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Under a balancing Bank. Milan Tychler.

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Very surprised look at such a article have Czechs. She more daunting as me seems for our edges. So those more cost its translate. So that as something so :dontknow:

Imagine a small pond, salient maximum several hectare, where the depth of not exceeds three meters, with ilistym upside and big population petty plotvichki and karasikov, which can be without special problems harvest in large quantities, as with trawling, so and in thicker water. And without difference, that on the hook, maggot, bread, the worm or maize - all of this will ruthlessly, in matter of of seconds "destroyed" this starvation Acuna Boys. Usually pro such retaions say, that to capture there carp virtually it is unrealistic or still more often, that his there simply there is no. But as shows practice, often in such reservoirs carp there is, sometimes very a good, yes and White Amur quite good enclosed. Such retaions most often "nobody's, their no one not merges, so little who has hit on, what" treasures "they in itself harbor.

Usually such retaions regularly are visited multiple anglers, but a worthy catch of the day tonight rarely who boasts. Mostly their chosen still by fly fishermen the older generation, rudely speaking, years for fifty. Can still be found children, which's having fun catching petty fish. The rest fly fishermen most often not perceive seriously such retaions, ah wasn that as place for industrialized fishing live-bait. In its time such retaions were for me a real "problem", but after sequence of trial and mistakes me managed "flippancy" their. The first that had to to learn - great haste here nor to what and is worth stock up on patience. Small the ponds usually strongly zaileny and partly Bialowieska water habitats. Local fly fishermen, typically, not a care to pamper deep-fish exquisite prikormkami and mostly adopt all sorts of porridge. In end cushy for industrialized fishing seats literally popping gave on bottom, which is beginning to left hanging and scaring fish.

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hunt73 wrote:

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You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Articles » Under a balancing Bank. Milan Tychler.