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Coil Okuma Safina Noir SRF-40

The coil Okuma Safina Noir SRF-40Opublikovano in Product Reviews, tests and reviews FishingFamily February 27, 2015


Code: SRF-40;
Model: Safina Noir 40 the FD;
Type of clutch: Forefront;
Number of bearings: 5 + 1;
Weight: 297 grams;
Maximal force resistance: 6kg;

With 2013'm using coil Safina Noir SRF-40 on feeder Shimano Beastmaster BX feeder 9’- It's eleven’multi light medium. She as times is famously becomes on this udilishche and its capacity well lack.
In lineup Safina Noir there is coils with front (the FD) and backdating (RD) friktsionom. And size from 1,000 until 4,000.
Shpulya from anodized aluminum. Forefront the lifeline to the shpuli has dozen 50 mm.

On the specification on shpulyu fit. Raskosami mm / flushed:


On this a coil toil the cord Sunline SuperPE 8lb. As in sight, filament winding I have dislodged this under forefront the lifeline to the shpuli. For regulation winding are used additional goal lead, they go in goes. Filament winding well legs-together sort of, keep not fail, emerge hinges not occurred.

The claimed producer ratio the number of 5.0 :1, that gives on practice vymotku 75 centimeters for one turnover with habitual me filling shpuli.

Friction clutch seamless. From full zazhatiya until free the vanishing roughly 2.5 turnover. Worker range of is in within one turnover. Social fishing line of yours on friktsione seamless, without jerks. Well gives opportunity enjoy the subtle povodkovymi leskami.
In a coil is used antizakruchivayuschiysya the commercial lesoukladyvatelya, established on sharikovom podshipnike between the two washers'.

Shackle wearing a very thin little, picked up lights are flashing yellow napilyuvannyam. Wire scrap into mechanism had to lesoukladyvatelya simple, but in, too, time — enough a credible. Samosbrosa for all time exploitation this reel not happened.

Then is made from lifetime of sound plastic with use of computer system name rotor RESII.

Corps also plastic. For moreover to spell out his, needs turn off 5 screws.

Mechanism coils enough taken the unusual, so as is used a precise one has an elliptical transfer of (Precision elliptical gearing). The main couple established on two controlled strictly for bearing motley diameter. Gear shaft the main couples made from for yellowcake alloy. You pest made from the same alloy, that and the main couple. Mounting your she not on podshipnike, on on vtulke from for yellowcake alloy. For lifting kulachka with vermin needs turn off propeller compounds with is rarely and plastic guided, which mentor captures fist.

Coil equipped system instantaneous stopora reversal Quick-set on the basis of obgonnoy couplings. Obgonnaya clutch is – standard.

For switching stopora reversal is used check box, County in the lower parts of coils immediately under rotor. Include-off opposite move comfortably, so as check box enough large and conveniently is borne under should sit.

Here aluminum. The size of the leverage roughly 70 mm. There is opportunity installations as under right, so and under left hand.


The coil from budget price segment. For 2 full season problems with it not occurred. Is famously themselves has shown in work with kormakami until 56 fringes grams. Is famously balansiruetsya with fiderom Shimano Beastmaster multi light medium in both number.
From shortcomings it is worth noting the availability of only one shpuli in goes, like would see mentor one shpulyu, let even plastic, for use with fishing line.

For their price – well acceptable option.




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