So long this was, that even in my anybody these memories all have become covered with a thick layer by layer mosses.
And on least his razgrebaniya memory on the sly is rebounding.
Even roughly not can say, when this was.
Very much time passed with the moment, yes and water old good.
Crumbled Union, appeared new Russians, appeared guys came.
Fenya firmly signing up in Angliyskiy language full showerbooth, and has become sound in official media, notions have replaced law and have become part of maritally-family relations.
Yanks the whether he was smiling, then whether skalyas have become be in friends, giving swearing friendship and fealty, are quietly heated up in his-style constantly clear different mean trick.
The ruble became cheaper toilet paper.
Appeared Vouchers, vodka has become poison, the sun one o and came gloom.
Until now in tinnitus it resounds, thump mining helmets.
And I have on shoulders krasovalis the new arivals leytenantskie breasted front, which instead pomerkshego sun commentators me path in darkness, was I by the employee our the workshop-the farmer serpasto-molotkastoy militias, with the associated content, sufficient for the acquisition of month-norms diapers just for child.
Fishing me in the time was interested in little and fishing contest in my anybody at all not placed.
And in these difficult hungry year, any plain soul decided conduct, the fishing tournament.
And so as chosen by the body of water was on my earth, then me indirect on how event lie prenepremenno.
What there me tournament, sleep would hour or so glee, time in sawn-off.
But need to means will.
Has targeted for annihilation on Bank pond (detached neprotochnogo) people man forty athletes and so much same viewers.
Someone someone knows, someone not sign.
The public ragtag, who in than.
This now I can teII the difference between feeder from Mr. Picker here and Lite from ultralayta, and then me was that spining, that poplavochka, that elektroudochka without difference, only would not punks get drunk, yes of each other not ponabivali would.
But the public a serious, not increasingly, without spirits.
First upbeat part of, then familiarity, communication then himself tournament.
Chief prize, coil fisheries, such prices, that I his progeny back for these money could would disposable diapers on year forward provide.
Urochista part of has passed, all gathered, joke, balaguryat, that being hounded, rigging of this ship their each before friend adorning, brag about.
And I have such spinning, and I have such, and making the I have such, and the coil, and hooks here is what thorny.
Me not interestingly, same environment Halytsh ukha, for order watch.
We communication, began registering the participants, registering the a chargeable, is worth not costly, couple of bottles vodka buy can be.
-spender rechugan sliding it on Russian, then for the medically challenged on Flowbee repeated.
The sun shining shines, pets market sing, the beginning of summer, increasingly green, all beautiful, Covetousness is got undressed.
Ends registering the participants, readjust rules, try to their just explain this to all jester, had argued a bit, increasingly within your bounds.
And in this moment to server.Usig registration suited one specialist; the local, sponsee from my troops, of those who without vodka instead life itself not represents and even her teeth it doesn, instead paste the plaque.
Is coming to table, reaches zamyzgannuyu some cash,, puts an before registrar and says I, too, am running.
The registrar won portrayed ago, it if vodochkoy of burnt teeth constantly each until luster you peel, then a smell to it not-assignable, in celui with unaccustomed can be to trip.
And the registrar won in sight it's new to him the apparently, first turned pale, then turning blue, then went flow and all colors of the rainbow.
28.0g of his and we landed softly with a chair on weed've slid.
I intervened, lift the wanted to a poisoner,, but here registrar had replaced, and a new the registrar won asked me this not to do, have us same all are equal, and this some cash, has brought, ah his, let is participating.
But suddenly it turned out, some cash, the he pays, but than fish harvest intends to, nor any fishing gear with coils he has with a not was, yes and be could not.
In the doghouse, where he lived socks luxury were deemed, in the hands of he kept dweeby a bag, from which through small holes wanted could 'fallen out what the Remy-.
He, in this garbage, benefited made there any stick, with concrete cover on it fishing line,, measuring in a match, to a fishing line was is tied any parts, on mind before much a part of some selskokhozyyastvennoy machines, parts was picked up tolstennym layer by layer rust, which constantly stagnated with it on land.
To spare parts, wire was dead-bolted is also bolted slice of, what the substance, alp, once on semblance makukhoy or than the similar.
Alongside makukhoy on rusty kapronovoy a rope, measuring with as such, clowned two huge rusty hook, they were such a size and such thickness, that on them, perhaps, can be was would to post up for Barrel rib heretics in times of-day inquisition.
I have learned to memorise all of this only because, that me purely professionally are interested in content his avoski, and professional memory simply made photo.
Skeptical after visiting hire fishing riot gear, the registrar won official tone says, hook one, two cannot be and refers on point rules.
Contingent silently benefits from Mines their dryavikh performance rusted a pocket box and one sharp and correctly exposed movement yanks with s the second hook.
The registrar won clearly and clear reads contingent rules tournaments.
Ah recognized as have Pindosskikh policemen above than you dubem ogret, or corset is organs you repelled, first you rights accused, culturally so and politely, and then so beaten up, that mother not sound so glum.
And all correctly, increasingly by law, rights the you been read? Been read!
And when their was read out to, you pro sanctity these your organs someone something spoke? Not talked!
You same said, that you can to store silence, ah so when you mudokhayut, you his and God bless.
And still have the right on a lawyer, so invite after of execution, can directly during it try to, if you can.
And organs their otbitye zelenkoy put this on, yours exclusive right, you same this no one not prohibits.
Well have them there, in Pindostane, and by law increasingly.
Yes okay, McMansionizing I something, dozed off in sight on sunshine.
Making wiser face, contingent horrific potential human ramifications to Bank.
Coming, he with distracted guise of breeds hands, not knowing, far him become.
He late and sector him as would there is no.
He suited and become between the two fishermen, there a long sector expense of neudobya, in sector over water mechanism hanging tree and so his opening.
With line there not then become.
Contingent shows hand on tree and requests resolution become near with him, motivating request those, that he with donkoy an inevitable product, seats him many not need to.
After a short discuss him allow.
Sounds signal, and all participants rushed to do with start-up zakorm, who on that're a big talker.
But immediately after sirens were issued another signal, breath congestion curator the bottle.
Giving start quite Different corporates of and signal this, then-same was heard.
Contingent, deserted dweeby a bag about tree of and raised head upward. Sniffing benzine air as gonchak, with your nostrils perelopativ not one KWh of air, until not stumbled on landmarks,.
Not far stood viewers and they they were serving up.
Until now not can understand, how contingent was able to ensure, that would's a big pot and him.
Can be, he expended to this, increasingly its bezzuboe charisma.
Can be, he on them breathe into, as on poor registrar.
History about this conceals, but facts thing stubborn and him's a big pot, yes and not times.
He was missing about half an hour, and after repeated reservations judges grudgingly returned in sector, and there, where he is gone, opened about another vial bitter.
Having looked there with regret, he became be preparing some tackle, nor no preliminary zakorma he naturally not did.
Fish not made, and himself something he proactively zakormilsya, yes so, that on feet stood with enormous hard.
He long was a picker with its old piece of junk, couple of times fell, slightly not of you in water, people became with him frankly heckle the, ah still would, such copy, living the Ghast summoned would smaller interest.
Such a stakeholder not saw no amount contest nowhere across universe.
Finally he, by taking over something in hands, lines up straight in the entire growth.
Stand on their own him was it is difficult, and he leverage rested about tree.
From such a position he right hand, didn't spin some subject and deserted his.
Subject soared in air and flew along of coastline, pulling for a to let the line out.
He: Diving in thirty centimeters from Bank, the fishing line is gathered in together filament several participants.
Until wrapping up a, ass kicked contingent several clouts... and knocks on the head, but so, lovingly.
've untangled quickly, lifeline in services troops this contributed to.
Contingent given past experience, under, hysterical laughter public and under smiles participants competition bailed on shard with fishing line itself virtually under its feet, Dam on three, not further. several minutes in his oklunke extracted from him a bluebell, in which he called sitting on shoulders a schools, when behaved in the first class.
Towing his on as such, he has left there, where someone poured.
To pour him have become already increasingly, for misconception and for artistry.
Have participants appeared the first results, mostly this was loskir size of from several centimeters until ladoshechnogo and the omnipresent Crucian, roughly such a same size.
At least, those participants, which I saw.
A bluebell troops called minutes five, he licked to cordage then, when on him already have become swears other athletes.
Defile troops to cordage, looked as mixture of gopaka with lezginkoy, with Ophelia elements odazhio small swans from ballet Swan Tour Lake. Lasted it several long tortured minutes, during which, part of inherent, could not stand on feet, and Zimmerglock on earth, crying from laughter and has improved greatly for sweltering.
He then detached a bluebell and zavozilsya with his fishing line, he already became nail programs and center attention) tournament, so for him closely have observed all present.
Me became bored, I such a circus artists already transparent, until the hicc-outs, and I got distracted.
And suddenly as on conductor orchestra breath just snapped, at all the entire breath, as if been switched off.
Even pets market stopped Twitter, I became slowly turn in side pond and became examine inherent, in the hope quickly understand, that same happened, I same on service.
On direction movement my glance me have become get caught mostly raised a-nedoumennye faces, with open with our mouths.
I became poking at the mournfully on Bank in search of reasons one.
In this moment my view stumbled on troops, which stood on Bank, leaning to tree.
But most important in the hands of have him trepykhalas healthy a hell of a fish, as later it turned out - this was carp.
Sadka have him, of course not was, plant fish on kukan him not gave.
His together with fish tank going through every major until seats weighting and pritulili to server.Usig. Who, carp shoulder on three kilo.
All see if.
Participants competition have and have become deceitful their bubyrey in two times faster, hoping catch up with troops.
Hope lived.
And contingent, swimming in of the standing ovations skalyas their toothless a mouth, was plunged in vodka on the most gills.
To pour him have become even more often, than athletes police reportedly used bubyrey.
How many I live, not consequences be surprised ability to such people diving in state of intoxication and support this state of in for very a long time, not vyrubayas and not trezveya.
As me seems, some copies of can in such a able to live years, even decades, Sitting in one able, how many would sinki in their property not chimneys down.
Here is and contingent was plunged as a diver! Yeah in marine mix, teetering on the on the brink of full losses control, but his not losing.
Gulping tenth part of his norms, any other man already simply blacked out would, but contingent was crossbars.
Together with those tournament lasted, the fishers increasingly abandoned evil views on culprit, the celebrations and all faster police reportedly used bubyrey, hope still was Lives.
In some point vzyvaniya judges to conscience troops have reached goal, and he became to return in its sector.
Here is this was show! Under turbulent il, under applause, under grand encouraging, under cries - GROUP! Let! Crawl!
Contingent having until the desired seats, two times on road he had been lost and trying to housing in contrary direction, and can and not gets lost, there same continued to pour.
He with Urochistim guise of decided to continue to cast until NEVOD re-, but past experience already forgot, in opting of different point on far distance.
Traktornaya gear shaft, to resect with scary Delhi air, as he dusted its way splinters rust, traveled along Bank, but in other side and has fallen on Bank, a bit not doletev until heads, an elephant sitting in his sector the fishing trainer.
Naturally on road by in together several cordages athletes, but already with other hand.
Vyputyvanie cordages occurred without participation culprit,, he would there simply not'd staggered.
After what athletes brought and solemnly have handed over him detail, pledging place its contingent obey in organism include in work.
In this time his even not games, ah as the is indecent kicking leader competition, knocks on the head even not gave.
Sports behavior, however.
He all taken, bailed on shard in water under its feet and's first crawl there, where came crawling.
On road his stopped phone call little bell and rampant the growl judges on place.
He with longing looked in side Chancellery,ve smelt air, swallowed clump and's first crawl back.
To let the line out he nobody chose sitting, this lasted painfully long, all IiteraIly holding their breath.
On the hook proved another carp, a bit less first and shoulder on two and a half kilo.
Hope had curled up in death throes and nice feeling spirit.
Athletes, fact... when the entire its the seriousness of the, in hearts pobrosav cordage, began to pour recognized in their sectors.
Viewers plugging up in hysterical.
Troops ushatali.
Athletes on netverdykh feet lining up on weighing up the, raze not can recall, whatever were other prizes, but they accurately were.
Finally all settle down, everyone, viewers stopped laughing and feel t tears.
Began announcement of the results, distribution of seats, awarding, speech, toasts and increasingly smoothly has fed into in shindig.
By the incredible effort troops managed put on the pedestal, and lead in consciousness.
When him have handed over chief prize, he still times all poraduvav, took coil in hands and viewed its as soldiers louse, then addressed vruchivshemu and asked zapletayuschimsya language A that this such , than summoned another hysterics inherent.
In late all, prize have replaced money, than led winner in full, droopy dog drooling and he evaporated.
Increasingly ended well, athletes people a serious, commemorated yes came away.
In short without accidents.
Through couple of days me invited chief farming, on territory which was occurring tournament.
Having gone to him in cabinet I saw troops, the his clear-sighted and embarrassed sat on end of the a chair, with your face mournfully in their dirty users your galoshes.
Chief walking on cabinet to run the government and believe was perturbed, berating troops different words, mostly not for press.
From sense his narrative I understood, that contingent organized what something nepriryvnoe production, recognized the conveyor.
Snagging with, trafficking near swine-breeding farm bag Dirty, he half drive the money changers on vodka, and second half dumped the near tree of in pond, despaired day, sat down to fish, in some shade under tree, observing a pig farm out, which was as on their fingertips, arising drinking some vodka.
He closely watched, where there what lies, and where there than, can be well for yourself. Day catching several large Karpov and drive the money changers their on vodka. At night behaved on farm for dertyu, half bag drive the money changers on vodka, half used for prikormki.
And so around the circle, without break as the saying goes from production.
A I the think, as so is obtained, the entire village Karpov yes carp breeder eats all for both cheeks, even 4000m2 as well as tails fish have all from all joints dragging every damned witch, with the most Spring already're chewing, faces otkormili, have pigs on a pigpen less, and it turns out their this dingus all equip, fisherman goddamn oinker - was perturbed chief.
They few years ago zarybili pond the carp and wanted autumn his to, fish choose, but hesitated in its available, faced about such
The shenanigans.
I the was suffering from, as so can be, to such a personality two unclaimed the bottle vodka, and of hot so all five on participation in any something confusing plethora of worthy even me on the very moment for competitions with very dubious the result traded.
And here it turns out, his clear-sighted calculation participated.
Now everything became on their seats.

On road in separate I became expected to investigate have troops, as so broke a, that two days ago him have handed over so much money, that can be was tailgatin 'two years, nor about than not without, and he instead a classes started climbing on after Lady for sack sack Dirty and flamed out.
In the answer I heard such, that was simply shell-shocked.
That there America.
Have them such copies there is no, let modicum one will reveal.
He money all until pittance in stocks has invested Mmm , and if would his then banana trees, not bailed on, have him would now the Rothschilds with like the rockefellers murdered by the lackeys on doors stood, on smenno.