point industrialized fishing not remained, unambiguously under cane on opposite side.
Tooling. Inlayn flet. Ceasing 10 see
The bait. Menya began enleve on small both: Boyle own preparations. I same, not mudrstvuya cunningly, wore squarely on hook 2 kukuruziny, sbryznul nasal spray Crazy Baits Yellow Fishmeal and put an snap in point activity carp. Not passed and 3-4 minutes, as followed powerful karpovaya poklyovka with swear I will scream clutch and stravlivaniem twist are spaced. After, as has suspended fish, me, as man neiskushyonnomu in karpovoy it catching it looked, that on how late sits as least five has dropped out. Pomuchavshis minutes 5 ???'m starting it up fish in podsak. The first result proved Hungarian karpik (fully Creator, without Luski's a) in district 3-3.5 pounds. But resistance, which he has had, simply it struck. Perezabros in the same point, poklyovka through happy five, yes such a, that grapple managed to capture for supplied in your cast. In podsak angry fish a little bit of a smaller. Have Edika meanwhile several poklyovok, one social and one poklyovka past. I have yet another poklyovka, after which fishing pole sky falls with platforms, one feeder void. Exhausting snap, discover the just in rags hook. Uffda, then whether the cord peretyorsya, then whether fish was too major After substitutes the leash and until first an interim weighting, I take all poklyovki. Have Ed as something not very trouble in my marriage, several skhodov and just 4-fish. After, as it was dark, poklyovki have become ostentatious, but Seminar managed to capture couple of fish on larger, among which White Amur on 5 with wheelbarrows. In a whole, night has passed Kilmer played Bruce Wayne, fish poklyovyvala. Not so often, as moreover like would, but klevala regularly. In moment, when shows up during Vegas week the biggest pause in klyove, menya copiously dokormilsya Monster Karp with peletsom. I same, in force its laziness and moreover, that not mean its only does, refused from zakorma and continued it is is to cover poklyovku. When the beginning of seret decided to kormonutsya composition on which catching (Crazy Bait IM5 + Monster Carp + pelets with krilevym the scent of). Advanced karpyatnikov obviously this ulybnyot, but've fed I conventional the feeding trough of the enlarged diameter Since dawn, now have running mate, went affairs better, with enviable consistently he vyvazhival fish for fish tank. Obviously, that worked his nightlife zakorm. I have same was biting, much ostentatious, but for something managed take amur about 5 pounds. Through couple of hours the situation environment equal. And we in virtually the report pace know we packed them fish one for the other. The only disadvantage of was the size of the carp, klevali mostly tuziki until 2.5 pounds. So and ended the first tour. In as a summary want be noted such moments:
- dokorm worked this meant, that I need was accusations at night, to to dawn fish actively klevala.
was very markedly influence smells on frequency poklyovok. The most effective proved sprays: Bombix Krill and calmar - have broken all, poklyovki sometimes followed through minute-two after zabrosa. Crazy Baits Yellow Fishmeal, worked best initially fishing, then strongly relented krilyu and kalmaru. Bombix Monster Crab, like would worked have Ed, I have as something not very. Bombix Halibut, not've been acquiring. Bombix Spisy, aside from spices has vividly expressed garlic smells, which herself on psyche karasyu. That concerns of our outcome, then in the, that we will the first to, believed only I. Menya destined by us 6 8 place. In moment, when us told the, that on outcomes first phase we the first (65.600 kg / 24 fish), we tried to sleep, but after together news dream somewhere gone missing. With this moment sleep already no one could. Menya gets be preparing barbecue, I followed knead for prikormku.
In the second stage decided harvest on net swarf 5 with adding increasingly the same krilevogo peletsa. We were beginning to think, that carp more willingly reacted precisely on krilevyy smells. In as a zakormochnoy a mixture chose Crazy Bait Monster Carp. Start a bit smudged from-for thunderstorms with flashing lightning pulled, which tookk lid firmly from-under buckets with prikormkoy and Amenhotep an apple box on which were set with President. Since start, minutes 30 took on organizing fishing gear. Meanwhile partner vyvazhival already fourth fish. Sat harvest, but through impose the coil nor with, nor with stingy is beginning to from discharging of beard. On, past, took together time and meters 20 twist are spaced. Then any Earth stopped dobrasyvat in achieve escape point Well psikhonuv and looking after your cast in side decided to a bit we go to machine draw comfort from, for one thing take things to go to change in dry. In general, to not bore market we're aiming minutiae, Id say, that the first half of second phase I have not Commission itself. Was biting, I have and without moreover markedly worse, than have Edika, so I even and managed to stay dump 4 from 5 fringes klevavshikh fish. To two hours night, from-for fatigue, me the beginning of specifically knock somebody out. Has improved greatly of the last forces, tried to something harvest and help your partner with your podsachit fish. Having understood, that if not'll sleep although would hour-and a half, risk at all turn this off, apologized before partner and followed sleep in machine. Returning to dissapointed saw Ed still kolbasyaschego fish in excellent pace.
It turned out, that until I slept, he flunked carp on 13.900 pounds.
As only morning catch was vzveshen, Ed immediately same harks back even one maybe there on 6 with plus.
Seeing as he seeks to, gave itself domestic facility to overcome fatigue and start work so same. Startonul with heavy zakorma efficiently minutes 30. After this the first impose, poklyovka and again social. Is allowing hook, and he dumb. Here is and the reason raid skhodov and idle poklyovok, from-for fatigue I simply forgot his test. Give a new hook, enough quickly get poklyovku and fish zasekaetsya dead-bolted. After this the problem with fulfillment virtually vanished. But gradually began taking shape another problem. Strange, but than accelerated the he launched harvest I, the worse grew strongly peck have running mate,. Obviously, that need was dokorm, but do his was not than, slingshot broke. Here is so, can be said, catching one on waiting lists, we and came to win. Last carp I took in podsak literally for 30 sec., until shot being fired
Until intended, urochista part of with again be awardees and winners ended. When profits to community of building, virtually no one already not was, all team came away. Only the organizers waited for us, to to inform, that we ranked the second place and denying prizes (ah nothing in next time let us flock faster). On the results of two stages competition, for 30 hours industrialized fishing, our team has caught 196 kg. / 72 fish.
A huge lasting gratitude companies-house for support our team and remarkable feed, which helped us achieve of excellent outcome. I congratulate all awardees, especially Gianni to and of, you in another times have proven its are high level of. Ah and of course large thanks to his partner for lessons karpfishinga, was pleased spend some time fishing in your companies.

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Good fellows guys! Well-deserved Kadett won; place. We stood in 3 sector, on the beach and saw as you accounted for hard. In next time when break slingshot our current reactive model--you come to us for a help, have us their five units :)



With 17 on 18 on May in another times met Elisabeth become stakeholder already traditional tournaments on it comes to shagging the carp fish in feeder Opening season 2014 on the lake Ulyanyki in the 1990 Lopy tranche Ulyanyki.
As and in the past year, participate in them me invited my colleague fisherman-torchbearer from Sumy menya dual seems. Truth, from-for is unknown where now of cold, trip was virtually on the brink of breakdown. Until Friday 16 th hesitated between: To go and with big likely exacerbate its physical state of or to remain homes in bed, exacerbating thereby its morally-psychological state. After tortured while to go / not to go, came to conclusion, that, perhaps, all disease from the nerve, so the best cure in courses case will fishing. In opting with partner on the telephone all-org's questions and but you the necessary small beer, in district 14 hours has also come in side Ulyanykov.
Adore time conducted in road this there was particular sensations and emotions. Perhaps, because lors in machine all your problems and care remain Overboard, and ahead and fulfilling the, sake of what you're running from a stifling cities.
Zherebyovka began in 18.30, after, as expo immediately virtually all team.
As always this an excitin 'moment, so as the favored draw at this water feature has enormous significance. Stretching out sector # 14 and having looked on map a body of water, Id say honestly, been happy about sky-, because, as and in the past year - this was extreme sector. In buoyant mood're taking water, karpovye bags and we are going in its sector settle, be preparing some tackle and prikormku.
With 2014 on water feature was introduced ban on the use of flexible length of cord, so the first, that had to do this also wind on shpuli two coils monofil. Good in granaries has found dura-Ace Tekhnium 0.35, which strictly facilitated on 2 shpuli budgetary coils Balzer Metallica and Favorite Nitrotech with 5,000 shpulyami. In as a basic udilisch, planned use Dutch Master until 130 gr, 4.2 flushed, Shimano Catana until 112 gr, 4.2 forge the On case, if far hurl not will have, looted 2 Bistmastera until 112 "grape", 3.9 forge the On prikormke, as and in the past year, took Sensas on fishing basis of: Crazy Bait IM5 and Crazy Bait join Stimul-8 Green.
But in this time was been decided use their for zakorma (with adding major faction, of course). For method decided use prikormku Japanese producer Marukyu. Given, that we not very are familiar with data species prikormok, intuitively chose two the composition, which, as we were beginning to think, must were would work: EFG 150 on the basis of algae seaweed and EFG 142 for major fish, in composition which so same includes seaweeds seaweed, pelletsy different sizes and forms of, water feathers Tanishi and even order 50 ingredients.
In as a major component of for zakormochnoy a mixture decided promoted krilevyy pellets from Marukyu, in size 6 and 8 mm., slit krilevye both: Boyle Credence also from Marukyu, zaparennuyu farmi "the weed and the canned kind maize.
After rewind filament raskladyvaem on one rod, to to study terrain trawling, determine distance and direction industrialized fishing. Immediately chose direction slightly further left than that center vymostki, through while, wrestle in opinion and on distance there is 75 meters. But, so as on building was been decided, that the brink can bombarding not only directly before a, but and in any place his free the brink, I could not to leave without attention absolutely free right part of our sector, which ???? more, than promising grandeur. Piercing through area the second line, alighted on border silt and solid trawling 500m 50 forge the Until worked out with set, it was dark. Prepared and Ossetians on the table already on a dark. After private dinner sleep utterly not like, so decided mixing prikormku, sown a balls for frank zakorma and tie up a bit tug ropes. Povodkovyy material and hooks used from companies ProLogic, that in Ukraine represents company -house.
Saturday, start in 6.00.
Ed feeds its distance on 75 metres, I solve the start right in Gulf, so zakarmlivayus there.
'll release with corn on Aurum /, so as local carp to it not indifferent, in addition on last year's for competitions she has shown very a good outcome. Method putting a hammer to a EFG 150 in which added maize and krilevyy pellets. Have Edika the same, except absence of in prikormke corn and in as a jamborees floating Boyle Credence Fruit Spice 14mm from Marykyu. Dog leashes but also are posing from material ProLogic Desert Viper 20lbs in combination with hooks ProLogic XC3 # 6.
First fish take around 7 the 1930 morning our neighbors team European route E95.
Literally through couple of minutes poklyovka have running mate, carp not less 5 meeting.
Through 15 minutes another poklyovka catfish. In is 7: 35 AM carp for 4 kg. I have meanwhile poklyovok there is no, although on the tip with President in sight, that fish prikormku from method vyedaet. After the third fish the distance Ed falling. On next zabrose copiously sbryzgivayu powered up method strawberries, that gives a positive outcome. Through 5 minutes I take a carp on 3 with wheelbarrows.
Further on. You become roadkill virtually until lunch. During pause menya copiously dokarmlivaet its point. I'm throwing up bricks here through times the on his distance, then on its, but outcome without changes. Remont, the pourer on floating Boyle Krill Feast 14 mm, Masonic in its point. Through minutes seven smooth potyazhka and I take even one carp. Further again silence. 'm kneading it the second method mix EFG 142, in the hope change situation in better side. Leave in him also maize and krilevyy pellets.
I rest against in its distance in the hope, that fish increasingly-??? analogy, but, as then it turned out, for good reason. After three hours have Ed the beginning of on the sly rasklyovyvaetsya on Krill Feast 14 mm. Until finish he steadily polavlivaet a good fish,
In including harks back and the most a major of our carp on 11,575 kg.
I same until the end of days I take even one nekrupnogo karpika until 3-'s pounds. On outcome first day our weight about 50 fringes kg. Understand, that this very little, because there is team otlovivshiesya much better.
On the evening analyze reasons failures. Drawn to the view, that promoted in prikormku for method additional components cannot be, need harvest on clean. Unambiguously many accusations and harvest on one distance there is. Try harvest on zheleobraznyy pellets from Marukyu: JPZ tough EBY an 8mm, and JPZ GREEN nori an 8mm (several past good fish were caught out precisely on it).
Holding 2 their with President on distance Ed, 're also putting zakormochnye balls, 're having dinner and Go sleep.
Sunday, the rise in dissapointed.
Are having breakfast. With start're getting ready many feed, so're also putting balls. We're launching in 7.00 20 fringes minute zakormom.
On Aurum / pellets JPZ GREEN nori, in methods EFG 150 and EFG 142, mixed in proportion 1 :1. In 7.30 am I have the first poklyovka and White Amur on 4650 kg in Mr. Leonid Reznikov. Through half an hour of exercise a carp on 7,575 kg took the bait on JPZ tough EBY 8mm. After fishing on 2 an (grams 900 every). A slight calm and again several good pile of carp.
As and in Saturday, after frank awesome sauce began to arise pause. Such impression, that fish quickly vyedala the entire fodder and particularly not eyes was leaving further. Understand, that with such failures about prizes can be and not dream, but hands not we lower, try do maximum, that in our power. Dokarmlivaemsya every 2 hours, that brings on 1-2 good fish and again not are they biting. In district o solve the change the pourer and increase pause between perezabrosami. Give Boyle Krill Feast 14 mm, long await the. And about miracle, tactic works! To be sure, I even's resting a bit, but breath zhuzhzhaschego clutch instantaneously led in sense of. After sweep (martial arts) immediately becomes understandable, that on how late Regrettable copy, so vyvazhival with special caution. A bit povozivshis near vymostki, ???'m starting it up in podsak fish its dreams. Before Walter that was to capture carp swifter 10 kg, now my personal record accounts for -11,175 kg.
The latest a major dokorm will abandon until 15.00, so as on our observations the main are they biting should begin closer to by the evening. So and happened. In 17.00 as if enshrined the switch, please. For half an hour of exercise we rounded up 3 large fish (increasingly on JPZ GREEN nori and JPZ tough EBY) and one rolled off have the most vymostki.
Incidentally, unlike Saturday, today clearly worked sprays. Outside competition was Bombix calmar from Sensas and Monster Crab, on which was captured the entire a major fish: 8,100 / 7,575 / 10,175 / 11,175 / 11,575 / 8,675 and camping on D.

Reckoning, a bit breathe out, are going.
Krotkiy disclosing, learn, that overall weight caught us for 2 days fish, averaged 151 kg. And we occupy 8s place from 19 teams. Given bungling outcome hypnotic.
That want be noted in as a summary:
- have us increasingly was for achievements more high outcome, but a series of technical and tactical mistakes made this impossible.
- to deceptive for wrong me the chosen point fishing in first day, initially need was rest in one distance with Ed.
- wrong chosen me in first day the nozzle sitch. I have was biting, worse, so owes was as can be before to move on jello pellets.
- as then us prompted colleagues, in our sector need was harvest even further, order 100-110 meters. In courses case this was virtually not perhaps on reason very thick filament.
In any case we received another priceless experience, which, I am confident, not will have hosted a gift. Want thank sponsor team -house Prolodzhik company -house, for immutable support our team and Ukrainian fishing sport. Let your products aren all Ukrainian anglers and brings them unforgettable trophies. Ah and of course same much lasting gratitude my your partner with your for invitation on a remarkable tournament and aid during competition.

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semen- flushed-yes, honored report. Then have read last, where you took the second place. Thought many, but Id say one thing - karpovye sorevy (even amateur) - not place for experimentation with nozzles and prikormkami.



Carlos wrote:

Mysley many, but Id say one thing - karpovye sorevy (even amateur) - not place for experimentation acorn bit and prikormkami.

Princip - who not risks, then not drinks champagne, no one not revisit it. And such a detail, as a fart, too,. In karpovoy a fishing trip I're an amateur, but when in the past year drove in Ulyanyki, even not doubted, that we benefit. As this explain? Think into cannon fodder plays, too, not the last place. And if would I not resigned at night on hours 4 sleep, then were would we the first. In this time I relaxed a, was am confident, that on maize on any gonna fly, here is and suck it first day. And if would listened to Edika, the quietly could be in prizes, in rider will so accurately.



SEMEN wrote:

on any gonna fly

Yes you calm down, I those say! (With) :crazyfun:
Where can be in more details read pro these sorevy? Ah, who organized there, who won.



Leading the Sportfishing. Winners nakherachili 450 kg. … 22579.html



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I think into cannon fodder plays, too, not the last place. And if would I not resigned at night on hours 4 sleep, then were would we the first.

Judging by size kisser Edika on the photos, for these 4 hours, until you slept, he ate entire Marukyu - and prikormku, and the pourer. :crazyfun:



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Dobavlyayu in him also maize and krilevyy pellets.

Day are a good. Wanted to ask, as you sculpt such a prikormku in method. How many times has tried with large particles, is unraveling, plus the nozzle sitch pridavlivaetsya. Explain it to, please. Thank you.



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as you sculpt such a prikormku in method. How many times has tried with large particles, is unraveling, plus the nozzle sitch pridavlivaetsya.

In first day (as and always until this) sculpted hands :blush:. In the second day Ed gave its method, which scored his same toptukhoy. Increasingly is famously lepilos, nothing not was collapsing around you.



SEMEN wrote:

In first day (as and always until this) sculpted hands

And after, sticking the pourer? I correctly understood?

Can I metodnuyu prikormku not the contestant'm using!? :idea:



The pourer as stashed in inward, so and select from above. If leave from above, then in fodder not I'm sticking my prick. Zaleplivayu initially method with behind in inward a leash around. Under this hook with right complement putting in antithetical to side method. After this I take hook with right complement and neatly lifting in the most the upper hand, zaleplivaya a groove in the, which was incurred. And even one thing clearer. In first day have Ed in prikormke was added only pellets in a small kolicheste (this I itself nafigachil just and lot more), so have him increasingly lepilo. In the second day both have was net prikormka and same assessment snap.






Three days tried to reconstitute with thoughts remains ready to write frame a detailed report, but in this time that not matter. So d good candidate because.
- Rybachil with morning last Friday on Sunday until 12.00.
- Location industrialized fishing: Desna river
- Relef Bank: It 2-3 Dam altitude.
- Distantsiya industrialized fishing: 17-23 forge the,
- Depth: 3-4 forge the, the return exhaust.
- fishing rod backrest: Preston Excel feeder 11,6 "(3.5 forge the, until 60" grape "), used 2-'s untsovuyu vershinku.
- tooling: Pater Noster (disambiguation)
- bird feeders: FS 42 gr.
- fishing line: First Sunline Super Ayu - 0,148, then Sunline Super Z - 0,185 and 0,235. Length tug ropes until 30 see
Hooks: First OWNER 50034 # 9, later Gamakatsu F22 # 10.
The bait: 2-4 red worm.
Fish-sicles: Sensas 3,000 Club Hotus (podust) + Sensas 3,000 Club Carassin (sea Bass) + peas. Chose this composition purely sake of experiment.
- Since starters industrialized fishing Blicca bjoerkna vzabros, through couple of hours became bream. , it is a pity that not took scales,, judging by around the, in this fishing could fix its personal record for leschu (on eye, were copies of more 2 kg). Was three poklyovki with breakage the leash 0,185, with, that Friction clutch on a coil has been adjusted. Fish simply with start smatyvala cord without options stop. In Friday rounded up very many. In Saturday increasingly have receded, because fish starters snut. In Saturday and Sunday are they biting on order worse, so and not understood with than this could be stems. Fishing remained very exasperated, managed remarkable for a holiday, and swim taking home trophy of bream.

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Sunday, Lychanka.
The main goal - family recreation with elements fishing. Long like extricate all together and if tickles, show sponsors and Alpine rollercoaster that such much fish :). Immediately Id say, that signing spend some time fishing not broke a, so as his between impeccable traditions, children and on psyat with comrades :). But despite this, program maximum was carried out. Barbecue not was incinerated by, air inhaled a lot of, fish rounded up, sponsors Osmanovics and children in delighted.
Eiaee two tip here on flety. Fish-sicles Marukyu EFG 142, the nozzle sitch floating Boyle, too, from Marukyu Krill Feast 14 mm, on such a same diameter fruity not was nor one poklyovki. Fish-sicles: Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut 1 kg + such same pellets 14-16 mm ((on eye, the size of the specifically not watched) + cover slips Sensas Match Carp & of Morgan Fish + zamochennye with the evening traditional and wheaten of sechki in Sensas AROMIX Fish Dyna + the lords of the spelt be scattered.
've fed fiderom, big kormushkami. Despite nameshannuyu alcohol and gavrilskiy approach to it comes to shagging carp, fishing Lies enough toward a and quality. Small beer virtually not was, in catch mostly participated carp: 4,000, 6,400, 8,000 (several) and only one White Amur on 4 kg. The most a major carp, unfortunately, not who, but clearly was for 10 pounds.
Evening ended panel photo.

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