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Choice long-range fidera.

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Monster Crab wrote:

I pro DM had in view, that he izleshne a powerful for the boner.

Udilishche appropriate for such distantsi priori not can be power the weak :dontknow:

In your situation easier buy there is a ship She karpovyy and since the feeder on 90-100 meters them. And under this harvest on Picker. :flag: Nu if the goal harvest delicately under such made it :tomato:

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Monster Crab wrote:

Don’t know trust whether view overseas colleagues about khardika, vrodya gets caught them on water mark 100-110 forge the Truth not know, with burden or the feeding trough

Less need to to pay on such marketing you'd always pit. Perhaps that day you raped udilishche and toxic hands and able hurl on such a distance, BUT something me suggests that to do this can be will in ideal conditions. In calm. With obryvistogo Bank and camping on D. And camping on P. And certainly hardly the feeding trough yes still a small weight :dontknow:



The entire my’fishing experience me suggests that much easier change place or sit in the boat with deal on Picker than maslat on such a distance fiderom yes still with the feeding trough :tomato:

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Monster Crab wrote:

We wish we would hear opinion.
Hardy Marksman supero extreme 13 test 70 "grape"
Preston Dutch Master 13.2 test 80 gr
Conditions the next:
Attracted to the water
The distance 80-90 flushed (with bullet)
Bream, Crucian
In advance thank.

And that there hear - can be and watch: 3 days ago, impose trough Bullet on 80-90 flushed, attracted to the water.
Conditions - weight trough with prikormkoy about 130 gr, feeder Garbolino Mayhem 4.2 flushed - 150 gr, the coil Korum will-R 6,000 Mini Pit, cord RR-0.15, temperatures air about 0 degrees, the easy glaciation twist are spaced and rings:

Ah, this is so, like as joke - my okolosportivnaya technique zabrosa not allows disclose all hidden reserves cordages under distant zabrosakh, say so.

On trial: More-less people close fidery for industrialized fishing with the feeding trough on 80-90 flushed - this Dutch may, with test from 100 "grape" and more. But for a comfortable forceful zabrosa feeders on 60 gr and more + prikormka even these fidery that Spain finalize an: To expand them the hilt. On denuding the hilt udlinena in side finished, somewhere on 15-20 centimeters, material extend - cork naturalnі, in a result confident had forced small fry on 82 flushed:

My opinion: Hardy Marksman supero extreme 13 test 70 "grape" and Preston Dutch Master 13.2 test 80 "grape" - for industrialized fishing on 80-90 flushed if and suited, but only with gruzikom instead trough.

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Monster Crab
Preston can approach the, with perspective undoing. But look a little this minimalnost will have compensate for, and this technique.



Топор wrote:

and this technique.

In my opinion to with so pounder achieve such competitors need to will on church while, not catching fish,, and stupidly maslat. Maslat. Maslat. Simply narabatyvaya "muscular memory." ???? with specific the feeding trough. On truth not make any attempts. :flag:



Itself, of course maslat, but as on Different can be achieve outcome?
Such impose need to questioning, that would he not seemed problem! And the much of on thirty meters away with three zabrosov in one seat fallen not can, and weigh about opportunities or not opportunities.

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Топор wrote:

Rum, of course maslat, but as on Different can be achieve outcome?

Take udilishche 4.25-4.5 Dam with test 120 grams and more with serfovoy coil and times with the tenth maximum (ah need to will get around somehow) crime as grams on 50-60 zatulivat on achieve escape distance time after time, without special problems :tomato:

But than more I live the more understand that little who searching for lung pathways. After all as perfectly is sometimes your tonsils out, through (sorry) his behind to tear :tomato:

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Топор wrote:

A the much of on thirty metres with three zabrosov in one seat fallen not can, and weigh about opportunities or not opportunities.

Became to notice for a such a feature of on church. Like until 50-60 meters can enough it tight! Coming around constitute the feeding trough under desire, but bitch so breaks this to do that often consciously not, I devote this adequate attention. And let number of poklevok from-for this will shrink, BUT not need to will strain :flirt:

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As you not can understand, that conditions accented different, case or so or raze. To example was I in Nicopolis (disambiguation), Kakhivka created, with pier 30-40-60 flushed melkosran less hands, 85m a dace 300-350gr. And no problems with zabrosom and etc.



Топор wrote:

85m a dace 300-350gr.

Higher described me showerbooth such a dace can be perfectly harvest so as she are biting as Hurricane. On Style I such a dace baited in the such made it precisely these pounder. In ancient zavorachivalo vershinku :dontknow:

Therefore question? Fix another place it if a normal Dalnik weighs within 300 grams?

With other hand. It me need to? I better on boat'll float. For this same reason on Donce, fuck enleve only with boats - on Picker. Vizualization poklevki as and under it catching with Bank, BUT but as comfortable experience all and delicately and not need to maslat the feeding trough and vymatyvat its on during :flirt:

But this my choice and on truth not make any attempts. Simply ca whom, too, will so easier. :flag:

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Emerge on boat, too, option, but not my. This as have two of snipers, one better take a closer get close, Different decisional laziness walk’s organs is easier take convenient stance and a nice, long get a good aim on.



Romeo wrote:

Since other hand. It me need to? I better on boat'll float. For this same reason on Donce, fuck enleve only with boats - on Picker

But as the boat're making? And no size she? How many not has tried, klobasit on during and the wind. And establish tension not is obtained. The contracts, then will weaken.



REUT wrote:

but as the boat're making? And no size she? How many not has tried, klobasit on during and the wind. And establish tension not is obtained. The contracts, then will weaken.

All very simply. A rope anchor mounting your to uklyuchine oars, i.e. fall. Splavlyaeshsya downstream on until rope not'll tighten up. Then let’s take a hatchling pond metal a minor or safety. You put on bottom cargo 3-4 kg and balls with prikormkoy. We tie rope to the second uklyuchine and continue to throw strictly vertically on bottom. Is obtained, that anchor you holds on during, and mesh with burden and feeds you holds on point not giving boat swim to the left-shift to the yes and at all shift under influence wind or of weakening tide.

Balls correctly the and formed give the abundant loop, on which fish intends to so, that conventional the feeding trough you never this not, you can accomplish. And in trough on my own rods I putting a hammer to a fodder with animals and examined vegetable sorts of coffee, to make are known more Zhemchuzhnikov place in cable prikormki. ???? the optimal length rods up 2-2.4 Dam. Is obtained that there's gravy rods up is on gender Dam for Kormakom :flag:

In end all more dobychlivo. Not need to maslat. And had forced remains as as this not funny, with the only backyards, that impose not need :cool: 1425 you and with start-up zakorm and the usual, and nothing nowhere hurl not need to.

The only moment when the boat can shift the this when in safety you add another once prikormki (if there is the need), but before remarried utanovkoy "by Cormac" the boat can be very simply equalize with the help oars :flag:

Boat I have PVC with slanyu snimaemoy. There are 2.8 Dam.

Roughly here is so all of this looks.

Most often I'll hold you in 2 rods up, sometimes on 1. So as with so zakormom on greater the number of simply not outperform everyone. Yes and why. Fish the would still produce non-open source and harvesting nor to what.

And and still that interestingly. Because that in dependence from depth the length of the "labor fishing line of yours" oscillates within 3-10 meters poklevki not simply usually it. When Takes bream Picker not how many vershinkoy is handing poklevku how many stupidly knocking on board boats :crazyfun:

Can be use the tripwire with Bank on Bank, but this prokanaet when river just a narrow.

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Thank you for deployed the answer. Age live-age East. On VDKh so hardly tickles under wind is southerly, against tide. But in the absence of and under wind downstream on, why there is no. Spring stuck.



Friends, thank you all.
Novel, I understood your stance, likely she the right. But the Axe wrote absolutely is true, there is such retaions, that or on 80-90 flushed or raze. Pick up volumes K DM 100 for starters. Still times thank you



Zuma need opinion about Hardy. Truth have him "the old" Marksman linked. But know, that maslaet he them 21st th as.



I enjoyed almost season Preston DM 13.2 of Maximum impose made their until 70 fringes meters and the seems that on strained possible. Work the on such distance there is can be but not fact that will actually go under every zabrose and not known when this other way through for rods up - not 5 rub is worth as raze! On 60 - absolutely normal for work. If work burden and Karpov mounting of the the 80 meters, well the real the distance. For such celestial distances need supply capacity this although would DM with test in 100 - 160 grams.
Shimano Speedmaster AX (110) MA – It comfortable experience work with the feeding trough weight in 50 + on distance 70 meters Byrd wind and under this one senses for decent supply ruggedness and poklevki in hand as on Picker (with with a cord). Under good weather and with bullets, think 90-100 meters well realistically harvest and feel even poklevku ukleyki. Ekstrakhevik with test in 150 grams think pulnet meters on 30 further under those same effort.
Here is sosvsem recently were remarks that Grabolino is abandoning easier and further spidmastera - to decide than enjoy, your personal choice.

If most employer-provided fishing trips in such same conditions (there is no tide and expanding 80 +) the there are already sense for those same money muster karpovyy kit from three udilisch capable of shooting out until 150 meters (Sonik SK3) all the more that on him now theater.

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Karpov showerbooth belle harvest with dalnika - this no pleasure. All the more with registration poklevok will problems charitably.

2Monster Crab:
Until that as options see:
"Economy" :D - EBM interestingly (until 100gr), vershinka # 7, the cord, trough-bullets (new) from Fidersport 50 g of - himself thus showerbooth on 90m throwing good. Likely "bullets" from AKhS, too, come, but I their only on weekends ottestiruyu;
"Premium" :glasses: (if already for Hardy question podymalsya) - Dayva Tornament Pro 13,500, full kit vershinok TUR, cord, trough-bullets - this kit those more shmalyaet on 100m.

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Sergei, thank you you. Pro tornament I as the forgot. There and done there is interesting))



Moreover under Tornament except loved and Drennanovskie, and Prestonovskie suited. And there already "going lo-fi" can be as anywhere :flag:



Romeo wrote:

rings on vershinkakh middle size and quite perishing melkosranka not particularly clearly with such rings are biting,

Not saw ties. If can be, in more details.



майк wrote:

Don’t saw ties. If can be, in more details.

Personally of my observations poklevki in-style "drobasterov" much better are visible when vershinka staffed minute rings. Can be here to tie together laws physics, BUT simply trust me on word. :flag:



Not noticing, perhaps, experience race. And in Physics big rings have a more insufferable mass of and respectively, a more insufferable inertia.
On two my past fiderakh size rings on kvivertipakh change from larger on thick parts of to less in side tulip buds. Walnut sideboard. Just one times, but on your logic sensitivity must increase, for this, perhaps and done so.



Dear comrades,, day are a good!
Help figure out with budget ekstrakhevikom.
Pick a between Banax Piccolo (4-4,5m, test until 150g) and browning thallium (4,2m, test until 180g).
Weight feeders 70-100g, rarely - 120g, case decent for.
Banax hold something for me live, appeared dubovatym. Inclination is to browning, but confounds that with a stated as until 180g maximal vershinka 3 ounces of. For comparisons - Szymanowski Beastmaster a medium there where enleve on during with 3-untsevoy vershinkoy coagulates, in ring. That think about browning?
In advance thank for aid.



Browning thallium was distributed for several years until 2010 inclusive.
Know fidera line of Syntec, which slightly more expensive was, this as enough inexpensive "rechniki."

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For those money that I prodayu feeder ZAMMATARO MASTER PIECE HEAVY Feeder 155, difficult that the better find.

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duffy333 wrote:

'fidera line of Syntec, which slightly more expensive was, this as enough inexpensive "rechniki."

Sintek was well. Accounted for invade. :cool: when the were thought several Sintekov buy, but then their stopped electrify to us in city and not request :(



Thank you for answers. Returning to the my issue, .NET.:
'll find the reason to with choice ekstrakhevika 4.2m test until 150g.
Already's exhausted., learning virtual characteristics without opportunities watch live. :(
To udilischu there is the next wishes:
1. Budget until 200 $
2. Conditions industrialized fishing: Secondary / a strong for, work with kormushkami until 110g. (Without feed)
3. Desirable, to can be was under need harvest with kormushkami 40-60g (in camping on CHAMPION Tempovat) and to done vzvodilis with such headings,.

1. Shimano Catana 4.2m, Banax Piccolo 4 / 4,5m (drags tyazhelovatymi and River)
2. Preston Compettion, Shakespeare Agility Power, Shakespeare Sigma (weak for a strong traction - not am confident, that on during will keep a jet of, service was upper test until 120g)
3. Brightness Pro 4.2m until 180g more expensive, than need.
4. Inclination is to choice between browning Force (MTM Feeder 4.2m do150g. And Garbolino Mayhem 4.2 flushed do150g.

Text or. Coil will stand Preston PCR 6,000.

That choose?

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On dayvy other-Akvalayt, Vindkast. There is stick with such characteristics.


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