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There still long to do nothing to acquire will. Quite



Tornado wrote:

There still long to do nothing to acquire will. Quite

Until Crucian not "goes")



Catching today host at.
Prikormku made a sauce homes from remnants of Special Roach + Turbo Cold Water.
Arrived about 11.
Recently bought greater a bag and decided to question transportation. , uh, sneaks soft build with prikormkoy, chair, a sieve and the entire other hell is that
On place douvlazhnil prikormku and U.S. through a sieve.
Ceasing put metre 0.1 flyurokarbon Milo.
Knitting such the thin Wolfgang Flur not very conveniently, but under it catching he me grassroots. On long povodkakh not so curls up.
Harvest began on zaklipsovannoy distance there is about 35 forge the Fish has drawn with 3 th trough and unlike previous fishing Vierchowod at all not was. (For entire fishing caught units 5 but very fatty).
Lovilas a dace and krasnoperka. Poklevki were very an anemic, but fish was larger, than in past been.
From nozzles sandwich from a butterworm and moldy worm. From, high quality clearly identified with vanilla and "a dace." Garlic and star anise been ignored.
When the wind strengthened, decided to but might shift closer to Bank (about 25 flushed).
Trough have become lie down's huddle up, yes and harvest became more comfortable.
Together added in prikormku a new sypukhu from flagship "it Belgian bream"
Bream of course not has, but Blicca bjoerkna has become getting caught more often.
In 15 :3 0 began to freeze and suggested a ravaged by went home.
Fishing remained exasperated.
Cat Liusya, too, was happily



Am asking forgiveness for offtop, but not is sustained. Type continuation of the report



Until there is no there fish



Judging by from forecasts they was taken decision first number of to visit Dnepr river in old kodakakh. And so in 6 morning I was already on Bank and handled preparation worker seats. Today my goal was swim chekhon so as now most its time. Fish decided to seek on the far-the sidelines so from udilisch I have was only one option this eksta-Hevy skvadron in length of his 4.2m and tests 180g, with coil Bullet 60.
Brovku found on 123m and the depth of was somewhere 29-32m this judging by from time the fall of the in seconds trough weight in 150g. On such a distance particularly tempovat not tickles so began without start zakorma and did perezabrosy every 4min. Eiaee prikormkami flagship of the, from nozzles best demonstrated themselves night crawlers with corn (Louis Bonduelle-Dalle). Dog leashes but also used long 3.5-4 Dam.
Fish UEFA were complimentary immediately and poklevki were almost in every impose. The accuracy of zabrosa of course limped for, even couple of times fell the feeding trough in the buoy, but nevertheless on nibble this not pipeline. All despite poklevki were on conceals about up so as after the fall of the trough on bottom, poklevka stick later seconds 5 on 4metrovyy a soaring ceasing.
In general fishing exasperated on 100%.
All NKhNCh!



1 April :crazyfun:



Eiaee yesterday on FC.
Zamesilsya homes on the rests last year’s Secret, elegant fashion, Roach Bkack.
Arrived for my place hours to 12 and understood, that winter globe ended. The entire Bank was is engaged in a poplavochnikami, and also observed one fiderista. Thought to go on the opposite Bank, but then found Passage in of refraction.
Have spread Sherman Picker 2.7 vershinka 1 Anabelle Lake now (wind a strong was). There's gravy 15 "grape" from Doc's 60. Ceasing 0.37 60 centimeters, hooks # 14. The nozzle sitch night crawlers and the boot.
The first zabrosy did clean prikormkoy, then prikormku douvlazhnil and added can dig.
Fish was very a fractious, with according to poplavochnikov capricious, was it starters after 12. Lengthen the ceasing until 90 centimeters, but under such a wind in of refraction harvest thus was virtually impossible and had to to return to 60.
Those not less fish lovilas modicum and crotchety,, but regularly. Prevailed profit sizes Pietro Vierchowod, family cats ducted sizes plotvichka and Blicca bjoerkna.
Units 40 Hi. Did you, pleasure received, what all wish.
Judging by projections next week can be will outstanding autochthon landscapes Dnepr river.



As the me unrealistic distance there is 123m, olubina up. And ceasing 4m)
First time hear.
This joke a free access April?



shameta wrote:

How the me unrealistic distance there is 123m, olubina up. And ceasing 4m)
First time hear.
This joke a free access April?

And you that still and doubted? :D



And what-easily.



Yes have us and Pelecus cultratus there is no although not understandable why and depth such there is sec. Voyskovoe where ferry was during the second global. Fish podnimaesh with trawling and bubble with cavity sticks out from calibrate pressure



All, hello. And he! On world from weekends I have there is only Saturday. And absenteeism fishing to permit cannot be, and the suddenly in team invited or still far. To not warm as last week, wore ski a suit, and not guesses wrong. And by the early seventh already was near Samara bridge. With hand the beach -veter winds in face 10 flushed / with recognized as on Sea. Relocated on other side - wind in the back. Truth to go was creepy - there all vzaimodeystvii saturated. Quickly crashed so and forward test Monterey leather.. Tuning this rods up was in replacing rings on komle. Because, that on last a fishing trip, during zabrosa, aptly is cracked the second knee was directly under the convergence. Blow this was or marriage not know.
Ordered in the flagship new knee was. Warned, that me wiII flow knee was from the most new Monterey real easy with the most new rings from siagayda, and have them landing coincide. When has arrived all coincides on except rings on komle and the knee. On komle broke a ring punier when one realizes.
This not Feng Shui in Russia was eliminated. In a whole broke a satisfactorily. Today ring this not has disappeared and fish produce garment. Wait and to invite to take its today not need to was. With the first trough, which traveled with Delhi on the wind, starters cancelled sports plotvichka. Nibble was without breaks, fish was pro-active not despite weather. Wind very US see poklevku, lowering done under water not helped, was petty what. So same sometimes together with aspirations wind flew in in the back bushes dry grass.
In a whole fishing very even Lies. Fish-sicles was megamiks black a dace + brein Bream. Delights the compositions breyna very flavoured prikormki, not advertising sake of, simply the impression. Incidentally has tried these prikormki separately with megamiksom a dace with hard klevala in a butterworm. And with breynom as something on more lively was, and all was biting, on oparika. All nkhnch.



Want to tell about three church in one quadrennial.
Began increasingly with information that need was test, ostensibly karasey get beat up :o.
, swoon work'll jump out on Bank iiiiii people monster on Bank confirms the availability of onnykh (mordatenkikh such).
Zameshivayus Flagman Gold Super Canal Skimmers + Flagman Gold Carp Yellow. And here is he the first in courses podsake (class even 4000m2 as well as jitters on body ran)
Outcome the evening has become here is such a here is inside :)
Grapple grapple the Malayan Friday repeat batter's box now with the evening and sleep after all to stand up want on before and take if not its the although would what any place on Bank, after all local people early little birds find and nor light not dawn already here as here.
When in 3 morning Kaptol in window iiiiiiiiii :o :o :o :o :o :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: "Oh my God, Bean MY!" Begun as from buckets, wind oppression trees until land. Increasingly're screwed. Lucas my fishing :facepalm2:. Corporate CEO corporate CEO and anchor is has to with thoughts remains ready about how that didugany in such a weather not poprutsya and sooner to go there is no sense. Passed 2 hours embarked and immediately in window, Nwoo wind of course there is but rain already there is no, been decided traveling.
Having on place and the natives already sit (and not sleep either OK them in such a weather). Two Comrade, too, have decided to risk to come, after all wanted to believe that raspogoditsya and increasingly will neato. But not here the was wind on heavy, just blowing with legs, and even platform me Isaev turn (a hatchling pond seal became until I decided to its feet's and we go: ', snow resembling grad + rain a bit've made a dent in comfort fishers. Had to ekipirovatsya on full.
Even and ryp ah raze not wanted to peck, made a several plotviy and podlischey and all.
Home arrived the sad slightly not crying. But my’s lack, espoused, wife cuts my ??? pitnu Gone Fishin '(again.
But here is not task the bait the the entire runs out aswell.
Been decided, do come not let us and motnyomsya on market for that originally (motylyami and oparikami) and in how many arrive in so much and will. So and derived taking Zheku go skimp, toured already perhaps to 8.00 and become the have: '(:' (: '(You can see that found place, razolozhilis.
Zakorm, 20 minutes passed and quiet, even not dyognulo .40 minutes quiet, but here is who touched and kvivertip zasheverilsya, light leapfrog iiiiiiiiiiiiiii (set of not the liaison speech, of emotions and vast. TP.) so increasingly began and to our joy lasted. Of course periodically zatikhal the again as from barred (virtually in years, as bleak).
Rubalochka on glory Commission itself!
All such fishing trips and on more often!



Sea Bass honorary!



Was and several paravozov which not poured (



If not secret, where such a beauty?



On kosu it seems



On seal it seems))



Or on fiction.
Quite even.



I so think this participated. Canal. There always before Crucian are they biting or sura.. Ah think Puzlik will share if will emerge. Wind was S. West, judging by photo in face. So that Perhaps participated. Canal

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Accurately not Frunzenski.
Likely Spit on Malinovsky contrary the DMV. There rumored to Crucian poklevyval. And place there problematic take.

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Guys, and there is even Karnaukhovka.
And other and other.

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1. Kolb Andrei
2. Sasha Shereshkov
3. Savchenko Vitaly
4. Bryazgunov Yuri
5. Ponomarenko Dmitri
6. A weaver Alexander
7. Ponomarenko designer Valentin
8. Tsvetanskiy Vadim
9. Balls Andrei
10. Slynko Igor
11. Thunder Vladimir
12. Malinin Paul
13. Tkachenko Andrei
14. Igor Nezyat
15. Yevgeny Makarov

Invite all who can on first meeting in Saturday.
Until workers options - Malinovsky, Spit on Pobeda expedition, the Red: Stone = the Gulf for Church near boating (Baranova's reabsorption).
Offer a their options!



Propose a Malinovsky. Seats many. Chavez little.

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Both hands for! I would proposed Peninsula Feinberg's, (Spit gatka, White Amur harbor) but though how many man will



With perspective convenience - yes Malinovsky outside competition. And here is imaginations swim - here question.



As option Victory rowing Canal.



And what cultural program?

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What program?


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